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Cape Cod

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wanted: 1940s Branstrator trailer manual

found: desert straw hat

Horizon takes     Palm & wooden owl composit

Laguna area
Capistrano journal entry 2001

Laguna journal entry 2001,  2002

Laguna journal entry 2006,  pics 2006,  jour 2007

Laguna journal entry 2010,  2011, 2012, pics 2012

Laguna journal entry 2013-1,  2013-2,  pic 2013

Cape Cod
Christmas in Cataumet, 2004

Squeteague Harbor by Brianny Blakeman

Eileen's shop

An orange frog in the woods

The Cape Cod blizzard of 2005

A gallery of miscellany



Buying in quantity from Amazon
My office wiring mess

Creating a web presence
The network camera

but interesting:
The cell phone & notebook online connection, and portable power

Microsoft Outlook 2000 & Internet Explorer 5.0 settings
About hoaxes

eBay auctions, 2001
About photos

Purchasing my photos

About images

Family +

1st attempt (blah):
A lifetime of pre-digital 35mm negatives
  personally scanned
2nd (nice):

A lifetime of pre-digital 35mm (+) negatives   professionally scanned




My Folks
My grandparents Crag Eyrie Ranch, 1910

Photo dad and granddad on ice, 1914 (aprx)

Photo dad and mom, 1940

Robert Nathan's nod to my grandfather in Portrait Of Jennie, 1940

My Daughters
Composit: Brianny and Darby, graduates

Brianny's graduation and awards

Photo series: University of Massachusetts graduation, 2005

The Standard-Times article: Washington DC Intern

Six girls: friends, cousins and sisters

Darby's graduations and awards

Suffolk University graduation, 2007

Cape Cod Community College graduation, 2005

Cape Cod Times article and photo

Our wedding, March 25, 2001
Wedding gallery
Eileen with hammer, and I

Eileen's shop

Van's Shop, carved signs and misc
Article by Elizabeth Anne Socolow: Vans Shop

Van's USMC
Various USMC photos, 1964 to 1967

Communication Electronics School graduation

Radio Relay Repair class photo, 1965
Alumni, then and now

A writer and his dog, 1968