The Orange Frog

by Van Blakeman



These images were cut from the originals, given a little contrast and sharpened.


These are the originals, reduced in size but otherwise unaltered.


In my lifetime I have seen many many green frogs, maybe even some brown ones, and I've seen pictures of exoticly colored poisonous frogs in the National Geographic, but I have never ever seen an orange one – actually kind of a reddish-orange.


We were casually walking along a pathway through the woods near our home when it leaped resolutely out of our way.


Just one hop did it and then it sat perfectly still and waited patiently for Eileen to run to the house and get our camera while I kept my eye on it.




It waited even longer for me to mess with the 2Mp camera. The Kodak lens cover has to be deftly opened and closed with the tip of a knife blade because the button for that had previously broken off. Then alas there was not enough charge in the recently charged Kodak battery pack to get a shot.


After many frustrating attempts, I ran to the house, placed it into its charging cradle for 5 minutes and ran back out. It was still there. It had moved a little but was obviously in no hurry, so I got these 4 shots before the battery LED showed red again.




I think Kodak should get out of the camera business.
























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