This information pertains to the use of the latest version of MS's Internet Explorer. However, Netscape and other users may find this helpful also. If you are using AOL, you're on your own.


These are suggestions; not rules.




When you click on something, click ONCE with the left mouse button. Wait. Do not keep clicking.

        If nothing happens, click ONCE, again. Your first click may not have taken. (When you click, watch for something somewhere to start moving – that usually indicates that your click took and it is taking you somewhere.)

        If nothing happens, double-click. Wait.

        If nothing happens, click the right mouse button and select (left-click) “Open” from the resulting menu.

        If nothing happens, Start/Shutdown and Restart.

o       If nothing happens there, press the Ctrl & Alt keys with one hand and tap Delete with the other to reboot.

o       If nothing happens, turn the machine off, wait, turn it on.

o       If nothing happens, call the maker's 800 number. (Yes, both Makers.)

        If nothing happens, call me (508 524-6617 as of 2004).


It is generally a good idea to wait until your screen is fully loaded before you click on anything else.

        Watch the button in the scroll bar to the right. When it is done shrinking, you can proceed, and/or;

        Watch the blue timer in the Status Bar near the bottom (View/ Status Bar should be checked). When it is fully expanded, you can proceed, and/or;

        Watch the spinning icon near the upper right of your screen. When it is done moving, your screen should be fully loaded, and/or;

        Watch the hourglass where your mouse arrow was/is. If there is no hourglass, never mind.

        Watch the twin computers in the tray at the bottom right of your Task Bar. If they disappear, you lost your connection. Reconnect.


If you lost your connection before the screen was fully loaded, back up to where you were or right-click/Refresh or right-click/Show Picture; whatever it takes.




Use The Back Button



What you are seeing here is a web site under construction.


The content of this site was once a massive tome of roughly 269 documents (many only of interest to me and mine, hidden behind a password login), each in itself ranging in size from small to enormous, requiring a relatively sophisticated Word Processor, plenty of computer memory and perhaps a large hard drive.


Each of those documents have since been converted to HTML format capable of being viewed on one or more web pages, one at a time, with the memory and hard drive specs becoming relatively irrelavant. Some converted quickly; some required hours of time and effort (don't worry; I get my kicks this way) (and I need to know this). Then each was uploaded to my web site. Then as I see how they work or they don't work, I start over, if needed.


While this recreation of my current world is in progress, you may find that some documents are rather messy and that some links (the things you click on) don't work. If you find any “dead links”, let me know. Right now, my intention is to just get it all converted and uploaded as quickly as possible. For me “quickly” and “possible” are a contradiction in terms,so with an admirable strength of character, I am ignoring many of the incongruities with the larger purpose in mind. In time you should see it all smooth out and come together.


In the mean time, where the back-links I provided are concerned, if they don't work, don't use them.Instead, use the Back-arrow that your browser conveniently provides in a toolbar up top to return to a preceding menu or document. Where a forward link is concerned, such as in a menu, just click on it.If it takes you to a blank page, hit the Back-arrow to return to where you were (or Right-click / Back).Let me know about these too.


By the way, for all these “let me know” comments, you can leave a note in the message board, if you like. Please mention that you came from the “tips” page.


Have patience, bear with me and enjoy - Van