Anderson, Barber,
Blakeman, Cantrell, Cole,
Corduroy, Crane,
Ellsworth, Gaske,
"Jan" (C Rogers?),
Johnson, Kolke, Lee,
Magee, Morris, Roberts,
Savage, Shanning, Slama,
St. Clair, Strauss, Wagner

Marching to class

The main CES building CES "Class 10-Night" with last names (only)
[ I need first names ]

Since I'm the amateur photographer breaking
ranks to take these pictures, I'm not in any of
them (until you get to the very bottom).

George Babbage,
Tom Collins
Address: Quonset 8B4,
Platoon 9, D Company,
CES Battalion, MCRD,
San Diego, California
Forming for the Marine
Corps birthday parade
Nov 10

Message Board
Message Board

Convoy to war games
April, 1966


Camouflage! More war games
December, 1966

Maron Hopkins shaving
Case Springs,
Camp Pendleton

My parting shot.
Radio Relay, El Toro
I'm gone! January 20, 1967

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