The primary purpose of this page is to provide access to the Communication-Electronics School (CES) Battalion Graduation Program and related photos which occured on the Marine Corp Recruit Depot base in San Diego on May 11, 1965.

The primary reason is that it contains the names and pictures of many individuals who accomplished something very significant in their lives beyond having enlisted in the Marines, which is significant enough in and of itself.

Somebody might like to know about it - the Marine who would appreciate seeing his or her classmates, or a child of that Marine, or a descendant.

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I graduated from the Radio Relay course as an electronics technician. From there I transferred north to the Third Marine Air Wing base in El Toro - not bad duty. I got an apartment nearby in Laguna Beach and spent most of my evenings body surfing off the shores of Laguna - while some of my classmates probably shipped out to Viet Nam only to return in body bags. I don't know; that's another reason for this page.

The job of the Radio Relay operator was to park his radios on top of a hill, raise a conspicuous antennae into the air, capture line-of-sight communication from radios on a distant hill, strengthen it and relay it on to a third hill.

They might as well have stood there with megaphones yelling, "Hey Cong! Here I am!".

At El Toro, I helped train Radio Relay operators who in turn were shipped over. I focused more on camouflage then I did on radio repair. I hope it made a difference.

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