Tomatoes In Pewter, by Eileen

Shelf fungus fallen from its tree

Coach lantern with motion sensor

A cross in the woods

Wren? chicks in a window

Wrens? in the sky 2 months later

The Linden lost a branch

Black Eyed Susans behind old fence

Wedding day kiss

Accidental candles in love

Brass tray, weight, scale and bell

Indianpipe Fungi in pine needles

Old weathered fence post

Lovely lady behind split oak tree

A pond below the bog

Subtle profusion of wildflowers

Bog pond reflecting evening sun

Field of cattails near the bog

Wetland ferns

Customized cranberry bog truck

Hillside field

Cranberry plants gone wild

Cranberry bog drainage channel

Roadside white puff ball cluster

Field of cranberry bogs

Walking Route 6A by the Agway

Snow banks along Route 6A

Colonial house roof collage at dusk

A hodgepodge of roofs

Eileen's home

Sunset over a driveway

Snow on the driveway

Sunset through a colonial window

Winter through a colonial window

Petunias in an iron pot

A pink petunia (out of focus)

A Cape Cod ant hill (out of focus)

A Joshua Tree excavation

Firewood under the lean-to

Toadstool mushroom under Norway Pine

Ceramic in Eileen's garden

Concrete kitten in the garden

Iron cow weathervane

Another branch from the Linden

The Linden, bottom left in winter

... bottom right in summer

...ditto in snow

The top of the Linden tree

Green Hair Lichen on sign

Burning Bush goes scarlet in fall

Violets and white daffodils in Spring

A gate post from long ago

Under a outhouse??

From outhouse to step in 11 days

Barn Swallow chicks in their nest

... eight days later

What was this angle-iron for?

Amazing architecture

A volunteer Trumpet vine

Vintage backyard

Swimming pool in the summer

Swimming [NOT] pool in the winter

Foaming volunteer vents in basement wall

Foaming a new crawlspace frame

A new screen too

          Antique treasures unearthed as I ...

... cleared a path along the fence below ...

... the railroad track out back and buried ...

... an 800 foot "Pet Containment Electronic ...

... System", which re-enters the house here.

An orange frog in the woods

My notebook computer exposed

Sundial and ceramic ball in Eileen's garden

A window in Eileen's shop in the barn

Geraniums in soup tureen on dining table

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
12/24/1909 to 01/31/1990

The root that plugged the cottage drain

... now with a brand new plug

Christmas wreath

After the snow of 2004

After  the blizzard of 2005

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