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This is my tool box and my idea book.
I hope you like it.

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Cape Cod

USMC   3rdMAW, El Toro


Thoughts On Creating A Web Presence

Quantity Purchasing On

Lost In The Wired Office

The Network Camera

Old, but perhaps interesting:

A Cell Phone-Notebook Online Connection

MS Outlook & Internet Explorer Settings

About Hoaxes

Interesting Accomplishments

As a young man in Princeton, NJ:

Farr Hardware

Gallup Poll             ( film strip layout processing )

Skirm's Smoke Shop

Computer Programming:

Emotion Mining  ( over 12 years of dedicated software development and nationwide maintenance )

Western Electric Engineering Research Center  ( now Bell Labs / Lucent Tech )

Database Development:

Heritage Museums & Gardens

The Computor Tutor

Web Presence Development

over 200 clients, one-on-one

Web site, Amazon, Paypal, eBay retail setups

Software that I am writing now

Graduations: Brianny and Darby
Genealogies: Blakeman and Greenleaf
and: A Davidson Collection

Eileen's Shop

Eileen's Books

A lifetime of negatives

The Sweetgrass Ranch

The Lazy K Ranch

Crag Eyrie

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