•  East Sandwich Village, Town of Barnstable
  •  Cataumet Village, Town of Bourne
  •  Slow boat to Nantucket, 2001

Emergency Weather

Cape Cod Weather

Bourne Bridge Cam

Sagamore Bridge Cam

WHOI's Cape, bus, ferries, etc.

WHRC.org: Losing Cape Cod

Done business with:

Heritage Museums & Gardens

Amy Rader, Photographer

Nimrod Restaurant (sadly, out of business)

Palmer House Inn

Well, I have a story to tell ya about 'Ole Cape Cod'...
or maybe 'Ole Cape Cod' has a story to tell ya about me ...

If you click on one of these places and it takes you nowhere, then I have not yet figured out what that story is, or just how to tell it...

... just yet.

If it does go somewhere, remember: it is only part of the story.

The works on these pages are in motion, even if they appear to stand still. The subjective story takes an objective point in time to say what happened, but these stories don't stop with the telling...

The text is easy to type ... but the most difficult.

The pictures are difficult to display ... and yet the easiest.

- Van Blakeman

It ain't over 'til it's over.

- Yogi Berra

Time is relative.

- Albert Einstein

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Van Blakeman(E Sandwich, MA)says...
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