'Crag Eyrie', 1910, built by Thomas Greenleaf Blakeman and Charlotte Phyllis Van Cleve Blakeman at the foot of Porcupine Butte about 8 miles NW of Melville, Montana
My father, Thomas Ledyard Blakeman, had been raised here though he was born a year before at 'The Ranch', Gramps Van Cleve's homestead nearby. Crag Eyrie burnt down around 1930. The land was sold to their neighbor Bill Donald. In 1961 I worked for his son on that ranch pitching hay, holding down calves for branding, etc.. A larger image is available here.

The New York Times ©, Friday, November 6, 1908, Page 7:
T. G. Blakeman to Wed Miss Van Cleve

The engagement of Thomas Greenleaf Blakeman, a grandson of the late Birdseye Blakeman of New York, to Miss Phyllis Van Cleve, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ledyard Van Cleve of Melville, Mont., is announced. Miss Van Cleve, who is to spend the season in New York with Miss Katharine Doremus, daughter of Dr. Charles Avery Doremus and Mrs. Doremus, is a granddaughter of the late Major Gen. Horatio Phillips Van Cleve, United States Army. She is only seventeen, and is just making her debut here. The wedding will probably not take place until next Spring, and will be celebrated in Montana.