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Creating A Web Presence

Last update: 10/30/2006

A client's webpage

Client setup at Amazon

Client setup at Google
 The Programs That I Use For This Project
 The Services That I Use For This Project
 Checking For New Orders   (In Lieu Of Orders By Email)

At PayPal.com.  At Amazon.com.

 Email Addresses & Relevant Web Sites

For Amazon, Paypal, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, SuperPages, ExtremeTracking, OpenSRS, etc.

 A Web Presence

Beyond the web site.

 The Domain Name

The Tucows registry and the nine domain name variations.

 The Web Host

The LunarPages Control Panel, a Default Address for each domain, email Forwarders, etc..

 The Upload

CuteFTP, FileZilla Portable, Wi-Fi, USB flash drive.

 RoboForm Pro, Passwords And Security

CuteFTP, WinZip, ZoneAlarm, Nod32, AVG Anti-Virus, The LangaList, etc.

 The Making Of A Web Site

From scanning & photographing products to web development alternatives, and tips. Etc.

 The Paypal Shopping Cart

From getting the Paypal “Form” code to processing orders through Paypal.

 Amazon Selling

The Amazon spreadsheet. Devising a unique identifier (SKU). Email conversations.

 Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, plus.

Search engine ratings, keyword bidding, cost per click, conversion rate, etc.


Where visitors come from; keywords and engines that brought there, etc.

Client webpage tracking

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