One Davidson Family

In 1899 Henry R. Coles, husband of Mararet M. Davidson, published a Genealogical record of the Davison, Davidson, Davisson family of New England. 110 years later I found it online.

It was a gold mine of Davidsons. I copied out the raw OCR text transcription and went to work on cleaning up the OCR misinterpretations and converting it to an almost verbatum web page
that I and anybody else could find useful.
I may eventually discover an ancestor within that list, or perhaps that ancestor predates Nicholas Davison of 1580.

Regardless, it may help you. It does contain a number of interesting articles, poetry and anecdotes.

You might notice that it has in fact since gone full circle with a message from Susan Wright Kielpinski on the Comments page.
A Davidson Genealogy:

            Charles Parker Davidson, Sr.

b: 1855, April 12, Greenfield Twp, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1919, June 22, Scranton, Lackawanna Cty, PA

m: 1888, Nov 13             Anna Elliott Broadwell Davidson

b: 1861, March 27, Jacksonville, IL
d: 1942, July 25, Scranton, PA

Ref: 1917 publ (see below):  "... Davidson farm, Greenfield Twp, PA"
        1900-1920 census (below): 1525 Adams Ave., Scranton, PA
        1975 (or later)                     Davidson Family History

Charles P & Anna B Davidson

1878: Cornell University, BETA DELTA P.661: Charles Parker Davidson. Ex-1878, Ag., Scranton, PA
1880: Biographical Album Of Morgan Cty, IL [year estimated] Anna E. Broadwell, a teacher in the State Normal School of Winona, Minn.
1886: Wellesley College Alumnae, 1908 Broadwell, Anna Elliott, 1882 - 1886
1888: Marriage Records - Illinois 11/13: Davidson, Charles P.; Broadwell, Anna E.; Morgan Cty
1888: Passport Application 11/19: & wife, Occupation: "Real Estate"
1888: Biographical Album Of Morgan Cty, IL 11/26: her father, William H. Broadwell, died.
1893: Pennsylvania Lumber Museum Lackawanna Lumber Company at Cross Fork ... under the direction of C. P. Davidson.
1899: US vs Alamogordo Lumber 163 persons ... made their applications each for 160 acres, they gave power of attorney to C. P. Davidson ...
1900: census Davidson Charles & Anna B, 6 children, 2 boarders
1901: The Providence Register Peck Lumber Manufacturing Co., directors: J.D. Peck, president; C.P. Davidson, vice president;
1901: The Legislature Of West Virginia Richwood Store Co., J.W. Oakford, C.D. Simpson, Henry Belin, Jr., F.L. Peck, C.P. Davidson; P.716
1901: The Legislature Of West Virginia Cherry Valley Railroad Co., J.W. Oakford, C.D. Simpson, Henry Belin, F.L. Peck, C.P. Davidson; p.554
1903: The Railroad Comm. Of Mississippi Pearl & Leaf Rivers RR, Pres: F.L. Peck, PA, 1st VP: F.R. Davidson, MS., Sec.&Treas: C.P. Davidson, PA
1903: Holabird-Kagin Americana Auction #24: Mexico, Sonora, Hermisillo. $1000 Bond signed by L.F. Megargel, president, and C.P. Davidson.
1905: Poor's directory of railway officials Mississippi Central RR., Pres: F.L. Peck, PA, 1st VP: F.R. Davidson, MS., Sec.&Treas: C.P. Davidson, PA
1905: The First National Bank of Scranton C. P. Davidson appointed alternate judge at the ensuing election for Directors
1910: census Davidson Charles & Anna B, 10 children, 3 nurses
1912: Wellesley College Bulletin bronze doors for the Library; given by Mrs. Anna Broadwell Davidson, class of '86
1915: The New York Times Fifth Avenue Department Store: The teachers were Mrs. Francis Daly, and Mrs. Anna P. Davidson ...
1917: Flora Of Northeastern Pennsylvania Goldianum Hook. Sugarloaf Mountain. Mrs. C. P. Davidson, on Davidson farm, Greenfield Township
1919: Atlantic reporter, Volume 106 Jan. 4: F R Davidson vs C P Davidson: "defendant's physical inability to appear, by advice of physician"
"refusal of a continuance ... ordered ... defendant account to plaintiff ... defendant pay costs ..."
1919: Lackawanna Cty Index of Wills Date of death, June 20; Davidson, Charles P.; Estate 925
1920: census Davidson Anna B, 7 children

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Charles Parker Davidson, Jr.

b: 1889, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1979

1912 Cornell Univ: Bachelors of Sci, Mech. Eng.
1917 Fort Benj. Harrison, IN Engineering Co.

1917, m: Olive Sheldon Davidson

b: 1895
d: 1970

1930 census: So. Abington, Lackawanna, PA
CPD II family history: Davidson Family History

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

William Harold Davidson

b: 1891, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1987?

1915 Cornell Univ.: Mechanical Engineers

1918, m: Doris Hanson Davidson: El Paso, TX

b: 1894, England

1920 census: 2600 Calhoun, New Orleans, LA
1934 passenger: addr: NYC
1938 passenger: addr: Chestertown, MD
1942 WWII draft: 1520 Spruce St, Phily, PA

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Margaret Ruth Davidson

b: 1893, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1954

1913 The Wellesley legenda, V-P Class of 1916
1916 The Wellesley legenda, 2 photos p.82

1927, m: Robert Stanley Thomson

b: 1890, Sept 13: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
d: 1984

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Philip Langford Davidson

b: 1895, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1976

1918 US Armed Forces: Lieut 308th Inf, CampDix
1919 Cornell University: Bachelors of Chemistry
1928 Carrier Eng. Corp, Lives at 8 Lantern Lane
1929 Senor Guillermo Esteves, Secretary of the Interior of Puerto Rico, and Senora Esteves have announced the engagement of their sister, Senorita Ana Marques Sein, to Philip L. Davidson.

1929? m: Ana Marques Sein Davidson

b: 1901, Lares, Puerto Rico
d: 1974, Haverford, Delaware Cty, PA

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Robert Bruce Davidson

b: 1897, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1983

1922 from San Juan, PR: with sister Louise
1923 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"died-in-the-wool bachelor"

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Eleanor Baxter Davidson

b: 1898, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1974, Richmond, VA

1918 The Wellesley legenda, Class of 1920

1921? m: Miles Carey Macon Johnston

b: 1888
d: 1963

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Anna Parker Davidson

b: 1902, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1989, Richmond, VA

1925 Wellesley College, '24, Bachelor Of Arts

1925? m: Wesley Wright
b: 1893
d: 1968

1930 census: Tuckahoe, Henrico County, VA
manager Lumber Yard.   Son Wesley 7(?) momths.

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Norman Lindsley Davidson

b: 1903, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1985, Kennett Square, Chester Cty, PA

1929 Cornell Alumni, '27, Bachelor Of
1929 from San Juan, PR: "July 12, 1903"

19?? m: Edith Balderston Kirk
b: 1907
d: 1967, Kennett Square, Chester Cty, PA

1969 m: Dorothy Helene Pagenstecher Frank
b: 1914, New York City, NY
d: 2003, Kennett Square, Chester Cty, PA

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Louise Broadwell Davidson

b: 1904, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1968?, NY     (cremated)

1922 from San Juan, PR: with brother Robert
1930 fm Cherbourg, France: "Dec 24th, 1904"

19?? m: Fawkes [her surname in her 1962 Will]

1922 voyage: Address: Scranton, PA
1930: Conservatory Of Music, Cincinnati, OH
1962 Will: Philadelphia, PA
1968 Probate: 11 East 87th St., NYC

C. P. & Anna Davidson:

Virginia Downey Davidson

b: 1909, Greenfield, Lackawanna Cty, PA
d: 1998, Cataumet, MA

1933 The Ivory Door, MIT students, VDD & TLB perform in a play
MIT Class of 1934, Deceased Members 2008: "Mrs Virginia D Blakeman   1934   AR"
1935 Library of Congress, "Ye oldest house in Provincetown".

1934, m: Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
b: 1909, Melville, MT
d: 1990, Cataumet, MA

1936 MIT, A Bachelor of Architecture in City Planning (with photo)
1945 The Story Of New Jersey, A Biography
1951 City Planning, Executive Director Of The Detroit Metropolitan Area Regional Planning Commission

Davidson Farm

Davidson Stones


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