1989  To  1998

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Pippin the dog and Brianny Davidson Blakeman
Mashnee Island, MA

June, 1989

Reinforcing the Lucas shower wall
with insulating spray foam

Uncovered a Lucas drain pipe
July, 1989

The drainage system under the Lucas rear deck

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman's summer cottage,
same property as winter house rental

Brianny Blakeman visiting dad
August, 1989

Biggs the puppy
with his sisters and brothers

Debbe Sharpe with her sister
Karen Madden and daughter

Jim Madden


Need_Names. D' Sharpe's extended family

Van's neice Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Name, place and time unknown

Biggs playing with neighbor's brown lab
Mashnee Island, MA
August, 1989

Biggs outside their summer home
September, 1989

Before extending the wall above the Cataumet
Club's tennis backboard. (No after pic yet)
October, 1989

Bri and Need_Name kitten
October 23, 1989


Brianny and Darby Blakeman

Bri and Pippin the dog
November, 1989

Dar and Catty

Bri's room

Nina Stokes
June, 1990

Party near Falmouth, MA


Stanley Hildebrand
Mashnee Island, MA
November, 1990

Darby's dad is residing
Bernie Rotberg's house
May, 1991


June, 1991

Bernie Rotberg's house on the left
being shingled by Van Blakeman

Attaching the Pecks new deck to their house
July, 1991

Piping a shower stall for the deck

Framing the deck and shower stall

With benches

The hinges and latch of the shower
stall were a hand made experiment

Van added a small deck to his winter
home rental for the owners

His winter home on Mashnee Road
August, 1991

Writing software for The Emotion Mining Company

Inside his one room summer cottage

Shallow rooted Locust trees about to
topple during Hurricane Bob

August 19, 1991

Mashnee road on the causeway is under water

The clubhouse parking lot is flooded


The clubhouse lawn is under water

Some Mashnee properties and the causeway
are under water

A significant chunk of the Mashnee
causeway was washed away

Buzzards Bay surf laps the Pappas trees

The Mashnee end of the Cape Cod canal

My eldest at 13, Darby Blakeman, out of
her mother's home, should not be here.
The hurricane surf is still rushing in

A Mashnee road and mailboxes

The very high Buzzards Bay surf almost
reached this Mashnee anchor

Hog Island and the Mashnee causeway


Replaced the rotted foundation and floor of this
shed with pressure treated lumber

September, 1991

Rebuilt the rotted sill under
the Lucas side door

June, 1992


Mo the dog in Van's office
East Sandwich, MA

May, 1997

Van's girlfriend Eileen Kerr managing
Gladstone Furniture

East Falmouth, MA

Mo, Bri and Dar
East Sandwich, MA

Pretty girls, Eileen, Brianny and Darby

... and Missy the cat

Darby in the basement

Mo, Bri and Dar by the pool

Cottage tenant Al Rosa and landlady Eileen
June, 1997

Rebuilding a rotted floor and sagging wall in a
200+/- year old additon to the even older house

Grant Parsons and Need_Names,
Ann Parsons and sister Eileen

Thornbury, Canada

Mo in back of their East Sandwich home
October, 1997

Laying a new walkway with old dug-up brick
found under the back yard


Eileen and Van dancing at the Heritage
Plantation's rock 'n' roll show in Sandwich, MA
June, 1998

Photography compliments of
Jane M Robin

Van recreated the Heritage Plantation's
membership database system,
software and such being his true profession

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