1986  To  1988

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Hildebrand plants in their natural solarium

Mashnee Island, MA

January, 1986

Darby Blakeman and Brianny Davidson Blakeman
and mom Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman

Darby's birthday
February 07, 1986

Darby and Brianny Blakeman
with Abby the dog

March, 1986

Bri, Dar and paternal grandmother
Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Brianny's birthday
May 12, 1986

Bri and cousin Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Aunt Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall and Liz Giebel

Friends Dave Toppin's son and self with the girl's
maternal grandfather Stanley Hildebrand

Need_Names with Bri
Bourne school, MA

December, 1986

Brianny Blakeman and classmates
dancing on a Christmas stage

Their home at 47 Wianno Road
December 25, 1986

A Hildebrand wreath over the mantle

Mashnee Island, MA

Stanley Hildebrand, Debra Hildebrand Blakeman
Barbara Hildebrand, Darby and Bri

Bri, Deb, Red Hildebrand, Barbara, Darby

Dad Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman and Bri

Pippin the dog, Van and Bri

Barbara and Red with Darby

Christmas cards and stockings over
the wood stoved fireplace

Snowed in on Wianno Road
Photos by Barbara Hildebrand

January, 1987


Darby, Pippin and Van shoveling


Van and Pippin

Deb wiping her folk's car

Red and Barbara playing cards

St Augustine, FL

February, 1987

Authentic Old Drug Store Museum

St. Augustine's horse carriages

Where was this building?

The Ponce de Leon hotel

Darbydale Ave
Woodbridge, VA

Eileen Delaney in front of Ed and Eileen's
new Virginia home. Need location

Darby Dale Blakeman's birthday
February 07, 1987

Leal Randall, Brianny and Darby, Red
Mashnee Island, MA

Barbara, Name unknown, Deb, unknown, Bri

April, 1987

Pippin the dog

Need_Name and Bri
Easter bunny girls

Barbara and Abby the dog

Barbara's photo film wheel packages
that are probably on these pages

Bri and Need_Names

Bri's birthday. May 12, 1987

Bri, Barbara Hildebrand,
Virginia Blakeman and Pippin

Pippin, Deb, Dar, Bri and Ed Wells

Need Names and location
June, 1987

Photos by Barbara Hildebrand

Andy Monteleone at the Stover house
Pennington, NJ

Abby the dog, I think

Need locations:

An ocean beach and eelgrass

A long ocean road

Hildebrand's gardens
Mashnee Island, MA

July, 1987

Blue Hydrangeas

Darby cracked her arm on a
Cataumet Club tennis court iron post

Bri in costume
July 04, 1987

Mashnee Island, MA

Darby and Brianny and Need_Name
July 4 parade

Darby at the YMCA Camp Rotary
July, 1987

Boxford, MA

Hillside staircase built by Van
for Shirley Delisle

Van and Darby and Brianny
Falmouth, MA

August, 1987


On a dock at the bottom of the staircase
with retractable steps

With landings

Red Hildebrand

Neighbor Mrs Cruise, Deb, Dar, Bri

Brianny boarding the school bus
September 14, 1987

Mashnee Island, MA

Bri and Need_Names. Prior to the Halloween
parade at the Bourne Middle School

October 31, 1987

Inspired Halloween costumes

Catty, dead
November, 1987

Names unknown, Darby and Bri

Location and date unknown

Guessing Thanksgiving
November 26, 1987

Angelic Bri on skates. Bourne, MA
December, 1987

A Bourne Skating Club Christmas show on ice

Bourne Skating Club, MA


Hildebrand plants
January, 1988

Mashnee Island, MA


Names unknown with Darby

Closet cabinets and shelving built
for Arnett Peccini

Mattapoisett, MA

March - May, 1988

Installing drainage at the Murphy home
on Mashnee Island, MA

Then attaching the frame for a deck to the house

May, 1988

Catty lives across the street.
Van has moved to his own place nearby.

Rebuilt the front entryway of the Murphy home
June, 1988

Bri's birthday
May 12, 1988

Brianny, Deb and Darby biking around
Bar Harbor, ME

Acadia National Park
near Bar Harbor, ME

June, 1988

Otter Cove Stone Bridge, Loop Road
Acadia National Park

Bri in Cataumet Club sweatshirt
Mashnee Island, MA
July, 1988

Bri with a professionally painted face

August, 1988

The girls and dad collected this trash from the shores of
Mashnee Island, MA
September, 1988

Installed a shelving unit
for the Pappas family

September, 1988

Preparing to install a shower stall
for the Pappas family

Mashnee Island, MA

Van did much carpentry for his folks through the '80s
November, 1988

Rebuilt their corner porch
Cataumet, MA

Outdoor shower stall behind the garage

Installed a storm door unit

Reassembled a trellis around his
mother's delicate wisteria vines

A corner shelf for an antique 3-part mirror

A retractable TV shelf within a cabinet
previously built by carpenter Reg Swift

A sofa end shelf

Need location
Looks like December, 1988

Cat in the bird feeder
Need location

Girlfriend Patty Dancer in my rental on
Leeward Rd, Mashnee Island, MA

Katrine and Bri making music and dancing
Cataumet, MA

Katrine and Darby making music

Bri's Christmas school show costume
Mashnee Island, MA

Bourne, MA
December, 1988

Someone forgot to hit inside shut-off
valve on Van's folks' outdoor faucet

Cataumet, MA

December 25, 1988

Mashnee Island, MA

Cataumet, MA

Bri, Dar and paternal grandfather Tom Blakeman

Dar, Bri, Virginia and Tom

December 25, 1988

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