1943  To  1963

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Virginia Davidson Blakeman and
Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman

Kingston, NJ

Shortly after August 21, 1943

Virginia Leal Blakeman, Van Blakeman
and Beatrice Bruce Blakeman

with Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

and Virginia D Blakeman.
And in Bebe's hand to the right ...

"The Children Who Went To New Jersey"
Author might have been VDB

Princeton, NJ
June, 1944

June, 1945

In Stony Brook
July, 1946

Thomas and Van Blakeman


65 Westcott Rd
September, 1946

On a Cape Cod sand dune
July, 1947

Tucker, Virginia, Bebe, Leal, Hannah
Van, Tom and Penny the dog
Birmingham, MI, December 25, 1948

Van and Hannah Hall Blakeman
Bloomfield Hills, MI
December, 1952

Virginia, Hannah and Van Blakeman
dying Easter eggs
April 05, 1953

With Don Dohoney, camp counselor and
MI football pro. Camp Charlevoix, MI
August 12, 1953

Van burnt his face off weeks prior holding a match
over a shellac can to clean the goop out.
Bloomfield Hills, MI, April 18, 1954

Could be about when they bought
the Cape house.
Cataumet, MA, August, 1954

5905 Wing Lake Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI
April, 1955

Van with Art and Pete Rowe
camping probably in Northern MI
Tom Blakeman taking picture. September, 1955

Cissy Sloan
J D Martin Sloan

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Their new home for a year on
West Mountain Rd, West Simsbury, CN
May, 1957

Tucker the Springer Spaniel



Van and his pet parakeets
Cataumet, MA
June, 1957

Janey Douglass on
the Megansett pier

Freddie Douglass and Hobbit II
Cataumet, MA

Janey and Freddie

J D Martin Sloan

Van Blakeman's foot
Don't know why

Christmas with their paternal grandmother
Charlotte Phillips Van Cleve Church
Princeton, NJ, December 25, 1957

Uncle Frederic Birdsey Blakeman and his new
wife, Virginia "Jill" Sherwood Blakeman
cutting the wedding cake. June, 1958

Princeton, NJ

Cleo the Christmas puppy
December 25, 1958

Van's aquarium
March, 1959

Cleo and Hobbit II

Hobbit and Tom Blakeman
March, 1959

Van's bedroom

at 95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

March, 1959

Hannah Hall Blakeman
March 29, 1959


Bebe Blakeman
June, 1959

Leal Blakeman

Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Marty Sloan, Mt Rushmore, SD

Need a name

Virginia Blakeman

Yellowstone National Park, WY

The Sweetgrass Ranch
Melville, MT
July, 1959

Phillis and Tom Blakeman
Mother and son

Virginia and Tom watching a rodeo clown

Marty Sloan

Van Blakeman

The Sweetgrass ranch house
Melville, MT


Janey Douglass on the Megansett pier
in North Falmouth, MA
August, 1959

Beach party, probably on Lawrence Island
Cataumet, MA

Freddie Douglass on the bow of their motorboat

Squeteague harbor

Squeteague harbor beetle cats
Cataumet, MA

On the ferry boat to Marthas Vineyard

Edgartown Harbor

Gay Head

Marty and Van on the ferry boat

Biking MV and staying at a
Marthas Vineyard hostel

Old Silver Beach

in Falmouth, MA

Van took her to her prom
probably near Birmingham, MI

Cannot recall her name

September, 1959

Marty digging a drainage trench

The Sloan's new home

Back at the Wilson Rd house
Princeton, NJ
June, 1960


Tom Blakeman and Prince

Hannah Blakeman

Elli Donald (Hawks) and Ann Donald
Bill Donald III and Bill Donald II
August, 1960

Elli Donald (Hawks) and Ann Donald
Bill Donald III and Bill Donald II
August, 1960

Ranch hand, Sarge Hoem

Ranch hand, Van Blakeman

A roll-over on the way home from the
ranch put his left leg in a full cast
and a dent in his head

Van made this target for Hannah
Princeton, NJ
December 25, 1960

September, 1961

near Princeton

Diana Berrie

His 1939 Packard

Jody Kerssenbrock
December, 1961

Hubert W Giebel and Leal Blakeman

95 Wilson Rd
Princeton, NJ

Carole Farley with George Wood
and Ruthie Seyfarth
December 09, 1961

David Johnson

Need a name


Need names

Bleak winter view from the house
Princeton, NJ
December 09, 1961

Diana Berrie

Nick Long
Need her name

'Beaver' Johnson and brothers, NYC

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
Beatrice Bruce Blakeman

Jody Kerssenbrock
Need his name

After walking out of the principal's office, never
to return, Van is on his way to a friend of a
friend's farm in Nebraska. March, 1962

Between Lyons and Bancroft, NE
April, 1962

Van on his way to a shower

Larry Kjeldgaard

Dehorning the cattle ...

... before they poke each
other's eyes out

Nona Kjeldgaard
Need daughter's name

Need son's name

Their babysitter

Need her name

December 25, 1962

One year later
December 25, 1963

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