1983  To  1985

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Brianny Davidson Blakeman
watching her sister's baseball game

Darby Blakeman running into home plate
May, 1983

Darby and Deb Blakeman in motion
Monmouth Junction, NJ


Darby Dale Blakeman
Brianny Blakeman

Bri's second birthday
May 12, 1983

Bri, Barbara Hildebrand, Dar,
Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman

Dar, Stanley Hildebrand, Ginny Giles, Bri, Hannah Giles, John Lawrence Tomas Giles, Barbara

Ed Delaney, Bri, Red Hildebrand, Ginny Giles, Hannah

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Ed Delaney, Red Hildebrand, Hannah,
Virginia Downey Giles

John Giles


Darby, grandmother Barbara Hildebrand and Bri

Eileen Delaney, Bri, Dar and Ed Delaney
May 12, 1983

Another Hildebrand weekend on a Jersey beach


Don't know who this is

Recycling before they started paying us for it
July, 1983

At the Cataumet tennis courts

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman Karstad
Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall
with (maybe) Chris Thurlby

Leal Randall

Scott and Wendy Burns, Bebe Karstad
Katrine Margaret Karstad, Lizzy Giebel

Cataumet beach

Honey bees moving into their new gabled roof
(but not into the room)

Though sometimes overwhelming, they are harmless

A local bee keeper loaned Van a one way trap.
They went away

Monmouth Junction, NJ


Darby boards the school bus
September 12, 1983

Bri welcomes her home

Closed his store after seven years. Selling off
the dregs. (Back into computer programming)

School halloween parade. Darby with Need_Names
October 30, 1983

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Bri and Catty the kitten

Dar in costume at Thanksgiving

Squeteague Harbor whitecaps
December, 1983

Lawrence Island
Cataumet, MA

Van's mom asked him to design and build
an enclosure for this tub

Van worked up a sketch, but his sisters nixed it

Bri decorating the Christmas tree
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Need_Name and Bri

December 25, 1983

Deb, Barbara Hildebrand, Darby and Bri

Stanley, Bri, Barbara

Red and Darby

Christmas at Bebe's
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Tom Blakeman, Katrine, Darby, KariAnna, Bri,
Bebe, Virginia Blakeman

Princeton, NJ
December 25, 1983

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman Karstad,
Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Darby's birthday
February 07, 1984

Barbara Hildebrand, John Giles Jr, Darby, Virginia Giles
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Bri, KariAnna and Katrine and Bebe Karstad

Ginny Giles, Darby, John Giles and
John Lawrence Tomas Giles, Red Hildebrand

Ginny, Debra and Darby, John Giles Jr, Red

Ginny, Deb and Dar, Red

Ginny, Deb, John Giles, Darby, John Giles Jr, Red

KariAnna, John, Barbara, Darby and Debra, Ginny

Red, John Giles, Debra, John Giles Jr, Bebe, Darby
February 07, 1984

Red, KariAnna, Bri, Katrine and Bebe

Balloons on the mailbox
May 12, 1984

Bri's 3rd birthday party
May 12, 1984

Brianny Davidson Blakeman

Tulips and a figurine

Darby, John Giles Jr and Hannah Giles, Bri and Barbara

Darby and Bri, Barbara and Deb

Virginia and Hannah Giles, Darby and Bri and Barbara

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John Giles, Bebe, Katrine and KariAnna Karstad,
Ginny and John Jr and Hannah Giles, Darby

Stanley Hildebrand

Bebe, Katrine and KariAnna, Ginny,
Darby and Bri, Barbara, Deb and Red

Ginny and Hannah Giles, Bri and Barbara Hildebrand

KariAnna, Ginny, Darby and Bri, Barbara

KariAnna, Ginny, Darby, Bri, Barbara

KariAnna and Debra

Katrine and Bri eating the birthday cake
May 12, 1984

June, 1984

Catty the doll

Bri not asleep on the couch


Van and Catty
This was a comfortable couch

Bobby Stover, Darby and Aaron Stover at the Stover house
Pennington, NJ   July, 1984

On the beach in Cataumet, MA
August, 1984

A freighter and boats passing by Mashnee Island
August 23, 1984

Van's first view of the canal from the bottom
of his street on Mashnee

The canal-side beach and Hog Island
on the causeway

The canal-side beach on Mashnee Island

From Hog Island, the canal beach on the
causeway to Mashnee

The Cape Cod Canal as seen from
Hog Island on the Mashnee dyke

Their new home at 47 Wianno Rd
as seen from the tennis courts

In back of their new home at
47 Wianno Rd, Mashnee Island, MA

The front yard

Not their stuff

Bri back home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Their last Halloween in Monmouth Junction

Have begun moving some stuff to Mashnee
November, 1984

Moved in around 12/01/84. This is Christmas.
Mashnee Island, MA

Bri and Darby at their Christmas tree
December 25, 1984

Brianny enjoying Christmas
in her sunny new home

Erich Martin Giebel, Virginia Blakeman, Debra
and Leal's friend Ed Wells

Erich, Need_Name (Hannah's date), Virginia,
Deb, Hannah, Dar, Ed in Cataumet, MA

Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall, Hannah,
Tom Blakeman and Elizabeth Giebel

Virginia, Deb and Bri, Ed and Leal Randall

Ginny Blakeman, Deb, Hannah Giles,
Dar, Ed, Liz, Leal, Tom

Tom Blakeman, Liz Giebel,
Hannah and her mother Virginia

Elizabeth Leal Giebel, Hannah Giles,
Virginia and Erich



Van made this outdoor butcher block table of
mahogany garden stakes for his mother
April, 1985

Brianny Davidson Blakeman

Building a shower stall in back of their new home
at 47 Wianno Rd, Mashnee Island, MA

Plumbing a clothes washer into the hallway

May, 1985

Van was hired by Ed Wells
to make this bookcase


Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall
Darby Dale Blakeman, Ed Wells, Bri Blakeman

Leal Randall, Ed Wells
Virginia Davidson Blakeman and Bri

Bri's 4th birthday
May 12, 1985

Name unknown

Bri and granfather Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

June, 1985

Pepper the kitten and Catty the cat

August, 1985

Darby and need other names
Cataumet Camp end of summer skit

Pippin the puppy
March 17, 1987

December 25, 1985

Pippin the puppy, Van, Darby and Bri

Barbara and Red Hildebrand at Christmas

Bri, Leal, Darby, Virginia
Cataumet, MA

Christmas dinner
Mashnee Island, MA

Bri and Debra, Barbara, Dar
Monopoly at the Hildebrands

Well, I think it's a Christmas tree

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