1981  To  1982

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Their aquarium
May, 1981

Darby Blakeman in back of the Stover house
Pennington, NJ

Dar eating lunch, as we wait
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Brianny Davidson Blakeman is born
May 12, 1981

Princeton Hospital

Deb and Bri Blakeman

Darby in her bunk bed
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Built by their father to fit over Bri's crib
And dad has lost his office.

Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman and Bri

Brianny Blakeman and Barbara Hildebrand
A newborn and her maternal grandmother

May 14, 1981

Darby and Brianny
May 20, 1981

Monmouth Junction, NJ

June, 1981

Big sister Darby Dale Blakeman, Deb and Bri

Bri Blakeman at grandparents home
Pennington, NJ

Darby and grandmother Barbara

Aaron Stover

Brianny asleep on a Persian rug
August, 1981

At paternal grandparents home in
Cataumet, MA

All vehicles into the rear driveway, out of the way
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Glorstan Builders adding bedrooms

September 17, 1981

Glorstan Builders doing interior work

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman doing interior work

The wood stove chimney was removed before construction
October, 1981

Dar asleep in dad's found-at-auction
and reupholstered morris chair
November, 1981

At a school play

With Santa Claus

Christmas eve
Monmouth Junction, NJ

December 24, 1981


Geri Stover and Bri

Christmas at Bebe's
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Tommy 'Ledge' Blakeman
Princeton, NJ

Tom and daughter Hannah Blakeman Giles
December 25, 1981

KariAnna Bergitte Karstad, Debra, Leal Randall,
Ginny Giles, Bebe and Katrine Karstad

Deb, Liz Giebel, Ginny Blakeman
Darby, Erich Giebel, KariAnna

Virginia Giles, Deb, Darby, Bri

KariAnna, Deb, Bri, Darby, Erich

Liz, Virginia Blakeman, Darby, Erich, KariAnna

Darby Dale Blakeman
Brianny Davidson Blakeman


A Tulip tree wood pile in the snow

January, 1982
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby Dale Blakeman, Aaron and Geri Stover
Darby's birthday

Darby, Katrine Karstad, Geri Stover, Hannah Giles

Darby opening a birthday gift
February 07, 1982

Debra, Robert Stover, Kaare Karstad and Aaron Stover

Virginia Downey Giles, Red Hildebrand, Hannah

Hannah, Deb, John Giles, Robert, Kaare, Aaron

Kaare, Deb, John Lawrence Tomas Giles

KariAnna Bergitte Karstad

Red, Hannah, Ginny and John Giles, Robert Stover

Aaron, Bebe and Katrine, Bobby and Geri, KariAnna, Barbara Hildebrand

Bri's first birthday
May 12, 1982

Deb, Bri, Barbara, Dar, Geri
John Giles Jr, Bobby Stover

Deb, Virginia Downey Giles, Barbara, Dar, Geri

Ginny Giles, Bri

Geri Stover

Darby and dad Van washing dishes

A Hildebrand weekend on the Jersey shore

Bri's got dad's coffee cup on the kitchen floor
August, 1982

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Halloween at school
October 31, 1982

Squeteague Harbor behind
Darby and cousin Erich Martin Giebel

Cataumet, MA
November 25, 1982

Jeanette and J D Martin Sloan
A quick hello and goodby

Van is set up in his mother's studio

He brings his 'portable' Apple ][e with him

Squeteague Harbor. Cataumet, MA

Thanksgiving preparations in his folk's kitchen
November 25, 1982

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
carving the turkey

Virginia Davidson Blakeman
having her evening Dubonnet

Tom Blakeman and
Hannah Hall Blakeman Giles

Erich, [don't recall his friend's name], Deb, Tom

Hannah, Ginny Blakeman, Dar, Erich and friend

Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall, Dar, Erich

November 25, 1982

Bri trying to sneak up the Cataumet stairs

Bri back home in Monmouth Junction
November 30, 1982

Bri sneaking up the stairs again
She seems to have a thing for this

Hiding in dad's office

Christmas play at the Monmouth Junction school
December, 1982

Christmas tree
December 25, 1983

Darby Blakeman wrapped in a crochet blanket

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