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Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman and
Darby Dale Blakeman

Creating a temporary bedroom for Van and Deb
1 Richard Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby's 2nd birthday     February 07, 1980
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Bebe Karstad, KariAnna Bergitte Karstad,
Kaare Karstad and Virginia Downey Giles

Dar with aunt Hannah Hall Blakeman Giles
and Bobby Stover

Dar, John Giles, Red Hildebrand, Geri and Robert and Aaron Stover

Aaron, John, Red, Hannah, Robert, Geri, Deb, Bobby

Bobby, Aaron, Ginny Giles, Bebe Karstad, KariAnna

Hannah, Robert, Geri, Deb

John, Hannah, Robert, Geri, Deb, Bebe, KariAnna

John Lawrence Tomas Giles, Dar and Kaare

John Giles Jr, John Sr, Geri, Barbara
Bobby, Aaron, Deb, Bebe, Kaare

At Van Blakeman's consignment store
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

His home-made sliding felt jewelry rack
March, 1980

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman taking what will eventually
become know as a 'selfie' (or testing the film)

The Holder Memorial Tower
Princeton University, NJ

Darby Blakeman Easter hunting in their
newly fenced in corner yard

at highway Route #1 and 1 Richard Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ

April 06, 1980

Darby and Deb Blakeman in dad's office
June, 1980

Van subleased his adjacent store to Leo Arons
next to Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

Darby washing dad's van

July, 1980

Halloween window display
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

October, 1980

The redwood platform without it's cabana in the
corner yard. Also their new Plymouth Horizon

Monmouth Junction, NJ

November, 1980

Barbara Hildebrand and Darby Blakeman and Abby
December 25, 1980

Pennington, NJ

Stanley Hildebrand and Darby

Christmas at Bebe's house
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Darby and Deb
Princeton, NJ

Deb and Darby Blakeman, Bobby Stover
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby's 3rd birthday
February 07, 1981

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