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Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman and
Darby Dale Blakeman

A temporary bedroom for Van and Deb

Darby's 2nd birthday

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Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

My home-made sliding felt jewelry rack
March, 1980
Me taking what will eventually
become know as a 'selfie' (or testing the film)
The Holder Memorial Tower

Darby Easter hunting

April 06, 1980

June, 1980

I subleased my adjacent store to Leo Arons
next to Princeton Furnishings & Antiques


July, 1980

Halloween window display
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

October, 1980

November, 1980


Pennington, NJ

Christmas at Bebe's house

Darby's 3rd birthday
February 07, 1981


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