1978 To 1979
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We are visiting my folks in Cataumet, MA

February, 1978

Back home, our potbelly warmed our home nicely

Found this mahogany roll-top desk at an auction.

New sprout on the Schefflera umbrella tree plant

Debra Blakeman waiting in our shop near
the Princeton hospital during the '78 blizzard

Darby Dale Blakeman, Age 0

February 07, 1978



Darby and her paternal great grandmother
Charlotte Phillips Van Cleve Church

Cataumet, MA

Back home

July, 1978

Deb painted vines on our kitchen cabinets

August, 1978

My workbench in the basement

Experimenting with a high speed
film needing no flash


Painting by my sister Hannah H Blakeman

Fall trees and a red house on a placid lake

Reading the Trenton Times newspaper


December, 1978

Got a new Ulefos wood stove

Much, much nicer then the old potbelly

December 25, 1978

Pepper the cat
February, 1979

Aaron Stover


Our screened cabana on a redwood platform
in the back yard behind the cottage

Chopping small firewood for the wood stove

Darby Blakeman, age 1
February 07, 1979

Deb and Darby are vacationing in California
April, 1979

This is the South Laguna community park

Visiting old neighbors Bill and Bernice Bailey

Our old home next door

The new owners turned the rear deck into a dining room

Bill and Bernice taking Deb to check out the trailer

Joshua Tree, CA
April 15, 1979


Bernice Bailey

with Miles Staples and Willa Bailey Gupta

Bill and Bernice's back yard
April 17, 1979

The first 'On Consignment' in our lives. This one in
Laguna Beach. I opened one in Princeton, NJ

Back home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Maternal grandparents Stanley and Barbara Hildebrand

May, 1979

I made this sign for Paul Hill's Fine Foods


I made this sign for Crisp N' Clear Printing
Princeton, NJ

I made this sign for my shop, On Consignment
later renamed Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

Connecting to the town's new sewage line

South Brunswick bringing in a new sewer line


Preparing to lay a second driveway
in back of the cottage

Ernie Sturgeon did the heavy lifting in exchange for ...

letting him park his machine until all sewers were in

Our Arborvitae corner now includes a stockade
fence discarded by my shop's landlord

Red and Barabra's back yard in Pennington, NJ

Bobby Stover with Dar

Darby and dad in Squeteague Harbor
Cataumet, MA

With paternal grandmother


Dar and cousin Erich Martin Giebel

Paternal grandfather Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
sailing the boat

Ed Delaney and Eileen Delaney

Best friend neighbors trick-or-treating

Monmouth Junction, NJ


in my shop: Princeton Furnishings And Antiques

aka: On Consignment

Posing for an article
about the store

Family Thanksgiving

November 22, 1979

December 25, 1979

Deb's family

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