1975  To  1977

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Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman

in Joshua Tree, CA

Stanley Hildebrand, Deb Blakeman
Barbara Hildebrand, Hobbit

Keys View
Joshua Tree National Park

Perhaps a farmer's wood post fence with rickety
gate. Need location. Maybe February, 1975

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
to Mount San Jacinto, 1975
Red chickened out

Central Valley, CA
February, 1975

Mega flower farms

On the Balboa ferry
crossing Newport Harbor


The Balboa Island canal

Crystal Cove beach

The town of South Laguna, CA
February, 1975

Barbara, Need_Name and Deb
Laguna Beach, CA

... and Van and Red
Below Eye To Eye Optical Boutique

San Juan Capistrano, CA

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Dana Point jetty

Hobbit and Barbara in the
Blakeman's front yard

South Laguna, CA
February, 1975

Looking through a flowery
picture window to the deck

on Santa Rosa Drive
South Laguna, CA

Through the front gate

Aliso Pier at sunset
South Laguna, CA

Miles Standish Staples

In the hills above South Laguna, CA

Aliso and Wood Canyons

Ocean view from the hilltop
February, 1975

Natural hilltop rock formation

Wild flowers in the rugged hills

A Laguna hills windsurfer
loosing altitude fast

Van climbed the hill in his Jeep and took
the guy and his sail to his car


Jim Davis used to work with them at the
Western Electric ERC in Lawrenceville, NJ

February 15, 1975

People climbing the hills above
the town of South Laguna

May, 1975

Aliso Beach Pier as seen from
an ancient hilltop water tank

Aliso Canyon and creek

A Cholla cactus

Classic wooden water tank on the hilltop

1000 Steps Beach, undeveloped,
as seen from the hills

Hilltop destruction

California Sun Cup, maybe

A living beach terrain

Sea anemones
South Laguna, CA

Aliso Canyon from the top of the hill

No jobs. Had to sell and return East.
Taking stuff to Joshua Tree for storage

Keys view
Joshua Tree National Park

May, 1975

Looks like Peters Canyon Reservoir
in Tustin, CA

Rosarito Beach dining in Baja California
June, 1975

Hobbit with Preggy's litter
South Laguna

Mysterious Preggy appeared on their
doorstep, weak, hungry and ready to burst

Van eased them out and cut the cords

Preggy likes to stay in seclusion
July, 1975

A garden probably at the Baileys

Bernice and Bill Bailey with Hobbit

Miles Standish Staples

Need_Name. Tom? hired Van to take pictures
July, 1975

A street in South Laguna

Deb father's nickname, Red Hildebrand,
on somebody's license plate

Their bedroom/office window
August, 1975

Front yard and garden. The cobbled
driveway is under construction

The driveway was cobbled with Santa Ana River
rock gathered when the river was dry

Preggy watches

Neighbor and friend Dan Hosfeldt's eye for design
guided assembly of this found fencing

Matthew the kitten and siblings on top of Deb

Their front yard was created under
the direction of neighbor Miles Staples

A neighbor (NEED NAME) painted this
picture of the front yard

The painting broke in the mail when it was sent to
the Blakeman home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Installing a Sears sprinkler line

Birthday gift of Elephant bathing shorts made by
Van's sister Hannah Blakeman, an artist

Ran out of gas backing the Jeep
into the U-Haul

An ocean view from their rear deck
though not on the day of departure

Heading east August, 1975
Doubled their money, but still a bummer

Van in the shadows, not happy
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Christmas 1975


A light January snowfall on the Arborvitae bushes
January, 1976

A snowfall in the woods

Preggy's son Matthew, not happy

Their cottage bedroom in the snow

Matthew the cat in a basket

Matthew the cat on aunt Hannah's cushion


Blue the white cat under the Asparagus plant
May, 1977

Bleeding Hearts volunteer in the Arborvitae garden

Arborvitaes wrap around the corner lawn
Route #1 and 1 Richard Road

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Tulip Trees

Tulip Tree flowers

Their vegetable garden
June, 1977

Troy the dog.
Van made this sign for his wife's folks

Aaron and Bobby Stover
Pennington, NJ

Bobby, Aaron and Geri Stover
June, 1977

Bobby Stover and Troy the dog

The Hildebrand barn and cherry trees

Clearing space for a cabana
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Expanding Van's store into the adjacent store.
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques
December, 1977

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