1973  To  1974

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A Golden Arborvitae, mailbox and lamp on a
hollow wood post, and a tiered timber wall

1 Richard Rd, Monmouth Junction, NJ
July, 1973

Blue the white cat

Van is rebuilding his box trailer

He found it in a vacant lot near his home
on Balboa Island around 1967

He bought this trailer for $35 worth of labor from a
respected and liked friend Harvey D Pease

Harvey was also the realtor that collected his rent

Squeteague Harbor
Cataumet, MA

Lawrence Island

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman and
Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Hobbit the dog

Van Blakeman driving the motorboat

Debra J Blakeman
has caught a Bluefish


John Letchworth Church, Van and Tom
and Virginia Blakeman with Sy Kano

Serving at tennis on the clay court
Cataumet, MA

Deb sailing Win Kellogg's boat through
Long Island Sound

August, 1973

Winston Kellogg

Win Kellogg sailing the Kittiwake

Where is this?

Coast Guard Lighthouse
Buzzards Bay

Doing the books
Monmouth Junction, NJ

August, 1973

Blue the white cat

"Think Shaklee" on their corner lot. They
were really into selling it at the time.
Truly excellent natural products.

December, 1973

Their bedroom cottage

A Cardinal in the new snow


Left here on a bus heading west. It
was to be a short trip to see the new
investment and collect the back rent.

Under the rear deck of their home
on Santa Rosa Drive
South Laguna, CA

January, 1974


Ocean view from the rear deck

Had bought it 8/16/1973 sight unseen on
David and Cici Young's recommendation

They decided to stay

Some of these pics were actually taken
after Van's return (see below). Oh well.

Adjacent to Bill and
Bernice Bailey's home

His Willy's Jeep had been in storage at Mesa
Automotive, near where they got off the bus

The hills above their new home
in South Laguna

The back neighbor's roof was close enough
to walk across and take pictures

Van flew east to gather their posessions. This
began the overuse of their credit card which would
eventually lead to their having to sell the place

Their Monmouth Junction basement holds the stuff
he couldn't fit into the stationwagon and trailer

Monmouth Junction, NJ
February, 1974

Everything is packed.
Heading west!

Snow and a small stream in the back yard

On the road to California

A Shaklee Basic-H sign is
discovered along the way.

Deb and Hobbit sitting on a bluff

above Thousand Steps Beach
South Laguna, CA

May, 1974

A Need_Name Pier and the Laguna Lido on
Thousand Steps Beach below Mission Hospital

Where was this concrete
pier-wall with deck?

Red flowered Aloe cryptopoda and California
Iceplant succulents protect the bluff

What is this in the hills possibly above South
Laguna? A pink fiberglass helicopter cabin?

A trash dump in the hills above
South Laguna or maybe El Toro

Aliso Canyon
May, 1974

Yellow flowers on a Prickly Pear cactus

A white Hedge Morning Glory

What is this orange-pink flower
on a vine or long stem?

Above Aliso Canyon
May, 1974

A deck of box gardens

A Bird Of Paradise

Next door neighbor, Bernice Bailey

Bill Bailey and Hobbit
at driveway gate under construction

A neighbor's kitten

An old canvased mission door
Van found in a wreaking yard

A roof alcove bench Van rebuilt for Don and
Jane Estep across the street

A shelving unit Van built for Carole (Need Name)
in her new Laguna Niguel? condo

Barbara and Red Hildebrand, Deb's folks,
on the beach at South Laguna

August, 1974

The former Aliso Beach Pier
is in the background


Maybe Wild Animal Kingdom?

(Need Name of woman and location)
with Barbara Hildebrand

Need Name of boy and location

Robinson's at Fashion Island
Newport Beach, CA

Could be the Statue Of David that later
fell in the 1987 Whittier earthquake

Assisting Van's friend Les Lindsey (orange)
and crew in preparing a luau

Hawaiian Poi made from boiled taro roots

Blue the white cat
South Laguna, CA

Bougainvillea overgrowing their deck
September, 1974

"Cat" in the Bougainvillea

Their garden paradise on Santa Rosa Dr

A South Laguna Christmas

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