1971  To  1972

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Flowering Prickly Pear cactus

High Desert area, CA

April, 1971

Creosote bush and Ocotillo plant

Desert Dandelion

Mormon Tea

Ocotillo plant and Creosote bush


Storks Bill Filaree

Teddy Bear Cholla
Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Flowering Ocotillo cactus

Cottonwood Spring Oasis
April, 1971

Inside the oasis

Keys view

Intersection of Hwy 62 and Park Blvd
Joshua Tree, CA

Van's Branstrator trailer
under a sun roof

Mount San Jacinto, CA
April, 1971

Overlooking Palm Springs

Debra J Hildebrand

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman

Cable car

Coffmans Crag

Overlooking Palm Springs

High Desert area

The San Juan creek
along the Ortega highway

Above and beyond Elsinore
on the way to San Juan Capistrano

South Laguna shoreline

Racing fleet of sail boats passing by

Cliff hugging staircase and cave
below 40 N La Senda Drive

Carved ocean pools
Three Arch Bay

Concrete ocean pool and cabana

Kris and Lee Bower, Van, David Walden Young

An old stucco garden home
probably in Laguna

The Surf & Sand Hotel, left of center, is where
Van's sister Hannah spent her wedding
night with John Giles

Laguna's Main Beach cove in the distance

Visiting Marsha and May Fink
San Diego, CA
April 22, 1971

Flying east about April 23, 1971

Hobbit in their new back yard
August, 1971

The yard was installed before their wedding
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Adding a cottage deck with recycled lumber
from a New Brunswick, NJ house wreaking yard

Van and Deb visit the old farmstead of
his late maternal grandparents

Near the canal bridge in Bourne, MA
September 12, 1971

The Bourne Bridge

Kaare Karstad visiting
10 Squeteague Harbor Rd, Cataumet, MA

This almost looks like Route 6
into Provincetown, MA

Squeteague Harbor

The Blakeman home is in the center

Kaare Karstad sailing his boat with
Debra Blakeman and don't know who else

Megansett Harbor, MA

Spohr Gardens
Falmouth, MA

Nobska Point Lighthouse
Woods Hole, MA

Ferry boat to Nantucket

Early 20th century cottage behind the
ferry landing in Woods Hole

Cobblestone street with fountain
Nantucket, MA

It's their honeymoon, okay?

On the honeymoon boat from Nantucket

Back home in Monmouth Junction, NJ
November, 1971

Cracked Chevy Nova windshield

Fall leaves on their back yard

Installing a driveway

Added a stained glass skylight, found in a
New Brunswick, NJ house wreaking yard

Adding an external closet
to the bedroom cottage

Christmas wreath on the front door
December 25, 1971

Their new kitten
cuddles with Hobbit


The stained glass bathroom skylight (under plate glass)
is covered with snow


Building a chair-wall
July, 1972

Megansett Harbor, MA
August, 1972

Squeteague Harbor and Lawrence Island

Sketching a plan for their NJ home

Van's folk's home

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

Deb Blakeman, Alice Bebout,
Tom Blakeman and John Giles

Painting their home in
Monmouth Junction, NJ

New soil for the corner lot which the town
provided for letting them round off the corner

Spreading it around

Built this stone wall to
surround the septic tank

The house has been painted and
the cottage has new cedar siding

The back yard in the woods

Blue the kitten and Cat the almost cat

On a stone wall in the back yard

Blue attacking the antique trunk

Working on his penny collection
August, 1972

A bronze handle and mail slot on a door
found at the wreaking yard covered in paint

Stripped the paint, stained and polished

Somewhere in the northeast

Maple syrup country

Where is this wooden bridge?


Sanibel Island, FL
September 12, 1972

Disneyworld, Orlando, FL

Key West, FL

Long Key Viaduct, FL

Daytona Beach, FL

St. Petersburg, FL

Castillo de San Marcos Spanish fort

A Bucks County covered bridge in New Jersey
December, 1972

Bowmans Tower

Delaware River from Bowmans Tower

Gravestone of Dale C Hildebrand
Deb Blakeman's brother
"1946 - 1966"

Steps from the kitchen door
to the cottage crosswalk
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Inside their bedroom cottage

Doors to the closet addition

The closet pole hangs from and
rolls along a ceiling channel

Chestnut beveled glass french doors
open to the rear deck and yard

The doors were found in a New Brunswick, NJ
house wreaking yard

December, 1972

Their Christmas
December 25, 1972

A Stover Christmas
Robert, Bobby and Geri Stover
with Barbara Hildebrand

Aaron Stover in the Hildebrand home
Pennington, NJ

Bobby Stover and Stanley Hildebrand

Need_Name with Bobby,
Geri and Aaron Stover

Barbara, Van, Need_Name, Red Hildebrand
and Robert, Geri and Bobby Stover

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