1969  To  1970

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Hobbit and Bear's litter

Costa Mesa, CA

February, 1969

A girl named Carol modeling for his photo assignment
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA




Newport Beach, CA

Where is this bridge??

March, 1969


Van's new home
April, 1969

Van got a full time job in Laguna and attended
programming classes at night in Santa Ana

389 Loma Terrace
Laguna Beach, CA

He built this gate from an old discarded OCC
fence to keep an obnoxious landlady out

View from his house

A random drive one weekend brought
him through Mammoth Lakes

Do not recall this party
Probably someone else's negative

Do not know these good people

Someone else's negatives a photo lab returned to me

Can you read any of these tees?
I got 'Cockpits', but in what context?

Know anybody? Leave a note in the Comments above.


Van's 10 acres and trailer
in Joshua Tree, CA

Then bought 2.5 acres in Mojave, CA
January, 1970

Mohave neighbors

I-5 construction near Palmdale, CA

Lake Palmdale
near Mohave

Bought this hand carved eagle in Baja, Mexico

Inside the Branstrator trailer

February, 1969

Joshua Tree, CA

Just moved the trailer to his land
in Joshua Tree, CA

Found this tank at a renovating laundrymat in
Costa Mesa. They let him take it away, free!

Bought this '49 Willys Jeep to tow the trailer
from Costa Mesa up the hill to Joshua Tree

Bought this Chevy Nova so he could return
east to find a programming job.

Saying goodby to housemate
Doug Perske, fellow ex-Marine

Mesa Automotive agreed to store the Jeep
since they had rebuilt the engine a few times

The Colorado River

He met a girl, Debra J Hildebrand, on his new job at
the Western Electric Engineering Research Center
in Lawrenceville, NJ

She agreed on a weekend's trip to the Cape
July, 1970

Deb Hildebrand, Elizabeth Giebel, Tom and
Virginia Blakeman, Van Blakeman

This woman was also visiting his folks.
Can't recall her name but she had a brilliant mind

Tom Blakeman and Winston Kellogg
sailing the Kittiwake

Megansett Harbor, MA

Martha Douglas and friends quahogging
Squeteague Harbor, MA

Winston, Deb, Ginny and Need-Name in his small steamboat, Woods Hole, MA

Tom Blakeman digging
Cataumet, MA

Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Liz Giebel

Erich Martin Giebel and Hobbit drinking from
a clear natural spring

Above Squeteague Harbor

Erich in a tree

Lizzy Giebel sitting at the natural spring
below her grandparent's home

On the dock in Squeteague Harbor

Erich boating

Hobbit meets a lobster

Liz inside her grandmother's
driftwood sculpture

Deb Hildebrand and her folks are
visiting friends in Enfield, ME

The Desert of Maine in Freeport

The former Lincoln Theater in Maine

Andrew and Josephine Monteleone

Van's stuff in his folk's carport, waiting for a place to go.
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

He finds a place in the local paper, buys it,
cleans it and moves in. Needs a little work.

For $100 down, Adele Dexter agrees
to carry the $25K mortgage

On the corner of Highway Route 1 and ...

1 Richard Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ

August 11, 1970

Even his folks helped clean the place and
his dad dug a trench for the new water line

His new home includes a cottage behind the trees

A trap door in the kitchen goes
to a full sized basement

This is exciting

Brother-in-law Kaare Karstad flys him overhead
to get pictures of his 3/4 acre property

At one time, this was a rock crushing plant.
Some of the concrete mounts are still in
place between the house and the cottage.

Van and his girlfriend Deb fly west to visit California
March 31, 1971

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