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Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
getting a haircut

Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA
March, 1968

Approaching the hill to Joshua Tree, CA
on Highway 62

Van got a loan and bought this place
on March 19, 1968

Hobbit providing some perspective

This $50 Branstrator trailer will
become Van's home away from home

Hobbit and Tibboh

Tibboh was only with us for a few months

Passing through Indio

Back home in Costa Mesa
rebuilding the trailer

Home at 240 E 15th St, Costa Mesa, CA.
June, 1968

Van Blakeman

Van's big doors find another purpose

Dr Charles J Galbo. Newport Beach, CA
Van's respected guide and mentor

Flying east around July 31, 1968

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman was told to smile
Cataumet, MA

Jody Kerssenbrock

John Letchworth Church and Tom Blakeman
August, 1968

Van's bedroom in the garage - full house

Van's folk's driveway at
10 Squeteague Harbor Road

A driftwood garden
Cataumet, MA

A roof

Cars in the front lawn

A wind chime sculpture

A tree

Tom and daughter Virginia Leal Blakeman Giebel

Dancing a boogie woogie
at a weekend bottle party

Ginny and Tom Blakeman

These people could swing!

Their 'stink pot' in Squeteague Harbor
Cataumet, MA

Van about to go spearfishing
in Megansett Harbor

Flying west

Rebuilding his Branstrator trailer
Costa Mesa, CA

September, 1968

His Willys Jeep

Good friends Bill Tinkey and Les Ingledue,
two members of his writing group at OCC

Van's cool jazz chair.
Yes, he was trying to make this pic weird

His bedroom. Note the jerry-rigged mike
and speaker for talking on the phone

An Elephant Ear tree
in his back yard

Experiments in photography

Float found on the beach was twice this long.
Been adding candles ever since.
Don't know why - peaceful, maybe

Made this lamp sculpture from scrap.
The mural is by a previous tenant

David Walden Young at
Hussong's, Ensenada, MX

The pretty girls ALWAYS zeroed in
on Dave, the attorney

The mens urinal at Hussong's

A loaner from Dave's court clerk

Horse riders on the beach

An Ensenada sunset

The Mexican Navy in Ensenada harbor

A Mexican soldier

Billboard for Congressman Lionel Van Deerlin
San Diego, CA

Newport Beach sunset
October, 1968

Foggy moon in a tree

A boulevard at night

Experiment in photography

A Willys Jeep towbar and headlight at night

An architectural cross on a chimney
Probably Laguna Beach, CA

Photography assignment
November, 1968

Experiments in photography
for his class at OCC

He ripped old fence boards to
make this sculpture

A dry pond on Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Canyon Road from above

His Willys Jeep in a
precarious postion

Willys Jeep tire on his house trailer roof vent

Hired to photograph Ernie's rock band
Orange County, CA

Van's 1st photo job.
Can't remember Ernie's last name

With Barbara
December, 1968

Portrait assignment

Dr Charles J Galbo and names forgotten
Group party in Van's home.

Sheila Goldes, Barbara and Hobbit. Need Names.

Flying east

Trains from NY to Princeton, NJ

Antique TriX camera shots

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman and dad Tom Blakeman
December 25, 1968

Bebe and Hannah Hall Blakeman

Erich and Leal Giebel

Hannah Blakeman

Elizabeth and Leal Giebel

Uncle Robert Bruce Davidson
reading Playboy

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman, Virginia Davidson Blakeman,
Hannah Hall Blakeman

Bebe, Virginia and Hannah Blakeman
opening Christmas gifts

A 95 Wilson Road Christmas
Princeton, NJ

Antique copper cauldron

The Nassau Christian Church
Princeton, NJ

Holder Hall
Princeton University

A neighbor's dog 'Bear' had jumped the fence
in September and impregnated Hobbit

Flying west. December 31, 1968

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