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Van's parting shot as Marines prepare
for Vietnam (that's not him)
>> I do need names <<

Good friend Joan helps Van
celebrate his discharge

New home
227 1/2 Agate Ave, Balboa Island, CA

Gille Flemier of France, visiting a neighbor.
A casual friend Van met on the island.

Good friends, Esther Wellington
David Walden Young

The Mark Davidson Trio
Corona Del Mar, CA

Hobbit the puppy

Van got Hobbit from his
previous landlady in Laguna

Elaine Blakely, classmate, pristine voice
.. Rub your belly and pat your head ..

She went on to sing professionally
with The Doodletown Pipers

Housemate Pierce Shannon

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
and Gille Flemier

Van's Opel Rekord and Shannon's Renault
in back of their home at ...

227 1/2 Agate Ave, Balboa Island, CA
May, 1966

The Huntington Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier

Carmen Del Valle


Don't recall her name

Flying east, July, 1967

Princeton, NJ

Sally Morey, Hannah Blakeman, Bob Carrick
and Hobbit

Sally Morey, Van and Hannah Blakeman,
Hobbit and Hannah's dog Prince

Antique copper cauldron

Downpour in Princeton

Stony Brook
July 1967

Virginia Blakeman's watercolor of
Melville, Montana's Porcupine Butte

A rusted vent under the front stoop
Well, why not?

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman
Trenton, NJ

Holder Hall, Princeton University

Princeton High School 1967

Princeton, NJ graveyard

Sally Morey

Cool jazz, maybe near Princeton

Hannah Blakeman and friend, with Hobbit
August, 1967

The Bourne Bridge

Sky over Cataumet, MA

Lawrence Island in the mist
Cataumet, MA

Squeteague Harbor

August, 1967

10 Squeteague Harbor Rd
Cataumet, MA

Cleo the Beagle

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

Erich and Elizabeth Leal Giebel,
Virginia Leal Blakeman Giebel,
Tom Blakeman in the garage

Erich Martin Giebel

Hobbit the dog

Leal and Elizabeth Giebel

Liz and Erich Giebel

Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Antique ship's navigation sextant

Leal and friend, Tom, Virginia,
Van and Hannah Blakeman

Antique chain lamp

The Grasslands in Cataumet

August 15, 1967


Imitating Grandfarfar

Grandfarfar, Tom Blakeman

The annual Cataumet Camp skit

That may be Liz Giebel on the left


??, and Debbie Laurie


Tappan Zee Bridge. New York.
August, 1967

One reason Van left NJ - (for Southern CA's smog??)
Actually he never really 'left'; he just went 'towards'
the CA sun, warmth, laid back ethos, etc.

The NJ Turnpike. New York - Newark stretch

Ginny and Tom Blakeman
Newark Airport

Flying west
August, 1967

The afterburn

Van's 1958 Plymouth Royal coupe
on Agate Ave. Balboa Island, CA

The pathway from Agate Ave to
Van's home in back

Home-made doors to keep Hobbit in
September, 1967

Van's back patio
Balboa Island, CA

Van's aquarium; an occasional
moment of peace

Robin, a lovely 'young' neighbor in love with
Van. He gently kept her at arms length.

Experimental photograpy
Balboa Island, CA

Van's candle sculpture; another
occasional moment of peace

Man fishing from the pier
August, 1967

Under the Balboa pier

Balboa Peninsula
Newport Beach, CA

Tihuana Hills

Vietnam protest group outside the
El Toro Marine Corps rifle range

An aspiring writer and his dog
Balboa Island, CA
September, 1967

Sending off a manuscript

A hallway inside Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, CA

October, 1967

New housemate
British transplant Carol Ashworth

A Dolphin fountain possibly in
Costa Mesa, CA

Smoke from Paseo Grande fire
hangs over Newport Beach

October 29, 1967

Fire in the Paseo Grande hills
Tustin, CA

Interesting sky somewhere in Orange County, CA
October 30, 1967

Mildred Hodgeman cleaning the place
in exchange for fixing her appliances


Clowning around on top of Mount San Jacinto
above Palm Springs, CA.
November, 1967

Van's Plymouth Royal
in the Laguna hills
Orange County, CA

Possibly near USMC El Toro
Irvine, CA

Possibly the San Juan Creek
along the Ortega Highway

Newport Beach, CA skyline at night

Virginia Blakeman overlooking
Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna seas

Van's favorite daily (come hell or high water)
swimming beach
(where he had almost drowned in rough seas)

Virginia Blakeman
Mission San Juan Capistrano


Loving girlfriend for awhile
Consuelo Wingard

About 25 years after Steinbeck
Cannery Row, CA

At Van's new home

His 'Youve got mail' contraption
240 E. 15th St

Costa Mesa, CA

Flying over Newport Harbor in CA
December 09, 1967

Visiting UCSC Santa Cruz
considering enrollment

Flying out of LAX
about December 20, 1967

The Delaware river between
Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA

The Battle Monument
Princeton, NJ

Diana Berrie and Van

Erich Martin Giebel clowning around

Van's uncle John Letchworth Church
Tom Blakeman's half-brother

Leal Giebel
Van's oldest sister

Tom Blakeman (center) and friends.
His mother, Charlotte Phillips Van Cleve Church
and Jody at the piano

Jody Kerssenbrock singing
Pianist's name unknown

Christmas stocking on Van's bureau
December 25, 1967

Virginia and Hannah Blakeman, Jody, Tom,
Phillis Blakeman Church and Bebe Blakeman

Opening Xmas stockings

Hannah Blakeman
The Christmas tree is off limits until after breakfast

Hannah, Virginia and Bebe Blakeman, Jody,
Tom and his mother Phillis

Gifts Van received

Bebe, Phillis Church, Tom, Jody,
Van and Hannah Blakeman

Snow in the back yard
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

Flying west
December 29, 1967

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