1964  To  1966

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Boot camp graduation parade

USMC, Parris Island, SC

June 11, 1964

US Marine Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
showing his folks the obstacle course

US Marine Van Blakeman
USMC, San Diego, CA   November, 1964

Marching to Communication-Electronics
Radio Relay classroom

Entering their school

This may be George Morris,
some have said "Van's twin"

Not sure who this is

George Babbage and Tom Collins

Their quonset huts - home

Quonset hut supply depot


Need his name

Radio Relay class-10-night-65

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After a "Junk on the Bunk"

November 10, 1964

Marsha Lynn Fink

The Marine Corps birthday
November 10, 1964

December, 1964

Marsha Lynn Fink Blakeman and
Van Blakeman, just married

William and May Fink
with daughter and son-in law

Winter Haven, CA
December 12, 1964

With her sister and brother-in-law

San Diego, CA

Flying east. December 20, 1964

With Virginia Leal Blakeman Giebel
Princeton, NJ.
December 24, 1964

2338 Moore St, San Diego, CA
Their first home


February, 1965


Graduated and transferred
Moving to El Toro

Unpacking in their new home

Keeping some things packed
in case he ships to Vietnam

566 Canyon Acres Dr
Laguna Beach, CA

Marsha Blakeman modeling

Los Angeles, CA

July, 1965

Marine air show, El Toro, CA

Radio relay field exercises
Camp Pendleton, CA

Flying east. June, 1966

Visiting folks at
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ


US Marine Van Blakeman
June, 1966

Flying out of New York

The engine died. He tried to rebuild it. Failed.
And then it got stoned to death

More field exercises
Camp Pendleton

227 1/2 Agate Ave, Balboa Island,
Newport Beach, CA after separation
from Marsha and then from the Marines

Flying east about December 20, 1966

Visiting the folks at Christmas
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

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