The Davidson Family Farm
Pre-1906 To 1945

Charles Parker & Anna Broadwell Davidson
built this farmhouse in 1906

Where and when did they obtain
this 425 acre estate?

Was it part of his parent's 700 acre farm?

Peter & Charlotte Davidson left their farm
and moved to Scranton in 1885

These fieldstone walls could have been built by
the entire family as they cleared the fields

Their root celler?

This tarpaper roofed structure was probably
built recently (as of 1971)

Could this have been the original home of
Peter & Charlotte Davidson and 7 kids?

Debra Hildebrand (Blakeman-to-be)
with some locals

Looking down on a neighbor in
Greenfield Township

Lackawanna County

Scranton, PA, 1971

According to an article found at the Lackawanna Historical Society, "Mrs. Davidson continued to live on the farm until her death and it was sold in 1945 to Adolphus Hohensee."
According to numerous newspaper articles, Adolphus Hohensee was a known and convicted quack in the medical field, as was his brother a fraud in the legal profession.

What exactly happened in 1945? Does anybody have those documents?

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