Clarks Summit gravestones
by Kerri Haack

Peter and Charlotte Davidson

Charles P and Anna B Davidson

Frank R and Belle Campbell Davidson

William Morice Davidson

George Bruce Davidson

John Marenes and Edwin Leon Davidson

Mary Emily Davidson

Charles Parker Davidson, Jr

Beatrice Davidson

Olive Sheldon Davidson

Robert Bruce Davidson

Charles Parker Davidson III

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Comments (2)

William Harold Davidson II(London)says...
Hi Blake. I am Betsy Archer's brother, born 10 Nov 1956 in Bryn Mawr, PA. She just sent me the link to your Davidson Genealogy web site. Very nice, thank you and also for the pictures of the farm on the other link. My Son is William H Davidson, born 06 Apr 1983, and his son is Adrian Miles Davidson, born Brooklyn 21 Jun 2017.
Van Blakeman(Joshua Tree)says...
Thank you William for that information. The Davidson genealogy page has been updated accordingly.

I have a few more pertinent questions:
When was your wife Germaine E [1957?] born and what was her full maiden name?
When were you married?

Is your son William Harold Davidson III?
What is his wife's full name and year of birth?
In what year were they married?

As you might notice on the web page, I have a few more questions regarding your aunts and uncles.

Perhaps you or Betsy could clarify the wrong and/or missing information.
I can list them in an email, if that is okay with you, and you can reply at your convenience.

Thank you, Van
Van Blakemansays...
Note that back on the "One Davidson Family" page and the Davidson Genealogy page, the Comment (aka: Add/Correct) buttons there will show you a great many comments, questions and answers already provided by a number of people. It is very interesting.

Of course you are welcome to leaveĀ  a comment or question right here on this very page - and I thank you.


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