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The icon on the right leads to an 1899 book about one branch of the Davidson clan. It is presented by The Internet Archive and The Allen County Public Library. It also offers a textual transcription which has been cleaned up and provided here to be browsed and searched for ancestral information.

Notes: 1. Our forefathers liked abbreviations, so use them in your searches: i.e.: for William, try Wm;   for Williams, try Wms;   for James, try Jas;   etc..
2. This is a verbatum copy of the OCR transcription. Discovered OCR mistakes have been corrected, but some dates may still be wrong. Verify by checking the book.
3. Anything added is enclosed in brackets: [], such as [b. on/aft YYYY] (if no b. date was given); the date the parents married, or best guess (for sorting in a spreadsheet).
4. If you find any errors or can provide additional info, please click the Comment button and do so. Thank you, Van Blakeman (s. of Virginia Davidson & Thomas Ledyard Blakeman).

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Henry Rutgers Remsen Coles
  [see 871. Mararet Miller Davidson]

Early in the sixteenth century (1520) the Clan McDarmid, or McDavid, was prominent in the Highlands of Scotland, and in 1560 the county of Dingwall, Scotland, was settled by the descendants of this Clan.   From this stock sprung Nicholas, son of Malcolm of Dingwall, the ancestor of this family in America.   Nicholas, b. about 1580, upon reaching manhood, early in the seventeenth century, found his way to Lynn, England, where he married, and had, among other children, a son, Nicholas, born in 1611, the emigrant who came to America about 1630 as the agent for Governor Craddock.

Nicholas Davison, Davidson, or Davisson, as in his will his name is spelled three different ways, m. Joan Hodges.


Daniel, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 8 April, 1639.
Sarah, b. 1647; m. 24 March, 1665, Joseph Lynde, or Linds, at Charlestown, Mass.

(Middlesex County B. & M. Book.)

Vol. I., p. 113, Dated 1656.         Mr. Nicholas Davison presented to the Court by the Troopers of the county and elected and chosen to be the Cornett of their Troop.

Nicholas Davison was inhabitant at Charlestown, Mass., in 1639; agent of Gov. Craddock. He went to Barbadoes and England in 1655; returned in Speedwell in 1656, age 45.

Attorney. – Attorney (1) of Rebecca Craddock alias Gloven, to exchange 500 acres in Watertown in 1647; (2) of Robert Nash, house in Boston, Mort. 1648. dis. : Witness, Eldridge; (3) of Francis Johnson, farm in Salem 1648; (4) of R. Saltonstall of Boston, house in Windsor, Conn., late of Francis Styles of Seabrook, in occupancy of Thomas Gilbert and John Bancroft, 1648. (Suffolk Records.)

Draft.– Payee of draft for 80£, 1651-2 at Barbadoes, Thomas Middleton and Robt. Arundel of London, drawers, on Henry Shrimpton and John Harwood of Boston.

Buys Goods. – With R. Russell buys of Capt. Paul White, goods at Pemaquid 150£, 1653, rec. 1657.

Attorney. – Attorney of R. Grover, 1654 (Salem deeds). Attorney of Capt. John Andreues of London A. 1657 (Salem deeds).

Bought Land at Charlestown. – (1) Bought of Clement Champien, house and four acres at Mystic Side 1647. Edward Mellowes and Richard Harrison, Witnesses. (2) Bought of Joseph Pain, land about Mystic ponds (bot. of E. Gibbons, Oct. 6, 1642) Robt. & Wm. Pain Witnesses, 1649, recorded 1664.

Entered Commons. – Entered seven commons 1656-7.
Sold to Thomas Adams house 1658 recorded 1661, claimed lands of Jos. Hills 1661-2. With F. Norton in name of town claimed land reserved to Squa Sachem for life at present possessed by F. Glieson, 1662.

The following are extracts from Massachusetts Bay records :

Massachusetts Bay Records, Vol. I.

"Edward Saunders being sick at Piscataqua, Nicholas Davison had till next court to bring him, March 5th, 1639.

"Mr. Nicholas Davison being bound in 10£ for the appearance of Edward Saunders forfeited his Recognisance, June 4th, 1639."

"Nicholas Davison for swearing an oath was ordered to pay 20s. which he consented to do."1639 – (as consequence, no doubt, of forfeiture declared). "On May 22, 1639, Mr. Matthew Craddock is freed of rates to the country for the year ensuing from this day in regard of his charge in building the bridge and the country is to finish at the charge of the "publike,"Mr. Davison and Lufler vt. Strague, to see it is done and bring in their bill of charges." At. Quarter Court June 2, 1640, “ Mr. Lynge and Mr. Davison are desired to examine the accounts between Mr. Joanes and Mr. Mayhewe."

"Nicho : Davison's bill of 200£ being delivered into the Court by ___ Sill was ordered to be kept by the Secretary,"at "A Perticular Court held Oct. 29, 1640."

"It was ordered, that Nicho. Davison should have his 200£; but . . . "Court June 2, 1641.

Massachusetts Bay Records, Vol. II.

"In answer to Mr. Dunster's petition regarding amount due to the College from the country a number of findings were made by the Court.

    1st.     Amt.     due     from     Eng.       Donors 133£

    2ndly.   "           "           "           "           the country 190£ 168.

    3rdly.    "           "           "           "           shortage on payments from country………………………. 56£.

    4ly.     We conceive it reasonable yt there should be 50£ taken out of ye 190£ 168. &. pd. to Mr. Davison accordg. as ye p'sident doth desire.

    5th …………………………. 6th…………………………

& lastly we conceive it very necessary yet such as studies phisick or chirugery may have the liberty to reade anatony & to anatomize once in four years some malefactor in case there be such as the court shall allow of."


Oct. 27, 1648. – In answer to the petition of Nico. Davison in the behalfe of Mrs. Cradocke for the repayving & Mayntayning of Misticke bridge by the Country, the sd. Mr. Davison being sent for the evidence he can give having been herd & examined with the records of the Generall Court it appears that though the Generall Court did engage for an exempt from rates for that yeare & finishing the same on theire owne charges which accordingly hath ben pformed; but it appears not that in the least the Generall Court did ingage to the repayving thereof the court being satisfied with the records doe order that the sd Misticke bridge henceforth shall not by the country any way be repayved & that the passage for Travillers shol be over the ford which is above the bridge. And further, for the preventing future charge about bridges & high ways it is ordered that all bridges & high ways in the limitts of the severall townships that now are or hereafter shall be by the severall townes in whose limitts such bridges & high wayes are by them made, repayved & mayntayned. By both.

Nov. 11, 1647. – Upon ye petition of Nico. Davison for ye 100£ due to Mrs. Glover it is ordered ye 100£ should be paid him and when it is paid assurance must be taken of Mr. Davison, of ye Colledge to ye Countryes use & Mr. Petrs to pay 50£ to ye Colledge.

May 10, 1648. – Mr. Davison is charged in statement of Cargo Ship Planter with freight 91£ 168.

Oct. 27, 1648. – Mr. Davison appears as a Witness in the matter of ye countrys liability to repair the 'Mistick' bridge which the court found the country not bound to do. See decree.

Oct. 19, 1649. – Following the courts finding of facts it was ordered " Mr. Samuell Mavericke, Mr. Nicholas Davison and Mr. Thomas Lobe are by the Court and by consent of the parties chosen and appointed Commissioners to regulate auditt and finally to determine accompts from the beginning of the world to this day betwinxt Mr. Sampson Lane and Mr. Richard Cutts, &c. &c. &c.

Oct. 15, 1650. – Nicholas Davison presented petition to the court praying the satisfaction of money long since paid out by Mrs. Cradock, The court found the money not paid for country but for individuals – refused.

May 6, 1657. – The above mentioned petition was renewed and a like answer returned.

May 27, 1652. – This Court having p'vsed a paper presented by severall gentlemen concerning the setting of trade and the well improvement thereof doth thankfully accept of theire paynes and good endevours therein & doe therefore thinke it meete to elect a counsell as is suggested to make a triall of what with God's blessing may be effected; to which end this court doth desire Mr. Nathaniel Duncan of Boston, Mr. Thomas Broughton, Mr. Nicholas Davison, Mr. Richard Ru88ell, Capt. Thomas Clarke & Capt. Thomas Savage to be the Councell to consider all sorts of trading and to consult about the best ways of improving the same and to meete together in some place in Boston or Charlestowne, where themselves shall appoyant & having agreed of such things as they conceive to be good & profitable for the advance of trading to p'sent the same to the next following session of the Generall Court to be approved of ye sd. Court se it good.

May 18, 1653. – On petition of Nicholas Davison authority was granted to any persons who would repair and maintain the Mystic bridge to charge toll of 1 c for each person & 6 c man and horse & 12 c carriage.

Will. – His will was dated March 26, 1655, proved July 11th, 1664. Devised one-third to wife and two-thirds to two children; in case of wife's decease, her share to his brother John, whereabouts unknown; to sister-in-law Mary (Hodges), wife of brother-in-law John Anderson; to two nephews, Em Rash and Jean Rash, abroad; to children of brother-in-law Jeremy of Linn, England. In default of wife and children, devised to town to maintain poor men's children and fatherless children at school. Witnesses, John Manning, Christopher Clarke, and John Dudley.

Inventory. – (1) Two houses; (2) dwelling house and wharf; (3) thirty acres in H. Herbert's hands, formerly Gibbons; (4) four commons; (5) three commons; (6) twenty-one hundred acres at Windsor, Conn. (7) House at Boston; (8) property at Pemaquid; (9) an old bark: total 1896£.

Partition of Property. – 1. To Widow, lot between warehouse and Jacob Green (bot. of Thomas Bridgen); lot between Jacob Green's house and the great rock; dwelling house &c. one half of great warehouse below T. Bridgen. 2. To Joseph Lynde, the upper lot, bd. by creek and Jones's land and land behind it and the highway between that Silson's house, so up to great rock; also the lot and house Gen. Bridgens and hay lot on Mystic side. 3. To D. Davison, lot behind John Jones' land between his own and Lynde's upper lot; and one-half of ground between D's house lot and J. Green's house (Lynde to have the other half next Green; Lynde to pay 40s.) D. to have four Commons; Lynde to pay D. for I/6 of warehouse 8£; D. to have one-third of wood lots. (Partition 1675, recorded 1678.)

Referees. – J. Ashbury; W. Bachelor, S. Bradstreet, and S. Sedgwick, Referees.

Deed to Daniel. – Daniel received Executor's deed to rights out of Charlestown, 1672.

Deed to Sarah. – Widow Joanna conveyed to Sarah Lynde one-half of 500 acres lande 1674 recorded 1678.

Essex Records.

(1) With J. Lynde conveyed to D. Anderson wharf, 1672, recorded 1682.

(2) With Joseph Lynde to John Jones, land and wharf, in front of land b'd on N. E. by wharf and highway (to run between wharf and rest of land), 106 and 13 broad; S. side of land next Daniel Davison from inside of highway 60; W. 108; N. W. side from inside of highway 50; three last sides bounded by J. L. and D. D., date 1673-4, recorded 1679.

(3) To J. Lynde two-thirds of 35 acres gift of father and purchase of mother 1675 recorded 1678-9.


(4) To Jacob Hurd land near house of D. b'd W. by highway between said land and T. Barber and D. D.; also between said land and J. Jones', E. by D. N. & S. forty feet; also land in Boston 1676-7 recorded, ______

(5) Sold S. Blancherd lot 1677.

(6) To. N. Carey, Marsh lot 1679.

(7) Granted four commons 1681.

(8) " 14 acres – se 2 pole way.

S. W. Joseph Lynde; N. W. Richard Sprague, Jacob Green; N. E. A. Ludkins, 1685.

(9) To John & Samuel Phillips, 6 acres swamp being four commons. South side of Mystic bridge, S. E. John Monsall; S. W. Capt. Wheeler; N. E. R. Lowden; N. W. S. Carter, 1682.

(10) To Theophilus Ivory, lot N. E. John Jones 66; S. E. D. D. and J. Hurd. 80: S. W. street N. W. J. Lynde.

(11) To E. Bromfield, house 1704.

(12) To J. Lynde, 14 acres pasture, 2d. div. in lieu of four commons between Charlestown & Mystic bridge 4th range; S. J. L.; W. John Cutler; N. E. Phillips 1705.

(13) To J. Lynde, one-half of wharf and deck 1707.

(14) To John Ashbury, 1712 (Essex Records).

1. Daniel, s. of Nicholas, b. 8 April 1639, m. Ipswich, Mass., 8 April, 1657, Margaret, dau. of Thomas and Susannah Low of Ipswich. Will dated 5 Dec., 1693.


  2. John, b. October, 1657; died 22 Nov., 1657.
  3. Margaret, b. at Ipswich, 24 Sept., 1658. Was living at the date of her grandfather Low's will, 1677.
  4. Sarah, b. Ipswich, 30 March, 1660; prob. m. ______ Safford.
  5. Daniel, [b. on/aft 1661], m. 28 June, 1685, Sarah Dodge
  6. William, [b. on/aft 1661], m. abt. 1692, Mary ______
  7. Peter, [b. on/aft 1661], m. 6 Jan., 1695, Ann Morgan
  8. Thomas, m. 18 Nov., 1695, Hannah Tracy; bap. 1 Oct., 1699.
  9. John, [b. on/aft 1661], Ipswich, Mass.
10. Bridget, [b. on/aft 1657]
11. Dorcas, [b. on/aft 1657]


5. Daniel, s. of Daniel & Margaret Low, m. 28 June, 1685, Sarah Dodge. She was living on 19 April, 1711. His will (Probate Records New London, Book A. p. 46), dated 25 June, 1706, Adm. of est. of Daniel Davison of Stonington, dec. to widow Sarah Davison and brother Peter Davison. Division of Est. 11 Jan., 1717. In 1706 age of the children was given as follows: Sarah, age 20; Mercy, age 18, died before 1717; Daniel, age 16; Josiah, age 14; Andrew, age 11; Hepsibah. age 6; Mary, age 3.


12. Sarah, b. 26 March, 1686.
13. Daniel, b. 23 March, 1690; m. prob. 1726, Sarah Plummer.
14. Andrew, b. 1695; m. 29 Jan., 1723-4, Rebecca Cheeseborough.
15. Josiah, b. 1692.
16. Mercy, b. 1688; d. before 1717.
17. Hepsibah, b. 1700.
18. Mary, b. 1703.
19. Mercy (?), [b. on/aft 1685]

6. William, s. Daniel & Margaret Low, b. at Ipswich, Mass. He married about 1692, Mary ____, settled at Ipswich and died Jany. 16, 1728, at the Hamlet ( Hamblett) Parish in that town. His name appears among the petitioners for a church at Ipswich in 1712; had been in habit of going to Wenham; "too far." Four children are recorded in the town records:


20. Mary, b. Sept. 23, 1693; probably m. John Hooker, or John Claflin, recorded Oct. 16, 1728.
21. Margaret, b. June 22, 1695; m. Geo. Holmes, July 10, 1719.
22. Lydia, b. Jan. 21, 1697; m. Pitman Howard, March 26, 1718.
23. Annie, b. July 16, 1703.
(Possibly other children.)


7. Peter, s. of Daniel & Margaret Low, carpenter, b. at Ipswich; m. some say Ann ____ of Preston, while others Ann

Cross, but who married Ann Morgan as seen from the following from Town Records of Preston, Vol. IV., p. 244, dated 8 July, 1726:

Dorothy Whittier of Preston, Joseph Perkins of Norwich, Martha Perkins of Norwich, Samuel Loomer (?), Anna Loomer ( ?), Annah Davison of Mansfield. Ebenezer Heberd of Windham, Margret Heberd of Windham.

All received full portion of estate of father Joseph Morgan of Preston, dec. and release brother Joseph Morgan from all right in estate, excepting only the lands which were set out to Peter Davison and Joseph Perkins and their wives. Anne Davison signed at Mansfield, 8 July, 1726.

From Preston Town Deeds, Vol. I., p. 207, dated 15 Aug., 1694: Thomas and Peter Davison and George Hawkins buys of Daniel Mason of Stonington for 30£, 300 acres laid out by Lieut. Jonathan Tracy in Pachogcedar Swamp, bounded by Lieut. Daniel Mason and Preston Town.

Same, Vol. III., p. 4, dated 15 June, 1704-5 : Peter Davison of Preston buys of Caleb Forbes of Preston, 110 acres S. side Rowantock bounded by Hugh Amas, Caleb Forbes, Isaac Morgan, Thomas and Jonathan Tracy.

From Preston Town Rec. : " The marriage of Peeter Davison with Ann his wife was in Preston 6 January, 1695-6."

Norwich Deeds, Vol. I., p. 186, dated 5 July, 1705: Peter Davison of Norwich, carpenter, buys of Samuel Bliss of Norwich, for 21£ 100 acres in the Crotch of the River Oueneabauge and Shontuckett, bounded by ensign Thomas Leffingwell.

Vol. I., p. 371 : Peter Davison of Preston sells to Samuel Parke of P. T. whole share Town Commonage, 20 July, 1704.

Preston Town Deeds, Vol. II., p. 94, dated 10 June, 1706: Peter Davison of Norwich for £47 sells to Ezekiel Parker of Preston 110 acres in Preston South side of Knnontack Brook, bounded by Hugh Amos, Caleb Forbes, Isaac Morgan.


24. Daniel, b. 3 March, 1697.
25. Dorothy, b. 6 Jan., 1700; bap. Preston, 2 Feb., 1700.
26. Joseph, b. 20 Jan., 1703; bap. Preston, 21 Feb., 1703.
27. William, b. 15 March, 1705; bap. Preston, 22 April, 1705.
28. Peter, b. 9 Aug., 1709, invalid son; bap. Preston, 11 Sept., 1709.

From Conn. Col. Rec, Vol, VII., p. 57, dated 14 July, 1726: Petition of Ann Davison, widow of Peter Davison, and Daniel Davison, to the assembly, that Peter Davison, an idiot son of Peter Davison, is in a perishing condition at Mansfield and that Ann Davison could not afford to support him (a doubt as to place of last legal settlement), and Daniel Davison was authorized to care for him till next Assembly. P. 71. Daniel Davison demands pay for the support of Peter, the idiot, and the assembly orders Peter to be taken to Norwich, where he was born, and left with selectmen and cared for, 1726.

29. Paul, b. 5 April, 1711.
30. Ann, b. 25 April, 1714.
31. Deborah, b. 27 Dec., 1717; prob. m. 2 July, 1746, Samuel Webb of Windham.

8. Thomas, s. of Daniel & Margaret Low, m. 18 Nov., 1695, Hannah Tracy, b. at Norwich, Ct., 8 July, 1697. From Preston Ch. Rec, : Thomas Davidson renewed covenant 25 Dec., 1698.

From Preston Town Rec, Vol. IV., p. 259, dated 18 Oct., 1726: Hannah Davison, widow of Thomas Davison, of Preston, dec. for 15£ sells to Jonathan Tracy land Preston Ch. He married Nov. 8, 1695, Hannah Tracy, eldest daughter of Jonathan Tracy and Mary Griswold of the latter place, and afterwards of Preston. This Mary Griswold, b. 8/26, 1656, at Saybrook, Conn., was second daughter of Lieut. Francis Griswold, one of the original proprietors of Norwich. He and his four brothers, Matthew Griswold, who settled at Lyme; Thomas Griswold, who remained in England; George Griswold, who settled in Simsbury; and Edward Griswold, who settled at Killingsworth, Conn., were born in England, and were sons of Edward Griswold of Kenilworth in Warwickshire. Lieut. Francis Griswold settled at Saybrook, where his four eldest children were born, and removed to Norwich in 1660, where he died Oct., 1661, and where his five youngest children were born.

Thomas Davison and wife settled at Preston, where he owned extensive lands, and where, during a period of several years, he held, at various times, nearly every office in the gift of his townsmen. He died Dec. 2, 1724. The time of his wife's death is unknown.


32. Jonathan, bap. at Preston, 25 Dec., 1698.
33. Thomas, bap. at Preston, 7 March, 1703.
34. John, bap. at Preston, 10 July, 1709.
35. Hannah, bap. at Preston, 13 April, 1712; prob. m. Jedediah Williams.
36. Samuel, bap. at Preston, 16 Oct., 1716.
37. Margaret, bap. at Preston, 8 March, 1699; unmarried; d. 31 Aug., 1727.
38. Christopher, bap. at Preston, 23 May, 1705(?).

9. John, s. of Daniel and Margaret Low, of Ipswich, d. Nov. 1735 (Will dated 2 Oct., 1732; son John Jr., Executor), willed to son John real estate and personal property, with instructions to pay unto other children, viz.: Ebenezer, £60 in five years; Hobakuk, £60 as soon as of age; Martha Conant, £5; Mary Clofton, £5. (Probate Papers of Salem Mass.)


39. John, [b. on/aft 1714], m. 10 April, 1734, Hannah Sofferd; d. 1777.
40. Ebenezer, [b. on/aft 1702], m. Sarah _____.
41. Hobakuk, bap. Ipswich. 7 Aug., 1715.
42. Martha, [b. on/aft 1702], m. 24 Jan., 1720-1, Benj. Conant.
43. Mary, [b. on/aft 1708], m. at Ipswich, 16 Oct., 1728, Joshua Claflin.


13. Daniel, s. of Daniel & Sarah Dodge, b. 23 March, 1690; m. (prob. 1726) Elizabeth Plummer; d. 1745.

From Stonington Deeds, Vol. II., p. 463. 19 April, 1711 Daniel Davison, eldest son of Daniel of Stonington, deceased, sells for 30£ to John Meech of Preston land in Stonington, part of father's land north end bounded by John Parks, Thomas Parks, Goodman Lamb, " my mother living."

Stonington Deeds, Vol. 2, p. 357, dated 6 Jan., 1701-2: Daniel Davison of Ipsedg of the Mass. Colony for 20£ silver buys a hundred acres of land in Stonington of Samuel Parks of Preston, bounded by Thomas Parks, Jr. and Capt. Denison, John Parke. Witnesses Thomas Davison, Ezekiel Parke and Dorothy Parke.


44. William, bap. 13 Aug., 1727.
45. Daniel, bap. 5 Oct., 1729.
46. Mary, bap. 6 Feb., 1731-2.
47. John, bap. May, 1735.
48. Thomas, bap. 16 May, 1736.
49. Margaret, bap. 21 May, 1738.
50. Abigail, bap. 9 Aug., 1741.
(All born at Ipswich, Mass.)

14. Andrew, s. of Daniel & Sarah Dodge, m. at Stonington, 29 Jan., 1723-4, Rebecca dau. of Elisha & Rebecca (Mason) Cheeseborough; d. 1727. From Town Rec. Stonington.

From Stonington Rec, Vol. III., p.333, dated 30 March, 1720: Andrew Davison of Stonington, for 28£ 10s. sells to Peter Yarrington of Stonington land bounded by my brother Josiah as divided and set out by Court of Probate, father deceased.


51. Rebecca, 20 Aug., 1734.
(May have had other children.)

15. Josiah, s. of Daniel & Sarah Dodge. From Stonington Deeds, Vol. III., p. 130, dated April, 1715: Josiah Davison of Southhold L. I. yeoman, for 20£ sells to John Starkweather of Stonington, 40 acres in Stonington, southeast corner of the piece my brother Daniel sold to John Meech of Preston to dividing line between me and my youngest brother as set out by Court of Probate, father now deceased.


(He may have had children, but have been unable to find any record. – Compiler.)

The following taken from Salmon Rec. of Southhold, L. I., at the Albany State Library: Died 5 Nov. 1751, Henry Davison of Southold, L. I.

24. Daniel, s. of Peter and Ann Morgan, b. 3 March 1697, m. 7 March, 1721, Martha Babcock.


52. Daniel, b. 31 Nov., 1721.
53. Peter, b. 30 Jan., 1723-4; (Mansfield Town Rec).
54. Paul, b. 30 May, 1727.
55. Mary, b. May, 1732.
(Have no record of descendants.)

26. Joseph, s. Peter and Ann Morgan; b. 20 Jan., 1703; d. 21 July, 1757. Buried in old burying ground, Brooklyn, Ct, m. 21 Feb. 1729 Mary Warren, or Warner, b. 1709. d. 4/17/1777, buried in Brooklyn, Ct. and settled at Pomfret. See Pomfret Ct. Ch. Rec.

The early records of the Society of Mortlake and of the township of Brooklyn show that Joseph was prominent in its ecclesiastical and secular affairs. He was a member of the committee chosen to secure the incorporation of the township. In 1756 "Dea Davison" was a member of a committee of five to hear complaints and apply the discipline of the church and this committee was soon called to sit in judgment upon one of their own numbers who was charged with drinking to excess in the house of "Captain Putnam," the "old Put" of Bunker Hill and of the Revolution.
(This offender was probably Major Holland.")

Joseph Davison was one of the organizers of the First Church of Brooklyn (then called Mortlake) in 1734. of which he was one of its first deacons. He came from the church at Pomfret, nine miles north of the present town of Brooklyn on a tract of 1200 acres of land which he and Stephen Williams and Joseph Holland purchased in Mortlake in the year A.D. 1725.

The following extract is taken from a letter written in 1886 by E. H. Davison, one competent to speak of what he declares, and is an estimate that needs little variation to be applicable to the several collateral branches during the same generations :

From the early records of the Mortlake Society, it appears that Joseph Davison, when a young man (about 20 years of age), purchased the tract of land and made his home there, as has already appeared, and from that time to this his descendants, in direct line, have been identified with that society; and his bones, with those of his family and of his descendants for five generations, now rest in the quiet, pleasant town of Brooklyn, Conn., and my father, brother, and myself own burial plots adjoining our grandfather's.

I am proud to say that no descendant of Joseph Davison was ever accused of any misdemeanor, and without exception all have been industrious, respectable, and thrifty people.

Joseph was a God-fearing man and was a deacon in the First Church in Brooklyn, and 1 believe it to be a fact that every one of his descendants, male and female, in the line of Peter, his youngest son, have become members of the Church of Christ in their early life; and from what 1 know of the descendants of the older son, Joseph, 1 believe their record would confirm a similar statement with regard to them.

(1886) E. H. Davison.

Note. – He does not mean to omit reference to other brothers, except on account of want of acquaintance.

Joseph Davison.

The following is a copy of the inscriptions on the tombstones in the old burial ground south of Brooklyn Village, obtained from E. H. Davison of New Britain, Conn.


The stones are of common trap rock, but are in a good state of preservation :

In Memory Of
Deacon Joseph Davison

who died July ye 21 1757 in
ye 54th year of his age.      BR>
And though I sleep here      BR>   d.
under groun                  BR> Yet shall wake at ye trumpet

In Memory Of
Mrs. Mary Davis

late widow to Dea. Joseph
Davison who died April ye  BR> 17th                            
in ye 67th year of her age.

" In lettering the stones there was not room for the 'd' of 'ground' and the 'on' of 'Davison', so they were placed above the line as in the above copy."


56. Joseph, b. 26 Dec., 1730; m. 5 Jan., 1757, Lydia Goodell.
57. Lois, b. 25 Feb., 1732; d. 29 Dec., 1815; m. 30 Sept., 1762, Stephen Walker of Killingly. Received into church 11 September, 1757.
58. John, b. 1 Nov., 1734; m. 6 Jan., 1757, Mehitabel Sabin.
59. Ebenezer, bap. 29 April, 1737. Record of bap. Brooklyn, Ct., by Rev. Ephraim Avery; d. 12 Nov., 1760.
60. Peter, bap. 15 May, 1739, by Rev. Ephraim Avery; m. 28 April, 1768, Abigail Woodward.
61. Mary, bap. 27 Sept., 1741, by Rev. Ephraim Avery; prob. m. 6 Oct., 1764, Thomas Pellet.
62. Phinehas, bap. 27 Feb., 1743, by Rev. Ephraim Avery.
63. Elizabeth, b. 4 April, 1746; bap. by Rev. Ephraim Avery, 11 April, 1746.
64. Daniel, b. 14 June, 1748; d. Jan., 1803; m. 20 Nov., 1777, Catherine Davies.
65. Dorothy, b. 13 Oct., 1750, bap. by Rev. Ephraim Avery; m. 11 Dec., 1770, Thomas Dike.
66. Paul, b. 12 May, 1752; m. 6 Nov., 1775, Sarah Hyde.
(See Records of Brooklyn, Ct.)


27. Captain William, s. of Peter and Ann Morgan, of Norwich, Conn., b. 15 March, 1705; m. at Pomfrct, Ct., Aug. 13, 1735, Mary Cady ( dau. of Jonathan & Hannah), b. 14 Oct., 1718, and settled there. Mary and Joanna were twins, b. 14 Oct., 1718 (see Canterbury Rec). Mary m. William Davison (see Pomfret Rec); Joanna m. 9 March, 1738, Seth Sabin ( Pomfret Rec).
Seth Sabin & William Davison of Pomfret sell to Nathan Cady land in 1746. He and his wife were received into full communion at Brooklyn church Oct. 5, 1746. Five children are recorded to them at Pomfret, and they are known to have had seven from records of baptisms.


67. William, b. Aug 9, 1737.
68. Barzillai, b. Jan. 28, 1740; d. 23 May, 1828.
69. Oliver, b. 17 May, 1742.
70. Alpheus, b. May 17, 1746.
71. Lucy, b. April 6, 1751; bap. Aug. 11, 1751.
72. Mary, b. 1 April, 1744; baptized.
73. Frederick, bap. 11 Aug., 1751.

William, Barzillai, Alpheus, Oliver, and Mary were baptized at Brooklyn, March 29, 1747. On the same occasion a daughter of " Israel Putnam " named Elizabeth was baptized.

From Norwich Deeds, Vol. I., p. 186, dated 5 July, 1747 : Thomas Gilbert of Berkeley, Co. of Bristol, for £1900 sells to William Davison of Norwich land in Cove 45 rods at landing place.

Vol. IX., p. 417, dated 1748: William Davison of Norwich sells for £100 to Uriah Hosmer Jr. and Joseph Mayler of Norwich, land head of Cove bounded by Captain Bushnell.
Vol. XV., p. 441, dated 1761 : William Davison of Norwich sells to Oliver and Alpheus Davison of Norwich land in Chelsea Parish in Norwich, 13 acres bounded by Uriah Hosmer, dec.
Vol. XXL, p. 189 : Oliver Davison of Norwich sells to brother Alpheus Davison of Norwich land east side brook in Chelsea in Norwich where my father Mr. William Davison now lives, Nov. 1777.

Norwich Probate Rec, Vol. VIII, p. 44: Inv. of estate of William Davison of Norwich, 6 Feb., 1792, no names given.

29. Paul, s. Paul & Ann Morgan, b. 5 April, 1711: d. Newton, N. J., 20 Aug., 1751; m. Aug. 30, 1733, Abiol Phelps, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah Phelps, by whom he had three children, probably born at Mansfield, Conn. He married May 7, 1747, Deborah Wright, and had by her two children, of whom Ebenezer Wright was appointed guardian at his death.

Children by First Marriage.

74. Oliver, b. June 17, 1734; m. 7 Feb., 1754, Eunice Spaulding.
75. Dan, b. Oct. 2, 1736; m. 6 Jan., 1763, Martha Goodell ( Pomfret Ch. Rec).
76. Phinehas, b. July 13, 1740 (Town Rec., Mansfield).

Children by Second Marriage.

77. Abiol, b. March 2, 1748 (probably gave name after first wife).
78. Deborah, b. May 17, 1750.
(See Pomfret & Mansfield Town Rec.)

Deborah, the second wife of Paul Davison, m. 16 Jan., 1753, Aaron Younglove.

32. Jonathan of Preston and Norwich, s. of Thomas and Hannah Tracy. Bap. at Preston, Ct., 25 Dec., 1698 : m. Keziah Parke, dau. of Robert and Mary (?) Parke. From Preston Ch. Rec.


79. Jonathan, [b. on/aft 1716], m. Hannah Billings
80. Keziah, [b. on/aft 1716], m. 6 Nov., 1738, David Randall
81. Mary, [b. on/aft 1716]
82. Hannah, [b. on/aft 1716], m. 3 Jan., 1764, Joseph Witter
83. Margaret (or Margery or Margeen), [b. on/aft 1716], m. 2 June, 1758, Christopher Brumbly
84. Cypron, [b. on/aft 1716], m. Rebecca Allen or Allian [or Allien] ; [also note spelling at parental entry on p.37: "84. Cyperian, s. of Jonathan and Keziah Parke"]
85. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1716], shot by a French spy
86. Thomas, b. at Preston, 18 Nov., 1725.
87. Mary Ann (?), [b. on/aft 1716]
88. Hezakiah, [b. on/aft 1716]


Norwich Probate Rec, Vol., 1, p.254, Jan. 23, 1753 : Will of Jonathan Davison of Preston, wife Keziah, children : Jonathan, Keziah, Mary, Hannah, Margrey (minor), Cypron (minor), Samuel (minor), Thomas.

Preston Town Rec, Vol. IV., p.435, dated 4 Oct., 1728: Jonathan Davison of Preston sells to brother-in-law Hezekiah Parke of Preston, land laid out to Robert Parke of Preston, dec. Keziah Davison, now wife of Jonathan Davison one of the daughters of Robert Parke. Vol. V., p. 276, dated 6 June, 1743 • Jonathan and Keziah Davison, wife, of Preston, sells to Hezikiah Parke land of mother Mary Parke who bought of Thomas Parke, father Robert Parke.

33. Thomas, settled at Pomfret, Ct. s. of Thomas & Hannah Tracy. Bap. 7 March, 1703; d. about 1750 or 51; m. 31 Aug., 1726, Lydia, dau. of Stephen Herrick of Beverly, Mass. Preston Ch. Rec.


89. Andrew, b. 17 June, 1727; d. 15 Feb., 1784; m. Eunice Kimball.
90. Zepheniah, b. at Preston, 5 March, 1729.
91. Christopher, b. 15 April, 1731; d. 29 April, 1731.
92. Christopher, b. 15 April, 1732.
93. Daniel, b. 4 June, 1734. Norwich Probate Rec: Thomas Davison, dec. 1750-1; Daniel Davison, s. of the above, a minor, chooses brother Andrew of Preston guardian.
94. Asa, b. 1 Sept., 1736; d. at Grafton, 29 Jan., 1831.
95. Lydia, b. 1 Jan., 1739.
96. Elizabeth, b. 1 April, 1749.
(Two children died in infancy.)

34. John, s. of Thomas & Hannah Tracy. Bap. 10 July, 1709. Preston Church Records. M. 5 Feb., 1736, Elizabeth Babcock. Preston Town Rec.


97. Elizabeth, bap. 22 Jan., 1737.
98. John, bap. 22 April, 1739.
99. a son, bap. 9 Nov., 1740.
100. Christopher, b. 25 Sept., 1740, went with his nephews to New Brunswick about 1760. From North Stonington, New London Rec.


36. Samuel, s. of Thomas and Hannah Tracy. Bap. 16 Oct., 1716. Preston Ch. Rec. Was living at Preston, date of Roger Billings' deed to him 10 July, 1739, recorded in records of that town. Vol. V., p. 70, dated 1737-8. Samuel Davison sells to Thomas Davison of Preston land Preston bounded by Abial Benjamin & Benjamin & Jonathan Davison.

39. John,' s. of John,' m. 1st, 10 April, 1734, Hannah Sofferd; m. 2d, 2 May, 1739, Eliz. Coburn.

Children by First Marriage.

101. Hannah, b. 26 Jan., 1734-5.
102. John, bap. 23 Jan., 1736-7.

By Second Marriage.

103. Samuel, b. 25 Jan., 1739-40.
104. Jeddiah, b. 27 Jan., 1741-2.
105. Hannah, b. 11 May, 1746.

40. Ebenezer, s. of John, b. at Ipswich; m. Sarah _____, settled at Dudley.


106. Sarah, b. Jan. 1, 1736-7, at Dudley.
107. John, b. at Dudley, Dec. 3, 1738.
108. Abigail, [b. on/aft 1736], m. John Whitmore, Sept. 8, 1762
109. Mary, b. Jan. 26, 1739.
110. Mehitable, [b. on/aft 1736], m. Stephen Carter, May 4, 1762
111. Ebenezer, b. July 8, 1742.

41. Hobakuk, of Dudley, Mass., b. Ipswich, 7 Aug., 1715; m. (Thompson Ch. Rec.) 2 Feb., 1764, Eliz. Merrill. May have had children.


56. Joseph, s. of Joseph & Mary Warner, b. 26 Dec., 1730; m. Jan. 5, 1757, Lydia Goodell (b. April 7, 1736; d. March 5, 1822), and settled at Pomfret, where seven children were born. He died Aug. 31, 1808. The village church records of Brooklyn, Ct., mention the employment, 1766, of Joseph' to repair the church, from which I conclude he was a joiner by trade.


112. Joseph, b. 3 Sept., 1757; d. 24 Feb., 1841; m. 21 Nov., 1784, Lydia Clark.
113. Lydia, b. July 16, 1760; m. Jan. 30, 1780, Daniel Clark and had 8 children. In 1843 she had living 2 children, 28 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren; she d. Sept. 27, 1848.
114. Aaron, b. Oct. 8, 1764; d. Jan., 1846.
115. Lucy. bap. April 16, 1767; d. 25 Oct., 1789; buried, Cem. Brooklyn.
116. Mehitable. bap. May 2, 1796; d. Feb., 1842. Lived at "old place" was long helpless from rheumatism; admitted ch. 4/15, 1807.
117. John, b. 21 April, 1772; bap. April 26, 1772; d. Dec., 1857 or 8.
118. Samuel, b. July 27, 1774; bap. July 31, 1774; d. Oct. 13, 1861, aged 87.

58. John, s. of Joseph & Mary Warner, b. 1 Nov., 1734; married Jan. 6, 1757, Mehitable, dau. of William & Susannah (Chandler) Sabin ( Pomfret Ch. Rec.), by whom he had three children, probably at Ashford, and afterward settled at Morrison, Mass., where others were born. He moved shortly before his death to Otsego, N. Y., the home of one or more of his sons. One Newton, a descendant by a daughter, lived on old housestead at Morrison in 1887. He died Dec. 29, 1815, and was buried at Hardwick, N. Y. Admitted to Ch. John & Mehitable, 19 March, 1758 ( Pomfret Ch. Rec). His wife was schoolmate of Israel Putnam, whose daring she delighted to relate when she was ninety years of age. Hist. Windham, Ct., Vol. II., p. 1, Dec., 1760: William Sabin, John Davison, and others were the horse-branders of the town of Pomfret.


119. Nathan, b. (Preston Town Rec.) 4 Nov., 1757; bap. Pomfret. 19 March, 1758.
120. Susanna, b. 22 Sept., 1759; bap. Pomfret, 30 Sept., 1759; m. Stephen Newton.
121. Ebenezer, b. 10 Oct., 1761.
122. John, b. 30 April, 1763;       [parent entry p.48: "b. April 30, 1764; d. July 20, 1838"].
123. Polly, or Mary, m. _____ Stevens, [b. on/aft 1758]
124. Nancy, m. _____ Bachelor, [b. on/aft 1758]
(See Sabin Genealogy, in New York Historical Society.)


Inscriptions taken from tombstone over John Davison's grave at Hardwick, N. Y. :

Mr. John Davison, died Dec 29th, 1815, 82 years old.
Now be administered by a friend
The longest life must have an end.
View this my grave. Alas ! how frail a spot of earth is now my all.

Over his wife's grave :

Mrs. Mehitable Davison died Feb. 28th, 1829 in the
94th year of her age.

60. Peter, b. 15 May, 1739 (Joseph & Mary Warner), married (Canterbury Town Rec.) April 28, 1768, Abigail Woodward (b. April 4, 1743; d. March 28, 1791), daughter of Deacon Thomas Woodward. He died May 4, 1800 (old style) and was buried on what was then his farm in west part of Brooklyn, Conn. He was a captain in the Revolutionary War. E. H. Davison says he has the commission signed by Jonathan Trumbull in 1776 as Colonel Governor of Conn. He and his wife were admitted to Brooklyn Church Dec. 9, 1770.

Capt. Peter m. 2nd, 6 Nov., 1791, Mrs. Susannah Weaver.

The following is a copy of the inscriptions from the tombstones in the family burial lot of Peter Davison, which is located in the west part of Brooklyn, Ct., on what was then his farm, known as " Ram's Head." In this little burial ground, which is enclosed by a substantial stone wall, are several other graves.

In Memory Of

Mr. Peter Davison

who died May 29, 1800, aged
  61 years.

On the dear bosom of his God
    the dying saint relies;
There lays his feeble flesh
    to rest & every care resigns.

In Memory of

Mrs. Abigail Davison.

wife of Mr. Peter Davison who
died March 28, 1791, in her
48th year.

Children by First Marriage.

125. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 17, 1769; d. March, 1800. Probate Rec, Plainfield, p. 706 : Peter D., guardian to Diadema D., dau. Ebenezer D., she of Springfield, age 6.
126. Ephraim, b. Dec. 5, 1772; d. Dec., 1832.
127. Peter, b. June 23, 1775; d. July 4, 1847. Tailor, unmarried. Brooklyn Probate Rec, Vol. II., p. 72, will of Peter Davison, proved 12 July, 1847. To Betsey Weaver, sister Abigail Davison, to brothers & sisters now living, half sister Betsey Weaver, Geo. Martin, ex. Septimus Davison, appraiser.
128. Huldah, b. April 9, 1778; d. April, 1863; married a Griggs.
129. Beriol, b. July 12, 1780; d. Oct. 24, 1853.
130. Luther, b. May 28, 1783; d. Dec., 1784.
131. Alpheus, b. May 20, 1786; d. Oct. 18, 1866. Was a physician at Monson, Me., where his children now reside.

Child by Second Marriage.

132. Abigail, b. 27 Dec., 1795; d. 18 Feb., 1874.
(Probate Rec. Book IV.)

62. Phinehas, b. 27 March, 1743 (Deacon Joseph and Mary Warner); m. Dec. 21, 1775, Martha Gary, and had 6 children; born at Pomfret. Phinehas is said to have been a man of considerable literary attainments.


133. Elizabeth, bap. 30 Oct., 1776.
134. Patty, bap. 15 Oct., 1778.
135. Phinehas, b. 26 June, 1781.
136. Polly, b. 21 Oct., 1783.
137. Sally, b. 28 Sept., 1786.
138. Lucy, b. 7 April, 1790.
(Brooklyn Ct. Record of Baptisms.)

Phinehas and Martha admitted to full communion 25 Aug., 1766. Brooklyn Ct. Ch. Rec.


64. Daniel, nail maker and farmer (Joseph and Mary Warner); b. June 14th, 1748, at Mortlake, Ct., m. 20 Nov., 1777, Catherine Davis of Oxford, Mass. (see Davis Genealogy, pp. 50 and 141 (b. Oxford, Mass., March 12, 1748; d at Brooklyn, Ct., Dec. 9, 1807), and settled at Brooklyn, Ct., where he engaged in farming and blacksmithing, or "nail making" as one authority gives it. To them were born eight children. (Chloe P. Davison writes that his prayer was that his descendants might serve God as long as the grass grew or the rivers ran, which he thinks has been generally fulfilled to the present.) He seems, like his fathers, to have been a man of pious and upright character and to have made an effort to perpetuate his principles. He died in January, 1830.


139. Hezekiel, b. Dec. 25, 1778; bap. Aug. 20, 1780; d. Jan. 30, 1799. at sea (seaman); no issue.
140. Tamar, b. June 13, 1780; bap. Aug. 20, 1780; d. Sept. 11, 1782.
141. Ziphia, b. Dec. 3, 1781; bap, Dec. 9, 1781; d. Jan. 10, 1866; m. Dec. 4, 1809, Wm. Terry (b. –; d., 8/9, 1847), of Putnam, Ct., where they settled and died. He was a farmer. They had two daughters. (See Harris Family) [in Appendix].
142. Daniel, b. Jan. 15, 1784; bap. 18 Jan., 1784; d. Dec. 10, 1838; unmarried.
143. Mary, or Polly, b. Sept. 17, 1785; d. March 26, 1829; m. Nov. 18, 1812, John Howe (b. 4/30, 1783; d. 4/17, 1867) of Pomfret, and afterward at Stamford, Stofferd, and Canterbury, Ct. He was a farmer by occupation.

1. Catherine D., b. Nov. 3, 1813, at Pomfret; m. Dec. 30, 1832, Ezra Kergwin, a farmer. Settled at Griswold, Ct.
2. Mary M., b. April, 22, 1815, at Stamford; m. March 24, 1840, Elias Burdick; settled at Griswold, Ct.
3. John Cotton, b. Jan. 15, 1817, at Stafford, Ct. (farmer); m. Lodemia Smith and settled at Mansfield.
4. Daniel, b. Jan. 8, 1819, at Stofferd; m. 3/29, 1847, Mary A. Phillips; settled on farm at Canterbury, Ct.
5. Frederick S. Howe, b. Aug. 9, 1821, at Canterbury; m. Aug. 31, 1845, at Brooklyn, Lydia A. Mason.
6. Olive W., b. March 9, 1824, at Canterbury; m. March 4, 1851, Geo. Rainsford and settled at Canterbury.

John Howe married for second wife Melinda Davison, youngest sister of his first wife [Mary, or Polly], but this union produced no issue.

144. Hannah, b. June 23, 1787; bap. July 1, 1787; d. Nov. 6, 1862. She joined the Enfield Shakers, with whom she lived.
145. Rufus, b. Jan. 29, 1789 (at Brooklyn. Ct.); bap. July 3, 1791; d. April, 10, 1862, at Putnam, Ct.
146. Joel, b. Nov. 13, 1790, at Brooklyn, Ct.; bap. July 3, 1791; d. Oct. 8, 1851, at Danielsonville, Ct.
147. Melinda, b. March 30, 1793, at Brooklyn; bap. May 5, 1793; d. Dec. 8, 1872. She married John Howe, her sister Mary's husband.


66. Paul (Brooklyn Ct. Rec. bap. 12 May, 1752) (Joseph & Mary Warner), m. Sarah Hyde, 6 Nov. 1775 by Rev. Josiah Whitney. He was admitted to Brooklyn Church the same day his first child was baptized. This child's birth is recorded at Pomfret. The baptisms of three children are recorded at Brooklyn, Ct.


148. "Nabby" ( Pomfret Town Rec.) b. June 4, 1777; bap. June 15, 1777, Brooklyn, Ct.
149. Albigeuse (son) b. ____; bap. Aug. 22, 1779.
150. Huldah, b. 12 Jan., 1778.
151. Paul, b. 30 Sept., 1780.
It is generally said that Paul, Sr., was a man of considerable literary taste, and possibly ability, of which I have no knowledge. It is said that John Palmer of Brooklyn has a book of his poems.

67. William, s. of William and Mary Cady, b. 9 Aug., 1737; bap. 29 March, 1747; m. Hannah ______.


152. Sally, [b. on/aft 1793].
153. Gurdon, bap. private, 22 May, 1793. Capt. Erastus Davison, guardian.
154. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1793]
155. Nathaniel, [b. on/aft 1793]
156. William, [b. on/aft 1793]
157. Mariah, [b. on/aft 1793]

Norwich Land Rec. Vol. XXXIV. p. 212, dated Nov. 1804: Benjamin Snow and Hannah Davison, adm. to estate of Capt. William Davison of Norwich dec. and guardian to Sally, Lydia, Nathaniel, William, Mariah, and Gurdon Davison, children of William, dec. sell to Barzillai Davison of Norwich land and dwelling in Chelsea, adjoining 2nd and 3rd St.


Norwich Land Rec. Vol. XLIV, p. 336, dated 29 March 1834: William Davison of Windham and Gurdon Davison of New York City, brothers and joint heirs (as is supposed) in common with our sister Ann Maria Spaulding, to the one-fourth part of sundry lots of land and houses originally belonging to our grandfather the late Mr. Barzillai Davison, dec. (in part) and to our Uncle the late Capt. Erastus Davison, dec. which by the late death of Nancy Davison ( dau. of the sd. Erastus Davison and only heir) reverts back to the Davison family, which is situated in the city and town of Norwich &c. for $200 quitclaim to Simeon Hubbard of Norwich, all rights in the old mansion and lot of Barzillai Davison Sr. situate betw. Kinney's Hotel and the mansion house of Judge Lanman– shares in proprietors school house and two houses and land near Davison's mill– the brick house built by Barzillai Davison the younger and lately improved by his family, and all other lands.

Witness: Walter Lester, Jos. Williams, John H. Wyman, Jas. Van Tassel.

68. Barzillai, s. of William & Mary Cady; b. Jan. 28. 1740; m. Hannah or Margaret Morse; sea captain in the East India service; confirmed by Bishop Seabury at Christ Church, Norwich, Ct., 19 Sept. 1789; d. at Norwich, 23 May, 1828 (See Hist. Norwich, Ct.).


158. Hannah, bap. 20 May, 1770, sponsers Oliver & Mrs. Oliver Davison.
159. Lydia, bap. 4. July, 1773.
160. Elizabeth, b. 4 March. 1777.
161. Oliver, b. 1779; m. 9 Dec., 1804, Margaret Miller.
162. Charles, m. Hannah M ______, [b. on/aft 1770]
163. Betsy, bap. 1778.
164. Erastus, Jan., 1792.
165. Barzillai, [b. on/aft 1770]
166. Abby, [b. on/aft 1770]


Subscribers to Church Support; 3 Feb., 1761, William Davison, 1s.; 12 June, 1766, Barzillai Davison, 4s.; 2 March, 1768, for ordination of Rev. John Tyler, Jr. : Barzillai Davison, 10s.; Alpheus Davison, 5s.; William Davison, 10s.; Oliver Davison, 4s. 6d.
Barzillai Davison, Vestry-man 1769, Clerk 1793, Warden 1776-1782 3-4-7.
Land Rec. Norwich, Vol. XIV., p. 475 : Daniel Kelley of Norwich for 15£ sells to Barzillai Davison land bought of Uriah Hosmer Jr. and John Bliss in Chelsey, 20 May 1765, Vol. XVII., p. 184, dated 3 Feb, 1767.
Benjamin Bushnell of Norwich to Barzillai Davison of Norwich, 13 acres.
Witness : William Davison.

Stonington Deeds, Vol. XXV., p.473, dated 3 June, 1784: Barzillai Davison of Norwich sells to Phinehas Holden of N. land at the landing place, bounded by land set to heirs of Elizabeth Tracy, dec. & heirs of Isaac Tracy, dec.
Vol. VIII., p.482 : Barzillai Davison of Norwich, adm. of estate of Alpheus Davison of Norwich, 1 Oct, 1791.
Vol. VII., 1785 : Inv. of estate of Capt. Alpheus Davison.
Vol. IV., 15 Mar. 1785 : Barzillai Davison adm. estate of Capt. Alpheus Davison of Norwich, also on estate of William Davison of Norwich, widow's allowance not named.
Book 1, Vol. IV., p.176, 1790: Absolom Davison, son of Capt. Alpheus Davison of Norwich, deceased, a minorm, chooses Barzillai Davison guardian.
Vol. XXVII., p. 68, dated 9 Oct, 1783: Barzillai Davison and Alpheus Davison, both of Norwich, sell to Geo. Gordon of Voluntown, land and house in Chelsea, East side of the brook from brother Oliver Davison of Norwich, bounded by our father's, William Davison's, house.
From Hist. Norwich, p. 407: Capt. Davison left the River in a small coasting sloop 13 Nov, 1781, bound to Boston. In rounding Cape Cod he was blown off by strong winds, driven out to sea and after thirty-two days arrived at Guadaloupe, his crew in a famishing state for want of provisions. He encountered upon the ocean neither friend nor foe, sold his sloop and returned to Boston in a brig.
Land Roc. Norwich, Ct., Vol. XXVIII., p. 352. dated 1778: Ruth Atgate of Norwich to Barzillai Davison of Norwich, 4 1/2 acres set to me of my father's estate.
Vol. XXXII., p.35, dated 19 Jan, 1801 : Barzillai Davison of Norwich to Erastus Davison of Norwich, land Chelsea, land free from all encumbrance except dower of $12. to Mrs. Hannah Pepper during life.
Vol. XXVIII,, p.355, dated 14 Jan, 1791 : Uriah Austin, Jr. of Suffield and Abigail, wife, late Abigail Davison widow of Alpheus Davison of Norwich, dec. to Barzillai Davison, all rights estate Alpheus Davison.

69. Oliver, s. of William & Mary Cady, b. 17 May, 1742; bap. 29 Mar, 1747, m. Hannah or Anna.


167. Philena, bap. 20 May, 1770; sponsers, Barzillai Davison & wife.
168. Felix, bap. private, 6 Dec., 1772; d. 10 Dec., 1772.
169. George, bap. 16 July, 1775.

(From Christ Church, Norwich, Ct.).

From Land Rec. Norwich, Ct., Vol. XX., p. 189, dated 6 Nov, 1777: Oliver Davison of Norwich, brother of Alpheus Davison of Norwich, land Chelsea, bounded by my father William Davison. P. 184, dated 1774: Gresham Breed to William, Oliver & Alpheus Davison, land Chelsea, 13 acres bounded by Uriah Hosmer, dec Brooklyn, Ct. Land Rec. Vol. I., dated 6 Feb. 1779: Oliver Davison of Norwich to Benj. Cady of Canterbury, land Pomfret.

70. Alpheus, s. of William & Mary Cady, b. 17 May, 1746; m. Jane or Abigail _______; d. about 1785.


170. Absalom, bap. private, 26 May, 1776.


Stonington Deeds Book, Vol. IV. p. 176: Absolom Davison, son of Capt. Alpheus Davison of Norwich, dec. a minor, chooses Barzillai Davison guardian.

Norwich Probate Rec. : Inv. of estate of Capt. Alpheus Davison, 1785, Barzillai Davison adm. total inv. 662-18-1/2.

Vol. VIII., p. 48, dated 2 Oct., 1791 : Abigail and Uriah Austin receipt for 3" £ and furniture of Alpheus Davison and house and rent all demands to Barzillai Davison.

15 March, 1785, Barzillai Davison adm. of estate of Capt. Alpheus Davison dec. estate insolvent. Abigail, widow of Capt. Alpheus & two young children, Uriah & Abigail Austin. She widow of Capt. Davison, lived in Suffield, Ct., 1790.

74. Oliver, s. of Paul and Abigail Phelps, b. 17 June, 1734; m. 7 Feb., 1754, Eunice Spalding.


171. Sarah, b. 7 May, 1755.
172. Eunice, b. 13 June, 1757.
173. Paul, b. 29 Jan., 1759.
174. Jerusha, b. 17 April, 1761.
175. Oliver Spaulding, b. 12 April, 1763.
(All born at Mansfield. Oliver married there.)

75. Dan, s. of Paul and Abigail Phelps, b. 2 Oct., 1736; m. at Pomfret, Ct., 6 Jan., 1763, Martha Goodell. May have had children.

From Conn. Roll of Soldiers in French War : In Capt. Jedediah Fay's Co., 1758, 3rd Reg., Dan Davison, private; no locality mentioned.


79. Jonathan, s. of Jonathan & Keziah Parke, m. Hannah Billings. She was b. 1729; d. Nov., 1821; buried at River Philip. She was sister of the wife of the first chief justice, Holiberton, of Windsor, Nova Scotia. Jonathan settled at Falmouth, N. S. Drew 6 acre lot No. 12 at Falmouth, 1760. He with his brothers Cyperian & Samuel went to Nova Scotia about 1758 or 9.


176. Bertha, b. New London. Ct., 4 Feb., 1750; d. March, 1762. at Falmouth. N. S.
177. Keziah, b. at New London, 30 July, 1755; m. Charles Cannon; settled at St. Elleus, Prince Edward Island, where they died and were buried.

Their children were :

1. Frederick, [b. on/aft 1772]
2. Nathan, who died young, [b. on/aft 1772]
          (Two others.)

178. Nathan, b. New London, 23 Dec, 1758.
179. Mary, b. at Falmouth. N. S., 29 Oct., 1761; m. Elisha Burton; settled in New Horton (where his father settled late in life), Albert Co., New Brunswick.
180. Hannah Billings, b. 19 Aug., 1764.
181. Jonathan, b. 1768; d. Dec., 1852; m. Elizabeth Rockwell.

Plainfield Probate Rec. Vol. A, p. 22. March 3, 1747-8 : Jonathan Davison jr & Hannah wife of Preston recd of Nathan Babcock of Voluntown as he is the above said Hannah's guardian ye full of our portion of our fathers estate late Windham dec.

84. Cyperian [aka: Cypron], s. of Jonathan and Keziah Parke; m. 17 Oct., 1765, Rebecca, dau. of William & Rebecca Allien. He drew Lot 58 and settled in Horton or Windsor in 1760 with David Randle. See Falmouth, N. S., Rec: Nov. ye 15, 1760, David Randall & Cypron Davison drew Farm lot No. 58 at Falmouth, N. S.


182. William, [b. on/aft 1765]
183. Jonathan, [b. on/aft 1765]
184. Allien, [b. on/aft 1765] ; [note spellings at parental entry on p.59: "184. Allen, s. of Cyprian and Rebecca Allen."]
185. Benjamin, [b. on/aft 1765]
186. Josiah, [b. on/aft 1765]
187. Elizabeth, [b. on/aft 1765], m. 13 Aug., 1812, James Randal, and had issue, two daughters :

1. Rebecca, b. 7 July, 1814.
2. Eliza, b. 27 Aug., 1816.


86. Thomas, s. of Jonathan & Keziah Parke, b. at Preston, 18 Nov., 1725.

1725, at Preston, eldest son of Jonathan Davison 1st of that place, m. Mrs. Mary (Kingsley) Stoddard of Lebanon, Conn., and settled in the latter place. By her first husband Mrs. D. had 2 sons, viz.: Samuel Stoddard, b. Oct. 31, 1753; d. at Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., about 1825; and Azariah Stoddard, b. Feb. 1, 1755.

Mr. Davison removed from Lebanon to Wilmington, Vt., in the fall of 1772 or spring of 1773. Thence he removed to Pownal, Vt., where he resided at the time of the battle of Bennington, Aug. 16, 1777. Thence he removed to Bennington, and thence to Middletown, Vt., in the spring of 1790, where he died April 25, 1795, "aged 69 years, 5 months, and 7 days." He was a farmer and mechanic, following mostly the business of a carpenter and millwright. He was a very pious man; but was so deaf for some years previous to his death that in order to hear the preacher on the Sabbath he was compelled to sit or stand near the pulpit. His death was the occasion of a revival of religion at Middletown, which resulted in the conviction and conversion of 30 or 40 persons, who united with the Congregational Church at that place. It was remarked by a pious, though somewhat quaint member of the church (Joel Frisbie) that Thomas Davison, like Samson, had slain more at his death than during his life.

Mary Kingsley, the wife of Thomas Davison, 2nd, died at Middletown in 1802, aged about 70.


188. Uriah, b. at Lebanon, and drowned there while a young man, [b. on/aft 1763]
189. Hezakiah, b. Jan. 1, 1763, at Lebanon; d. 31 March, 1850; m. a Negus.
190. Thomas, 3d, b. at Lebanon, Conn., July 14, 1765; m. Abigail Miner of Middletown.
191. Mary, b. April 2, 1767, at Lebanon; m. Thomas Parker. They settled at Hinesburgh, Vt.; thence removed to Essex, N. Y.; and thence, about 1808, to Ohio, near the Scioto River.
192. Jonathan, b. Sept. 2, 1769, at Lebanon; m. Chloe Richardson; d. in the spring of 1812.
193. Rachel, b. April 4, 1772, at Lebanon, Conn.; m. Dec. 5, 1793, Gideon Miner, Jr., of Middletown, Vt.


88. Hezakiah, s. of Jonathan & Keziah Parke.

The probate of his father's will, probated 1753, at Norwich, makes Thomas & Hezakiah the sole executors, and wills them "all my land, rights in land and all my movable estate." In 1754 Hezakiah deeded the farm which his honored father, late of Preston, died seized, to his brother Jonathan.

89. Andrew, s. of Thomas & Lydia Herrick, b. 17 June, 1727; m. Eunice Kimball and settled at Horton, New Brunswick.; d. at Horton, N. B., 15 Feb., 1784. (Horton Town Records.) Seems to have been elector at Preston, 1751, and deed land there.


194. Thomas, b. in Conn., 1753; m. 8 Sept., 1785. Deborah Rogers.
195. Asa, b. in Conn., 1756; m. 30 April, 1782, Prudence Dennison.
196. Anna, b. at Horton, 11 June, 1762; m. Samuel Hamilton (s. of Jonathan, of Gabriel, of David).

1. Asa, b. 16 May, 1772; went to U. S.
2. Oliver, b. 12 Dec., 1774; m. Lavinia Lowden.
3. Eunice, b. 8 May, 1777; m. a Godfrey.
4. Sabra, b. 14 March, 1780; m. a Knowles.
5. Lavinia, b. 7 May, 1782; m. Griffin Miner.
6. Samuel, b. 5 Sept., 1785.
7. Sarah, b. 30 Nov., 1788; m. William Patterson.
8. Elizabeth, b. 6 Feb., 1792.

197. John, b. at Horton, 20 Nov., 1765.
198. Nathan, b. at Horton, 9 May, 1768; d. Aug., 1773.
199. Sabra, b. at Horton, 17 June, 1771; m. Dec., 1793, Elihu Woodward (s. of Joseph, of Joseph, of Ebenezer, of Benjamin, of Walter, of Walter). He was b. in Horton, 17 May, 1771; d. in Horton, 7 July, 1852.

1. Clarissa, [b. on/aft 1793].
2. Joseph, [b. on/aft 1793]
3. Samuel, b. 1802; d. 14 March, 1882. His wife d. 10 May, 1882, aged 81.
4. Anna, [b. on/aft 1793]
5. Benjamin, [b. on/aft 1793]
6. Eunice Rebecca, [b. on/aft 1793]
7. Mary Alice, [b. on/aft 1793]
8. Sarah, [b. on/aft 1793].

200. Daniel, b. 20 Nov., 1774.


The following records were sent to A. H. Davison, Esq., on November 25, 1886:

From Windham Land Records, Vol. M, page 33 : A deed from Zephaniah Davison and Susannah Davison, of Windham, Town and County, Colony of Connecticut in New England, of a piece of land containing eight acres, more or less, consideration thirty-nine pounds. Situated partly in Windham and partly in Canterbury, land formerly owned by Wm. Durkee and deeded as above to Stephen Durkee, bearing date January 5th, A.D. 1759.

Jeremiah Durkee.
John Fuller.

Zephaniah Davison, [L.S.]
Susannnah Davison, [L.S.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also, in same volume, page 40: A deed from Zephaniah Davison, aforesaid town, county and colony, consideration 22 1/2 pounds, to Jeremiah Durkee of the same place, in the Second Society, bearing date March 20, 1758.

Eben Girffin, Jr..
Henry Durkee.

Zephaniah Davison, [Seal.]
Susannnah Davison, [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also, in same volume, pages 62 and 63 : A deed from Jeremiah Utley to Zephaniah Davison, quit claiming all former bills, Mortgages, Sales, Leases, &c., bearing date 2nd day of Jan., 1758.

Joseph Utley.
Abiel Abbott.

Jeremiah Utley, [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also a deed from Joseph Utley of the same town, county and colony of Connecticut, consideration of 40 pounds, to Zephaniah Davison (blacksmith), a piece or parcel of land situated in Windham and in the Second Society, containing ten acres more or less, bearing date January 8th A.D., 1759, and recorded in Windham Land Records, Vol. M., pages 96 and 97.

Oliver Durkee.
Abraham Ford.

Jeremiah Utley. [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also, a deed from Zephaniah Davison to Oliver Durkee, bearing date October 16th, 1672, in same Vol., M., pages 324 and 326; deeding three pieces of land, consideration of 270 pounds; situated and lying in Windham and in the Second Society as heretofore mentioned.

Josiah Rogers.
Christopher Davison.

Zephaniah Davison. [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also, a deed from Oliver Durkee to Zephaniah Davison of Ashford in the County and Colony aforesaid, quit claimed to Zephaniah Davison the following: Deed bears date January 26, 1765, recorded in Vol. M., p. 337.

Saml. Gray.
Saml. Gray, Jr.

Oliver Durkee. [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also, a deed from Zephaniah Davison of Ashford. County and Colony as aforesaid, for consideration of 100£, to full satisfaction of Thomas Arnold, Jun. of Smithfield in the County of Providence and Colony of Rhode Island in New England, a tract of land being and lying in Windham, Second Society, &c. / containing nine acres more or less. Vol. M, pages 335 and 336, bearing date May 21, 1765.

Wm. Burgess.
Jacob Simons.

Zephaniah Davison. [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.

Also, a deed from Zephaniah Davison of Ashford to Abraham Ford, consideration of 55£, a piece of land with a dwelling-house and barn thereon, containing about two acres more or less, containing date May 11, A.D. 1770. Recorded in Vol, M, pages 549 and 550.

Jacob Simons.
Josiah Hammond.

Zephaniah Davison. [Seal.]

Saml. Gray, Town Clerk.


90. Zephaniah, s. of Thomas and Lydia Herrick; b. at Preston, 5 March, 1729; d. at Otis, Mass. [The Berkshires], 17 April, 1793; m 16 July, 1752, Susannah, dau. of Deacon William Durkee of Windham. She was b. 6 Dec., 1730, and d. 6 Dec., 1826.


201. Elizabeth, b. Windham, 16 March, 1753; bap. 17 April, 1763.
202. Lydia, b. Windham, 12 March, 1755; bap. 17 April, 1763; m. Palmer Howard.
203. Thomas, b. Windham, 7 June, 1757; bap. 17 April, 1763; m. 26 Aug., 1799, Eunice Pearl; d. 4 March, 1840.
204. William, b. Windham. 9 Sept., 1759; bap. 17 April, 1763.
205. Benlamin, b. 19 Oct., 1761; bap. 17 April, 1763.
206. John, b. at Ashford, 20 Nov., 1763; bap. 6 May, 1764.
207. Zephaniah, b. at Ashford, 26 Oct., 1765; bap. 13 July, 1766.
208. Hannah, b. 15 Aug., 1773 }
209. Samuel,  b. 15 Aug., 1773 } twins.
210. Susannah, b. 8 Nov., 1778.
211. Sarah, b. 22 July, 1781; m. 1799, Chandler Frisbee (b. at Harland, April 1, 1777; carpenter; d. Jan., 1849; buried at Blandford).
        (Hampton Church Records.)

1. Eli, b. March 11, 1800, North Blandford; d. Sept. 28, 1812; buried at Blandford.
2. Lucy, b. Nov. 19, 1803, North Blandford; m. 1820, to Waterman Cartler; d. March 7, 1866, at North Blandford.
3. Sarah, b. Aug. 28, 1805; m. Robert Needham, May, 1867; d. May 31, 1883; buried at Blandford. No children.
4. Polly, b. July 28, 1807; m. Lorenzo Cartler; d. Jan. 10, 1844.
5. Electa, b. July 24, 1809; d. July 19, 1815.
6. Susannah D., b. July 24, 1812; d. Aug. 3, 1814.
7. Lydia A., b. Nov. 11, 1815, Blandford; m. Aug. 28, 1842, Isaac. C. Nichols, a farmer (b. Sept. 29, 1814); d. 11/5/1876. Lived at Middlebury, Conn. Had children as follows :
      5/19/1844, at Naugatuck, Conn., Sarah, who July 26, 1863, m. Merrit Skilton (children, Arthur N., 8/23/1865); Charles H., 2/22/1869; Mabel I, 4/18/1879; Irving H., Dec. 7, 1884.
      On April, 25, 1848, Charles L. at Middlebury, Conn, (a farmer); 9/6/1878, m. Rebecca A. Waller; live at Middlebury. Have children : Bruce W., July 14, 1879, and Grace A., Sept. 20, 1883, all at Middlebury, Conn.
      On Sept. 10, 1850, Caroline L.; lives at Southington. Conn. On March 27, 1856, Electa I., who m. Chas. Schoenmehl, Jan. 26, 1882; live at Waterbury, Conn., to whom were b. Agnes C. on April, 22, 1884, and Cora L., Nov. 26, 1885, at Waterbury.
8. Lester, b. 2/24/1818; blacksmith; m. Mary Needham.
9. Clarissa, b. Aug. 12, 1821; at Blandford, July 3, 1844, m. George Orcutt (born on the ocean), mechanic; lived at Ansonia, Conn.; d. Oct., 1861. Clarissa lives at Becket (1886); had children:

1. Ellen C, b. July 28, 1846; m. Reuben Daniels 11/23/1862, by whom she has three children: Sophia F., Ellen C, and Sydney.
2. Sarah A., b. June 2, 1851; buried at Becket, July 23, 1872.
3. George H., b. at Springfield. Mass., 3/17, 1856, farmer; lives at Waterbury.
4. Lucy J., b. Jan. 10, 1859, at Ansonia; lives at Springfield.


92. Christopher, s. of Thomas and Lydia Herrick; m. first, 2 June, 1755, Lydia Hovey; and second (from Westford Church Records), 24 June, 1756, Martha or Bethiah Bidlack of Beddock. Christopher settled at Windham, Ct., and had the following children by second wife.


212. Asa. b _____, [b. on/aft 1756]
213. Daniel, b. 9 Nov., 1757; d. 6 Dec., 1757.
214. Levi, [b. on/aft 1756]
215. Calvin, by Tryphena Ford, had dau. Hannah, who m. Ralph Perilus. All children bap. at Westford, 25 Dec., 1770.
(Of this branch nothing more is known to me.)

93. Daniel, s. of Thomas and Lydia Herrick, probably lived at Stonington and New Haven, and is thought to have had the following


216. Levi, [b. on/aft 1752], of New Haven                         222. Erastus, [b. on/aft 1752], of Ohio
217. Daniel, [b. on/aft 1752], of Abington, Pa.                  223. James, [b. on/aft 1752], of Wellington, Ohio
218. Thomas, [b. on/aft 1752], of Brooklyn                       224. Abel, [b. on/aft 1752], of Maine
219. John, [b. on/aft 1752], of Brooklyn                            225. Calvin, [b. on/aft 1752], of Wyoming, Ill
220. Chauncey, [b. on/aft 1752], of Albany, N. Y.             226. Benjamin, [b. on/aft 1752]
221. Carrington, [b. on/aft 1752], of Altoona, Pa.             227. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1752].

94. Asa, s. of Thomas and Lydia Herrick, b. at Preston, Ct., 1 Sept., 1736; d. at Grafton, N. Y., Jan., 1831; m. Sarah, dau. of John & Abigail Corning Pride of Norwich, Ct. She was b. at Norwich, Ct., 24 Aug., 1743.

Asa Davison served five years in French and Indian War, and eight years in Revolutionary War. " Asa Davison left his company at Cambridge in Sept., 1775, to join the northern expedition of Benedict Arnold, but after suffering incredible hardships he arrived at Cambridge on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23rd." (See History of Windham County.)

" Asa Davison marched in the ' Lexington Alarm ' April, 1775. from Ashford, was in service 10 days (p. 5). He enlisted in the Third Regiiment, Col. Israel Putnam, in the Fifth Company, under Thomas Knowlton, May 6, 1775; was discharged Dec. 10." "Connecticut Men in the Revolution," p. 55. From A. C. Bates, Sect. Conn. His. Society.

The Record and Pension Office, War Department, Washington, Feb. 4, 1897, gives the following record : "The records of this office show that one Asa Davison served as a private in Captain Nathaniel Webb's company, 4th Battalion Connecticut forces, commanded by Col. John Durkee, Revolutionary War. He enlisted March 1st, 1778, to serve eight months, and was discharged Jan. 1st, 1779." The records also show " that Asa Davison served as a private in Captain Nehemiah Rice's company. Eighth Connecticut Regiment, Revolutionary War. He enlisted Aug. 16, 1779, to serve six months, and was discharged Jan. 15, 1780." The records further show "that one Asa Davison " served as a private in the 1st company, Fifth Connecticut Regiment, commanded by Lieut. Colonel Sherman, Revolutionary War. His name first appears on the roll for March, 1782, and he was discharged June 22, 1782.

Asa Davison purchased land in Preston, Conn., in 1772. He died at the home of his son Ezra (2d child), aged 95, in ____, 1831. He had lived in Grafton, N. Y., during the last years of his life.


228. Paul, b. 1765; d. 19 Feb., 1805.
229. Ezra, b. in Nova Scotia, 11 Aug., 1767; d. at Grafton, N. Y., 29 April, 1834.
230. Abigail, [b. on/aft 1765]
231. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1765], m. Roderick Stanley
232. Charles, [b. on/aft 1765]
233. Lovina, [b. on/aft 1765], m. ____ Owen
234. Rufus, b. at Ashford, 20 May, 1775.
235. Anna, [b. on/aft 1765], m. Moses Macomber of Petersburg. N. Y.
236. Nathan, b. at Ashford. 1 June, 1781.
237. Louisa, [b. on/aft 1765], m. a Phillips
238. Olive, [b. on/aft 1765], m. John Stoughton
239. Jane, [b. on/aft 1765], m. Gideon Style
240. John P., [b. on/aft 1765]


102. John, s. of John & Hannah, d. probably 17 April, 1788.


241. Tamar, b. Ipswich, 12 May, 1771; m. John Roberts, 1788.
242. Elias, b. 31 Oct., 1773.
Nothing more is known.

112. Joseph, s. of Joseph & Lydia Goodell, b. Sept, 1757; d. in Ludlow, 24 Feb., 1841. M. 21 Nov., 1784, Lydia Clark. From Brooklyn Conn. Records: Admitted full communion, Joseph & Lydia, 31 Jan, 1790.


243. Philena, b. 7 April, 1786; d. 5 March, 1864; unmarried; resided with her brother George.
244. Joseph, b. 23 Feb., 1788; d. 12 Nov., 1876; probably left no issue.
245. Lucy, b. 12 March, 1790; d. 17 June, 1867; m. a Mr. Briggs.
246. Deborah, b. 20 July, 1792; d. 17 June, 1804.
247. John Clark, b. 15 Aug., 1794; d. 22 June, 1825; m. Mary Gilbert, and left no issue.
248. Nathan, b. 20 Dec., 1796; 18 May, 1848 (Brooklyn, Ct., Records).
249. Eunice, b. 1 Sept., 1799; d. 15 Dec., 1865; unmarried.
250. George, b. 26 June, 1804; d. 30 Feb., 1877.

Brooklyn Probate Rec, Vol. II, p. 11, dated 4 March, 1845 : Lydia Davison, dec. 8 Feb., 1846, widow, and pensioner of the U. S. Children : George Davison, Philena Davison, Eunice Davison, and Joseph Davison, all of Brandon, Vt.; Nathan Davison, of Alidon, Mich.; Lucy Briggs, of Saratoga, N. Y.

Vol. IIL, p. 368. dated 1865: Will of Eunice Davison of Brooklyn, brother George Davison of Hampton, sister Philena Davison of Brooklyn, brother Joseph Davison of Brandon, Vt., sister Lucy Briggs of Saratoga Springs, N. Y.


114. Aaron, s. of Joseph & Lydia Goodell, b. 20 Oct., 1764-5; d. Jan., 1846. Married 28 Oct., 1792, Lodicy Martin (Brooklyn, Ct, Town Rec). Lived at old home.


251. Septimus, b. 20 March, 1794;bap. July 26, 1801, at Brooklyn. Ct.
252. Clarissa, b. 11 Oct., 1795; bap. July 26, 1801, at Brooklyn.

117. John, s. of Joseph & Lydia Goodell, b. 2 April, 1772; d. Dec., 1857. Married (from Brooklyn, Ct., Ch. Rec. 12 March, 1796) first, Elizabeth Williams and settled at Peru, Vermont, about 1800, his father accompanying him part way. He and wife were admitted to church Feby. 22, 1804. Farmer by occupation. Married a second wife, by whom it is believed there was no issue. He is described as an exceedingly “amiable man fond of young company." Stalwart, of Puritan order; Deacon in church, and a man much thought of by all who knew him. Died in 1857, aged 86.


253. John, b. 1 Dec., 1798; lived in Ludlow, Vt.
254. Sarepta, [b. on/aft 1798], unmarried
255. James [Dr.], [b. on/aft 1798], unmarried; lived Geauga Co., Ohio; d. 1886, Huntsburg, Ohio
256. Joseph [Rev.], [b. on/aft 1798], had one son, Joseph, b. about 1840; Presbyterian; son lived at Leroysvilie, Pa., 1855
257. Sarah, [b. on/aft 1798], unmarried
258. Daniel, [b. on/aft 1798], lived in Illinois
259. Clarissa, [b. on/aft 1798], m. Coolidge
260. Mary, [b. on/aft 1798], died Peru, Vt., 1855, from injuries from cross sheep
261. Hiram, [b. on/aft 1798], lived in Illinois
262. Betsy, [b. on/aft 1798], m. Mr. Preat. Peru. Vt
263. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1798], m. Daniel Coolidge
264. Flavel, [b. on/aft 1798], unmarried


118. Samuel, s. Joseph & Lydia Goodell, bap. 31 July, 1774; d. 13 Oct., 1862; m. June 22, 1803, Sarah Williams, b. 5 Feb., 1773; d. 15 Nov., 1821; m. second wife, Olive Martin, at Hampton, 14 Jan., 1823; second wife died 11 Feb., 1849. He settled at Plainfield, Mass., where he lived 60 years. He was by occupation a cabinet maker. He had an impediment of speech that caused stammering; was Presbyterian; temperate; could read common print at 87. He had children as follows, all by first wife, except Jerusha :


265. Mehitable, b. 5 March, 1804; m. Stephen Dawes; d. Feb., 1831.
266. Lydia G., b. 17 March, 1806; d. 20 July, 1813.
267. Samuel, b. 12 Feb., 1809.
268. Roswell, b. 11 March, 1811; m. E. Stilt; lives at Plainfield, Mass.

1. Mary, 1843.
2. Sarah, 1846.

269. Sarah, b. 12 March, 1813; m. Lorm Beols, by whom she had seven children; lived Lanesboro, Mass.; d. 5 May, 1847; buried at Plainfield.
270. Cephas, b. 17 April, 1815; d. ae. 21 years.
271. Lydia G., b. 18 Feb., 1817; d. 1850.
272. Angeline, b. 27 Sept., 1819; d. Oct., 1832.
273. Jerusha L., b. 14 Jan., 1826; living (1887) in Springfield, Mass.; unmarried.

119. Nathan, s. John and Mohitobel Sabin, b. at Pomfret, Conn., about 1758 (?); moved to Otsego Co., N. Y., at or near the same time that his brother John did (probably about 1790), and purchased lands adjacent.


274. Clark, [b. on/aft 1775], m. Abbie Tracy
275. Catherine, [b. on/aft 1775], m. John Goth, by whom she had three sons, John, William, and George.

121. Ebenezer, s. John & Mohitobal Sabin. Lived and died at Broomfield, Mass., a town adjacent to Monson, where his father reared his family.


276. Betsy, [b. on/aft 1759], m. John Bates

122. John, s. John & Mohitobel Sabin, b. April 30, 1764 [child entry p.28: "b. 30 April, 1763"], at Beaufort; d. July 20, 1838; buried Hartwick Seminary, N. Y.; m. 5 Feb. 1789, Phoebe Hoar (b. June 26, 1765; d. Feby. 28, 1877; buried Hartwick Seminary, N. Y.), at Monson, Mass., and soon after moved to Otsego County, N. Y., and purchased land of Judge Cooper, father of Fenimore, where he lived till his death.

Among Chester's papers in the hands of Abner Davison is this memoranda : '' Mother's grandmother was scalped at Long Meadow, March 26th 1676; being on her way to meeting escorted by cavalry. They were attacked by Indians; two killed and several wounded. Two women falling from their horses were dragged into a swamp and there scalped. My mother recovered, and became the mother of a numerous offspring that have now scattered all over the land, and one went as missionary to foreign lands."

[Signed] Chester Davison.


277. Chester, b. June 5, 1793; m. 11 Sept., 1817, Lorena Dunham; d. 15 Nov., 1873
278. Marian C, b. 1/22, 1795; m. 7 Feb., 1837, William Dickson; d. 1874.
279. Samuel, b. 4/20, 1800; d. 11 Aug., 1802; single.
280. Polly, b. 12/15, 1796; d. 2 Oct., 1861.
281. Emma, b. 4/6, 1802; d. 1833.
282. Lucy, b. 1/18, 1791; m. 1st, Anson Latin, and 2d. 28 March, 1810, _____ Elmore.
283. William, b. 1/26, 1804; m. 8 Sept., 1831, Mary Tickner (d. 1864); and 2d, Amanda Hitchcock.
284. Hamilton, b. 3/5, 1806; m. Louisanna______; d. 1830.

126. Ephraim, s. of Peter & Abigail Woodward, b. 5 Dec., 1772; d. Dec. 1832; m. 12 March, 1795, Anna Weaver; bur. 14 Sept., 1806. Brooklyn, Ct., Town Rec.


285. Susannah, bap. 20 Nov., 1796.
286. Benjamin W., b. 9 Jan., 1798; bap. 23 Sept., 1798.


129. Beriol, s. Peter & Abigail Woodward, b. 12 July, 1780; d. 24 Oct., 1853; m. April 12, 1807, Mary Utley (b. Hampton, Ct., Jan. 30, 1789; d. Jan., 1879; bur. Brooklyn, Ct.). Settled at Brooklyn, where he worked as a blacksmith. His anvil and ancient buttress are in the possession of E. H. Davison, who has other family heirlooms.


287. Mary, b. March 4, 1808; d. 3 April, 1808 }
288. Eliza, b. March 4, 1808; d. 24 Aug., 1850 } twins
289. Caroline, b. 21 March, 1810; m. 27 Nov., 1845, John Prentiss, and resides (1886) at Putnam, Ct.
290. George Luther, b. 27 Nov., 1811; m. 9 Nov., 1836. Lydia M. Crosby; resides Brooklyn, Ct.; d. 22 Feb., 1887.
291. Ralph Utley, b. 11 Nov., 1814; m. 2 March, 1843, Dolly Conant; d. 15 July, 1880.
292. Herbert, b. 23 April, 1821; m. 30 Nov., 1848, Anna Dabney; d. Aug. 2, 1854.
293. Edwin, b. 24 Sept., 1824; m. 18 Nov., 1852, Jane Britton, of Wagegan. Ct.

130. Luther, s. of Capt. Peter and Abigail Woodward, b. 28 May, 1783; d. Dec., 1874; m. Bashaby _____; d. Oct., 1852; bur. New London, Ct.


294. Luther, b. 1800; d. 18 Jan., 1882.
295. William P., b. 1802 or 3; m. four times; d. 13 April, 1884. From Norwich Probate Rec. : William Davison, a minor, age 16, 20 Aug., 1819, son of Luther Davison of Preston, etc., etc.
296. Sally, [b. on/aft 1820]
297. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1820]
298. Cynthia, [b. on/aft 1820], d. April, 1892

Norwich Land Rec, Vol. XLIV., p. 273, dated 1834, Luth Davison of Norwich to John P. Huntington.


131. Alpheus, s. Peter & Abigail Woodward, of Monson, Me., [b. May 20, 1786], m. Feb. 11, 1817, Polly Hitchcock (b. at Westminster, Vt., March 10, 1793; d. May 8, 1867). In 1823 moved from Dummerston, Vt., to Monson, Me. (where Roderick was born), and d. there, Oct. 18, 1866.


299. Calvin Hitchcock, b. 11/12, 1817; merchant at Washington, D. C.; m. May 20, 1845, Adelina D. Grammercy.
300. Luther, b. 12/15, 1818; d. Sept. 24, 1837, at Monson. Me.
301. Mary Lucona, b. May 17, 1820; m. 11/29, 1842.
302. Roderick, b. 12/14, 1823; merchant of Willimantic, Ct.; m. Julia Ann Baker, 4/3, 1849; m. Octavia Webb, 2/13, 1859; lives at Willimantic, Conn.
303. Charles, b. 1/11, 1826, clergyman; m. 12/19/50, Lauretta Tenny; lived at Greenville, Me.
304. Abby Woodward, b. 1828; m. 1849, Rev. A. C. Tenny, Oakland, Cal.
305. Alfred Robinson, b. 12/5, 1832; d. 9/12, '37
306. Emily Francis, b. 3/1, 1838; teacher, Portland, Oregon.

145. Rufus, s. Daniel & Catharine Davis, b. Brooklyn, Ct., 29 June, 1789; d. April 10, 1862; bur, Putnam, Ct.; married Sept. 30, 1813, Elizabeth Torrey (b. Killingly, 10 Aug., 1785; bur. Putnam, Ct., Aug., 1881), and settled at Putnam, Ct. In 1830 he removed to Greenfield, Pa., where he resided till 1854, when he returned to Putnam, Ct., where he died in 1862, April 10th. He was by occupation a farmer and blacksmith.


307. Elizabeth, b. 6 Dec., 1814; d. Aug. 26, 1826, Killingly.
308. Hezekiah William, b. Aug. 19, 1816; d. March 25, 1821, at Killingly.
309. Susan Torry, b. Feb. 4, 1818; d. April 1, 1821, at Killingly.
310. Homer, b. June 11, 1820; m. Oct. 2, 1845, Susan Churchill.
311. Elisha Howe, b. Feb. 10, 1822; d. Nov. 24, 1887.
312. Oscar, b. Dec. 10, 1824; d. Aug. 18, 1826.
313. Francis Baker, b. Thompson, July 6, 1807; resided at Fleetville. Pa., 1889.
(See Davis Genealogy.)


146. Joel,' s. of Daniel & Catherine Davis, b. 13 Nov., 1790; bap. 3 July, 1791; m. 17 April, 1821, Anna Butts, b. 4 July, 1794, at Hampton; d. April S, 1863 (see Brooklyn, Ct., Town Rec). He settled at Brooklyn and Hampton, and afterwards at Killingly, and died Oct. 8, 1851. at Daneilsonville, Ct. He was a farmer by occupation. He changed residence from Hampton to Killingly between 1835 and 1838.


314. Sarah Ann, b. June 10, 1822; m. 4/8, 1855, Richard King at Brooklyn.
315. Tamar Maria, b. Aug. 15, 1823; m. April 11, 1852, Richard Buck of Griswold; d, 23 Jan., 1881.
316. Chloe Pamelia, b. May 4, 1825; unmarried; lives at Danielsonville.
317. Emily E., b. June 6, 1827; m. May 1, 1855, Erastus N. Warner of Killingly.
318. Joel, Jr., b. Sept. 5, 1830, at Brooklyn, Ct.
319. Daniel Webster, b. March 19, 1832; unmarried; d. Sept 3, 1877, in Kalamazoo, Mich.
320. Mary J., b. June 9, 1835; d. July 16, 1839, at Killingly.
321. Samuel M., b. May 2, 1838; d. May 2, 1840, at Killingly.

161. Dr. Oliver (s. of Barzillai and Margaret Morse), b. 1779; d. at Amsterdam, N. Y., 9 Dec., 1847; bur. at Saratoga Springs. He m. at Plattsburg, N. Y., 9 Dec., 1804, Margaret Miller ( dau. of Dr. Matthias Burnet Miller). She was b. 27 June, 1787; d. 27 June, 1844. From Town Rec. of Plattsburg, N. Y.

Dr. Oliver Davidson was one of the charter members of the Clinton County Medical Society, organized 1807; was elected President of the Society, 1825; was delegate to State Society in 1809.


322. Ann Elizabeth, b. 13 Feb., 1806; m. 19 March, 1834. Rev. Micajah Townsend, rector of St. Thomas and St. Georges Church, Caldwell Manor, Canada. She died at the Rectory, Caldwell Manor. Deceased had issue. Morris Miller Townsend, M. D., of Frostburg, Maryland.
323. Poetess Lucretia Maria, b. 27 Sept., 1808; d. at Plattsburg, 27 Aug., 1825.
324. Morris Miller, b. 9 Aug., 1810; m. 16 June, 1840, Elizabeth Shrimpton Stratford.
325. Phoebe, b. 10 Aug., 1810; d. 1 Jan., 1813.
326. Oliver, b. 27 Feb., 1814; d. 8 June, 1814.
327. Lieut. Levi Platt, b. 22 Oct., 1816; d. 27 June, 1843; unmarried. Lieutenant 1st Regiment of the U. S. Dragoons.
328. Matthias Oliver, b. 8 March, 1819; m. Harrictte Smith Standish at Trinity Ch., Plattsburg. N. Y., 8 April, 1846.
329. Poetess Margaret Miller, b. 26 March, 1823; d. Saratoga Springs, 25 Nov., 1838, age 15.
330. Moss Kent, b. 30 March, 1827; d. 19 April, 1838.


Davidson, Lucretia Maria.

A remarkable instance of early genius; born at Plattsburg, N. Y. When but four years old a number of her little books were found to be filled with rude drawings, accompanied with explanatory verses written in characters of the printed alphabet. From an early age every leisure moment was devoted to reading. The earliest of her productions were written when she was nine years old. So early, so ardent, and so fatal a pursuit of intellectual improvement is unparalleled, except in the cases of Chatterton and Kirke White.

In October, 1824, a gentleman who knew her intense desire for education placed her at a female seminary, where her incessant application debilitated by disease, and she died before completing her seventeenth year. A biographical sketch, with a collection of her poems, entitled "Amir Khan and other Poems, the Remains of L. M. Davidson," was published by S. F. B. Morse in 1829, Although a great part of her compositions were destroyed, 278 remain. See " Life of Catherine M. Sedgwick," 1843.

“ Poems by Lucretia Maria Davidson, with Illustrations by F. O. C. Darley." Edited by M. Oliver Davidson, New York. Published by Hurd & Houghton, Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1871.

" Poetical Remains of the Late Lucretia Davidson, Collected and Arranged by her Mother. With a Biography by Miss Sedgwick." Boston: Crosby, Nicholas Lee & Co., 1860.

Davidson, Margaret Miller, Poetess.

Sister of Lucretia Maria. Sharing her sister's precocity, she began to write at six years of age. At ten she wrote and acted in a passionate drama in society at New York, and notwithstanding the warning of her sister's fate, her intellectual activity was not restrained.

Margaret's poems were issued under the auspices of Washington Irving, and the works of both sisters were published together in 1850, A volume of selections from writings of Mrs. Margaret M. Davidson, the mother, with a preface by Miss C. M. Sedgwick, appeared in 1843. Lieut. L. P. Davidson, U. S. A., the brother of Margaret and Lucretia, who also died young, wrote verses with elegance and ease. From Dict. Amer. Biog., Drake.

See " Life and Poetical Remains of Margaret M. Davidson," by Washington Irving. London : David Bogue, Fleet Street. Late Filt and Bogue.


Awake, awake, my lyre.
And tell thy silent master's humble tale;
In sounds they may prevail –
Sounds that gentle thoughts inspire;
Though so exalted she.
And I so lonely be.
Tell her with different notes, make all thy harmony.
Hark ! How the strings awake !
And though the moving hand approach not near.
Themselves, with awful fear.
A kind of numerous trembling make.
Now all thy forces try.
Now all thy charms apply.
Revenge upon her ear the conquest of her eye.
• Original in possession of S. M. Davidson, Fishkill.
Weak lyre, thy virtue sure
Is useless here, since thou art only found
To cure but not to wound
And she to wound, but not to cure.
Too weak, too, wilt thou prove.
My passion to remove.
Physic to other ills, thou'rt nourishment to love.
Sleep, sleep again, my lyre.
For thou can'st never tell my humble tale
In sounds that will prevail.
Nor gentler thoughts in her inspire;
All thy vain mirth lay by.
Bid thy strings silent lie–
Sleep, sleep again, my lyre, and let thy master die.

The following is the story of the marriage of Miss Margaret Miller to Dr. Oliver Davidson, as told by Mrs. S. H. Bailey, née Platt, who received the same from her mother :

Miss Miller had been invited by Mrs. Bailey's mother to spend a year with them in Plattsburg. She was then (1803) a young and beautiful girl, fond of society, and went frequently to visit relatives in town (Plattsburg). Dr. Davidson, a young physician, had but lately moved to Plattsburg. They met at parties and other social functions, and their acquaintance soon ripened into a feeling of a more serious nature, namely, love.

Mrs. Bailey's father (Mr. Platt) felt much annoyed at the growing intimacy and discouraged its continuance. Mr. Platt felt himself to be Miss Miller's guardian, at least for the time she was was absent from her mother's care and influence, and he knew that he would be blamed for any matrimonal alliance contracted during her visit at his home.

One morning Mr. Platt was called to town on business, expecting to be absent all day. A few hours after he left, Dr. Davidson appeared at the house, on horseback, with a pillion attached to his saddle. His mission became apparent when he asked for Miss Miller, who evidently was expecting him. He invited her to return with him. Mrs. Platt, who overheard the conversation, became suspicious, and pleaded with her to remain at home; but in vain, for she persisted in going with him. Soon after they had left, Mr. Platt unexpectedly returned. His wife, who was watching for his return, went to meet him, and, before he dismounted, told him briefly of Miss Miller's departure and what her fears were.

Mr. Platt immediately turned his horse, and rode with all possible speed, in the hope of overtaking his ward. He went directly to his brother's (Mr. Theodorus Platt) and, on entering the door, saw Dr. Davidson and Margaret Miller, who were standing before a magistrate, the marriage ceremony being then in progress. As the question, " If there be any objection," etc., was being asked, Mr. Platt stepped forward and said, "I have one, most emphatically;" and then stated that he was, for the time, Miss Miller's guardian, and that her family had not given their consent to the marriage.

After a full discussion, the magistrate decided that, both being of age, the ceremony could legally go on, and pronounced them man and wife. All was forgiven; and Dr. Davidson, who was a kind and excellent man, became a most devoted husband and father. The families always lived afterward on terms of close intimacy.

Mrs. Bailey tells of the many pleasant and happy months spent in that hospitable and lovely home, which everywhere showed evidences of a cultivated taste; where a charming circle of friends gathered, and which, in after years, was to be known to the world in all its detail through the poetic genius of the talented daughters, Lucretia and Margaret.


162. Charles, s. of Barzillai, was confirmed by Bishop Bronwell, July, 1821; m. Hannah M______.

Captain Charles Davison was captain of steamboats "Fanny " and “ Water Witch," which latter plied between New York and Peekskill on the Hudson. About 1848 he lived in Brooklyn, N. Y.

From Land Rec. of Norwich, Vol. XLIV., p. 537, 1834: Charles Davison of Brooklyn, appts. Charles T. Lester of Norwich his atty. to sell property formerly Erastus Davison, dec.

Same, Vol. XLIII., p. 534, dated 19 Feb., 1833, Charles Davison, formerly of Norwich, now of Brooklyn, N. Y., for $2,000 sells to Charles F. Lester. They, with Erastus Davison, now dec. exec, bond to Jedediah Huntington, Luther Spaulding, money advanced for steamboats "Fanny " and "Victory."

Same, dated 1832, Vol. XLII., page 473, Charles Davison of Norwich, to Charles Foster and Mary, land from father Barzillai Davison in 1821.

Same, Vol. XLII., page 476, dated 1832, Charles Davison of Norwich to Barzillai Davison of New York City, land conveyed to me by said Barzillai Davison in 1821.


331. Charles, bap. privately, 2 March, 1819.
332. Emma Taylor, bap. 2 July, 1820.
333. Mary Judith, bap. 3 Oct., 1824.
334. Maria, bap. 25 Dec., 1820.

164. Capt. Erastus, of Norwich, Conn., s. of Barzillai, b. about 1778. Buried at Norwich, Ct., 4 April, 1832. M. (From Norwich Marriages) 25 November, 1823, Nancy Johnson, bap. 15 Feb., 1829. She probably married Edwin Perkins Comstock of New York, 12 Jan., 1835. He d. 1837.


335. Nancy, bap. 12 July, 1829; d. 1839.
336. William Erastus, bap. 12 July, 1829; d. 17 Sept., 1829; aged 16 mo., 12 days; bur. Norwich.

Norwich Land Rec.; Estate of Miss Nancy Davison, dec. Norwich, 1839; adm. to Elisha H. Mansfield and George Perkins, of Norwich.

Norwich Land Record., p. 41, 27 July, 1833 : Nancy Davison, of Norwich, for $1,300, to Norwich Savings Bank, land with brick buildings, bounded by Barzillai Davison, being land set to me as dower of husband Erastus Davison.

Inv. of Estate of Capt. Erastus Davison, 5 May, 1732, $25,460.36. Mrs. Nancy Davison, widow. Her dower "except the lot bought by said dec. the Episcopal So. where the old Episcopal Church lately stood."

From Hist. Norwich, page 562 : The sloop "Three Brothers," Erastus Davison, in entering New London Harbor, 22 Dec., 1812-13, was fired at four times by the British Frigate " Statira," but came safely up the river with a full cargo.

165. Barzillai, jeweler and goldsmith, s. of Barzillai, m. Amy Fuller; she d. 6 Jan., 1834, aged 62; buried at Norwich.

From Land Rec. Norwich, p. 527, dated 9 Dec., 1834: Barzillai Davison, late Barzillai Davison, Jr., of New York City, sells to Caroline A. Hubbard. Eliza Ann Hubbard, Frances Harriet Hubbard, and Isabella Hubbard, all of Norwich, 2 parcels of land and dwelling East Chelsea, Norwich, property of Capt. Erastus Davison of Norwich, dec. Witness Simeon Hubbard & Geo. Hill.

Same, 11 Dec., 1834: Barzillai Davison of New York to Simeon Hubbard of Norwich, land of my brother Erastus Davison, est. and est. of his daughter Nancy Davison of Norwich. He also spelled his name Davidson.

179. [actually: 178.] Nathan, s. of Jonathan & Hannah, b. at Preston [17 mi. from New London], 23 Dec., 1758.


338. Oliver, [b. on/aft 1776]                    340. Thomas, [b. on/aft 1776]
339. John, [b. on/aft 1776]                    341. Abigail, [b. on/aft 1776]


181. Jonathan, s. of Jonathan & Hannah Billings, b. 1768; d. 23 Dec., 1852; m. 1790, Elizabeth Rockwell, b. 1771; d. 6 June, 1853. Settled at Amherst. Nova Scotia, about 1790. Both buried in the graveyard at River Philip.


342. Charles Chapman, b. 22 August, 1792; m. 1816, Nancy McNeill of Bediqua Island. P. E. I.; d. July, 1866.
343. William Billings, b. 30 July, 1795; m. Louisa Daily of Charlottetown, P. E. I.; d. July, 1865.
344. Maria, b. 1797; m. William McKinley of Londonderry, Nova Scotia.
345. Pamelia, b. 1799; m. Timothy Cooper.
346. Horatio Nelson, b. 1802; m. Matilda McNutt.
347. Henry Alline, b. 25 May, 1803; m. 1728. Theodora C. Morse; d. 5 April, 1880.
348. Edward, b. 1806 [parent entry p.85: "b. 1801"]; m. 6 Jan., 1841. Mary McNutt; d, Oct. 9, 1887.
349. George, b. 1808; m. ______ Glennie.
350. James R., b. 1810; m. Mary More.
351. Alfred, b. 1814; m. 1843. Harriet Stephenson, St. Paul, Minn.

182. William, s. of Cyprian and Rebecca Allen, had the following


352. Leander, [b. on/aft 1783]          356. Andrew, [b. on/aft 1783]
353. William, [b. on/aft 1783]          357. Elizabeth, [b. on/aft 1783]
354. Charles, [b. on/aft 1783]          358. Benjamin, [b. on/aft 1783]
355. Farlander, [b. on/aft 1783]

183. Jonathan, s. of Cyprian, of Falmouth, N. S., m. Sarah Martin, 22 April, 1803.


359. Clarissa, b. 20 Aug., 1804.          363. Edmond, [b. on/aft 1803]
360. John E, b. 23 Aug., 1806.            364. Lewis, [b. on/aft 1803]
361. Thomas, b. 21 March, 1812.       365. Clarisy, [b. on/aft 1803]
362. Mary, b. 19 April, 1815.              366. Mary, [b. on/aft 1803]

184. Allen, s. of Cyprian and Rebecca Allen.


367. James Edward, [b. on/aft 1783]           368. Sarah, [b. on/aft 1783]


185. Benjamin, s. of Cyprian & Rebecca Allen.


369. Rebecca, [b. on/aft 1783]
370. William Clark, [b. on/aft 1783]
371. Achsah, or Asayah, [b. on/aft 1783], m. 9 Jan., 1806, Rhoda Fox
372. N. Levina, [b. on/aft 1783]

186. Josiah, s. of Cypron & Rebecca Allen.


373. Victory, [b. on/aft 1783]           376. Rebecca, [b. on/aft 1783]
374. Allen, [b. on/aft 1783]           377. Cypron, [b. on/aft 1783]
375. Edward, [b. on/aft 1783]

189. Hezekiah, s. of Thomas, born Jan. 1, 1763, at Lebanon. He married _____ Negus, and settled at Troy, N. Y., where they resided for several years, and then removed to Oswego, N. Y. He died March 31, 1850, while on a visit to one of his sons at Sodus; and his wife died April 25, 1852, at Oswego. They had eight children, viz.:


378. Isaac, b. about 1791, at Troy; lived at Sodus, N. Y., in 1860.
379. Nathaniel, [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy; went to sea; returned; m. in Baltimore, and d. there.
380. William V., [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy; went to sea; m. in Baltimore; d. there.
381. Samuel S., [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy; married, and settled at Guilderland, N. Y.; had one child, and d. there.
382. Mary Ann, [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy; m. in 1821, Captain Eno of Oswego, by whom she had one daughter, Harriet, who m. March 2, 1893, William E. Harvey, who resided in Omaha City, Neb., in 1860. Mrs. Eno, who is a widow, resided at Oswego the same year.
383. Elizabeth, [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy; m. in 1830. Hiram Porter, and settled at Lowville, N. Y., where she d. in 1849, having had nine children, seven of whom were living in 1860.
384. Sarah, [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy; d. in 1833, aged 26 years; unmarried.
385. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1781], at Troy, and d. there at the age of six years.

190. Thomas, 3d s. of Thomas & Mary (Kingsley) Stoddard, born July 14, 1763 [child entry p.38: "b. July 14, 1765"], at Lebanon, Conn.; m. Jan. 19, 1791, Abigail Miner, b. Dec. 11, 1765, at Woodbury, Conn.;

bap. 23 March, 1766; and eldest daughter of Dea. Gideon Miner, senior, of Middletown, Vt.* (Sec Ancient Hist. Woodbury, p. 643, for account Miner family.) Previous to his marriage, and owing to a stiffness in a knee joint, occasioned by a fever sore, while living in Bennington with his father, his pursuits through life were necessarily confined to such as required no great bodily labor.

He was, however, so far successful as to leave his family in comfortable circumstances at the time of his death, which occurred at Middletown, on the 21st of Nov., 1790, at the age of 34. He was a professor of religion, as was also his wife; and his funeral sermon was preached by the late Rev. Lemuel Haynes, then of West Rutland, Vt. His wife died at Saratoga Springs, Jan. 31, 1844, aged 79. ł
* Mr. G. M. Davison has in his possession a copy of Morse's Geography used by Thomas Davison at this period, containing his handwriting and autograph.

His monument, which stands in the burying-ground at Middletown, contains the following inscription :

Mr. Thomas Davison, Junr.
who died Nov. 21st, 1799
in the 35th year of his age.
An angel's arm can't snatch
me from the grave;
Legions of angels can't confine
me here."

ł Her monument in the new cemetery at Saratoga Springs to which her remains were removed from the old burying-ground in 1861, bears the following inscription :

Mother of G. M. & C. Davison.
Died Jan. 31, 1844.
Æ. 78.
So Jesus slept. God's dying son
Passed through the grave and bless'd the bed;
Rest here, blest saint, till from his throne
The morning break and pierce the shade.



386. Gideon Miner, b. at Middletown, Vt., Nov. 12, 1791.
387. Clement, b. Nov. 23, 1794, at Middletown; m. Oct. 17, 1818, Elizabeth Newman of New York, b. in 1789 at Bedford, N. Y. She was a daughter of Maj. Eilas Newman, a Revolutionary soldier, and afterwards Sheriff and Surrogate of Westchester County, and at one time a candidate for Governor of the State of New York. Mr. Davison and his wife resided for several years in Brooklyn, where they had two children, who died in infancy. They resided at Harlem, N. Y., in 1861.

192. Jonathan, s. of Thomas, b. Sept. 2, 1769, at Lebanon (recorded Jan. 29, 1796, Joseph Rockwell, Register; also at Middletown, on 13th day of Oct., 1833); m. Chloe Richardson, b. June 16, 1774; a step-daughter of May & Phinehas Clough of Middletown, Vt., where they settled, and where he died in the spring of 1812; and his wife died March 1, 1813.


388. Jonathan, [b. on/aft 1791], Survived his parents, and removed to the West

Clough's residence was about a mile south of the house of Thomas Davison, 3d. He was a militia Major during the Revolutionary War and so active a patriot as to become an object of hatred and vengeance among the Tories. The following is an account of an effort to take his life, but which was happily frustrated :

A Tory, by the name of Irish, who resided two or three miles from Clough, and who had probably been instigated by others, was the agent selected for this purpose. Armed with a heavily loaded musket, he placed himself in a secluded spot on Clough's farm, watching the movements of the latter, and waiting for an opportunity to execute his design. In some way this fact became known to Gen. Isaac Clark of Castleton (an active officer of the Revolution and of the War of 1812, who was, in turn, watching the movements of Irish). It was not long before Clough was seen approaching from an adjoining field, unconscious of the presence of either foe or friend. On his attempting to climb a fence, Irish drew up his gun, and while taking aim at his intended victim, Clark hastily pointed his rifle toward Irish, and shot him dead, thus saving the life of Clough. Clark ever after this was known by the name of " Old Rifle." Clough lived till the early part of the present century, and died ripe in years and honors.

194. Thomas, s. of Andrew & Eunice Kimball, b. in Conn., 1753; m. 8 Sept., 1785, Deborah Rogers. He left Horton and his family in June, 1790, and d. in the Island of St. John, as is reported, about the beginning of March, 1791. So says the Horton Rec.


389. Sarah, b. 5 June, 1786.
390. James, b. 7 Dec., 1788; m. 9 March, 1811, Ruth Maxwell.
391. Charlotte, b. 23 May, 1790.
392. William, [b. on/aft 1785]
393. Nathan, [b. on/aft 1785], m. June, 1797; and 2d a Miss Power
394. Cyrus, [b. on/aft 1785], m. 1 Jan., 1806, Elizabeth Martin
395. Thomas, [b. on/aft 1785], m. 27 Oct., 1814, Rebecca Gould (d. 24 March, 1881); d. 25 Jan., 1864
396. Michael, [b. on/aft 1785], m. 1st, 28 Jan., 1806, a Miss Jordan (d. 26 Jan., 1813); 2d, 13 Jan., 1814, Elizabeth Graham; d. 11 Jan., 1864
397. Eunice, [b. on/aft 1785], m. Andrew Woodworth

195. Asa, s. of Andrew & Eunice Kimball, b. 1756; m. 30 April, 1782, Prudence, daughter of David Sherman Dennison. She was b. in Conn., Jan., 1757.


398. Joshua, b. 4 March, 1783; d. 18 May, 1783.
399. Rachel, b. 12 March, 1784; m. 1st, John Angus; 2d, Asa Chesey.
400. David, b. 1786; m. 6 Jan., 1813, Hepzibah Merchant.
401. Samuel, b. 1788; m. Eleanor Doran.
402. Asa, b. 1800; m. a Miss Bates.
403. Eunice, [b. on/aft 1782]


203. Thomas, s. of Zephaniah & Susannah Durkee, b. at Windham, Conn., 7 June, 1757; d. 4 March, 1840; m. 26 Aug., 1779, Eunice Pearl. She was b. 2 Dec., 1759, and d. 6 July, 1840.


404. Betsy, b. at Ashford, Conn., 5 June, 1780; m. Shubel Dininuck, and lived and died at Otis, Mass. [The Berkshires]

1. Thomas, b. 1807; m. Harriet Corse; d. at Otis, Mass., 1884;
2. Lucy Ann Caroline, b. 1809; m. Ira Smith; lived at Riverton, Ct., and was buried at Otis.
3. Shuball Zephaniah, b. 1811; m. Hattie Baird; lived at Wellington, Ohio.
4. Betsy May, b. 1813; m. Olan Northway; lived at New Boston, Mass.
[5 & 6: not in book]
7. Candis Oliver, b. 1816; lived at New Boston, Mass.
8. Electa A., b. 1824, New Boston. Mass.

405. Polly, b. at Ashford, 25 Jan., 1782; d. 17 April, 1782.
406. Thomas, b. at Otis, Mass., 25 March, 1791; m. 30 March, 1881, Susan Loveland.
407. Dyer, b. at Otis, Mass., 23 March, [b. on/aft 1791]; m. Polly Lyon or Jackson; d. 4 Dec., 1817.

Thomas does not appear to have been a free-holder at Ashford during his short residence before removing to Berkshire Co., Mass. He resided from about 1782 to 1832 at or near Otis, Mass. From there he went to Royaltown, N. Y., to live during the remainder of his life, with his oldest son Thomas. He was a blacksmith, having learned the trade from his father, with whom he afterward became associated in business.

204. William, s. of Zephaniah & Susannah Durkee; b. at Windham. 9 Sept., 1759; m. Sarah Warren. In 1835 he lived at Parma, N. Y., when he deeded his interest in his father's estate to W. G. Davison.


408. Adeline, [b. on/aft 1777], m. David Reynolds of Crawford Co., Penn.
409. Sarah Jane, [b. on/aft 1777], m. George Rolls of Crawford Co., Penn.

205. Benjamin, s. of Zephaniah and Susannah Durkee; b. Windham, Ct., 19 Oct., 1761; d. of an epidemic fever, 1812 or 1813; bur. at Richmond, N. Y. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War with his three (or probably two) brothers. He was a tailor in early life, also a mechanic. He had a factory in Hemlock Lake, Western, N. Y., where he manufactured wooden plows. M. Roxy Norton, b. 1766; d. 1845.

“In the 'Davison – Davidson Genealogy'
Anna Gregory is called Anna Blackman
an error. I have a copy from
the(?) old Benjamin Davidson Bible
In which she is called by her
Correct name – Anna Gregory

In letter from –
Dr. M. S. Gregory
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Aug. 28, 1933.

Su(?) p. 65, E9.D298



410. Polly, b. 8 Jan., 1785; m. 1802, Philo Toby of Cardiff, N. Y.; d. Oswego. N. Y.
411. Roxy, b. 20 April, 1787; m. Branch Edwards or Everts of Bristol, N. Y.
412. Clarine, b. 23 June, 1789; m. John Pitts King of Syracuse, N. Y.; d. Michigan City, Ind.
413. Benjamin, b. at Otis. 4 Feb., 1792; m. (1) Joanna Johnson, (2) Anna Blackman. (see above note)
414. Jonathan, b. 27 April, 1794; d. young.
415. Abiol [aka: Abiel], b. 18 Jan., 1796; m. 29 March, 1819, Sophia Miller.
416. Edward, b. 31 May, 1788; d. young.
417. Sarah, b. 20 April, 1801; m. J. Booth of Rochester, N. Y.
418. William, b. 2 Aug., 1803; d. 1812.
419. Charles Cook, b. 9 April, 1806; m. 1829, Mary Geer.


206. John, s. of Zephaniah and Susannah Durkee; b. at Ashford, 20 Nov., 1763; m. 26 Jan., 1788, Lydia, eldest daughter of Nathaniel and Rhoda (Brewer) Wood. She was b. 26 Jan., 1770; d. 6 Aug., 1853.


420. Rhoda, b. 10 Oct., 1789; m. 26 April, 1814, William Henry; d. 23 Jan., 1878. She was buried at Bunker Hill, Ill. He was b. 28 Jan., 1778, at Blandford; and d. 9 Sept., 1860; and was bur. in Piscataquis Co., Me. They settled at Blandford. Mass. He had five sons, all of whom, with their mother, died of lung disease. Previous to his marriage with Rhoda he had married, 7 Feb., 1802, Hannah Watson.

1. William D., b. 5 March, 1815, at Blandford; farmer and joiner.
2. Lyman H., b. 26 Feb., 1817, at Blandford.
3. Franklin W., b. 15 Jan., 1819; farmer, preacher for the Christian church; m. 15 June, 1845, Nancy M. Gibbons.
4. Calvin W., b. 26 Aug., 1821; farmer.
5. James N., b. 27 Oct., 1823.
6. Eliza, b. 22 Jan., 1827; lives at Southampton, Mass.
7. Lydia E., b. 26 March, 1829; lives at Hayworth. Ill.
8. Lucinda M., b. 7 Jan., 1832.

421. John, b. at Otis, Mass., 23 Aug., 1791; m. May, 1815, Mary Guile.
422. Nathaniel, b. at Otis, Mass., Thursday. 14 Nov., 1793; m. Amy Guile; d. 2 April, 1886.
423. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1788], b. Wednesday
424. Lyman, b. at Otis, Mass., Tuesday, 16 May, 1799; m. 24 Dec., 1848, Julia Jewel; d. 2 Aug., 1879.
425. Percivill, b. at Otis, Mass., Tuesday, 20 Oct., 1801; m. April, 1835, Hannah Fowler; d. 26 Aug., 1876.
426. William, b. at Otis, Mass., Thursday, 15 March, 1804; m. 8 May, 1832, Jane A. M. Reed; d. 2 March, 1870.
427. Thomas, b. at Otis, Mass., Thursday, 8 Oct., 1806; m. 1826, Diana Roberts.
428. Susan Eliza, [b. on/aft 1788], b. Thursday

207. Zephaniah, s. of Zephaniah and Susannah Durkee; b. at Ashford, Ct., 26 Oct., 1765; m. 18 Nov., 1790, Candis Dimmick; d. 3 Sept., 1808. No children. His father lived with him until his death, and his mother after her husband's death. Zephaniah, Jr., made a will. His widow received one-third of his estate. She married 2d, one Gates, who squandered her property, then died. She not caring to live alone, the family got together and looked after her, but they did it so badly the town took it in charge.


209. Samuel, s. of Zephaniah & Susannah Durkee; b. at Ashford, Ct., 7 Feb., 1773; m. 12 Sept., 1789, Sarah Clark, and lived during his life at Richmond and Genesee, N. Y.


429. Clarine, b. 23 Feb., 1792.
430. Samuel, b. 27 Nov., 1793; m. Sarah Folwell.
431. Philo or Phylow, b. 16 Feb., 1795; went to West Indies.
432. Sarah, b. 7 June, 1797; d. at Richmond, N. Y.
433. William, [b. on/aft 1789]
434. Daniel, [b. on/aft 1789], left home for the West Indies, 1819
435. James, [b. on/aft 1789], d. at the age of about 21
436. George, [b. on/aft 1789]
437. Zephaniah, [b. on/aft 1789]
438. Priscilla, [b. on/aft 1789]
439. Roma, [b. on/aft 1789]
440. Ira, [b. on/aft 1789]

228. Captain Paul, s. of Asa & Sarah Pride; b. 1765; d. 19 Feb., 1805, from injuries sustained from being thrown from his horse: m. about 1785, Sally Gould. She was b. 1765; and d. at Lima, N, Y., 21 Oct., 1844.

The records of Ashford, Conn., show that Paul Davison purchased land in Ashford in 1785 and 1787. In the summer of 1778 Paul Davison and his brother-in-law Jonathan Gould went from Connecticut to the wilds of Western New York. They located on land where Lima, Livingston Co., N. Y., now stands, thus being pioneers in that portion of the country. Paul Davison was attracted to the new country while under the command of General Sullivan in a campaign against Indians and Tories. Paul and his brother-in-law cleared a little space of ground, built a log cabin, and on the cleared ground planted corn, potatoes, beans, etc. Paul Davison then returned to assist in moving his family, which consisted of his wife Sally (Gould) Davison and her mother Mrs. Abbott, also Paul's two little children.

In the spring of 1789 Paul Davison, wife, two children, Mrs. Abbott, and Asahel Burchard started in an ox-cart drawn by a span of oxen over the route of " Sullivan's trail " towards their new home in Genesee Valley. The difficulties encountered by this pioneer family were very great. They made slow progress during the day, very often being obliged to clear away fallen trees and build temporary bridges. At night Mrs. Davison, children, and Mrs. Abbott slept in the cart, while Paul Davison and Asahel Burchard slumbered beneath the ox-cart during the whole journey. The trip consumed three weeks. For two years the family pounded all their corn in a " stump mortar." Captain Paul Davison and some of his pioneer neighbors took six or seven bushels of corn in an Indian canoe down the Genesee River to the mill; on their return the canoe upset, wetting the corn meal and unfitting it for use – a great loss to them. At the time of his death, Paul Davison was living on the land he settled. The first death in the settlement was Mrs. Abbott. The first white child born west of Geneva, N. Y., was Lorina, a daughter and third child of Paul Davison.

From "Conn. Men in the Revolution": Paul Davison marched from Pomfret in the Lexington Alarm, in service 20 days (p. 20). Paul Davison enlisted in Capt. Abbott's Co. Eleventh Militia Reg., 1776 (p. 463). Rec. and Pension Office War Dep., 4 Feb., 1897: "It also appears that Paul Davison served as a fifer in Capt. Nathaniel Webb's Company, 4th Conn. Reg., commanded by Col. John Durkee. He enlisted 2 June, 1778, to serve three years, and was discharged 10 Jan., 1781." From the Dep. of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, 11 March, 1897: "Martin, Lorina, Jonathan, Fanny, Betsy, and Olive Davison, children of Paul and Sally Davison, made application for pension 12 Jan., 1852, and their claim was allowed for the actual service of their father as a fifer in the Connecticut troops, Revolutionary War, for a period of three years; a part of the time he served under Col. Durkee. He enlisted at Ashford, Conn."


441. Norman, b. at Ashford, Ct., 16 Aug., 1786; m. 9 Nov., 1806, Huldah Brown; d. 26 March, 1841.
442. Martin, b. at Ashford, 26 Sept., 1789; m. Nancy Emmett.
443. Lorina, b. 1791; m. Amos O. Perry; d. at Lima, N, Y., 1852.
444. Sally, b. 1794; d. young.
445. Jonathan, b. at Lima, N. Y., 1796; m. Nancy Gibson.
446. Fanny, b. at Lima, N. Y., 1799; m. 1815, Elias Fitch; lived at Perry, N. Y.
447. Betsy, b. 1801; m. George Chapman.
448. Olive, b. 1804; m. Robert McCullough, and lived at Rockport, N. Y.


229. Ezra, s. of Asa & Sarah Pride, b. 14 Aug., 1767; d. at Grafton, N. Y. 29 April, 1834; m. in Argyle, Maine, 24 May, 1790. She d. 30 Sept. 1853. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War it is said, at the age of 16, and served during the last two years.


449. Asa Lee, b. at Grafton, 3 Dec., 1792; m. Lydia Lewis; d. at Canton. Ill., 2 Nov., 1853.
450. Sarah, b. 1 June, 1796.
451. Lois, b. 18 Aug., 1800; m. Amos Wert; d. 4 Nov., 1834.
452. Reuben, b. 10 Feb., 1802; d. Grafton, July, 1821.
453. Daniel, b. 25 May, 1804; m. Dec., 1823. Melinda Mixon; d. 8 Jan., 1844.
454. Paul K., b. 1 Jan., 1807; m. Abigail Burdick; d. at Troy, N. Y., 1884.
455. John M., b. 14 Sept., 1811; m. 24 June, 1832, Sally Parks.
456. S. Rowland, b. 26 Oct., 1813; m. Amanda West; d. April 18, 1867.
457. Norman L., b. 26 July, 1817; m. 11 Dec., 1836, Amanda Wait.

234. Rufus (farmer), s. of Asa & Sarah Pride, b. at Ashford, 20 May, 1775; m. 30 April, 1800, Polly Morgan, b. at Brimfield, Mass., 17 July, 1782; d. at Lima, N. Y., 19 April, 1817. They settled at Lima, N. Y.; afterwards removed to Grand Blanc, Michigan, 4 Jan., 1845.


458. Mentor, b. 15 Dec., 1800.
459. Norton, b. Oct., 1802.
460. Paul, b. 21 Nov., 1805; m. 1 May, 1837, Lucy E. Oathoudt.
461. Morgan, b. Oct., 1807; d. 1827.
462. James, b. 24 Feb., 1809.
463. Bradley, b. 20 Aug., 1812; d. 1833.
464. Abner, b. 12 April, 1825.


236. Nathan, s. of Asa & Sarah Pride, b. at Ashford, 1 June, 1781; d. 1863; m. Elizabeth Seaman. Settled at Lickaen, Chenango, N, Y., where he lived till the winter of 1837, when he removed to Castile, Wyoming Co. (Genesee), N. Y., where he died.


465. Alonzo Pride, b. 1813; m. 1844, Adelia Fuller.
466. Bathsheba [b. on/aft 1813], d. young, about 1822 or 3,
467. Olive, [b. on/aft 1813], m. William A. Colgroeve

1. Julia L., b. about 1836.
2. Elizabeth, b. about 1840.
3. William H., b. about 1845; m. about 1870, Ellen Flint.
4. Nathan E., b. about 1850; single.

468. Lydia, b. at Lickaen. Chenango Co., N. Y., 10 Nov., 1814; m. about 1834, Alonzo B. Burdick; d. at Milwaukee, 22 Jan., 1869.
469. Harriet, m. about 1842, George Giddings; no children in 1888.
470. Elvira E., m. about 1855, John Jaquett, and resides at Toledo, O.
471. Nathan Henry, b. as Lickaen, N. Y., 16 Aug., 1824; m. 3 Jan., 1852, Amanda Aiken.

240. John P., s. of Asa & Sarah Pride, youngest son of Asa, and brother to Ezra, married Elizabeth Davis and resided on a part of Asa Davison's tract in Grafton, N. Y., until about 1845, when he sold his part and removed to Hoosic Falls, N. Y., where he kept boarders for the Tremont Colton Factory several years. In 1850 he removed to Illinois, bought land warrants, and entered land eight miles west of Minonk. Ill., a short time before the land office was closed to give the Illinois Central Railroad alternate sections. All his children followed him but two.


472. Miranda, [b. on/aft 1783]          476. Reuben, [b. on/aft 1783]
473. Lois, [b. on/aft 1783]                477. Jane, [b. on/aft 1783]
474. Nancy, [b. on/aft 1783]            478. Lydia, [b. on/aft 1783]
475. Sarah, [b. on/aft 1783]              479. Charles, [b. on/aft 1783]

250. George, s. of Joseph & Lydia Clark, b. 26 Jan., 1804; d. 30 Feb., 1877; m. Ardelia Ashley.


480. Lydia Maria, b. 17 Aug., 1837.
481. Delia Jane, b. 20 Nov., 1839.
(From Brooklyn, Ct., Town Rec.)


251. Septimus, s. of Aaron & Lodicy Martin, bap. at Brooklyn, Ct., 26 July, 1801; m. at Brooklyn, Ct., 16 Oct., 1826, Margaret Holbrook of Abington. His sister Clarissa lived with him until his daughter Frances married, and then resided with her. He was Judge of the Court until he was 70, at which age he was released. From a newspaper clipping we learn that Capt. Septimus Davison died at the age of 83. At the funeral Rev. Mr. Beard read the Scriptures and the Unitarian choir sang. Many citizens were present. He was a kind neighbor, intelligent citizen, and an honest man. He was a hotel keeper for twenty-two years – at South Coventry- for a number of years, and at Brooklyn, Ct., two years. Many offices of trust were committed to him, and promptness, good judgment, independence, and integrity showed him to be a public man.


482. Francis M., b. 23 Aug., 1828; m. at Brooklyn, Ct., 16 Sept., 1850, John Palmer.
483. Lucy, b. 3 June, 1830.
484. Henry H., b. 19 Dec., 1835.
(Both are single and reside at Brooklyn, Ct.)

267. Samuel, s. of Samuel & Sarah Williams, b. 12 Feb., 1809; m. 11 Nov., 1833, Laury Hersey of Cummington. Mass. He was a farmer by occupation. Later in life he went with son Royal to San Diego, Cal. About the time of his marriage he settled at Land Lake, N. Y.; after at Cummington. Mass.; Plaintiff, Mass.; Northampton, Mass.; Kansas, and San Diego.


485. Cephas E., b. 12 Aug., 1834; m. 14 March, 1869. Elizabeth Coleman.
486. Royal E., b. 4 Feb., 1836; m. Ellen Clark of Northampton, Mass., by whom he had no children. She d. 1870. In 1886 he m. Mary Robbins, and lives at San Diego, Cal.
487. Daniel F., b. 14 July, 1842. Single in 1816; lived in San Diego. Cal.; jeweler.


274. Clark, s. of Nathan, b. at Pomfret, Ct., 1758(?), [more likely b. on/aft 1775. His father on p.48: "119. Nathan, b. at Pomfret, Conn., about 1758(?)"]; m. Abbie Tracy.


488. Ann, [b. on/aft 1793]
489. William, [b. on/aft 1793]
490. Kate, [b. on/aft 1793]
491. Albert, [b. on/aft 1793]
492. Emma, [b. on/aft 1793], m. Fred. Derbyshire, and had two children, Kate and William.
493. Delia, [b. on/aft 1793], m. Ralph Sage, and had two children, Grace and Fannie.

277. Chester, s. of John & Phoebe Hoar, b. 5 June, 1793; d. 15 Nov., 1873; m. 11 Sept., 1817, Lorena, dau. of Abner and Candis Dunham. She was b. 31 May, 1798; d. at Davenport, Ill., 29 Jan., 1887. Among his papers in the hands of his son Abner is this memorandum : " Mother's grandmother was scalped at Long Meadow, 28 March, 1676."


494. John, b. Dec. 3, 1811; m. 10 May, 1848, Clara Tuttle, by whom he had no children. They lived at Fredonia. N. Y., at the time of his death, 20 Sept., 1874.
495. Abner, b. 3 Jan., 1820; m. 1 Jan., 1854, Mary E. Davison.
496. Phoebe, b. 13 Aug., 1821; d. 22 March, 1832.
497. Horatio, b. 8 Dec., 1823; m. 16 March, 1863. Ellen Griswold.
498. Henry Delos, b. 2 Aug., 1827; m. 27 April, 1851, Lorena Newton; d. 27 April, 1864.
499. Oscar, b. 22 July, 1833; d. 28 Jan., 1834.
500. Lorena, b. 20 Oct., 1835; d. 5 Oct., 1836.

283. William, s. of John & Phoebe Hoar, b. 26 Jan., 1804; m. 1st, Mary Tickner; 2d, Amanda Hitchcock.

Children by First Marriage.

501. George, [b. on/aft 1822], m. Jenny Dewey
502. Mary, [b. on/aft 1822], m. Abner Davison
503. Charles, [b. on/aft 1822]

Children by Second Marriage.

504. John, [b. on/aft 1825]
505. Charles, [b. on/aft 1825]
506. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1825], m. a Hopgood


284. Hamilton, s. of John & Phoebe Hoar, b. 5 March, 1806. In 1886 he resided at Defiance, Ohio.


507. Emma, [b. on/aft 1824], m. a Strong
508. John, [b. on/aft 1824]
509. Ste____, [b. on/aft 1824]

290. George Luther, s. of Beriol and Mary Utley, b. 27 Nov., 1811; d. Feb., 1887; m. 9 Nov., 1836, Lydia Maria Crosby, b. 18 Jan., 1817.

Extract from Hartford " Courant," November 6, 1886:

"Mr. and Mrs. George L. Davison of Brooklyn will celebrate their golden wedding on the 9th inst. with a large family gathering. Mr. Davison's great grandfather, Deacon Joseph Davison, was one of the pioneer settlers of eastern Connecticut, and in 1723 he bought 1,200 acres of land, which was afterwards included in the present town of Brooklyn; and with about thirty others organized its first church. Since that time (for 163 years) his descendants in direct line have resided continuously in Brooklyn, and have all been among its most respected citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Davison have two sons – the older, George W. Davison, is treasurer and agent of the Rochester Machine Tool Company, builders of steam engines and machinists' tools, of Rochester, N. Y.; and the other is E. H. Davison, secretary and superintendent of the American Hosiery Company of New Britain. A niece of Mr. and Mrs. Davison, who was left an orphan at an early age, was brought up as a daughter in the family, and is now the wife of Julian Griggs, chief engineer of the Scioto Valley Railroad of Ohio. The children and grandchildren are all expected home for the golden anniversary."


510. George Warren, b. 12 Feb., 1838; m. 27 June, 1861, Abbie Elizabeth Fletcher.
511. Edwin Henry, b. 3 Aug., 1841; m. 22 Nov., 1866, Jennie E. Williams.
(From Rec. Brooklyn, Ct.)


291. Ralph Utley, s. of Beriol & Mary Utley, b. 11 Nov., 1814; d. 15 July, 1880; m. 1st, at Dudley, Mass., 2 March, 1843, Dolly Healey, daughter of Henry and Dolly (Healey) Conant (b. 13 Dec., 1821; d. at Dudley, 29 Sept., 1854); m. 2d, at Dudley, 26 Nov., 1856, Cordelia W. Larned.

Children by First Marriage.

512. Henry Herbert, b. 24 Sept., 1850; m. 28 Nov., 1877, Ida F. Crowningshield.
513. Josiah Conant, b. 13 Dec., 1847; d. 10 Sept., 1849.

Children by Second Marriage.

514. John Eliot, b. 25 Nov., 1858; m. 28 Nov., 1894. Lizzie Easton.
515. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 19 Jan., 1863; d. 17 Feb., 1874.
516. Harriet Eton, b. 21 July, 1864; m. 11 Sept., 1889. R. F. Macartney.

293. Edwin, s. of Beriol & Mary Utley, b. 24 Sept., 1824; m. 18 Nov., 1852, Jane Britton, Wagegan, Ct.


517. Sarah Jane, b. 25 Oct., 1858.
(From Brooklyn Town Rec.)

295. William Pollard, s. of Luther & Bashaby; b. abt. 1803; m. (1) 15 May, 1826, Abby P. Chapman; (2) 25 Feb., 1829, Roselle W. Richards; (3) 11 July, 1859, Cornelia Banning; d. 13 April, 1884.


518. William H., b. 25 Jan., 1827; m. 30 March, 1851, Elizabeth H Brewster, Norwich, Ct.
519. Abbie C, b. 25 March, 1830; m. (1) 13 Dec., 1849. J. F. Tanner of Norwich, Ct. (d. 29 Jan., 1865); (2) 12 June, 1869. M. Parish, who d. 29 April, 1877.

1. Anna Augusta, [b. on/aft 1849].
2. ____, b. 24 Dec., 1850; m. 10 Oct., 1868, Noah Chapman.
3. Frank B., b. 21 March, 1854; d. 27 May, 1887.
4. Mary B., b. 14 Oct., 1864; d. 22 Jan., 1887.


520. Charles, b. 19 April, 1834.
521. George W., b. 12 Sept., 1835; prob. m. 17 Oct., 1856, Mary E. Maynard.
522. Edward S., b. 24 Aug., 1837; m. 5 June, 1861, Emily A. Howard; was divorced from her, and m. 13 May, 1869. Lilly I. Lane; d. 26 July, 1893.
523. Eliza C, b. 24 May, 1840; m. Aug., 1860, Edward A. Palmer, New London, Conn.
524. George M., b. 2 Aug., 1843; d. May, 1858.
525. Silas, b. 20 April, 1846 or 1847; m. 20 July, 1870, Jennie Mulky (?); d. 7 Feb., 1891.
526. Luther A., b. 16 Oct., 1848; widower; lives at Hartford. Ct.
527. Leonard B., b. 7 Oct., 1850; m. Georgina Baker; has two children :

1. Leonard L., b. 28 March, 1875.
2. Rosella, b. 3 March, 1887.

299. Calvin H., s. of Alpheus & Polly Hitchcock; b. at Dummerston, Vt., 2 Nov., 1817; m. 20 May, 1845, Adelina D. Grammercy. Lives or lived at Washington, D. C.


528. Mary Celia, b. in Missouri, 3 March, 1846; m. 21 Sept., 1868, Henry K. Wood of Centreville, R. I.
529. Jennie, b. 3 March, 1865; lives at Washington, D. C.
530. Adeline G., b. 4 July, 1867; lives at Washington, D. C.

302. Roderick, s. of Alpheus & Polly Hitchcock; b. at Monson, Me., 14 Dec., 1823; m. (1) 3 April, 1849, Julia A. Baker, b. at Brooklyn, Ct., 5 Dec., 1824; d. 9 Nov., 1856; bur. Brooklyn, Ct.; (2) 13 Feb., 1859, Octavia Webb, b. at Windham, Ct, 26 Jan., 1829.


531. Ella Caroline, b. at Willimantic, Ct., 6 May, 1852; d. 2 Sept., 1853; bur. Brooklyn, Ct.
532. Emma Baker, b. at Willimantic. Ct., 4 Nov., 1853; m. May, 1873, Charles L. Hawkins, and lived at Southborough, Mass.
533. Laura Gertrude, b. at Willimantic, Ct., 23 Oct., 1861; lives or lived at Willimantic, Ct.
534. Mary Ella, b. at Willimantic, Ct., 28 Aug., 1866; lives or lived at Willimantic Ct.


303. Charles, s. of Alpheus & Polly Hitchcock (clergyman); b. at Monson, Me., 1/11, 1826; m. 12/19, 1850, by Rev. H. Isley, Laura Tenny, dau. of William & Emma (Chase) Tenny.

From a newspaper clipping : "Davison, Charles, Greenville : Republican; Congregationalist clergyman; married; age 61; born in Monson; failing health at the age of eighteen prevented him from pursuing an educational course as he desired; at the age of twenty-two engaged in farming, intending to make it a life-long employment. He was a farmer for twenty-five years, during which time held several town offices and some positions of trust. At the age of twenty-seven entered the ministry with neither academic nor theological training. Been pastor at Greenville since Oct. 1, 1873. Was deacon of Congregational Church at Monson twenty-two years, and superintendent of Sunday School for a longer time."


535. Mary Emma, b. 21 July, 1852; m. 3 July, 1878, Charles L. Morton, Monson, Me.
536. Alpheus W., b. 9 Sept., 1856; m. 21 July, 1881, Mary A. Monsell; d. 27 July, 1887.
537. Abbie Francis, b. 5 May, 1857; m. 11 June, 1877, Charles C. Mitchell of Boston, Mass; d. 3 Jan., 1893.
538. Elizabeth Maria, b. 31 July, 1860.
539. Charles Tenny, b. 17 July, 1867; d. 2 Dec., 1871.

310. Homer, s. of Rufus & Elizabeth Torrey; b. at Killingly, Ct., 11 June, 1820; m. 2 Oct., 1845, Susan Churchill; b. at Herrick, Penn., 5 Feb., 1824.


540. Paulina, b. at Greenfield, Pa., 11 Oct., 1846; m. 7 Aug., 1876, John Prime, and lives at Binghamton, N. Y.
541. Daniel Davies, b. at Greenfield. 3 Feb., 1850; m. 12 Nov., 1872, Jennie D. Butterfield; lives at Ellenton, Pa.
542. Mary, b. at Greenfield, 22 Dec., 1857; m. 25 March, 1884, Charles E. Curtis; and lives at Binghamton, N. Y.
543. Annie, b. at Waverly. Pa., 4 May, 1862; m. 30 June, 1882, William Pope; lives at Paterson, N. J.


311. Elisha Howe, s. of Rufus & Elizabeth Torrey, b. at Putnam, Ct., 10 Feb., 1822; d. 25 Nov., 1887; bur. at Putnam; m. 1st, 4 July, 1848, Eleanor Ann Miller, b. at Greenfield, Pa., 22 June, 1821; d. 20 Feb., 1851; bur. at Clifford, Pa.; 2d, Mary Olive, daughter of Dan and Amy ( Bussy) Cutler, b. at Killingly, Ct., 8 April, 1831.

Child by First Marriage.

544. Oscar, b. at Greenfield, Pa., 14 June, 1849; d. at Putnam, Ct., 17 Sept., 1863.

Children by Second Marriage.

545. William Elisha, b. at Putnam. Ct., 20 June, 1858; m. 21 Dec., 1881. Ella N. Rhodes of Uxbridge, Mass.
546. Elizabeth, b. Putnam, Ct., 15 Aug., 1860; d. 3 June, 1861; bur. at Putnam, Ct.
547. Augustus H., b. at Putnam, Ct, 29 April, 1863, lives at Washington, D. C.
548. Ella Maria, b. at Putnam, Ct., 12 June, 1866, lives at Willimantic, Ct.
549. Mary Eleanor, b. at Putnam, Ct., 23 Aug., 1869, m. 16 Feb., 1897, Fred. C. Frost of Uxbridge, Mass.
550. Calvin Parsons, b. 15 July, 1871; d. 11 July, 1872.
551. Wayland F., b. at Fox, Pa., 21 April, 1875.

Extract taken from Putnam "Patriot" of Dec. 2, 1887:

"Elisha H. Davison.

There died in our village one week ago to-day one of the humble, unobtrusive men who so richly adorn their Christian profession. Elisha H. Davison, as his pastor said, was a great man, not in anything worldly, but in goodly character. About two months ago he was severely hurt while loading a team with logs at our station. Although he apparently recovered from that injury, he had continued weak and ailing ever since, and on Thursday night took a bad turn, as observed by his wife. In alarm, the doctor was sent for, but on his arrival he announced that his services could not avail. Mr. Davison had but a few hours to live. He was conscious when this announcement was made, and cried out, ' Praise the Lord ! ' He had his house in order, and had no further work to do to be ready for the grim messenger, and he yielded up his spirit to the God who gave it, trusting in the faithfulness of that Being whom he had so long served with pure heart to be rewarded at the general resurrection. He was 65 years and 9 months old. He leaves a wife and six children, three of whom are with their mother.

The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist Church, of which the deceased was a member. The house was crowded by the friends and neighbors of the family, who came to pay the last tribute of respect to their departed friend. After the sermon, Mr. George M. Morse in a most feeling manner expressed his respect for Mr. Davison, whom he knew and owned as a dear child of God, whose labors and life corresponded with his profession. He related some instances that came under his own observation, to show how zealous had been his course of life to promote spirituality whenever the way opened.

The sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Butler, pastor of the Methodist Church."

"Psalm xxxvii. 37 : ' Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.'

" David had seen men given up to all manner of wickedness; others, in a certain sense, who were upright, but were ungodly; and then again those who followed but evil with their whole heart. He had seen those like Enoch, Elijah, Moses, and other worthies, and saw the great difference between the evil and the good man, and in comparison he had said, ' Mark the perfect man.' What is it makes a man upright and perfect ?

" I affirm that Elisha Davison was a man of that character. The end of such a man is peace.

"Who is the perfect man ? Is it he who makes loud professions in the churches and is not respected ? But mark the perfect man, who brings his Christian life up to men, and does not degrade it in their eyes. He makes God's Word his guide; Christ, his sanctified example. This man found Christ, he had his sins forgiven, and he found in Him a source of bliss, and taking the Bible as his guide was baptized.

" There are those who profess perfection, and yet do it to gain interest with men and not God. The life Elisha Davison lived was in Christ. He loved the Church, and stood by it in its struggles. He did not neglect the sanctuary nor the prayer meeting. These he felt he needed as a means of promoting his spiritual life, and when he stood and warned his fellowmen, all the Christian graces were shown perfected in him. And why ? Because he trusted alone in the Crucified by a consecration of his entire self.

"Such a man is perfect. He was just and faithful as a husband and father, as a neighbor, and before all men.

" Such is the perfect man. Not that he is without mistakes. No one can have perfection of mind, or will, or body, nor ever had, except Jesus Christ. Neither is it heart perfection; but it is in his heart to be so, and God counts it for righteousness.

" Elisha Davison was a great man. Not as the world estimates greatness, but as God does. Can I say too much of this man? Your hearts reply in the negative.

" The Church has lost a grand master. No man ever honored his church more. We shall all miss him. Many a time he has inspired the preacher by his devotedness, as he was seen with uplifted eyes and hands, continually praying that he might be a blessing to the people.

" Elisha Davison was a citizen well worthy of the respect of the community for his uprightness and simplicity of character. His face, like Moses' when on the mount with God, shone with God's glory.

"At nineteen years of age he became a Christian, and for forty-six years he had served God, and mounted higher and higher, and reached out continually for greater spirituality.

" His last meeting here all will remember. He prayed to be like Cornelius – a just and devout man, who feared God. He did not deem his Christian duty done merely by being in his place in the church meetings. He was devout in his heart, and abandoned to God.

" To show his integrity of character I will mention what an esteemed lady said : ' If Elisha Davison failed in his word, I would not know whom to trust.' So said all his neighbors.

" Thank God, then, that there are other such men in Putnam. You have confidence in them as men of God. God keep them pure as long as they abide with us, and multiply them an hundred fold.

" Elisha Davison came here thirty-five years ago a Christian man, and with the exception of a short period was a member of this church. He was a faithful, trustworthy, and humble man who walked out on the promises of God.

" Sinners die and go out in the dark. A Christian meets the messenger of death with no disturbance; no matter when he comes. He has God's assurance that He will be with him in the valley of the shadow of death, and he knows it will be well with him in the end. David, who saw the difference between these two deaths, cried out, ' Mark the perfect man . . . for the end of that man is peace.' He has gone before. He has gone to the One altogether lovely. Whatever others may say, 1 believe his soul has gone to God.

" Friends and relatives, most of you are resting in the same God whom your dear relative trusted. Commit yourself more fully to Him, and in the time to come you will all realize His supporting grace, and you will meet Him in all unending life of bliss. You know his constant endeavor was to promote your Christian welfare. Some of you have not chosen his way. As you look upon him for the last time, say, ' I will meet father in heaven.'

" Neighbors, a great man has fallen. No, he has risen higher than ever before. He has attained that holiness of heart without which no man can see God. Your presence here attests your faith in this man's devoted Christian character and your wish to honor him. In your last moments may you have the same assurance of divine help to sustain you, and may you also, like our dear brother, be able to say, 'Praise the Lord ! He doeth all things well ! "

313. Dr. Francis Baker, s. of Rufus & Elizabeth Torrey; b. at Thompson, Ct., 6 July, 1827; m. 7 Oct., 1852, Nancy Gardner, b. at Junkhannock, Pa., 10 April, 1824.


552. Adelaide, b. at Waterloo, Iowa, 10 Oct., 1856; lives or lived at Fleetville, Pa.
553. Bertha, b. at Tomkinsville, Pa., 27 Feb., 1861; m. 20 July, 1887, Judson M. Wells, by occupation a photographer. Issue : Anna Natalie, b. at Scranton, Pa., 16 April, 1888.
554. Harriet, b. at Tomkinsville, Pa., 28 June, 1862; occupation, a teacher.
555. Henry Gardner, b. at Tomkinsville, Pa., 26 June, 1863; d. 22 Oct., 1886; buried at Clifford, Pa.

Francis Baker graduated from Pennsylvania Medical College, March 5, 1853. Was Treasurer and Recorder of Black Hawk County, Iowa, at Waterloo, in 1856. Was surgeon of the 45th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of 1861. Was President of the Lackawanna County Medical Society in 1886. Is a member of the Pennsylvania State Medical Society and member of the American Medical Association. A Republican of the Union League, and laboring for temperance and suffering humanity.

318. Joel, s. of Joel & Ann Butts, b. at Brooklyn, Ct., 5 Sept., 1830; m. 9 Sept., 1856, Margary J. Gibson, b. 17 Nov., 1836, at Holmes County, Ohio: farmer's daughter. Joel, Jr., was divorced from his wife in 1883; causes, various.


556. Sarah, b. at Napoleon, Ohio, 2 Sept., 1857, occupation, milliner; m. 15 May, 1886, Edward Helmes. Lives or lived at Elmira, Otsego Co., Mich.
557. William H., b. at Napoleon, Ohio. 7 Nov., 1859 : farmer.
558. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1856], at Napoleon, Ohio; hotel clerk.
559. Andrew Jackson, b. at Napoleon, Ohio, 28 Nov., 1862.
560. George Washington, b. at Napoleon, Ohio, 4 June, 1864; d. 13 May, 1874; bur. Napoleon, Ohio.


324. Morris Miller, lawyer, s. of Dr. Oliver & Margaret Miller, b. 9 Oct., 1810; m. at St. Stephen's Church, Hallett's Cove, L. I., by Rev. Dr. Schroeder, 16 June, 1840, Elizabeth Shrimpton Stratford, dau. of Dr. John, of London, Eng.


561. Stratford Perfect, b. 5 Aug., 1841; m. in Trinity Chapel, Va., 11 June, 1866, Catharine C. Good, dau. of Rev. William Good; no issue; d. 12 Jan., 1891.
562. Morris Miller, b. 5 Aug., 1841; d. at Panama, C. A., of yellow fever, 15 June, 1867, age 25 years 9 months; interred at Woodlawn, N. Y.
563. Lucretia Maria, b. 7 Aug., 1843; lives abroad.
564. Margaret Miller, b. 26 June, 1845; m. in Trinity Church, New Rochelle, N. Y., by Rev. M. Maury, 13 Oct., 1874, Elihu L. Clark; issue, one daughter, Lucretia, b. 26 Sept., 1875.
565. Oliver, b. 8 July, 1847; m. 5 June, 1879, Catharine L. Demarest; d. 7 March, 1887.
566. Sylvanus Miller, b. 15 Jan., 1849; m. at Yokohama, Japan, Angelica M. Ryan.
567. Moss Kent, b. 15 April, 1851; d. 26 Sept., 1875; unmarried.

328. Matthias Oliver, s. of Dr. Oliver & Margaret Miller, b. 8 March, 1819; d. 1 Sept., 1872; m. 8 April, 1846, at Trinity Church, Plattsburg, N. Y., Harriet Smith Standish, dau. of Hon. Matthew M. Standish.


568. Julian Oliver, b. 27 Dec., 1853; m. Cornelia Trimble Nina Merritt; no issue; d. 30 March, 1894. He was a favorite marine artist, a pupil of the celebrated painter, M. F. H. de Haas.
569. George Trimble, b. 21 Oct., 1863; resides in New York City; lawyer. He inherited a talent for poetry, music, and the drama. His writings and musical compositions have attracted considerable attention.
570. Miles Standish, [b. on/aft 1837], d. 1862
571. Katharine Miller, [b. on/aft 1837]
572. Horatio Allen, [b. on/aft 1837], d. 1864


338. Oliver, s. of Nathan.


573. William, [b. on/aft 1794]
574. Israel, [b. on/aft 1794]
575. Mary, [b. on/aft 1794]; m. Capt. Cole.

339. John, s. of Nathan, has four sons and four daughters.

342. Charles Chapman, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell, b. 1792; m. Nancy McNeill of Bediqua, Prince Edward Island; d. July, 1866. His family all lived to be married, except one.


576. Elizabeth, b. 1817.
577. Maria, b. 14 April, 1819; m. S. C. Schuman.
578. Artemas, b. 15 Nov., 1821; m. Mary Davison.
579. Eliza, b. 30 May, 1823; m. Frederick Gardner.
580. Jessie, b. 7 March, 1825; m. 3 times – (1) Joshua Button, (2) Samuel McIntosh, and third not known.
581. Emily, b. 1827; m. A. McLeenan; dead.
582. Adeline, b. 6 March, 1839; m. Major William Dauney of California.
583. Douglas, b. 3 Nov., 1831; m. Elizabeth Gardner; went to California and had a large family.
584. Ambrozine, b. 9 Aug., 1833; m. Waldo Gibson of Massachusetts.
585. Mary, b. 1835; d. young.
586. Gustavus Adolphus, b. 22 March, 1836; m. Elizabeth Davison, dau. of Nelson Davison of River Philip; went to California.
587. Henry C, b. 1837; m. Charlotte Cleveland.
588. Charles Churchill, b. 15 Sept., 1839; m. Mary Allingham.
589. Mary B., b. 1841; m. E. M. Shaw.
590. Frances P., b. 1843 : m. Billings Davison & Asa Sproal.
591. Ann Lydia, b. 1846; m. Frank Burdett.


343. William Billings, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell; b. 30 July, 1795; d. July, 1865; m. 29 Oct., 1823, at Ch. Lower P. E. I., Louisa Lyons Daily (b. 13 Feb., 1801; d. 18 May, 1837; dau. of Lieut. Jeremiah Daily of County Wexford, Ireland, and Margaret [Burke] Daily).


592. Margaret Leah, b. 24 March, 1825; m. James Coles of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died at Boston.
593. Henry Billings, b. 18 March, 1827; d. 13 July, 1836.
594. Ezra Rockwell, b. 14 June, 1829.
595. Charles Edward, b. 28 March, 1832; living in California.
596. Benjamina Amanda, b. 18 Sept., 1834.
597. William Henry, b. 29 June, 1836; d. 31 May, 1839.
598. Almira Louise Maria, b. 3 July, 1839 : m. 26 Oct., 1870 (?), M. Jost of Halifax; d. 15 Oct., 1885.
599. Henrietta Victoria, b. 12 Sept., 1841; m. 26 Oct., 1870, Benjamin Hartz of Charlottetown, P. E. I.
600. James Reynolds, b. 29 Sept., 1844; m. 7 Aug., 1872. Mary Moore; lived in 1888 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

346. Horatio, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell; b. 1802; m. Matilda McNutt.


601. Otis Billings, [b. on/aft 1820], m. Frances P. Davison
602. Elizabeth, [b. on/aft 1820], m. Gustavus Davison
603. Rebecca, [b. on/aft 1820], m. Wilson Sayer
604. Matilda, [b. on/aft 1820], m. Frederick Palton
605. Silas, [b. on/aft 1820], d. young
606. Margaret, [b. on/aft 1820], m. Joseph Redock
607. Sarah, [b. on/aft 1820], m. _____ Schuman
608. Minnie, [b. on/aft 1820]
609. Martha, [b. on/aft 1820]


347. Henry Alline, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell; b. 25 May, 1803; m. 5 Oct., 1829, Theodora Crane Morse, dau. of Alpheus & Ann; d. 5 April, 1880. She was b. 1809; d. 29 March, 1873; bur. Oxford, N. S. He spelled his name Davidson.


610. Oscar S., b. 31 July, 1830; m. 7 April, 1857, Mary C. B. Wilson, Yarmouth, N. S.
611. Allen C, b. 25 May, 1832; m. 25 Sept., 1865, Sarali J. McKinlay, Oxford, N. S.
612. George A., b. 25 May, 1832; d. 20 Oct., 1834.
613. Richard Blair, b. 31 July, 1834; m. 14 Sept., 1865, Libbie Fraser, Follugh Village.
614. Jonathan W., b. 7 March, 1837; d. 27 Nov., 1833.
615. Cecilia, b. 11 Nov., 1839; d. 5 June, 1853
616. Horatio, b. 27 July, 1842; d. 11 Nov., 1855.
617. Silas M., b. 5 April, 1845; m. 25 Dec., 1876, Drucilla Peck Hopewell of Cape Oxford, N. S.

348. Edward, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell; b. 6 May, 1801 [child entry p.59: "b. 1806"]; m. 6 Jan., 1841, at Mastown, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia, by Rev. M. Brown, Mary McNutt (b. 16 Nov., 1815; d. 28 July, 1886; bur. at River Philip, Cumberland Co., N. S.); d. Oct. 9, 1887.


618. Frederick Augustus, b. 25 Nov., 1843; at Truro, by Rev. W. Burrus, m. Allis Maud Cox of Truro, Colchester Co., N. S.

1. Margearie, b. 13 Oct., 1892.
2. Ruth, b. 13 Sept., 1895.

619. Alfred Dexter, b. 19 July, 1845.
620. Herbert Huntington, b. March 12, 1847.
621. Articia, b. 9 Oct., 1848; m. 27 Oct., 1880, R. H. Cooper, Spring Hill.
622. Jane McNutt, b. 23 Aug., 1850; m. 17 March, 1875, S. S. Sulliven.
623. Vinton F., b. 8 July, 1852; m. 30 Dec., 1893, Mrs. Sarah Ralston.
624. Charles William, b. 21 Jan., 1855; m. 12 Aug., 1884, Annie Kelly.
625. Minerva, b. 17 May, 1857; m. 16 March, 1887, William Rayworth.

349. George, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell.


626. Glennie, b. 1838.            628. Catharine, 1836.
627. Dixon, b. 1838.            629. Levenia, 1846.

350. James R., s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell : lives or lived at St. Paul, Minn.; b. 1810; m. Mary More.


630. Charles Franklin, b. 17 June, 1873.
631. Lea Mansfield, b. 22 July, 1876.
632. William W., b. 13 June, 1878.
633. Eliza Louisa, b. 11 July, 1880.
634. Walter B., b. 6 Aug., 1882.
635. Samuel M., b. 31 Jan., 1885.
636. James F., b. 20 June, 1887.


351. Alfred (lives or lived at St. Paul, Minn.), s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth Rockwell;b. at Cambridge, N. S., 1814; m. 1843, Harriet Stephenson.


637. Thomas A., b. 1844.            640. Mary, b. 1861.
638. Henrietta, b. 1856.            641. Hannah Howard, b. 1867.
639. Margarite, b. 1859.

386. Gideon Miner, eldest son of Thomas & Abigail Miner; was born at Middletown, Vt., Nov. 12, 1791. Married July 24, 1814, Sarah Melvina (b. 22 April, 1791; d. 6 April, 1861), eldest dau. of Captain John Mason & Sarah Woodward of Castleton, Vt.

He became a resident of Rutland in April, 1806; was the editor and one of the proprietors of the "Rutland Herald" in 1813; married 1814, and removed to Saratoga Springs on the 21st of April, 1819. Here he established the first newspaper printed in that village (the "Saratoga Sentinal"), and was its editor and proprietor for about twenty-three years; during most of which time, and until 1848, he was Clerk in Chancery for the 4th Circuit of the State of New York.

He also originated and superintended the construction of the second railroad made in the United States (the Saratoga and Schenectady), was the commissioner and disbursing officer of the Utica and Schenectady railroad during its construction, and originated and superintended the construction of the Saratoga and Washington railroad, holding the office of president of the company for several years. His wife, who had proved his solace in every trial and sickness, who had been a sharer in his sorrows as well as joys; who had contributed much towards the training of her children to positions of usefulness, respectability, and piety; and who had been an invaluable companion and mother, died at Saratoga Springs, deeply lamented, but with the full assurance of a glorious immortality, on the 6th April, 1861.



642. John Mason, b. at Rutland. Vt., 9 March, 1816; m. 13 Aug., 1838, Sarah S. Walworth; d. 7 March, 1890.
643. Clement Miner, b. 9 Dec., 1817; m. 1 Dec. 1846, Mary Pomeroy; d. 22 June, 1897.
644. Charles Augustus, b. 21 May, 1824; m. 6 Jan., 1850, Mary A. Vermilye.
645. Sarah Mason, [b. on/aft 1814]
646. Elizabeth Newman, b. 7 June, 1829, at Saratoga Springs; d. 14 Oct., 1830.

387. Clement, s. of Thomas and Abigail Miner, b. at Middletown, Vt., 23 Nov., 1794; m. 17 Oct., 1818, Elizabeth Newman, b. at Bedford, N. Y., 1789, dau. of Major Elias Newman, a Revolutionary soldier, afterward sheriff and surrogate of Westchester Co., at one time a candidate for Governor of the State of New York. Mr. Davison and his wife resided for several years in Brooklyn; had two children who died in infancy.

390. James, s. of Thomas and Deborah Rogers, b. 7 Dec., 1788; m. 9 March, 1811, Ruth Maxwell.


647. Thomas Andrew, b. 27 Dec., 1811.
648. Asa Woodworth, b. 15 Dec., 1813.
649. Nancy, b. 20 Oct., 1815.
650. Rebecca, b. 20 Dec., 1817.
651. Amy, b. 29 Dec., 1819.
652. Sarah, b. 25 Jan., 1822.

392. William, s. of Thomas and Deborah Rogers : perhaps of Jonathan of Hausport.


653. Leonard, b. 8 Jan., 1811.
654. Elizabeth, [b. on/aft 1810], 9 March.
655. Charles, [b. on/aft 1810]
656. Benjamin, [b. on/aft 1810]
657. Philander, [b. on/aft 1810]
658. William, [b. on/aft 1810]
659. Thomas Andrew, [b. on/aft 1810]


393. Nathan, s. of Thomas and Deborah Rogers, m. 17 June, 1797. Second wife, a Miss Power.


660. Rebecca, b. 17 March, 1798; m. 26 March, 1817, William Benjamin.
661. James Thomas, b. 22 May, 1800; d. 26 Oct., 1862.
662. Cyrus Hiram, b. 6 Oct., 1802.
663. Sarah Ann, b. 28 May, 1805.
664. James Nelson, b. 1 Aug., 1807.
665. William Andrew, b. 6 Dec., 1809.
666. Maria, b. 26 March, 1812.
667. William Benjamin, b. 29 Sept., 1815.
668. Douglas Woodworth, b. 7 June, 1818.
669. Nathan Kimball, b. 29 Aug., 1820.

394. Cyrus, s. of Thomas and Deborah Rogers, m. 1 Jan., 1806, Elizabeth Martin.


670. Julia Ann, b. 15 April, 1806.
671. Elizabeth Wright, b. 30 March, 1807.
672. Sarah Rebecca, b. 7 Jan., 1808.
673. Cyrus Trueman, b. 24 Feb., 1814.
674. Eunice Catharine, b. 25 Nov., 1817.

395. Thomas, s. of Thomas and Deborah Rogers, m. 27 Oct., 1814, Rebecca Gould. She d. 24 March, 1861.


675. John Thomas, b. 7 Aug., 1815.
676. William Edward, b. 7 Aug., 1817.
677. Catharine Ann, b. 20 June, 1819.
678. Rebecca, b. 3 Dec., 1821.
679. Silas, b. 25 April, 1824.
680. George, [b. on/aft 1814].
681. Jehiel, [b. on/aft 1814].


396. Michael, s. of Thomas and Deborah Rogers, d. 11 Jan., 1864; m. twice: (1) 28 Jan., 1806, Jerusha Jordan; d. 26 Jan., 1813; (2) 13 Jan., 1842, Elizabeth Graham.

Child by First Marriage.

682. Rachel, b. 29 Sept., 1808.

Children by Second Marriage.

683. Daniel, b. 6 May, 1815.
684. Jerusha, b. 11 Sept., 1817.
685. John Graham, b. 5 Oct., 1819; d. 3 Nov., 1819.
686. Sarah Olivia, b. 15 April, 1821.
687. Mariner, b. 4 July, 1823.

400. David, s. of Asa and Prudence Dennison, b. 1786; m. 6 Jan., 1813; Hepsabah Merchant, dau. of William and Betsy (Williamson) Merchant.


688. William Asa, b. at Comwallis. 23 April, 1815; m. C. S. Norwood; issue, two sons, Samuel and William, reside at Malden, Mass.
689. Ann Eliza, b. 2 April, 1818; m. George Struthers.
690. Samuel, b. at Comwallis, 10 April, 1820.
691. David D., b. 1822; m. twice : (1) Amelia Woodworth; (2) Caroline Curry Gould. One son, Frank, resides at Boston, Mass.
692. Prudence, [b. on/aft 1813]
693. Henry, b., 1827; m. Georgiana Palmer.
694. Matilda, b. 1830.
695. John, b., 1833.
696. George, b. 1837; m. Jane Palmeter; lives at San Diego, Cal., and has four sons, Leonard, Aubrey, Harry, and Charles.

401. Samuel, s. of Asa and Prudence Dennison, b. 1788; m. 1813, Eleanor Doran.

402. Asa, s. of Asa and Prudence Dennison, b. 1800. Lived in Kings Co., N. B.


697. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1818], a judge in California.
698. William, [b. on/aft 1818], who died of starvation in the Colorado mountains.

406. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Eunice Pearl, b. at Otis, Mass., 25 March, 1791; d. 28 June, 1881; buried at Chestnut Ridge Cemetery, Royaltown, N. Y.; m. 30 March, 1816. Susan Loveland, b. 1794; died 16 March, 1876; buried with her husband. Thomas lived at Otis, Mass., where he worked at his trade of blacksmith till 1816, when he removed to Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y., where he remained but six months; then removed and settled at Leroy, Genesee Co., N. Y., where he remained till 1822, when he settled at Royaltown, in Niagara Co. At this time the country was a wilderness, and a descendant says he lived for a short time in a log hut without doors or windows, contented in the thought that some day it would be different, and it was. In 1832 he went to Otis, Mass., and brought his aged parents to live with him.


699. Curtis, b. at Otis, Mass., 16 July, 1815; m. Sarah Coe. Had one son, James F., said to have lived at Tonawanda, Erie Co. (prob. N.Y.). He was affected with fits, from the effects of which his reason was destroyed; d. 30 Nov., 1863, and was buried with his father.
700. Dyer D., b. at Leroy, N. Y., 9 Oct., 1819; m. 24 March, 1870, E. J. Day. He resided at the same place where his father settled in 1822. He said that his schooling was in a log hut in the woods. He cared for his father in his old age.
701. Susan A., b. at Royaltown, March, 1824; d. 2 Jan., 1868, and was buried in the Chestnut Ridge Cemetery.
702. George D., b. at Leroy, N. Y., 10 Dec., 1821; m. Susannah Lusk. In 1885 he resided at Eaton Springs, Michigan, and was rearing a family of nine.

413. Benjamin, s. of Benjamin & Roxy Norton, b. at Otis, Mass., 4 Feb., 1792; m. twice: (1) Joanna Johnson; (2) Anna Blackman [or Gregory, see note p. 65]. He was a Universalist. All of his children but 1 were born in Ontario Co., N. Y.

Child by First Marriage.

703. Benjamin, [b. on/aft 1812], m. Fannie Curtis.

Children By Second Marriage.

704. Joanna, [b. on/aft 1817], m. Valentine Stoddard.
705. William, b. 1817; m. Cynthia Nichols; d. at Spring Green, Wisconsin.
706. Almorin, [b. on/aft 1817], m. Catharine Bloomfield; no issue.
707. Edward, [b. on/aft 1817], m. 1st, Polly Snyder; 2d, Eliza Goodale; no record.
708. Riley, [b. on/aft 1817], d. single at the age of 20.
709. Oramille G., b. 5 May, 1825; m. 1 April, 1846, Rachel Snyder.
710. Angeline, [b. on/aft 1817]
711. Laura, m. Henry Bacon, [b. on/aft 1817]
712. Harriet, m. James Gootiale, [b. on/aft 1817]
713. Seymour L., [b. on/aft 1817], m. Harriet Ham; no record; lived in southeastern Nebraska.


415. Abiel [aka: Abiol], s. of Benjamin & Roxy Norton, b. at London, Berkshire Co., Mass., 18 Jan., 1796; m. 1st, 29 March, 1819, Sophia Miller, b. 2 March, 1799; d. 28 March, 1839; m. 2nd, Angeline Mesnord, b. 9 April, 1812, Saratoga, N. Y.; d. 20 March, 1885; bur. Lion, N. Y.

Children by First Marriage.

714. Abiel J., b. 1 Sept., 1820; farmer; no family.
715. Sophia, b. 3 Aug., 1822; m. J. Wilkes; d. 7 Dec., 1866.
716. Caroline, b. 8 Oct., 1824; m. H. V. B. Arnold.
717. Maryette, b. 9 Nov., 1826; m. Rev. F. Muse; d. in Pennsylvania, 21 Sept., 1854.
718. Terrissa, b. 17 March, 1829; m. Stephen Toby; d. at Waterloo, N.Y., 26 Jan., 1876.
719. Sarah, b. 21 Jan., 1833; m. Asa E. Curtis.
720. Deforest, b. 11 Nov., 1838; m. Martha Alexander, Maysville, N. Y.

Children by Second Marriage.

721. Albert, b. 16 April, 1842; m. Flora Dawley.
722. Ardella, b. 31 Jan., 1844; m. Miles Coe. Avon, N. Y.
723. Charles,  b. 14 Aug., 1846; d. 13 Aug., 1849 }
724. Celestia, b. 14 Aug., 1846; d. 25 Sept., 1864 } twins.
725. Ellen, b. 5 Nov., 1849; d. 14 Dec., 1864.

419. Charles Cook, s. of Benjamin & Roxy Norton, b. 9 April, 1806; m. 1829, Mary Geer of Vermont.

Charles Cook was obliged to provide for himself after his father's death, he being but six years old. Went to Iowa 1856; was a carpenter & joiner. Blind after 1883. Lived in 1885 at New Hampton, Iowa, with son Lorenzo Benjamin.


726. Charles J., b. Jan., 1830; d. 1 Oct., 1882; single.
727. Mary Roxy, b. Dec., 1834; m. 1851. 1st, R. Wakefield; no issue; 2d, J. Gates.
728. Lorenzo Benjamin, [b. 20 June, 1838. see parent entry p.112]
729. Martha C, [b. on/aft 1829], m. 1858, John Gilford


421. John D., s. of John & Lydia Wood; b. at Otis, Mass., 23 Aug., 1791; m. May, 1815, Anna Guile of Becket, Mass.


730. John R., b. 9 Dec., 1815 or 16; had one child, John E., who lived (1880) at Lyona, Crawford Co., Penn.; had other children.
731. James Nelson, b. 10 April, 1817 or 18.
732. Mary A., b. 3 Sept., 1819.
733. Levi, b. Sept., 1829; drowned about 1844.

422. Nathaniel, s. of John & Lydia Wood, b. at Otis, Mass., 16 Nov., 1793; d. 2 April, 1886; m. 1815, Amy Guile of Becket, Mass. She was b. 23 March, 1796; d. 23 Dec., 1862.

He settled in Randolph, Crawford Co., Penn., about one mile from Hickory Corners, in 1820. He came from Otis, Mass., with other brothers, in ox teams, being on the road 31 days. The " Crawford Journal," in speaking of his death, says :

"Nathaniel Davison, the oldest inhabitant of Randolph township, was buried on Sunday. ' Uncle Nat,' as he was familiarly called, was born in Massachusetts, 16 Oct., 1793, making him ninety-three years, six months, and ten days at the time of his decease. He came to Randolph township in 1820 and settled on the farm where he died. To write his history since coming to this community would be the same, as regards his struggles with pioneer life, as the history of all the first settlers.

The span of his early existence stretched back over nearly all of the Constitutional period of our Government – a period in which more historical events are crowded than any other period of like duration in modern times. He enjoyed good health and a great degree of activity of body and mind up to within a few months of his death. He was strictly temperate and regular in his habits, firm in his purposes, polite and dignified in his deportment, and ever diligent in acquiring knowledge that would enable him to see a high idea of life."



734. Charles, b. 9 Feb., 1816; d. young at Otis, Mass.
735. Belinda, b. 29 April, 1817; m. 1st, William Keep; 2d, Edward Pratt.
736. Lorin, b. at Otis, Mass., 25 June, 1819; m. 1843, Abigail Hodge.
737. Lydia, b. 10 May, 1821.
738. Nathaniel W., b. 4 June, 1824.
739. Mary, b. 11 Oct., 1826; m. C. F. Canfield.
740. William, b. 30 Dec., 1829; m. 12 Jan., 1858. Lovina Case.
741. Lyman, b. 27 June, 1832; m. Mary E. Meacham.
742. Adeline, b. 27 July, 1836; m. Lyman Waters.

424. Lyman S., s. of John & Lydia Wood, b. at Otis, Mass., 16 May, 1799; d. 2 Aug., 1879; m. 24 Dec., 1848, Julia Jewel, b. at Murray, Orleans Co., N. Y., 7 Dec., 1816.

Lyman came to northwest Pennsylvania as early as 1818, and a second time with Nathaniel in 1820. He built a carding mill in 1823 in Randolph, which he sold in 1848. Soon after marriage he went West and settled in Geneva, Ill., where he lived until 1861, when he went to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where he had taken Government land as early as 1854, two miles northeast of Cedar Falls. He lost his left foot 4 Nov., 1861. He visited Iowa land for the purpose of building in 1858, but on account of the wet season could not. His widow was living in Chase, Rice Co., Kansas, in 1887.


743. John, b. Crawford Co., Pa., 24 July, 1850; m. J. Van Deusen, and resided in 1887 in Rice Co., Kansas.
744. Lydia M., b. 5 Aug., 1852; d. 9 Sept., 1852.
745. Florence, b. 30 Dec., 1853; d. 14 April, 1854.
746. Fannie J., b. 21 Feb., 1857; lives in Kansas.
747. Lyman, b. 16 March, 1860; m. 1883, Luretta Stevenson.


425. Percivill, s. of John & Lydia Wood; b. at Otis, Mass., 20 Oct., 1801; m. (1) April, 1835, Hannah Fowler (b. Groveville, Mass., 21 July, 1800; d. Otis, Mass., 2 Sept., 1850); (2) 30 June, 1852, Harmony B. Merrill (b. 16 Dec., 1815; living, 1886, at Otis, Mass.); d. 26 Aug., 1876; bur. at Otis, Mass., where he died.


748. M. Louise, b. at Otis. Mass., 1 Aug., 1838; m. Norman Willard.

1. Charles N., b. Otis. Mass., 26 Feb., 1863.
2. Julia L., b. Otis, Mass., 18 Feb., 1865.
3. Norman W., b. Burlington. Ct., 6 June, 1869.
4. Harry B., b. at Island Point, Vt., 31 Aug., 1872; d. at Otis, Mass., March, 1875.
5. Maggie F., b. Otis, Mass., 20 March, 1874.

749. Edmund, b. at Otis, Mass., 6 Aug., 1839; m. 5 Jan., 1870. Jennie Chapman; resides at old homestead; one child. Katie H., b. 23 April, 1875.
750. George H., b. 17 Aug., 1853; m. 4 Jan., 1874, Jennie Newton, b. at Cornwall Bridge, 27 May, 1851.

1. Mary A., b. 6 Feb., 1877.

426. William G., s. of John & Lydia Wood; b. 15 March, 1804; m. 8 May, 1832, Jane Ann Maria, youngest dau. of Eliphalet and Ann (Sacket) Reed; d. 2 March, 1870. She died about 1890. Remained strong until death, and was walking to church when she dropped dead with apoplexy.

William G. left his home at Otis, Mass., in 1823, and went to Crawford Co., Pa. In 1824 he built a shop on a stream 1 1/2 miles east of Blooming Valley, nearly opposite the residence of the late Luther Marsh. Here he manufactured wooden bowls, which he turned out by hand with chisels, the modern rapid machine for the purpose then being unknown. This shop was standing since his death; it was a rather primitive affair, the boards being held together with wooden pins.

In 1826 he returned to Massachusetts. In 1832 he married and returned to Pennsylvania and purchased land adjoining Mr. Thomas Delamater on the west and built thereon. In 1834, tiring of his wild life, he returned to Otis and bought the heirs' shares of his grandfather's old barn place, which were willed by Zephaniah, Jr., to his brothers and sisters.

Not satisfied with the East, he again, in 1838, returned to his place, where he resided till about 1867, when he sold his farm (except that portion which belonged to his son Wesley) to Mr. Henry Delamater, and bought a small farm, a little farther west, in the same neighborhood. Here he resided until his death. His remains were interred in the new cemetery north of Blooming Valley. Early he became a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with which he fellowshippcd for many years, but finally suffered expulsion, or of his own accord severed connection, for questioning some points of creed not in accordance with their understandings of scripture. Afterwards worshipped with the Second Adventists. His wife also united with him.


751. Wesley, b. Richmond, Pa., 13 March, 1833; m. 18 March, 1856, Cynthia A. Thompson.
752. Elizabeth, b. (probably) Otis, Mass., 12 March, 1834; m. Calvin Warner, a railroad engineer, and resided several years at Fort Wayne, Ind.; d. June 7, 1874. She died at her mother's home without issue; buried at Blooming Valley.
753. Selleck, b. Otis, Mass., 24 March, 1836; m. 4 Nov., 1854. Mary Perham.
754. Lewis, b. 5 May, 1842; m. 7 July, 1867, Sarohette Pratt.
755. Esther, b. 10 Jan., 1844; m. Edward _____, and settled in Richmond, between Hickey's Corners and Blooming Valley, Pa. Children: Jessie, Wilbur, and Mary.
756. Priscilla., b. 3 Dec., 1845; m. 7 Feb., 1865, James Compton of Erie, Pa.; d. 28 March, 1884; settled on a farm five miles north of Columbus, Nebraska. They afterwards removed to Kansas, where she died.

1. Mary, b. 1 Jan., 1867.
2. Anna, b. 11 March, 1868.
3. Fannie, b. 6 Oct., 1869.
4. Ella, b. 15 May, 1871 (?).
5. Olive, b. 2 March, 1873.
6. Walter, b. 5 Oct., 1874.
7. Orpha, b. 25 March, 1878.
8. _____, b. 2 Feb., 1882; d. at the age of nine months.

757. Dorcas, b. 15 Nov., 1847; d. 21 Nov., 1849.
758. Orpha, b. 11 June, 1850; d. 2 Oct., 1875; married.
759. Diana, b. 17 Feb., 1852; d. 11 Oct., 1883; single.
760. William, b. 23 March, 1855.


427. Thomas, s. of John & Lydia Wood; b. S Oct., 1806; m. 1826, Diana Roberts.


761. Henry, [b. on/aft 1826]          763. Hiram, [b. on/aft 1826]
762. Cornelia, [b. on/aft 1826]          764. Locelia, [b. on/aft 1826]

441. Judge Norman, s. of Paul & Sally Gould; b. at Ashford, Ct., 16 Aug., 1786; m. at Avon, N. Y., 9 Nov., 1806, Huldah, dau. of Benjamin (b. 1 May, 1760), and Sarah (Clark) (b. 18 Feb., 1764), Brown. He d. 26 March, 1841, at Davisonville, town of Atlas, Lapeer Co., Mich. She was b. near Albany, N. Y., 4 March, 1786: d. at Highland, Oakland Co., Mich., 10 March, 1848.

Notes on the pioneer life of Judge Norman Davison and family taken from the " History of Genesee Co., Mich." (published in 1879 by Everts and Abbotts of Philadelphia) :

"Judge Davison and family were the second to settle in the town of Atlas, Lapeer Co., Mich. They came from Avon, Livingston Co., N. Y., where he had a farm and hotel. Judge Davison and sons Paul Gould and O. Perry, in June, 1831, came to Detroit, then followed the 'old Saginaw or Indian trail ' into the wilds of Lapeer Co. They selected and purchased ' Government lots ' where the village of Davisonville and adjoining farms now are, their land entries being the second in Lapeer Co., and second in town of Atlas. (Atlas and Davison, Richfield, and Forest townships were detached from Lapeer Co. and annexed to Genesee Co. by an act of Legislature, in honor of the Davison family.)

"Judge Davison and sons erected for themselves a rude shanty, and commenced the foundation and frame of a two story house; when completed it was second in the township, the lumber being obtained from Rowland B. Perry's mills in Grand Blanc, Genesee Co.

"The original house, remodelled, stands on its old site, on a bluff, with the Kearsley River winding along below the bluff, with the 'old Indian trail' close by, where in early days this pioneer family saw many a band of Indians pass in single file from Detroit on towards Saginaw Bay country. In the fall of 1831, leaving his two sons to the task of continuing the work commenced during the summer, Judge Davison returned to Avon, N. Y., for his family; they went to Rochester, took the canal boat to Buffalo, thence by lake route to Detroit.

Arriving in Detroit he engaged board for his family, while he with the two youngest sons, aged twelve and ten, started afoot over the new roads, made worse by fall rains, to the new home in Atlas township. Paul Gould went to Detroit after the family, with two yoke of oxen and carts, and it took one week for the family to make the return trip. Their nearest neighbor to the west was two and one-half miles distant, and to the east none nearer than Port Huron. Judge Davison was a carpenter and millwright. He erected a sawmill in 1833, followed by a grist and flouring mill in 1836. The supplies for these mills, such as machinery, iron, nails, etc., were, obtained by long and weary trips to Detroit. Pork was $30 a barrel, flour $15 a barrel, and other commodities to correspond.

“Under the ' Territorial Laws ' Norman Davison was appointed by Governor Mason, Judge of the Courts. He was a member of the Convention that met in Detroit the second Monday in May, 1835, to frame the first State Constitution of Michigan. When Congress prepared to settle the Toledo War by surrendering a portion of the State to Ohio and Indiana in exchange for the Upper Peninsula, Judge Davison was one of the delegates that assembled at Ann Arbor. He also had business relations in Lapeer with the Harts and Whites, pioneer settlers of Lapeer.

He was of large, commanding form, stern and autocratic. Judge Davison and son Gould platted the village of Davisonville, Gould being a surveyor; they set aside free lots for two church sites, school grounds, and a cemetery, all of which are used for those purposes to-day. Well does the early wayfaring traveller remember being directed long and weary distances along 'Indian trails,' through dense forests with 'way marks' spotted on the trees to 'Davison's Mills.' Where the forests spread their dense shade is now cultivated fields, lawns, and country homes; where the Indian once pursued his game, turnpikes, railroads, and bicycles are substituted; the hum of the spindle, grind of the mills, and scream of the locomotive have taken the place of the yell of the panther and howl of the wolf."


765. Sally or Sarah, b. in Monroe Co., N. Y., 7 Oct., 1807; m. about 1826, Lewis Manton; d. at Davisonville, 13 Feb., 1837. Had one child, Antoinette, who died in early girlhood. Sally or Sarah was the first white person to die in the new town.
766. Paul G., b. at Ogden, N. Y., 13 April, 1809; m. 31 March, 1840. Mary Ann Hart; d. in California, 28 Nov., 1851.
767. Oliver Perry, b. Parma. Monroe Co., N. Y., 31 Aug., 1810; d. Milford, Mich., 6 March, 1879.
768. Sylvia, b. Avon, 21 March, 1812; m. 26 Oct., 1837, John L. McNeil of Atlas, Mich.; d. at Atlas. Mich., 25 May, 1884. John L. McNeil was a member of the State Legislature in 1851, and held other offices of trust at different times.
769. Henry P., b. Avon, 12 April, 1817; d. at Avon, 26 April, 1827.
770. Dewit Clinton, b. Avon, 22 April, 1819; m. Elizabeth Fairchild; d. Davisonvile, 11 April, 1873.
771. Benjamin F., b. at Avon, 1821; lived at Highland, Mich., in 1888.
772. Almira J., b. Avon, N. Y., 8 Oct., 1824; m. 1 Jan., 1844, David McNeil; d. 8 March, 1884.
773. Maryette, b. Avon, 20 Feb., 1827; lives at Highland, Mich.

442. Martin, s. of Paul & Sally Gould, b. at Ashford, Ct., 29 Sept., 1789; m. Nancy Emmett.


774. Sally, [b. on/aft 1807]          779. Betsy, [b. on/aft 1807]
775. Paul G, [b. on/aft 1807]          780. Julia, [b. on/aft 1807]
776. Morice, [b. on/aft 1807]          781. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1807]
777. John, [b. on/aft 1807]          782. Alfred, [b. on/aft 1807]
778. Morgan, [b. on/aft 1807]          783. Mason, [b. on/aft 1807]


445. Jonathan, s. of Paul & Sally Gould, b. Lima, N. Y. 1796; m. Nancy Gibson. Removed from Lima, N. Y., to Grand Blanc, Genesee Co., Mich., 1831.


784. Charles (dead), [b. on/aft 1814]            787. Andrew, [b. on/aft 1814]
785. Katharine, [b. on/aft 1814]            788. Lee, [b. on/aft 1814]
786. John, [b. on/aft 1814]

449. Asa Lee (doctor), s. of Ezra, b. at Grafton, N. Y., 3 Dec., 1792; m. Lydia Lewis (b. at Petersburg, N. Y.); d. Canton, Ill., 2 Nov., 1853.


789. Augustus Lewis, b. 1812; d. Aug., 1859; resided at Pekin. III.
790. Helen, [b. on/aft 1812], m. Benjamin Roe
791. Ezra Darwin, b. 23 June, 1818; m. Feb., 1840. Electa S. Fairchild.
792. Olive, [b. on/aft 1812], m. Andrew Knox
793. Eliza, [b. on/aft 1812], d. 10 June, 1867; lived at Canton. Ill.

453. Daniel, s. of Ezra, b. Grafton, N. Y., 25 May, 1804; m. Dec., 1823, Melinda Mixon (b. 25 March, 1800); d. 8 Jan., 1844; bur. at Grafton.


794. Daniel H., b. 25 March, 1826.
795. Almon A., b. 25 June, 1828.
796. Malanda, b. 22 Dec., 1829; m. 19 Sept., 1846, William A. Parks.
797. Reuben S., b. 14 Oct., 1832; m. 16 Jan., 1858, Louisa Hamett.
798. Ezra M., b. 5 Nov., 1837; m. 19 Feb., 1868. Hellen Wilson.

454. Paul K. (farmer and surveyor), s. of Ezra, b. Grafton, N. Y., 1 Jan., 1807; m. Abigail Burdick; d. at Troy, N.Y., 1884.


799. Abigail, [b. on/aft 1825], Grafton; m. Frank Smith.
800. Mary E., [b. on/aft 1825], Grafton; m. Henry Sevens.
801. Franklin, b. Grafton, 1834; m. 25 Dec., 1856, Jane Brown.
802. Asa, [b. on/aft 1825], Grafton; m. Eliza Bont.
803. Augusta, b. Grafton, [b. on/aft 1825]; m. George Link.


455. John Milton (lives or lived at Eureka, III)., s. of Ezra, b. Grafton, N.Y.; m. 24 June, 1832, Sally Parks, b. Grafton, 13 Feb., 1805; d. 27 May, 1885.


804. Prosper H., b. 26 Aug., 1833; m. 2 Sept., 1854, Jane File.
805. Elsie, b. 9 Nov., 1835; m. Jacob McC____.

456. S. Rowland, s. of Ezra, b. Grafton, N. Y., 26 Oct., 1813; m. Aug., 1833, Amanda West (b. Grafton, 5 Feb., 1815; d. 22 May, 1880); d. 18 April, 1867.


806. Ezra D., b. Grafton, 28 June, 1834; m. 1855, Mary Scriven.
807. Lois D., b. Grafton, 1836; d. in infancy.
808. Deidamiah, b. Grafton, 1837; m. Aug., 1855, E. R. Rye, Fairburg, Nebraska.
809. Emily J., b. Groveland, Ill., 1839; d. Lynn, 1858.
810. Asa Lee, b. 1841; m. 1860.
811. Louisa, b. 22 May, 1844; m. 1860, William German; d. 1863.
812. James M., b. 18 April, 1846 [parent entry p.122: "b. 1848", probably incorrect]; m. 22 Sept., 1870, Louisa Scriven; reside at P. O. Bell Plains, Ill.
813. Saraphina, b. 6 Oct., 1848; m. Sept., 1866.
814. Mary A., b. 22 April, 1850; m. G. W. R______.

457. Norman L. (mason), s. of Ezra, b. 26 July, 1817; m. at Grafton, N. Y., 11 Dec., 1836, Adelia C. Wait, b. at Brownville, N. Y., 24 Sept., 1823; d. 21 Aug., 1881.


815. Lorada a., b. Grafton, N. Y., 21 March, 1839; d. 14 Feb., 1842.
816. Edmund S., b. Grafton, N. Y., 10 Feb., 1842; m. 10 May, 1863, Amy Vaughn; residence. Emerald, Neb.
817. Daniel W., b. Grafton, 8 May, 1844; m. Sarah Richards; d. 1 March, 1860.
818. Lois D., b. Grafton. 5 July, 1848; d. 18 Nov., 1862.
819. Norman L., b. Grafton, 16 April, 1854; m. 19 Aug., 1873, Anna McKeever.

460. Paul (doctor), s. of Rufus & Polly Morgan, b. 21 Nov., 1805; m. 1 May, 1837, Lucy E. Oathoudt, b. 8/11, 1809.


820. C. P. O., b. 5/4, 1838; d. 4/28, 1870.
821. Rufus, b. 9/5, 1842.
822. Otis, b. 11/14, 1845.
823. Rachel J., b. 2/15, 1849.


465. Alonzo Pride, s. of Nathan and Elizabeth Seaman, b. 1813; m. at Castile, N. Y., 1844, Adielia Fuller; d. 1878. Settled at Castile, N. Y., in hardware trade, and died there.


824. W. G., b. Castile, 3 Nov., 1847; m. 18 Dec. 1884, Cora A. Hoogland. Settled at Mitchell, where he and his brother operate the Mitchell National Bank, he being president.
825. N. L., b. Castile, N. Y., 27 June, 1852.
826. Adelia E., b. Castile, N. Y., 7 Feb., 1856.
827. Imogene, [b. on/aft 1844], b. Castile, N. Y.; dead.
828. Rollin, [b. on/aft 1844], b. Castile, N. Y.; dead.

471. Nathan Henry (farmer), s. of Nathan and Elizabeth Seaman, b. Lickaen, N. Y., 16 Aug., 1824; m. Jan., 1852, Amanda Aiken, b. at Pike. N. Y., 23 June, 1831. Settled at Castile, N. Y., where he resided until 1867, when he removed to Manston, Wisconsin.


829. Francis M., b. Castile, 21 July, 1853; d. 17 Nov., 1865.
830. Elizabeth L., b. Castile, 2 Feb., 1855; m. 17 Sept., 1887, C. S. Celley.
831. Almira E., b. Castile, 14 Dec., 1856; m. 4 May, 1878, H. Runkle.
832. Mary Jane, b. Castile, 2 April, 1858.
833. Olive P., b. Castile, 6 Nov., 1859 : m. 30 March, 1881.
834. Charles H., b. Castile, 9 Jan., 1861.
835. Wells S., b. Castile. 8 Dec., 1864.
836. Francis L., b. Castile, 22 May, 1866; d. 9 July, 1878.
837. Mary E., b. Manston, Wis., 9 Feb., 1870.
838. Asa Lee, b. Manston. Wis., 20 May, 1872.
839. George M., b. Manston. Wis., 25 Aug., 1878.

485. Cephas, s. of Samuel & Sarah Williams, b. 12 Aug., 1834; m. in Wayland, 14 March, 1869, Elizabeth A. Coleman (b. 2/14/1849); d. at San Diego, Cal., 3 Feb., 1888; buried at Wayland, Mich.

Cephus resided at Wayland, Mich., and was a dentist, and dealer in real estate. He left Massachusetts in 1856. Spent years in Nebraska and Colorado frontiers, often having narrow escapes. He also resided for a short time at San Diego, Cal.



840. Charles L., b. at Wayland. 1/13, 1870; m. 10 June, 1886, Ella Van Auken, and resides at Allegon, Mich.
841. Fannie B., b. 11/16, 1871; d. in 1874.
842. Royal E., b. 11/7, 1874; m. 13 May, 1896, Inez Edgerton; resides at Bloomingdale, Mich.
843. George W., [b. on/aft 1886], Sept.; d. Nov., 1888.

486. Royal, s. of Samuel & Sarah Williams, b. 2/4, 1836; m. (1) Ellen Clark, of Northampton, Mass., who d. 1870; (2) Mary Robbins, Lives at San Diego, Cal.

495. Abner, s. of Chester & Lorena Dunham, b. 3 Jan., 1820; m. at Davenport, Iowa, by Rev. A. J. Kynett, Jan., 1854, Mary E. Davison, dau. of William (his uncle) & Mary of Hartwick Seminary, N. Y. He is an attorney-at-law at Davenport, Iowa.


844. Ella, b. 23 July, 1854.
845. Charles, b. 29 April, 1857; m. 13 Oct., 1881, Mary Beryhill.
846. Alice, b. 8 Dec., 1858; d. 29 Aug., 1861.
847. Fannie, b. 31 Aug., 1860; m. 23 March, 1882, C. A. Fiske.
848. William, b. 21 Jan., 1863; m. Mary Yorkes; no male issue.
849. Mary, b. 13 March, 1865; m. 8 June, 1892, F. J. Waby.
850. Jessie, b. 1 April, 1869; m. 22 Oct., 1896, W. R. Weir.


497. Horatio, s. of Chester & Lorena Dunham, b. in Otsego Co., New York State, 8 Dec. 1823; m. 16 March, 1863, Ellen Griswold, dau. of John & Lucia Ann Griswold, b. in New York State, 1830, d. Jan. 3, 1883, aged fifty-three years. Horatio, at the age of seventeen, taught school, at the same time serving an apprenticeship training for business. At the age of thirty-seven removed from the State. Taught school one term in Iowa; from 1860 to 1888 was engaged in farming in Illinois. In that year he went to California on account of his health, which is now entirely restored. He is now retired from business, and lives with his daughter, wife of J. H. Chaffee, at Ventura, Cal.


851. Alice, b. 25 Jan., 1869; m. 21 July, 1891, H. A. Miller, of Ventura; d. 15 Oct., 1895.
852. Lovena, b. 4 Aug., 1871; m. 15 June, 1892, J. A. Chaffee of Ventura.

498. Henry Delos, s. of Chester & Lorena Dunham, b. 2 Aug., 1827; m. April 27, 1851, Lurenza Newton; d. at Genesee, Ill., 27 April, 1864.


853. Theodore, [b. on/aft 1851]            856. Nellie, [b. on/aft 1851]
854. Hattie, [b. on/aft 1851]          857. Mary, [b. on/aft 1851]
855. Lake, [b. on/aft 1851]

510. George W., s. of George Luther & Lydia Crosby, b. 12 Feb., 1838; m. 27 June, 1861, Abbie Elizabeth Fletcher, b. 25 Nov., 1841.


858. George Nelson, b. 2/19 /1866; died 18 March, 1866.
859. Harriet Maria, b. 8/31, 1868.
860. Edward F., b. 9/4, 1875.
861. James H., b. 10/5, 1878.

511. Edwin H., s. of George Luther & Lydia Crosby, b. 3 Aug., 1841; m. 22 Nov., 1866, Jennie Eliza Williams, b. 8 Aug., 1844.


862. Helen W., b. 9 Nov., 1880.


Superintendent and secretary of the American Hosiery Co. of New Britain, Ct. In 1887 had 1,200 employees under his charge. Has been twelve years superintendent of the First Presbyterian school of 700 pupils. In 1888 a member of the city school board.
The following is taken from a newspaper: "Mr. E. H. Davison, superintendent, is a native of Brooklyn, Conn., born in 1841. He has been a resident of New Britain since the organization of the company, and has held the office of superintendent from the commencement. His aptitude for the industrial and mechanical arts is in part inherited from an ancestry which has been prominent in these pursuits. His education and experience have made him familiar with all the details incident to the manufacture of textile fabrics and the operations of this large establishment."

513 [actually: 512.]. Henry Herbert, s. of Ralph Utley & Dolly Conant, b. 24 Sept., 1850; m. at Pawtucket, R. I., by Rev. David Boyd, 28 Nov., 1877, Ida F. Crowningshield, dau. of John A. & Sarah Franklin Crowningshield.


863. Edith Dolly, b. 12 Oct., 1878.
864. Herbert Franklin, b. 18 Nov., 1880.
865. Lucy Conant, b. July 1, 1887.

514. John Eliot of Pawtucket, R. I., s. of Ralph Utley & Cordelia W. Larned, b. 25 Nov., 1858; m. 28 Nov., 1894, at Tampa, Florida, Lizzie, dau. of Fordyce & Elizabeth (Porter) Easton.


866. Ralph Easton, b. 16 April, 1896.

545. William Elisha (designer), s. of Elisha Howe & Mary Olive Cutler, b. Putnam, Ct., 20 June, 1858; m. 21 Dec., 1881, Ella M. Rhodes, b. Millville, Mass., 1 Dec., 1853.


867. Luella M., b. at Mechanicsville, Ct., 2 June, 1883; d. 1 Aug., 1884; bur. at Putnam.
868. Arthur C, b. Uxbridge, 22 Nov., 1885.

565. Oliver, s. of Morris Miller & Elizabeth S. Stratford, b. at New York City, 8 July, 1847; m. 5 June, 1879, Catharine L. Demarest, dau. of David & Catharine Louisa (Nevins); d. of neuralgia of the heart 7 March, 1887. Widow and children reside at Port Richmond, Staten Island, N. Y.


869. Morris Miller, b. 31 Dec., 1881.
870. Katharine, b. 7 March, 1883.


566. Sylvanus Miller (mechanical engineer), s. of Morris Miller & Elizabeth S. Stratford, b. I2 Jan., 1849; m. at Yokohama, Japan, 30 Dec., 1871, Angelica Malcolm, dau. of William and Angelica Gilbert (Malcolm) Ryan.


871. Mararet Miller, b. in Yokohama. Japan. 24 Sept., 1873; m. at Geneva, Switzerland, 12 Feb., 1896, Henry Rutgers Remsen Coles, b. Tarrytown. N. Y., 15 July, 1873. One child, H. R. R. Coles. Jr., b. 28 May, 1897, bap. in St. Paul's Church, Englewood, New Jersey, on 15 August, 1897.
872. Malcolm Hayward, b. 24 March, 1882.

The subject of this sketch [the author's father-in-law] was born in New York, January 12, 1849, on Broadway, in the house which afterwards became Hope Chapel. He was the fourth son of Morris Miller Davidson and his wife Elizabeth Shrimpton Davidson, née Stratford. His early life was spent in New York until the death of his father, which occurred October 24, 1854, when he removed to Jamaica, Long Island, with his mother. The facilities for education at that place were not so good as in some other parts of the State, therefore the family moved to Schenectady in October, 1857, where the educational opportunities offered seemed unexceptionable, that city being at the time the seat of one of the foremost colleges in this country. The war of 1861, however, changed this centre somewhat, and Union College lost prestige.

The mother of our sketch died in 1861. Young Davidson and his brother Oliver were allotted to the care of an uncle in Canada. The time spent there was short, owing to the death of an aunt. The two brothers were sent back to New York, and they, though only eleven and thirteen respectively, made the journey alone, which in those days was a great undertaking.

Our subject at this tender age was sent to Philadelphia and placed in the care of Matthew W. Baldwin, the celebrated engineer and locomotive builder, under whose care he spent four years acquiring the details of the business, learning thoroughly the various branches. While located there, the invasion of Pennsylvania by General Lee's troops was threatened, the call for troops was urgent, and young Davidson responded, and went to the front, serving as a private in the Thirty-second Regiment Pennsylvania Militia until the retreat of Lee at Gettysburg. In 1867 he again went to New York, and became engaged in the draughting-room of the Norettz Iron Works, then located at the foot of Twelfth Street. A position was afterwards offered him in the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, then forming a line of steamships to ply between San Francisco and the Orient. His first voyage was on one of the newly built steamers, the " China," which left New York in June, 1867, by way of the Strait of Magellan, for San Francisco, arriving in Yokohama in October of the same year.

He remained in the East for several years, and by travel and experience, and a close observation of Oriental life, gained a large knowledge of Eastern affairs and men. His selection by the company for various positions of trust was a flattering testimonial to his capacity for the work entrusted to him. In 1871 he married Miss Angelica Malcolm Ryan of Philadelphia, whose meeting with him at Yokohama, after a voyage of 15,000 miles, had all the charm of a romance. A residence of three years at Yokohama brought them in contact with the life of that Eastern capital. The vicissitudes encountered by Mr. Davidson were many, and the story of the shipwreck of the " Herman" and " Relief " on the coast of Japan would fill a volume.

In 1874, tiring of his life in the East, and longing for home, he came to Dutchess Co., N. Y., where his brother was engaged in various enterprises more or less successful; and there for the past twenty years a business career has been successfully pursued.

Mr. Davidson has aspired to only one political honor, that of candidate for the Assembly. The local papers at the time commented upon the convention which nominated Mr. Davidson by acclamation as the most representative and enthusiastic Assembly convention ever held in Southern Dutchess.

Mr. Davidson's home is at Fishkill-on-Hudson, situated on a point which overlooks the Hudson and the surrounding country – places of varied beauty and of historic memory.

Mr. Davidson's great-grandfather was one of the signers of the Constitution of New York State in 1777, and he came of a family on the paternal side who have in a long line served the State and the nation since colonial days.

His grandmother, as also his aunts Lucretia and Margaret Davidson, were writers of elegant verse, and were personal friends of Washington Irving, Miss Catharine Sedgwick, and others in the literary world of the time. Among the heirlooms preserved by Mr. Davidson is a brooch with the hair of Lord Byron, who was an admirer of Lucretia and her verse. His father was an eminent lawyer in New York City in the early fifties.



A cloudy day in March that greets
The passer-by, hurrying- against the blast;
The melting snow, the muddy streets.
All signs of spring in grayish cast.

The birds hover low along the bay.
The mist's like rain in the air;
Evidences of the coming May
Are best guessed than seen anywhere.

One day of sunshine, then of cloud.
Is the type of our life in its change;
But each day's blessing is ever endowed
With conditions to meet its range.

On the hillsides, under the larch.
Spears of tiny grass do cling;
Oh, how the spirit tires of March.
Waiting for the long coming of spring

Along the fences streaks of snow
Like threads of silver among the brown;
The robin's note to let us know
How soon Nature into life will bound.

Chilling winds from the icy West
Have uses all their own.
In drying roads, and all that's best.
Preparing the ground until seed is sown.

March is the month of the eagle's flight.
As it soars high above the peaks.
Eagerly awaiting the other birds' plight.
Thus its daily food it seeks.

Rooks and crows and other birds throng.
Rising above the hills and meadows away.
Making merry with caws and song.
Through the lights and shadows of a windy day.
Saturday, March 27, 1897.


Oh, to be where the languorous lilies grow.
Beyond the storm-clouds of winter's blast.
Where life is warm, and nature alone bestows
Its power, and where sunshine ever lasts.

No spot on earth can banish care;
Shadows come, no matter where we roam;
It is not here all things are ever fair.
The heart makes any place a home.

Forever pining for a change that brings
Life's comfort to the weary ones of earth.
Finds disappointment in the very things
That seem so fair and good at first.

Cherish all the beauty and the love
That each day brings in its daily course.
To hold them all as gifts from above.
That nothing at last may be counted as loss.
Sunday, March 27, 1898.


600. James Reynolds, s. of William Billings & Louisa Daly, b. 29 Sept., 1844; m. 7 Aug., 1872, at Ch. Lower Prince Edward Island, Canada, by Rev. James Laylor, Mary Penople, b. 15 Feb., 1851, dau. of Bertram & Elizabeth Moore.


873. Charles Franklin, b. 17 June, 1873.
874. Lea Mansfield, b. 22 July, 1876.
875. William Walter, b. 13 June, 1878.
876. Eliza Louisa, b. 10 July, 1880.
877. Arthur Burtram, b. 6 Aug., 1882.
878. Samuel Montague Poole, b. 31 Jan., 1885.
879. James Frederick, b. 2 June, 1887.
880. Herbert Reed, b. 2 Sept., 1891.
881. Benjamin Cambell, b. 13 May, 1895.
(All live at Ch. Lower P. E. L)

610. Oscar S., of Yarmouth, N. S., s. of Henry Alline & Theodora C. Morse, b. 31 July, 1830; m. by Rev. Christopher Lockhard, at Barrington, Canada, Mary E. Bruce Wilson, dau. of Israel K. M. D. & Matilda.

Abstract from letter of Mr. Oscar Davison, dated 6 Aug., 1897:
"I have been in the stage-coaching business since 1850, and from 1852 had mail contracts in connection with my coaches between here [Yarmouth] and Digby until the railroad was built, and to Shelburne until the present time, when they are about opening a railroad over the first half of the road from here, which we suppose will be completed in about a year; when, probably, what is known as 'Davison's Coaches ' will cease to be."


882. Ada Cecilia, b. 1858; m. 1 Aug., 1878, G. M. Dane of Yarmouth, N, S.
883. Oscar Leslie, b. 1859 : d. 1860.


611. Allen Chapman, s. of Henry & Theodora C. Morse, b. 25 May, 1832; m. at Londonderry, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia, by Rev. James Balcom, Sarah Jane, b. 6 March, 1840, dau. of Joseph &Margaret (Moore) McKinlay.


884. Cecelia, b. 17 Nov., 1867; d. 3d July, 1882.
885. Joseph, b. 20 Jan., 1869; m. 5 Sept., 1894, Ida E. Felson, and resides at Campbellton, Restigouche Co., New Brunswick, Canada.
886. Mary, b. 25 July, 1871, single; resides at Taunton, Mass., U. S. A.
887. Artemas, b. 6 Nov., 1875; single; resides at Shubenacadie. N. S.
888. Blanche, b. 1 July, 1878; single; resides at Oxford, N. S.
889. Maggie, b. 14 Oct., 1880; single; resides at Campbellton, N. S.
890. Oscar S., b. 14 May, 1883; d. 28 March, 1884.

617. Silas Morse, s. of Henry Alline & Theodora C. Morse, b. 5 April, 1845; m. at Hopewell, Cape Albert Co., N. B., 25 Dec., 1876, by Rev. Mr. Beverly, Drucilla, dau. of Thomas & Rachel (Dickson) Peck. Resided at Oxford, N. S.; d. 1897.


891. Julia F., b. 19 Dec., 1877.
892. Joseph, b. 17 June, 1881.
893. Francis, b. 13 Feb., 1891.
894. Glenden, b. 7 March, 1894.


642. John Mason, [see Appendix] s. of Gideon Miner & Sarah Mason, b. Rutland, Vt., 9 March, 1815-16; d. 7 March, 1890; buried at Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; m. 31 August, 1838, Sarah Simonds, dau. of Chancellor Walworth of Saratoga Springs. She was born at Plattsburg, N. Y., 2 Feb., 1815 : d. 8 Jan., 1887; buried at Saratoga Springs. They settled for a time at Albany, N. Y., where he was Register of Chancery of the State of New York from 1839 till the adoption of the new Constitution in 1848, when he removed to Saratoga Springs, where for several years he held the office of President of the Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad Co.


895. John Mason, b. Albany, 18 Dec., 1840. [see Appendix]
896. Mansfield Walworth, b. Albany. 13 Jan., 1844; m. 24 Feb., 1870, Arabella B. Wells of Pittsburg; resides Dorchester, Mass.
897. Francis W., b. Albany, 14 June, 1845; m. 29 Dec., 1873, Ira C. Goodridge; resides Rochester, N. Y.
898. Sarah W., b. at Saratoga Springs, 15 Aug., 1850; m. 10 Jan., 1894, James A. Cherry of Denver, Col.
899. Charles Mason, b. Saratoga Springs, 25 July, 1853; m. June, 1884, Jennie McDougal; residence, Saratoga Springs.

643. Clement Miner, s. of Gideon Miner & Sarah Mason, b. Rutland, Vt,, 9 Dec., 1817. Graduated from Union College in 1838; m. (1) 21 Oct., 1840, Martha Elizabeth Bacon, dau, of John F. Bacon, Esq., of Albany, N. Y. She was b. at Saratoga Springs; m. (2) 1 Dec., 1846, Mary Fuller Pomeroy.


900. Cornelia Pomeroy, b. at Utica, N. Y., 2 Feb., 1847.
901. Clement Augustus, b. Whitehall, 5 Nov., 1849.
902. an infant, b. Whitehall, 4 Nov., 1851.

644. Charles Augustus, s. of Gideon Miner & Sarah Mason, b. Saratoga Springs, 21 May, 1824; graduated Williams College, 1845; m. by Dr. Thomas E. Vermilye New York City, 9 Jan., 1850, Mary Anthony, dau. of William M. & Hester Ann (derimer) Vermilye.


903. Louis Vermilye, b. 20 June, 1853; m. by Rev. George A. Howard, Catskill, N. Y., 20 Nov., 1879, Sophia Griffin, dau. of George & Elizabeth.
904. Alice Mason, b. 21 Sept., 1858.

703. Benjamin (photographer), s. of Benjamin & Joanna Johnson, m. Fannie Curtis.


905. John W., b. 1837; d. 1863, single.
906. Benjamin F., [b. on/aft 1837], d. 1883, leaving a widow and two children – a son Arthur and a daughter.
(Lived at Spring Green, Wis., 1885.)


705. William, s. of Benjamin & Anna Blackman (or Gregory, see note p. 65), b. 1817; m. Cynthia Nichols; d. at Spring Green, Wis., 1855.


907. Maryette, b. 1846; d. 1848.
908. George, b. 1849; lives in Indiana.
909. Anna, b. 1851; lives in Indiana.

709. Oramille, s. of Benjamin & Anna Blackman (or Gregory, see note p. 65), b. 5 May, 1825; m. (1st) April 1, 1846, Rachel Snyder, b. in Kentucky, 16 April, 1827; d. in Royaltown, 18 May, 1876; m. (2d) 24 Jan., 1878, Charity Emerson, in Kentucky. Resided or resides at Wrightston, Ottertail Co., Minn.


910. Martha E., b. Jasper Co., Ind., 23 March, 1847.
911. Louisa J., b. Tank River, Wis., 22 Jan., 1852.
912. John T., b. 10 June, 1854; single in 1885.
913. Benjamin, b. 1857; d. 1860.
914. Edward O., b. 13 Aug., 1860.

728. Lorenzo Benjamin, s. of Charles Cook & Mary b. Geer, b. 20 June, 1838; m. Dec., 1860, Esther Annobel of Fort Madison, b. at Bath, N. Y., 1842.


915. Clara A., [b. on/aft 1860], b. at Fort Madison.
916. Mary J., b. 1866.
917. Belle H., b. 1868.
918. Bertha M., b. 1872.
919. Charles W., b. 1874.
920. Joseph L., b. 1877.
921. Huldah, b. 1879.
922. Nina, b. 1881.
923. Benjamin F., b. 1883.


730. John R., s. of John D. & Anna Guile, b. 9 Dec., 1815, 16, or 18; m. and had a son.


924. James E., [b. on/aft 1833]

736. Lorin, s. of Nathaniel & Amy Guile, b. at Otis, Mass., 25 June, 1819. Came to Pennsylvania in infancy with his parents, and settled at Randolph, where he was residing in 1888; m. 1843, Abigail Hodge, b. in Vermont, 3 March, 1826.


925. Emma M., b. 10 Feb., 1844; m. 1861, a Mr. Phillips of Townsville, Penn.
926. Charles H., b. 12 June, 1846; m. 1868, Sarah Heath of Townsville. Pa.
927. Silvanus, b. 29 Sept., 1847; m. 1868, Evalena Phillips of Townsville; d. 20 Dec., 1885, at Townsville, Pa.
928. William, [b. on/aft 1850], d. in infancy.
929. David, b. 3 July, 1852; m. Dec. 1879, Adelia Hites of Guy's Mills, Penn.
930. Warren, b. 16 March, 1857; m. 20 Nov., 1876. Sarah Culver.
931. Ellen, b. 16 Oct., 1863; m. Bert Smith of Townsville. Penn.

738. Nathaniel Wood, s. of Nathaniel & Amy Guile, b. in Randolph, Pa., 4 June, 1824; m. 22 May, 1850, Jane, dau. of Robert J. & Catharine Davis of Belledevit, Ireland, b. 24 Jan., 1826. Resided (1886) at Hayfield, Crawford Co., Penn.


932. Jane Augusta,     b. 24 Jan., 1851; m. 18 July, 1869, W. Burt Adams of Panama, N. Y.
933. James Augustus, b. 24 Jan., 1851; d. 2 Feb., 1851.
934. Orange N., b. 1852; m. Amy Burgess; has one child, Edith, b. 1876; resides at Meadville, Pa.
935. Catharine, b. 10 July, 1855; m. a Heimburger. No issue.
936. Robert Z., b. 15 July, 1856; m. 23 Oct., 1881. Joanna Williams, by Rev. Michael Tracy of Crossville. Pa. Two children. Catharine Margaret and Blanche Dorothy. Resides at Hayfield, Crawford Co., Pa.
937. George, b. Randolph, 1858; d. 28 Dec. 1858.
938. Hattie Odell, b. 6 Oct., 1864; d. 22 Sept., 1866.


740. William, s. of Nathaniel & Amy Guile, b. 30 Dec., 1829; m. 12 Jan., 1858, Lovina Case, and settled at Randolph, Pa.


939. Nellie, b. 1860; m. 1882, J. B. Hames.
940. G. E., b. 1862.
941. E. M., b. 1864.
942. Olive, b. 1870.
943. Minnie, b. 1876.
944. B_____, 1867.
945. Florence, b. 1873.

741. Lyman, s. of Nathaniel & Amy Guile, b. 27 Jan., 1832; m. Mary Meachum, and resides near Blooming Valley, Crawford Co., Penn.


946. Ozias, [b. on/aft 1815], b. Meadville, Pa.; m. Louise Holland.
947. Leland, b. 1861.
948. Amy B. C., b. 1867; m. William Fralick.
949. Leonal, b. 1869; resides at Guy's Mills, Pa.
950. Zenobia, b. 1871.

751. Wesley, s. of William G. & Jane Reed, b. Richmond, Pa., 18 March, 1833; m. 13 March, 1856, by Rev. Alpheus Smith, at Union City, Pa., Cynthia Adelia, dau. of Samuel Swain & Betsy (Ames) Thompson. (For Thompson family, see Appendix.)

The following was written by Mr. A. H. Davison :
"Cynthia A. Thompson was left motherless at age of four years. To this was added the calamity of a tyrannical stepmother, which made her life a tale of sorrow. In the years of young womanhood she was frail; gave no promise of the strength she afterwards manifested. At the age of seventeen she had gathered sufficient learning to teach school. This was made possible by industry and a chance opportunity to attend Waterford Academy a term or two. She taught a few terms in rural schools before her marriage.

Among the accidents of every-day life, occurred at this time the one for which I am under some slight obligation, the fact of being at all. Young Wesley Davison some way was led to take her to and from her school on Mondays and Fridays a few times, and in short, they concluded not to look any further, and a matrimonial treaty resulted greatly to my advantage, I apprehend, at least, as between the chance of being born great and wise on the one hand and the chance of not being born at all. I prefer to accept my lot in a spirit of thankfulness.

"My father had only limited opportunities, and as a result failed to obtain but a limited education while young, but being a good reader, has become well informed, if not educated. His parents were poor, surrounded by a wilderness, in a region where the soil yields liberally only where vigorously encouraged. His early life was given to opening up to cultivation soil that ought to have been passed by for the fertile lands West, where human toil has a greater reward. He accepted his lot bravely, and the courageous example of my parents is a better heritage than any wealth that might otherwise have been gained. But my parents have always possessed a comfortable home, and have prospered as much as the average of people who never depart from the line of strict economy and exact honesty."


951. Arthur Henry, b. 6 March, 1857; m. 4 Aug., 1879, Amadella Van Marten.
952. Albert L., b. 2 April, 1859; m. 10 Sept., 1879, Jennie Lindsay.
953. Adeline M., b. 14 Jan., 1861; m. 4 March, 1882, Harry _____.
954. Clinton E., b. 18 Jan., 1864; m. 27 April 1892, Flora Oakley.
955. Georgina, b. 14 March, 1866; d. 7 Oct., 1866.
956. Kittie Bell, b. 24 Oct., 1868; m. by Rev. J. A. Edwards, Union City, Pa., 9 Sept., 1886, Perry W. Peck of St. Joseph, Mo.
957. Samuel T., b. 15 Feb., 1872; m. at Erie. Pa., by Rev. J. M. Bray, 12 Aug., 1893, Carrie E. Middleton, dau. of Arthur & Ellen (Barnes) Middleton.
958. Jennie M., b. 23 Jan., 1875; m. 3 June, 1897. V. B. King.
959. Anfield,       d. 15 Nov., 1876.
960. Anna, b. 11 Oct., 1876;   d. 12 Nov., 1876.
961. Annie,      d. 12 Nov., 1876.
962. Charles W., b. 11 March, 1880.


753. Selleck, s. of William & Jane Reed, b. at Otis. Mass., 24 May, 1836; m. 4 Nov., 1854, Mary Perham, b. 7 Sept., 1834; d. of consumption, 28 May, 1883. Besides several who died in infancy, had the following:


963. Marilla, b. at Blooming Valley, Pa., 2 Jan., 1857; m. Matthew Culver, b. 2 April, 1853, by whom she had the following children :

1. Carl, b. 11 March, 1876.
2. Carson, b. 26 Oct., 1877.
3. C. Hester, b. 26 Oct., 1879.

964. Rhoda, b. at Little Cooley, Pa., 5 March, 1858; m. 21 Feb., 1875, H. K. Lyon, b. 22 Feb., 1854; lived at Grantvilie, Kansas; d. in Penn., about 1894.

1. Geffrey, b. 4 Nov., 1879, at Topeka, Kansas.

754. Lewis, s. of William & Jane Reed, b. 5 May, 1842; m. 7 July, 1867, Sarohette Pratt, and settled half a mile south of schoolhouse, two miles west of Townsville, Crawford, Co., Pa.


965. Frank, b. 11 July, 1869.
966. Bessie, b. 12 March, 1879.


766. Paul G., s. of Norman & Huldah Brown, b. at Ogden, N. Y., 4/13, 1809; m. 31 March, 1840, Mary Ann Hart, dau. of William & Polly, at Atlas, Mich. She was b. in Monroe Co., N. Y., 1822, and d. 4/26, 1848. Settled at Atlas, Mich., at the occupation of farming, where he resided until he emigrated to California. He at one time gathered considerable material for a family history; d. in California, 28 Nov., 1851.


967. Mary Francis, b. 1841; d. in infancy.
968. Adelaide, b. 28 Dec., 1842; d. about 1854.
969. Mary, [b. on/aft 1840], d. 1863; married.

767. Oliver Perry, of Highland, Mich., s. of Norman & Huldah Brown, b. Ogden, N. Y., 31 Aug., 1810; d. 6 March, 1879; buried at Highland, Mich.; m. 23 Feb., 1837, Mary, dau. of George Clark of Sopen, Mich. She was b. in Hockton, England, 2 Oct., 1818; and d. 23 Feb., 1884; buried at Highland, Mich.
Oliver Perry Davison was a Justice of the Peace and Postmaster in Highland, Mich., for some 15 years; was a supervisor in Attica, and was a member of the Legislature in its last session at Detroit. His family were all Democrats with the exception of Paul G., the eldest son, who was an old-time Whig.


970. Sarah H., b. Atlas, Mich., 1 July, 1840; m. 1 Jan., 1861, C. E. Bennett of Milford, Mich.
971. Olive F., b. Atlas, Mich., 8 Aug., 1842; m. 30 Aug., 1867, J. H. Butterfield.
972. Ada R., b. Highland, Mich., Jan., 1845; m. April, 1867, E, L. Bennett of Beacon Lake, Mich.
973. George N., b. Highland, Mich., Aug., 1846; d. Highland, Mich., Aug., 1874.
974. Lewis C, b. Highland, Mich., Aug., 1849; d. Highland, Mich., May, 1850.
975. Frank B., b. at Highland, Mich., Oct., 1854; m. Feb., 1884, Florence Havens.
976. Frederick L., b. Highland, Mich., July, 1856.
977. James C, b. Highland, Mich., Nov., 1858; m. Aug., 1887. Clara Briggs.


770. Dewit Clinton (farmer), s. of Norman & Huldah Brown, b. at Avon, N. Y., 22 April, 1819; d. at Davisonville, 11 April, 1873; bur. at Atlas, Mich.   M. (1) in 1850, Lucretia Palmer, dau. of Olive Palmer.   M. (2) at Atlas, Mich., 15 March, 1853, Elizabeth Munson Fairchild, dau. of Nathaniel & Harriet (Hughes) Fairchild.


978. Belle, b. at Atlas, Mich., 13 Aug., 1855; d. at Goodrich, Mich., 4 July, 1859.
979. Minnie, b. Atlas, Mich., 18 May, 1860; m. 20 Sept., 1887, I. M. Whitehead.

1. Dewit C, b. 17 Feb., 1889; d. 10 Oct., 1889.
2. Yale, b. 19 July, 1890; d. 11 Sept., 1890.

771. Benjamin Franklin (farmer), of Highland, Oakland Co., Mich., s. of Norman & Huldah Brown, b. at Avon, N. Y., 21 April, 1821; m. 16 May, 1849, H. N. Gue of Highland, Mich.; b. 30 Oct., 1830.


980. Jane Ann, b. Highland, Nov., 1853; m. 9 Nov., 1876, William H. Gonne.
981. Flora E., b. Highland, 1 Feb., 1856; d. 6 Oct., 1871.
982. Norman, b. Highland, 2 Aug., 1858; m. 14 Sept., 1882. Mary Eldred.
983. Benjamin F., Jr., b. Highland, 16 Jan., 1862; d. Nov., 1873; m. 1 Jan., 1867, Sarah S. Wells, b. at Wesleyville, Erie Co., N. Y., 25 April, 1835

1. Bertha, b. 5 Oct., 1869.
2. Margarett S., b. 23 Aug., 1871, at Highland.

789. Augustus Lewis (lawyer), s. of Asa Lee & Lydia Lewis, b. 1812; d. 25 Aug., 1859.


984. Asa Lee, b. 21 Feb., 1850; m. 9 May, 1869, Fannie E. Church.
985. Flora M., b. 1853.
986. Hawley W., b. 1855.


791. Ezra Darwin (lawyer), s. of Asa Lee & Lydia Lewis, b. 23 June, 1818; m. Feb., 1840, Electa S. Fairchild.


987. Lydia, b. 14 June, 1841; m. A. D. Addis of Lincoln, Neb.
988. Francis L., b. 17 Oct., 1843; m.(1) ____ Jenkins; (2) W. R. Dunn.
989. Helen, b. 26 Oct., 1845; m. J. Elliott of Broken Bow, Neb.
990. Electa, b. 22 Oct., 1847.
991. Sarah, b. 1850.
992. Mary, b. 11 July, 1853; m. E. Harrisworth of Broken Bow, Neb.

794. Daniel Harrison, s. of Daniel & Melinda Mixon, b. at Grafton, N. Y., 25 March, 1826; m. 25 March, 1852, at Grafton, N. Y., Louisa Ann Bly, dau. of Joseph; b. at Sandlake, N. Y., 26 March, 1829.


993. Ada E., b. Grafton, N. Y., 19 Jan., 1854; m. 30 May, 1882. Charles Taylor of Edgar, Neb.
994. Joseph, b. 18 Jan., 1859 : m. 11 Jan., 1882, Lilla Ferrin, Pola, III.
995. Daniel, b. 24 Dec., 1860; m. 24 Nov., 1892, Esther Wilson, Bloomington, Ill.
996. William A., b. 20 Aug., 1862; m. 15 March, 1888, Hattie Webber.
997. Cyrus, b. 10 March, 1865; m. 3 April, 1887, Eva Vance.
998. Minnie A., b. 9 Aug., 1867; m. 22 Aug., 1888, Fred W. Wilcox.
999. Dexter, b. 19 Sept., 1869.
1000. Orris, b. 3 June, 1872; m. 18 Dec., 1892, Mary Alene Martin.

795. Almon, of Manito Ill., s. of Daniel & Melinda Mixon, b. at Grafton, N. Y., 25 June, 1828; m. 29 June, 1854, Abbie M. Chandler, dau. of Rev. S. P. Chandler of Bell Creek, Minn. She was b. 21 May, 1838.


1001. Martha, b. Manito, Ill., 10 April, 1855; m. 1 Oct., 1878, Jerry Singley of Manito, Ill.
1002. Louis, b. Manito, 21 Feb., 1857; m. 13 Jan., 1875, James R. Baker of Green Valley, Ill.
1003. Abbie, b. Manito, 3 May, 1859.
1004. Emma L., b. Manito, 18 Aug., 1861; d. 21 Feb., 1863.
1005. Daniel E., b. Manito, 21 July, 1863; d. 18 July, 1869.
1006. Charles Grant, b. Manito, 1 June, 1865.
1007. Ella C, b. Manito, 21 Feb., 1867.
1008. Almon M., b. Manito, 4 Dec., 1869.
1009. Rubie M., b. Manito, 22 Feb., 1872.
1010. Ada B., b. Manito, 12 March, 1874.
1011. Mary A., b. Manito, 7 Sept., 1876; d. 15 March, 1879.
1012. Bertie C., b. Manito, 29 Nov., 1882.


797. Reuben, of Saratoga Springs (harness maker) s. of Daniel & Melinda Mixon, b. Grafton, N. Y., 14 Oct., 1832; m. 16 Jan., 1858, Louisa Hamett.


1013. Carrie, b. 1860.
1014. Cora, b. 1865.
1015. Maud, b. 1872.

798. Ezra (carpenter), s. of Daniel & Melinda Mixon, b. Grafton, N. Y., 5 Nov., 1837; m. 19 Feb., 1868. Helen Wilson, d. 1874, and was buried eight miles west of Minonk, Ill.


1016. Annie L., b. Minonk, Ill., 24 Nov., 1868.
1017. Clarence, b. Minonk, Sept., 1871.
1018. Theodora, b. Minonk, 21 Aug., 1874; dead.

801. Franklin, s. of Paul & Abigail Burdick, b. at Grafton, N. Y., in 1834; m. (1) 25 Jan., 1856, Jane Brown; (2) ____. Lived in New York City.

Children by First Marriage.

1019. Jennie, [b. on/aft 1856].
1020. Franklin, b. 1865.

Children by Second Marriage.

1021. Milton, b. in New York City, 1878; d. age 4 years.
1022. Tilly, b. in New York City, 1880.

802. Asa, s. of Paul K. & Abigail Burdick; m. Eliza Bond, and lived in Troy, N. Y., with his sister Augusta.


804. Prosper H. (farmer), s. of John Milton & Sally Parks, b. Grafton, N, Y., 26 Aug., 1833; m. 2 Sept., 1854, Jane File of Eureka, Ill.; b. at Brunswick, N. Y., April, 1832.


1023. Addie, b. 6 Aug., 1855.
1024. Frances, b. 23 Feb., 1857; m. 10 Feb., 1886. Harrison Kerrick of Shirley, Ill.
1025. William T., b. 1 Dec., 1862; resides Eureka, Ill.
1026. Morgan, b. 24 Oct., 1864; resides Eureka, Ill.
1027. Paul, b. 19 Feb., 1867; resides Eureka, Ill.
1028. Elsie, b. 16 Aug., 1869; resides Eureka, Ill.
1029. Bertha, b. 28 Aug., 1874; resides Eureka, Ill.

806. Dr. Ezra, s. of S. Rowland & Amanda West, b. at Grafton, N. Y., 28 June, 1834; m. 31 Dec., 1855, Mary S. Scrivner, b. at Hoosic Falls, N. Y., 24 Oct., 1837.
Dr. Ezra Davison lives or lived at Moscow, Idaho. He served three years in the Civil War, in the Seventy-seventh Regular Illinois Infantry Volunteers, in Red River Camp, and took part at the siege of Forts Gaines and Morgan in 1864; also in camp against Mobile, Ala., in 1865.


1030. John R., b. 26 Jan., 1857; m. 31 July, 1887, Elizabeth Jarron, Idaho, and resided at Moscow.
1031. Gilbert, b. 11 April, 1858; d. 10 Sept., 1859; and was buried at Bell Plains, Ill.
1032. Charles, b. 25 March, 1860.
1033. Lucretia M., b. 28 Dec., 1862.
1034. Amanda E., b. 22 Jan., 1864; m. 22 Feb., 1888, David Bounds of Moscow, Idaho.
1035. Emily, b. 12 Oct., 1868.
1036. Luna B., b. 27 Oct., 1871.
1037. Pearl A., b. 1 Feb., 1875.
1038. George D., b. 17 Feb., 1877.


812. James Milton (farmer), s. of S. Rowland & Amanda West, b. at Groveland, Ill., 18 April, 1848 [child entry p.100: "b. 1846", probably correct]; m. 22 Sept., 1870, Louisa E. Scrivner.


1039. Alice, b. 26 Oct., 1871.
1040. Sarah, b. 6 Feb., 1873.
1041. Ida Bell, b. 25 June, 1874.
1042. James Ezra, b. 22 Jan., 1876.
1043. S. Rowland, b. 25 March, 1879.
1044. Le Roy, b. 10 Feb., 1882.

816. Edmund S. (farmer), s. of Norman L. & Adelia C. Wait, b. at Grafton, N. Y., 10 Feb., 1842; m. 10 May, 1863, Amy Vaughn; lived or lives at Emerald, Neb.


1045. Earnest C, b. at Clayton, 1 Feb., 1866.
1046. Volney E., b. 7 Nov., 1873; d. 17 Oct., 1886; bur. Emerald.
1047. Lois D., b. 6 Feb., 1876.
1048. Ira A., b. 28 June, 1878.

817. Daniel Webster (barber), s. of Norman L. & Adelia C. Wait, b. at Grafton, N. Y., 8 May, 1844; m. 1 May, 1866, Sarah A. Richards, b. 4 May, 1848.


1049. George, b. at Clayton, 19 Nov., 1866.
1050. Clara, b. at Clayton, 3 June, 1869; d. in infancy.
1051. Lonny R., b. 25 Dec., 1873.
1052. Harry, b. 20 Dec., 1881.

819. Norman L. (soda-water manufacturer), s. of Norman L. & Adelia C. Wait, b. Grafton, N. Y., 16 April, 1854 : m. 19 Aug., 1873, Anna McKeever, b. 1 Oct., 1856.


1053. Charles H., b. 2 June, 1878.
1054. Freda G., b. 9 Aug., 1881.
1055. Ralph P., b. 1885.

DAVISON GENEALOGY. pgs 123 to 125

845. Charles, s. of Abner & Mary Davison, b. 29 April, 1857; m. 13 Oct., 1881, Mary Berryhill.


1056. Philip, b. 18 April, 1884.
1057. Donald B., b. 3 Oct., 1889.

896. Mansfield Walworth, of Dorchester, Mass., s. of John Mason & Sarah Walworth, b. at Albany, N. Y., 13 Jan., 1844; m. 24 Feb., 1870, at Cincinnati, Ohio, by Rev. James A. Fiske, Arabella Beltzhoover, dau. of George A. S: Sarah (Cook) Wallace. She was b. 8 July, 1844.


1058. Francis Wallace, b. 23 Nov., 1870.
1059. Sarah Walworth, b. 8 Nov., 1872.
1060. Susan Wallace, b. 1 Nov., 1873.
1061. John Mason, b. 2 Jan., 1876; lives in Boston.
1062. Nathan Guilford, b. 2 Jan., 1876.
(All live in Dorchester, Mass., except John Mason.)

951. Arthur Henry, s. of Wesley & Cynthia Thompson, b. 6 March, 1857, near Blooming Valley, Crawford Co., Penn.; m. 4 Aug., 1879, at Cambridge, Pa., by Rev. William Grassie, Amadella Van Marten.

Arthur H. Davison, b. March 6, 1857, on a farm one and one-half miles east of Blooming Valley, Crawford Co., Pa. In youth, when not at school, he worked upon the farm. His parents were always anxious to furnish their children every educational advantage within their reach and means. First attended the rural district school (schoolhouse half a mile south of Delamater's Corners) until thirteen years of age, when he began attending the village school at Blooming Valley.

In the fall of 1873 he attended State Normal School at Edinboro, Pa. The following winter began teaching in Townley district school near home. This was a trying time for the boy teacher (not yet sixteen years old), with pupils older than he, and not at all disposed to good order. The summers of the years 1874 and 1875 he managed a cheese factory; in the winter of 1874 attended Edinboro State Normal School. Winter of 1875, ____. In spring of 1876 started West, with the intention of going to Black Hills, the newly discovered mining region. On account of Indians who were on war-path, and entreaties of mother not to go, he spent the year in Platte County, Neb., where he taught two terms, and did some work on the farm of his uncle James Compton. In spring of 1877, he reentered Edinboro State Normal School, where he remained (except winter terms, when he taught at home in Delamater school) until June, 1879, graduating with one year's studies beyond prescribed course.

Married August 4, 1879, Ida Amadella Van Marten, b. Aug. 9, 1858, one mile north of Blooming Valley, where her father settled when the country was new. Marriage ceremony was performed at Cambridge, Pa., by Rev. William Grassie, less than one hour before they took the train for Iowa. Mrs. Davison was educated in the district school at the farm near Blooming Valley, and at Edinboro State Normal School.

They settled at Rock Rapids (where he began teaching as principal of town schools, Sept. 13, 1879), having come West with nothing definite in view, except a determination to find work at his chosen profession, for which he had had a thorough training. He taught five terms, then resigned to accept the office of County Superintendent of Schools, by appointment to fill vacancy. He was twice elected by the people, serving till Jan. 1, 1876. In November, 1883, with Charles Creglow, purchased " Rock Rapids Review," which he edited about one year as a Republican paper. In 1885 purchased " Lyon County Reporter," a Republican paper, which he edited and published till August, 1887.

During the years from 1885 to 1897, he has engaged, to greater or less extent, in real estate dealing, the rapid increase in the value of land making the business profitable when wisely conducted. In 1883 was elected to Iowa House of Representatives for Lyon and O'Brien Counties. In 1895 the Republicans of the county unanimously asked that he be given the State Senatorial nomination; but after nearly 1,700 ballots, the counties having a larger vote took the nomination. In May, 1896, was admitted by the Supreme Court of the State to practise as attorney and counsellor-at-law in all courts of the State.

For years he has been member or President of City School Board, and is Chairman of Public Library Board. In his youth he united (at Blooming Valley, Pa.), with Methodist Episcopal Church. Withdrew some years ago, at the time Rev. H. W. Thomas was convicted of heresy. His wife is a member of the Congregational Church. He has been member of a few civic societies, including A. O. U. W.; K. of P.; I. O. O. F., A. M., American Knights Templars, and has travelled the desert with the Mystic Shrine worshippers.


1063. Hazel Van Marten, b. 28 April, 1881.
1064. Arthur A., b. 13 July, 1883.
1065. Bessie B., b. 13 July, 1885.
1066. Della, b. 13 July, 1888; d. Feb., 1889.
1067. Susan M., b. 6 May, 1890.
1068. Paul T., b. 10 March, 1895.

952. Albert L., s. of Wesley, b. 2 April, 1859; m. 15 Sept., 1879, at Crawford Co., Penn., Jennie Lindsey, dau. of John & Mary (Mobus) Lindsey.


1069. Ruey May, b. 30 Oct., 1880.
1070. Lulu, b. 12 May, 1883.
1071. Albert, b. 3 March, 1886.
1072. Ethel, b. 22 Feb., 1888.


954. Clinton Eugene, s of Wesley, b. 18 Jan., 1864; m. Flora Oakley. In 1896 published the "Tribune" at Hudson, S. D.


1073. Bernice, [b. on/aft 1882].
1074. a daughter, b. 1896.

984. Asa Lee, s. of Augustus, b. in Chicago, 21 Feb., 1850; m. 9 May, 1869, Fannie E. Church.


1075. Myrtle, b. 19 Aug., 1871.
1076. Joa Bella, b. 1 April, 1881.

994. Joseph A., s. of Daniel Harrison & Louisa Ann Bly, b. 18 Jan., 1859; m. at Minonk, Ill., by Rev. S. Marquis, Lilla E. Ferrin, dau. of Henry & Loretta P. (Sanborn) Ferren [sic].


1077. Loretta, b. 28 June, 1884.
1078. Harrison K., b. 5 April, 1886.
1079. Robert, b. 15 June, 1889.
1080. Elbert, b. 27 Oct., 1891.

1000. Orris M., s. of Daniel Harrison & Louisa Ann Bly, b. 3 June, 1872; m. at Minonk, Ill., by Rev. Fuller Swift, 18 Dec., 1892, Mary Alene, dau. of Presley & Eleanor (Bane) Martin. She was b. 23 Oct., 1870.


1081. Curtis Melvin, b. 21 Sept., 1893.
1082. Esther Marie, b. 10 Aug., 1895.
1083. Ruth Alene, b. 9 Oct., 1896.
(All live at Minonk, Ill.)


1. Thompson Family. Henry Thompson came from England to America about the middle of the eighteenth century, and settled in New Jersey.   M. Mary ______, by whom he the following:


1. Job, b. 6 July, 1755; probably had no issue.
2. Abel, b. 2 March, 1757; d. 3 July, 1840; m. (1) Jemima Kemp, b. 4 Feb., 1757; d. 15 Nov., 1816; (2) Tamar Gray; d. 1844.

2. Abel by first wife had the following:


3. Job, b. 4 Aug., 1799 [??]; d. 20 April, 1852; m. Isabel Swain.
4. Mary, b. 1781; d. 1815.
5. ____, b. and d. 1783.
6. Abel, b. 14 April, 1785; m. Kitty Boylin.
7. Joel, b. 14 Jan., 1788.
8. Caleb, b. 30 Jan., 1790; d. 1863.
9. Sarah, b. 1793; m. Adam Boylin.
10. Charles K., b. 1796.

3. Job, s. of Abel & Jemima Kemp, b. 4 Aug., 1799 [2 yrs before his 1st son??]; d. 20 April, 1852.


11. Henry, b. 4 March, 1801; m. Eliza Ames.
12. Samuel, b. 23 Jan., 1803; m. (1) Betsy Ames; (2) Mary Palmer.
13. Reuben, b. 18 March, 1805; d. in Wisconsin, 1881; m. Belinda Wilson.
14. John, b. 19 Feb., 1857; d. in Indiana, 4 Nov., 1866.
15. Thomas, [b. on/aft 1801], m. and had 2 children, Hattie and Wait, now living in Kansas.
16. Elizabeth, b. 27 Oct., 1810-11; m. L. Marsh.
17. Isabel, [b. on/aft 1801].
18. Josiah, [b. on/aft 1801], m. and had the following children : James, Henry and Edwin.


12. Samuel, s. of Job & Isabel Swain, b. 23 Jan., 1803; m. twice, (1) Betsy Ames, b. 20 Nov., 1805; d. 2 May, 1842; (2) Mary Palmer.


19. Sally, b. 25 July, 1826; d. 10 Feb., 1829.
20. _____, lived two days.
21. Lucretia, b. 5 May, 1828; d. 6 June, 1828.
22. _____, b. 21 May, 1829; d. same day.
23. Samuel, [b. on/aft 1823], m. twice (1) Sophia Robbins; (2) Melissa Oakes.
24. Horace, b. 2. Jan., 1835.
25. Cynthia, b. 4 April, 1838; m. Wesley Davison.
26. _____, b. 8 May, 1842.

Children by Second Marriage.

27. Isabel, [b. on/aft 1843].
28. Palmer, [b. on/aft 1843], d. when about 21 or 22 years of age, from a gun-shot wound from his own hand while in a state of despondency. He was a young man of considerable mechanical genius, and might have been a valuable citizen, except he became possessed with the idea that he was likely to fall a prey to certain imaginary evils.

23. Samuel (s. of Samuel & Betsy Ames), m. twice, (1) Sophia Robbins; (2) Melissa Oakes.


Estelle, Addie, Samuel, Eddy, Maud, and Madge, [b. on/aft 1841].


William Henry Harris, b. in Rhode Island, 6 March, 1810; m. 11 June, 1834, Ziphia Torrey, dau. of Ziphia Davison (No. 141), who was the daughter of Daniel Davison (No. 64) of Brooklyn, Ct.; b. Killingly, Ct., 14 Dec., 1814. Lives at Putnam Heights, Ct.


I. William T., b. Killingly, Ct., 10 Sept., 1835; m. 27 Dec., 1858 Sarah T. Bugbee; b. 29 Oct., 1836; resides, Concord, Mass.

1. Theodore, b. St. Louis. Mo., 12 Sept., 1859; m. 6 Aug., 1879, Florence Fairchild.

1. Ethan, b. St. Louis, 30 Nov., 1882; d. 20 Dec., 1883.
2. Florence, b. St. Louis, 3 Oct., 1885: resides, St. Louis.
3. Arthur, b. St. Louis, 11 Jan., 1886; resides, St. Louis.
4. Edith, b. St. Louis, 6 June, 1888; resides St. Louis.

2. Charlotte, b. St. Louis, Mo., 27 July, 1862; d. 22 May, 1864; buried, St. Louis, Mo.
3. Ethan, b. St. Louis, ____ 20, 1864; d. St. Louis, Mo., 20 July, 1870.
4. Edith, b. St. Louis, Mo., 6 Aug., 1875.

II. John W., b. Killingly, Ct., 29 April, 1837; d. San Francisco, Cal., 29 Dec., 1885.
III. Sarah L., b. Killingly, Ct., 7 April, 1839; m. Andrew Morey.
IV. Dr. Edward M., b. Killingly, Ct., 4 Sept., 1841; m. 15 Dec., 1887, Amy Eddy; lives at Providence, R. I.
V. David H., b. Providence, R. I., March, 1844; m., 1872, Alice Snyder; resides at St. Louis, Mo.
VI. Anna R., b. Putnam, Ct., 20 Nov., 1847; d. Putnam, 17 March, 1873.
VII. Mary J., b. Putnam, Ct., 20 March, 1851; m. 17 Feb., 1886, Frank Banner.
VIII. Charles J., b. Putnam, Ct., 11 Sept., 1853; m. 17 Feb., 1886, Florence Rust.

1. David, [b. on/aft 1886], }
2. Charles J., [b. on/aft 1886] } Denver. Col., Box 3042.
3. Robert M., [b. on/aft 1886], }
4. Margaret H., [b. on/aft 1886], }

IX. Ellen E., b. Putnam, 21 Sept., 1858; d. Denver, Col., 2 July, 1887.

William Torrey Harris, whose name has become so generally known on account of his achievements in the work of education and the literature of education and philosophy, was born on a farm, on which he labored a large part of the time during early life. His pupil life began at the age of four years; from this age till he arrived at eight he attended summer terms of twelve weeks each at a country school one and a half miles distant from his father's farm. From this date he attended winter sessions of school, and during the next few years attended the city schools of Providence, Woodstock, Worcester, and Andover Academies, leaving Andover in 1853, when he began teaching.

In 1854 he entered Yale College, but did not complete the course of study, but withdrew at the middle of the junior year. Early he acquired the habit of thought and philosophical study. In 1858 he began teaching in St. Louis, Mo., and rose rapidly till 186S, when he became City Superintendent, a position he held till 1880. His work here and his annual reports soon drew the attention of the educational world.

In 1867 he founded, and has since edited, "The Journal of Speculative Philosophy." At the close of his work at St. Louis, in 1880, he established his home in the "Alcott House" in Concord, Mass., and has, as before, kept his pen busily engaged in philosophical writing. He has been honored by Yale College with the degree of M.A., by the Missouri State University with the degree of LL.D., and being made "a member of Academy" by Minister of Public Instruction of France, by election to Presidency of National Ed. Association in 1875, as U. S. Delegate to International Ed. Congress at Brussels in 1880, and by numerous other positions and other recognitions of the first importance.

His writings include about forty articles in Johnson's Encyclopedia and the editorship of the department of Philosophy. Numerous lectures (including those before the Concord School of Philosophy, of which he was one of the founders), numerous articles in the leading magazines and in many of the educational periodicals of the country. He is author of Appleton's series of Readers. In 1889 President Harrison named Dr. Harris for Commissioner of Education, a position he fills to such perfect satisfaction that President Cleveland has deemed it wise to continue him in office. Since taking the Commissionership the work done and publications issued are sources of extreme satisfaction to educators and friends of education. To-day he has few if any peers in the fields of educational philosophy, and ranks as one of the finest thinkers of the day.

The First Deed on Record to the Davisons in the Town of Preston, Conn. Several Extracts from the Records of that Town Relative to the Davisons, and Jonathan Davison's will, copied from the Probate Records at Norwich :

Know all men by these presents that I Daniel Mason of Stonington of the County of New London upon good & mature considerations me moving hereunto, & especially for & in consideration of the full & just sum of thirty pounds Current Moneys well & Truly payed by Thomas Davison & Pater Davison & George Hawkings the Receipt whereof I the said Daniel Mason do acknowledge viz. ten pounds at the signing of this present Deed and twenty pounds in like Current moneys well secured in law to be paid at or before the first of November next ensueing the debt hereof I the sd Daniel Mason freely fully cherely and absolutely do give grant bargain sell allienate & pass over unto the aforesaid Thomas Davison peter Davison & George Hawkins a certain tract of land swamp & Meadow ground in all Three hundred acres in estimatio, more or less as it is bounded and Layed out by Leiut. Jonathan Tracy situated & Lying near to pahchog cedar swamp, beginning at the southwest corner upon the lien between Leut. Daniel Mason and the town of preston at a white oak tree with a rock on the east side of it & marked with K. D. and from thence running Northerly Three hundred and Twenty rods with trees marked all along in the lines to a white oak marked with K. D. & Thence running easterly one hundred & fifty rods with trees marked in the line to a white oke on the South east corner of a pine swamp marked K. D. and thence southwardly with trees marked in the line until it cometh to the line first mentioned and so by sd Line to the tree first mentioned, all & singular every part & parcell Thereof with all the priviledges and appurtenances thereunto belonging & wood timber grass & Herbage Water & water courses and Rocks stones mines & minerals within the aforesaid bounds, is or doth or may accrew & arise, from as profits, benefits to the sole and peculiar use & behoff of the aforesaid Thomas Davison, peter Davison and George Hawkins forever to have & to hereto possess & enjoy quietly & peaceably without any Lett hindrance objection or ejection of me the said Daniel mason my heirs executors administrators & assigns forever unto the aforesaid Thomas Davison and peter Davison & George Hawkins their heirs executors and administrators or assigns declaring myself the true and Lawful proprietor of the aforesaid tract of land before the signing this present Deed and that I the sd Daniel Mason have just right & full power to sell & make allienation of the aforesaid bargained promises & shall & will warrant and defend the same and I the sd Daniel mason do hereby covenant & promise to give more ample deed for the strengthening & firm & sure making of the above sd bargained promises according to the honest and genuine scope & meaning of this present deed when legally called thereunto & in token of further confirmation I the sd Daniel mason set my hand & seal in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and ninty four august the fifteenth 1694.
Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of us Witnesses

Daniel Mason

Samuel Mason
John Stanton

Left Daniel mason personally appeared &
acknowledged the above written deed &
on the other side before me in Stoning-
ton august the 15, 1694.

Samuel Mason assistant.

This Deed entered august 21th 1694.
Jonathan Tracy Recorder.
The above is a true copy of record. From Book 1st. Page 98, of Land Records.

Attest, O. P. Hewitt
Town Clerk.

Preston, April, 8th A.D. 1861.


The foregoing is the first deed upon record to the Davisons in Preston. A division occurred between them & George Hawkins December 9th, 1703, from which the following is an extract, going so far as the description of Thomas Davison's part.

"To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come Know Ye that whereas we Thomas Davison Peter Davison & George Hawkins all of Preston in the County of New London in ye colony of Connecticut in New England have formerly purchased a piece of land lying in Preston above sd of Daniel Mason of Stonington and this above sd land is bounded as followeth beginning at ye west corner at a white oak tree marked standing before John Guiles door & from thence running Southwardly course by ye land of Samuel Sterry until it comes to a red oak tree marked then turning eastwardly & running to a white oak tree marked standing in a hollow then turning a Northwardly course & running by ye said John Guiles land to ye first mentioned bound, which Land being now divided & bounded each mans division is as followeth and I Thomas Davison do take my division at ye South eastwardly corner at a white oak tree marked & running by ye land of ephrian herick to a red oak bush marked it being on a northwardly course then turning & running on a westwardly course upon a line to a red oak tree marked & so on ye same course tile it meteth with ye divisional line that is between Samuel Sterry land & ye land now mentioned, then turning a Southward by ye Land of Samuel Sterry to a white oak tree marked then turning on an eastwardly course to ye first bound mentioned of ye division." (See Preston Land Record Books, p. 25,)

1703-4, January 3rd, deeded his hundred acres to Ephraim Herick for £20 silver money & a parcel of land lying between Thomas Davison's land & the town line – " which i the sd peter Davison have given Ephraim herick order to give a deed of that parcell of be it more or be it less unto my Brother Thomas Davison, the receipt thereof I the sd peter Davison do hereby acknowledge – " (see Book 2, page 19) and on the same day Eph. Herick deeded to T. D. a piece of land lying between the said T. D.'s land & the town line – & running easterly to the brook being part payment for 100 acres from peter" – and by his order I ye sd herick do now give this Deed unto his brother Thomas Davison" (see Book 2 page 11).

1720, April, 12. T. D. bought five acres of land for 40 shillings of James Rix on the westerly side of Dillings Brook & extending to it. (Preston Land Records, Book 3, page 185.)

1736, March 29. Jonathan Davison, Thomas D. John D. & Jedediah Williams & Hannah Williams his wife divided the estate of "Their Honored Father Thomas Davison late of Preston deceased." This instrument is quite lengthy. Book 5, pages 1 & 2.

1737-8, March 10. Samuel Davison deeds to Thomas 31 acres of land for £93. Book 5 – 170.

1739, July 10. Roger Billings deeded to Jonathan, Thomas & Samuel Davison andJohn Davison of Stonington & Jed. Wms. & wife " for divers good causes &considerations together with love & Good will" all the right title &c. &c. which he the sd Billings, had or ought to have in or to the tract of land that Thomas Davison late of sd. Preston deceased died in possession of. Book 5, pages 217 &18. (This puzzles me. Billings' wife I think was Abigail Denison & I find no mortgage to him.)

1741, April, 28. Jed. & Hannah Wms. deed to Thomas D. for £13 "a certain lot of land which was laid out to ye above sd Hannah by order of ye court of Probate as part of her portion out of her Hond. father Thomas Davison's farm." Witnesses by
Jonathan Davison.

Kizia Davison which was the name of Jonathan D.'s wife & daughter & should have been so in the will of which I sent you a copy. I think I wrote it Heziah. I have since examined the probate records & find it Keziah. The K so much resembled an H that I made the mistake & the Judge did not notice it.

And that name "Margreen" I think, although it looks like nothing else, was intended for Margara. The will of Jonathan Davison is recorded in Norwich Probate Records (Book 1, page 254).

1745, Oct. 25th. Deed John Davison "Yeoman" to Jonathan – 5 acres of land for £40 old tenor. Book 6, page 133.

Extracts from the Records of the First Church in Preston, Ct.

Rev. Salmon Treat, Minister.

1699, March 5. Thomas Davison was received in full communion with this church.
1700, Sept. Peter Davison was received in full communion with this church.
1700, Sept. Anna Davison, his wife, was received in full communion with this church.

1698, Dec. 25. Jonathan, son of T. D., was baptized.
1701, Feby. 2. Dorothy, child of Peter D., was baptized.
1703, Feby. 21. Joseph, son of Peter D., was baptized.
1703, March 7. Thomas, son of Thomas D., was baptized.
1703, July 3. Mary, daughter of Widow Davison, was baptized.
1705, April, 22. William, son of Peter D., was baptized.
1709, Sept. 11. Peter, son of Peter D., was baptized.
1712, April, 13. Hannah, child of Thomas D,, was baptized.
1715, Oct. 16. Samuel, son of Thomas D., was baptized.
1754, Jany. 3. Joseph Witter Jun. & Hannah Davison were married.
1753, Nov. 1. Thomas Davison & Rachel Rude were married by Rev. Asher Rossiter, Minister.

December 16, 1709. Thomas Davison of Lawful age testifieth and saith that I have lived in Preston sixteen years and I never Knew that Stephen Gate as concerning the land above written, I never Knew him to have been interrupted by any person or persons laying claim Thereunto, and prosecuting Their claim is due form of Law. Thomas Davison, selectman. This entered January 5, 1709-10.

Jonathan Tracy, Recorder.


1702, Dec. 24.

Legally warned and the metting was adjorned from the metting hous to Decon Fabes his house and it was voted that all those persons which Now have Land of there own in this Town shall be Recorded inhabitants of this Town whose Names are as followeth

peter Davison
Thomas Davison "

and the names of 56 others recorded by Jonathan Tracy – and on the page after their names appear on the first roll of Freemen recorded in this town.

1698, Aug. 26.

Thomas Davison was chosen one of List gatherers for that " yere."

1700, Dec. 26.

Thomas Davison and Peter Davison were appointed " survaiers."

1701, Dec. 8.

Thomas Davison was again appointed surveyor & one of the Collectors.

1705, March 16.

at a Town Meeting Legally warned it was agreed upon & voted to free John Metch from his minister's Rate for four yer for sweping the meting hous onc a fortnite and to take care of the dores to keep them Lockt and to attend to or Lock them as often as there shall be ocation for it upon all publick dayes– and Daken Fobes and Sart witer (?) and Jonathan Tracy are chosen a comity to agree with men to finish the gallaris in the metting hous and to make a rate for the defraying the charg of the work and to glase the windos and Thomas Davison and jams Morgan and Samuel Standish ar chose collectors to gather the rate."

1705, Dec. 25.

Thomas Davison was chosen Lister.

1708, Dec. 14.

Thomas Davison was chosen Selectman.

1719, Dec. 14.

Sart. Thomas Davison was chosen a Surveyor.

1749, Sept. 12.

Jonathan Davison Jun. & John Davison was admitted electors.

1751, April, 8.

Andrew Davison was admitted an elector.

1753, April, 9.

Hezekiah Davison was admitted an elector.


Christopher Davison, son of John & Elizabeth his wife, born 1749, (no. 18).

Thus I find Thomas Davison having at various times almost all the offices then in the gift of his townsmen.

1694, Aug. 15. Thomas Davison, Peter Davison & George Hawkins took a deed of 300 acres of land of Daniel Mason of Stonington and in 1702-3 a highway was laid out "Northward of the house of Thos. Davison" & "near the new House of George Hawkins."

1703, Dec. 9. Their division was made.
1703, Dec. 24. Ephm. Herrick deeded a parcel of land to Thomas Davison, for the consideration of one hundred acres of land to him paid by Peter Davison, brother of the said Thomas Davison.

This Ephm. Herrick, I think, came from Beverly, Mass., & bought 140 acres of land of Danl. Mason in Nov. 1694. His land joined the Davisons.

1720, April, 30. James Rix deeded 5 acres of land to Thos. Davison for 40 shillings.

At a Court of Probate held in Norwich in the District of Norwich in New London County the 9th day of January 1753, Present. –

Hez Huntington Esqr. Judge:
and Isaac Huntington Clerk: holding said Court.

The last will of Jonathan Davison of Preston deceased was exhibited in this Court which being proved is approved & ordered to be recorded & Thomas Davison one of the Executors named in sd will, appeared in Court, accepted the trust and made oath to exhibit an inventory accordingly.

I Jonathan Davison of Preston in New London County, being sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind & Memory blessed be God for it, do ordain and make this my last will & testament. – First of all I recommend my soul to God that gave it, & my body to the earth, and touching such worldly estate as God hath blessed me with, I give & dispose in the following manner & form. –


Item. I give unto my son Jonathan Five shillings old tenor money out of this my estate.
Item. I give unto my daughter Heziah One Hundred Pounds to be paid at the end of three years after my decease out of this my estate.
Item. I give unto my daughter Mary One Hundred Pounds old tenor money to be paid at the end of three years after my decease out of this my estate.
Item. I give unto my daughter Hannah One Hundred pounds old tenor money to be paid at the end of four years after my decease out of this my estate.
Item. I give unto my daughter Margara (Mary Ann) One Hundred Pounds old tenor money to be paid at the end of four years after comes to the age of Eighteen years.
Item. I give unto my daughter Margaret One Hundred pounds old tenor money to be paid at the end of four years after she arrives at the age of eighteen years.
Item. I give unto my Cypron One Hundred pounds Money old tenor when he comes to the full age of twenty one years, and One Hundred pounds money Old tenor more at his Mother's death.
Item. I give unto my son Samuel One Hundred pounds old tenor to be paid when he doth arrive at the full age of twenty-one years & One Hundred pounds money Old tenor more at his mother's death, the above said sums of money & Devise to be paid by my executors hereafter named.
Item. I give unto my Loving wife Heziah one third part of my personal estate forever; & one third part of my real estate during her natural life.
Item. I give unto my two sons Thomas & Hezikiah whom I make my sole executors to this my last will & testament all my land rights in land & all my movable Estate forever ratifying this to be my last will and testament this Sixth day of January 1751-2.

Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced & declared by the said Jonathan Davison to be liis last will & testament. In presence of us.
Eunice Davison
Joseph Billings Jonathan Davison L.S.
the mark of Judah Benjamin

In New London Ss. Preston, January 23rd, A.D. 1752. Mr. Judith Benjamin & Eunice Davison who signed as witnesses to the within written instrument Personally Appeared & made Solemn Oath that they see Jonathan Davison deceased sign, & heard him pronounce & declare the within instrument to be his last will and Testament he being then in a disposing mind & memory and that they and Joseph Billings Esqr. did then in the presence of the testator and at his request sign as Witnesses to the same.
         Before Me
         Samuel Coit.
         Justice of the Peace.
Norwich, March 20" A.D. 1861.
The above is a true Copy of the record in the Norwich Probate Records.

S. T. HOLBROOK, Judge.

1748 Oct. 14. Jonathan Davison Jun. deed Wm. Herrick 106 acres of land for £1510 in bills of credit of ye old tenor.

Book 6, page 131.

1748 Oct. 14. Jonathan Davison Jr. deed to Danl. Benjamin 45 acres of land for £1055 in bills of credit of ye old tenor.

Book 6, page 132.

1748 Oct. 14. Jonathan Davison Jun. deed from Danl. Benjamin 12 1/2 acres & 26 rods of land for £300 money of ye old tenor.

Book 6, page 135.

1754 March 27. Deed, Jonathan D. (formerly Jun.) from Hezekiah D. of the farm which his Honored father Jonathan D. late of Preston decsd. died seized of " together with the adjoining right of thirds which belonged to my honored Grandmother Hannah Geer, late of said Preston, decsd."Consideration £1700 in bills of Cr. old tenor.

Book 6, page 522.

1754 June 6. Jonathan, Thomas & Andrew D.'s deed to Jed. Wm's of about 5 acres of land "and it is part of that land that set off to our honored Grandmother Davison for her thirds & it is yet undivided till now."

Book 6, page 545.

1754 June 15. Jed. Wm's & wife for £500 old Tenor money quit claimed to Jonathan, Thomas & Andrew D. the above tract – "and is a part of the land that was set off to our hond. Mother Hannah Davison for her third or dower & by her decease it descended unto ye sd Jedediah & Hannah his wife as their right of inheritance."

Book 7–85.

1754 November 1. Thomas & Jonathan D. (Thomas Davison of Stonington) divided the farm which their father died possessed of.

Book 7, page 86.


Mrs. Abigail Davison, mother of Gideon M. and Clement Davison, united with the Presbyterian Church at Saratoga Springs, under the pastoral care of the Rev. Darius O. Griswold, the first pastor of the church, May 6, 1821. She had previously been a member of the Congregational church at Middleton, Vt., for about forty years.

Gideon M. Davison and Clement Davison his brother, were baptized at Middletown on the same day by the Rev. Lemuel Haynes of West Rutland; the first at the age of about 3 years, and the latter an infant. Gideon M. was hopefully converted under the preaching of the Rev. Asahel Nettleton at Saratoga Springs, September 15, 1819; united with the Presbyterian church at that place, under the pastoral care of the Rev. Mr. Griswold, on the 24th of October following; and was ordained a ruling Elder of the church, under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Shimeall, June 22, 1827. Clement, his brother, united with the Presbyterian church at Brooklyn on the day of, under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Carroll.

Sarah M. Davison, wife of G. M. Davison, was baptized in infancy at Castleton, Vt., by the Rev. Mr. Kazeah, hopefully converted under the preaching of the Rev. Mr. Nettleton at Saratoga Springs, and united with the Presbyterian church at that place, under the pastoral care of the Rev. M. Griswold, on the 6th of May, 1821.


John M. Davison was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Griswold in 1821; became hopefully pious under the preaching of the Rev. Mr. Kirk at Albany, in October, 1832; and united with the Presbyterian church at Saratoga Springs under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Farlin, on the 8th of Jan., 1833, at the age of 16. Sarah S. Walworth, his wife, was baptized in infancy at Pittsburgh, N. Y., and united with the Presbyterian church at Saratoga Springs under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Griswold, on the 1sth of May, 1834, at the age of 19.

Clement M. Davison was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Griswold in 1821; became hopefully pious in June, 1838, while in college, during a revival of religion at Schenectady under the preaching of the Rev. Mr. Knapp; and united with the Presbyterian church at Saratoga Springs under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Griswold, on the 6th of Jan., 1839, at the age of 21.

Charles A. Davison was baptized at Saratoga Springs in 1824 by the Rev. Mr. Bacon; became hopefully pious in the spring of 1840; and united with the Presbyterian church at that place, under the ministry of the Rev. Alfred T. Chester, on the 7th day of May of that year, at the age of nearly 16. He was ordained an elder in the Mercer Street Church of New York, Jan. 11, 1857. Mary A., his wife, united with the same church Feb. 14, 1855.

Sarah M. Davison was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Shimeall at Saratoga Springs in 1827, and united with the Presbyterian church, on profession of her faith in Christ, under the ministry of the Rev. A. T. Chester at that place, on the 6th of March, 1842, at the age of 15.

Elizabeth Newman Davison was baptized at Saratoga Springs by the Rev. Warren Farlin March 7, 1830. She died on the 14th of October following of scarlet fever, aged 16 months, and her funeral was attended by the Rev. Mr. Campbell, who for a few months was the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church.


John Mason Davison, Jun. was baptized at Albany by the Rev. Doct. Sprague, and united with the Presbyterian church at Canandaigua under the pastoral care of the Rev. Mr. Dagget, while a student at the classical school in that place, at the age of 16.

Mansfield Walworth Davison was baptized at Albany by the Rev. Doct. Sprague in 1845.
Fanny Walworth Davison was baptized at S. Springs by the Rev. A. T. Chester in 1848.
Sarah Walworth Davison was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Woodbridge at Saratoga Springs in 1851.
Charles Mason Davison was baptized at Saratoga Springs by the Rev. Mr. Woodbridge in 1854.


Cornelia Pomeroy Davison was baptized at Whitehall by the Rev. Lewis Kellogg, in August, 1850.
Clement Augustus Davison was baptized at the same time and place and by the same clergyman.


Lewis Vermilye Davison was baptized in New York by the Rev. George L. Prentiss D.D. on the 19th of Feb. 1854.
Alice Mason Davison was baptized in New York by the Rev. Walter Clarke, D.D. on the 17th of April 1859.


Subsequent to the Revolutionary War. "After the return of peace Scotland Parish procured a bell for its meeting house steeple. According to popular tradition it was cracked upon its first journey, returned as unsound, and was again cracked in its hanging, once more re-mended and again re-cracked during the ringing which celebrated its successful return. By further mischance it was twice more disabled, sent back and returned before its final exaltation and installment in the steeple.

In June 1791 Doct. Cogswell reports that the subscribers for a bell voted "not to have the bell which is now in use here, nor any other of Davison's, but to apply to Doolittle's, New Haven."