Instead Of A Stack Of Damp Dirty Bats

The cottage crawlspace insulating block, assembled

The notch cutouts will fit around the pipes above the
crawlspace entry

Close the shutoff valve. Loosen & drain the bleeder cap.

The insulating block should keep these pipes from freezing, as will the heat tapes

Preparing to assemble

Lifting the backboard up between the pipes and the wall

2" left of center, and up

Up into the pipes, then right 2" to lock it in

Remove only the outside washers and wingnuts

The PVC tubes will guide the foam and plywood block
over the threaded rods

The tubes also help keep the rods from wearing away
the foam over time

The block should nestle easily into the crawlspace
opening, guided by the tubes

Replace the washers and wingnuts, than lock the unit
into place with the hooks

A printed duplicate of this web page is inside the
crawlspace door

Copyright © 2011, Van Blakeman