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Comments (2)

John Church(Spokane)says...
Dear Van: I certainly enjoyed your Joshua Tree description and messages. You write well. We have found Spokane to be a wonderful place with generally pleasant weather. We live in a PUD (condiminium type two story apt) As I write this from my upstairs office I am looking out over a rear quad area of lawn sprinkled a dozen or so huge Ponderas. You might want to look for a couple of books we have published. One is Pasadena Cowboy by me and one Called Diary of WWI Pilot drawn from from the diaries that Fran's father in 1917-18.
Van(East Sandwich)says...
Hi John, Up behind the glass doors of an olive green and dark pink secretary inherited from my mother, I have a small collection of hardbacks. One of those is Pasadena Cowboy and I have read it a couple of times over the years since it was published. Possibly also of interest is something I wrote about you in my Journal of a few years ago at: Good to hear from you, Van
Van Blakeman(East Sandwich)says...
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