News From
Joshua Tree,
Year 7

Table Of Contents:

Page 1:   Snow in the desert

First grandson
Renovation and remodeling
Connecting to the internet by Blackberry

Page 2:   The original water system

The 2600 gallon tank, a pad and a rock wall
A self-sustaining web site

Page 3:   No Trucks!

To Ensenada and Cape Cod
Another search for the 4th corner
Honey bees, Desert Tortoises and birds

Page 4:   East, by northeast

A GPS learning experience

Year 1: The 2002 journal

Renovating and moving the house trailer, Palm Springs Thanksgiving, rock theory, Laguna twice,
Capistrano hat, moving the steel tank and water collection, Mo, Lightfoot, Missy, music, mouse pee

Year 2: The 2003 journal

Creeping crud in Nashville, a post and beam deck, burning the past, first water line,
taping the roof, a 1992 Cadillac Deville

Year 3: The 2004 journal

Eileen into San Diego, Molly the puppy, stone retaining walls, car and generator power,
more deck, invisible CO

Year 4: The 2005 journal

18 month hiatus, 117 Amazon tools, 1 eBay RamVan, Desert Rosy Boa, Road Runner,
Tempe, Laguna again

Year 5: The 2006 journal

Cougar, Lynx, box trailer roof, more stone wall and fill dirt, finding borders,
moving Tom's trailer, the wonderful Prius

Year 6: The 2007 journal

Lake Havasu and the London Bridge, TomTom GPS, Solar power and electrical renovation, a refrigerator,
propane heat, a carport over the trailer, new teeth, Laguna, new Capistrano hat, Blakeman history

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