News From Joshua Tree, Year 4

Year 1: The 2002 journal

Year 2: The 2003 journal

Year 3: The 2004 journal

Table Of Contents:

Day -051:11/06/05:Preface, by eMail: Destination For 1 eBay van, 117 Amazon Tools, The Trip West

Day -018:12/09/05:Productive 18 Month Hiatus: 8 New Web Sites, Shovel & Hammer Projects, Septic Search, Tenants From Hell

Day +001:12/27/05:Finally Beginning To Write About Finally Beginning The Trip, Check Register Memory

Day +005:12/31/05:Tools, Neighbors & The Cougar, Water & Propane, Jody & Tempe, Moving Rock, Laguna

Day +061:02/25/06:Getting Supplies, Eileen Returns, Creating Space, Snow, Altering Time

Day +084:03/20/06:Tom & Katherine, The Desert Rosy Boa & The Road Runner, More Water

Day +141:05/16/06:Heat, The Country Kitchen, Tom's Trash, Transition, Ron & Lauren's Wall, Bill's Patio

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