Giving Our Solar Power An Outlet


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The household AC begins at the inverter

It passes through an emergency disconnect

It splits into 2 circuits at 2 AC breakers

Wiring an 'outlet' box & 'lights' box,      
switch to the exterior lamp box,            
motion sensitive switch, an outlet, and 
lines through a conduit to the trailer    

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This lamp is wired to the box and adjacent switch in the photo on the left

Apparently inverters don't like motion sensitive switches so replaced it

The utility house and dormer wiring plan

Wiring the office lamp and an outlet
The switch at the door operates this lamp

Breaker wires pass through this box first

Outlet at south end of dormer

Outlet at north end of dormer

Wiring to interior lamps and one outlet

Wiring up to dormer lamp and down to office

Dormer lamp mounted on circular box
with pull-chain switches added

The 2 switches were attached to the circular box and wired to the 2 cylinder lamps

The office with outlet and hanging lamp

Running wire from the utility house

Through a PVC conduit

Pulled through the conduit with a nylon cord and a little WD-40

Wired to trailer and plugged with silicone

Wire emanating from conduit below trailer, also sealed with silicone

Routed through various boxes below trailer to outlets and lamps above

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