November 01, 2005 8:47 AM          Mass mailed to: "Bill", "Ron & Lauren", "Carol & Rick"

I just bought a big luxury purple van on eBay so that I can haul lumber and Eileen can have her very own bedroom (in that order, of course). It is sitting in Van Nuys and I'm hoping I can get the seller to visit the Joshua Tree National Park (and hopefully drop the van off along the way). You may see it in our driveway later this month or early Dec.

We might be arriving about then depending on how successful we are at getting rid of some ugly and evil tenants who are working The System - and moving the new (pending) tenants in.

I also have a few online carts (Amazon, etc.) filled to the brim with tools and other goodies. As soon as I know I'll be there within a week or so, I'll hit the Checkout buttons. Then you can expect to see UPS frequently wending its way up there for awhile.

Do you know anything about our new neighbors? Robert and Hilde have moved to a private holding up in the Park so I assume somebody has replaced them. Have you met them? Can I trust them if packages start appearing on our deck?? Hope all is well, Van & Eileen

November 06, 2005 1:55 PM          Sent separately to each of: "Bill", "Ron & Lauren", "Carol & Rick"

re: Tue 11/1/2005 8:47 AM

Hi, Did you receive the email I sent on the above date?
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If not, then you are probably loosing other friendly email also. In that case, you may want to reduce your spam filter settings and check the filter's quarantine list. The settings are probably excessively stringent. Thanks, Van (and please reply to this) :)

November 06, 2005 8:57 PM

Hi Van & Eileen--We're expecting to see you this winter, yes? So far the weather has been wonderful. We've been getting in lots of hikes and bike rides. Lauren

November 07, 2005 10:10 AM

Yes, one or both of us should be there before the month is out, depending on how successful we are (or the sheriff) at removing a pair of deadbeat tenants, and then moving new ones in - definitely the wrong time of year for that. They have to be out by 11/9 at midnight and are not yet showing signs of moving. From what Eileen says she will do on the tenth, she could be in jail by the end of that day. Then she will be in and out of court throughout the winter defending her actions and paying heavy fines, and I will be alone in JT.

The new van is in Van Nuys waiting for Van to pick it up. It will remain at our place year around. Then we can fly back and forth and save on wear, tear, fuel, motels, etc.. I also want to stop tempting fate. There have been a few close calls on our trips across country, like the accident in Nashville.

I also have a cart on full of tools and such waiting for me to hit the Checkout button, which I will do when I know I will be there within a week or less to receive them. Then I won't have to transport my tools back and forth. One thing I wanted to find out from you and Bill is can you guys keep your eyes open for packages appearing on our deck as you walk or drive by? Just in case. In that regard, I am also concerned about our new neighbor(s). Can we trust them to leave our stuff alone?

How is Bill? Is he okay? He has not been responding to emails of late, either - and I don't send that many. The problem is that I never know whether a filter has trashed my email to you guys, or you are just ignoring me. Sniff! Van and Eileen

November 07, 2005 12:28 PM

Hi Van. I don't think you need to worry about the new people. Carol & Rick said that you can always have the stuff shipped to their house.\\\Bill

November 07, 2005 11:05 PM

HI VAN, I don't know the new neighbor, but Jeff said she leads rock-climbers. I see more cars come from your end of the street, not sure which one belongs to who.

Rick says if you are worried about deliveries, he is here (in the workshop) daily. UPS and Fed Ex don't seem to have any problems unless a new guy tries to do the route! I tried to give a party for Robert and Hilde, they never responded to email or invitation and we haven't seen them since they moved. I guess they are happy to be inside the Park. I am concerned about Hilde getting ill and being so far away from civilization, but that is their choice.

We did invite Ron and Lauren and Bill to view Mars Sat night. The folks above us, Leonne and George, we finally met as they came to our Oktoberfest dinner Oct 15th, along with Jean. We have also met Peter, below us, and heard all about his fight with JT Stables! We are staying neutral, best not to pick sides on this one!! I wouldn't want to be next to them & all the flies. There are 2 other stables within a few miles off Quail Springs Rd. Regards to Eileen, Carol and Rick

November 09, 2005 11:37 PM

Hi Bill, Thanks for the info. However, that's 117 tools so far; anybody's guess as to boxes. That could be more of an imposition then Rick & Carol bargained for. I'm going to try to time it so I'll be there when they begin to arrive. Still too many unknowns on this end to say when that will be. Van

November 10, 2005 12:16 AM

Hi Carol & Rick, Who's Jeff? "rock-climber" describes Sara Munro who has always been there. It also describes Robert & Hilde. Do you mean that they were replaced by more rock-climbers?

We may be talking in excess of 100 packages and I don't want to bury you. I'll just have to get my timing down. However, could you use some empty boxes?? :)

I suspect that Robert & Hilde cannot go online from their home in the Park so probably did not get your invite in time - or at all with spam filters deleting away. BTW, how do you connect from your home? Thanks, Van & Eileen

November 14, 2005 10:23 AM

Hey Van-- And Eileen seemed like such a sweet little lady (teehee). Nothing like total injustice to get you raging angry.--Hope they're out by now.

We've not yet seen or met the neighbors. We cruize by fairly regularly & check for signs of intrusion--so far all looks good.

Let us know if you're expecting things OR have them shipped directly to us; then you'll know if they got here. Looking forward to seeing you both. Lauren

November 14, 2005 12:02 PM

That is very generous of you. Bill offered up Rick & Carols place for receiving boxes and then Carol offered the next day. :}

We're probably talking in excess of 100 packages so I think I'm just going to have to order the day before we leave.

We plan to fly to Burbank Airport (cheaper then making the trip in a rental or even our own car) where we will pick up the van. The problem is purchasing the tickets far enough in advance to get good red eye rates - I need a date! Damn renters! Eileen has told me to just go ahead and she will come later. However, I suspect that "sweet little lady" may need my assistance after the jerks GO. On the other hand, I wonder if she kind of relishes the idea of getting rid of me for awhile - no, that could not be it.

Thanks for keeping your eye on the place. It concerns me from time to time and your news does tend to settle me down. After I get some solar in there, I'll install a camera as I did here. Then I can watch the place. :) Thanks, Van

November 20, 2005 4:07 PM

Hi! We have dial-up here, Earthlink. Will probably just keep it unless someone puts in DSL or cable.

Jeff Greene lives above us. The new folks are a couple, I hear male and female voices, Jeff says she's a "guide", as long as they're quiet and no bright lights ok with us! Jeff has been gone a lot, remodeling a house in LA for someone. Comes out for occasional weekends. Told Rick it's getting too crowded here and he is thinking of moving to Johnson Valley.

A single senior lady is building a new home on the lot across from the house where the old Spanish lady died, that place is looking a bit dilapidated. She will be straight down from us, not a large home.

Peter is still fighting with the JT Stables about flies. We are just staying out of it, not picking sides. The flies here ARE really bad, much worse than Simi. And we clean twice a day, use Equitrol in their food, fly masks and spray.

I'm surprised the heirs don't fix the old place below us up and sell it, as prices high for "dumps" here these days. We are thinking of buying another home to rent out, but prices staying very high. 29 Palms Marine base is going to expand, Miramar Air base is closing and moving there, etc. They say they will need 50,000 homes off-base housing!

Our best to Eileen also. And no, don't need boxes! Take care, Carol & Rick

December 26, 2005 7:13 PM          Mass mailed to: "Bill", "Ron & Lauren", "Carol & Rick", "Sara Munro"

Picked up a rental car this evening. It is packed and we will be on our way first thing in the morning - Tuesday, Dec 27.

If all goes according to plan, we will deliver the car to the AVIS counter at the Burbank Airport Friday the 30th where we will transfer into our new van. Probably stay the night in the area and then to JT first thing Saturday morning.

I have submitted my tool orders and some may arrive before we get there. Should be okay if it doesn't rain. Even then, UPS will probably bag them. See you shortly, Van & Eileen

December 31, 2005 2:07 PM

Hi Van and Eileen - safe travels to you. I moved up the road about a mile closer to the Park in October. My friend Sue lives in my old spot. I think Tom's house is empty right now - awaiting a couple from Hawaii. Nina and Bob and their kids are still across the street. We missed you last year! Welcome back to Joshua Tree. Sara M.

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