Eileen Kerr Blakeman



March 25, 2001


















Eileen's Shop

July 4, 2019

Eileen's Books

Here is a very nice obituary provided free of charge
by our favorite Cape Cod newspaper, The Enterprise.

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Comments (2)

Marcia Morse(Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts)says...

This is so beautiful, Van, and I am happy that Eileen "came to you."

Hope it happens again and again. I have dreamed about her often recently. Her gentle spirit bringing me comfort in my recent losses, as I know she would have done. I miss her profoundly, and think of you often. Love, Marcia

Van Blakeman(East Sandwich, MA)says...

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Eileen just came to me in a dream. She was behind me and said something I needed to respond to. I turned around and then suddenly realized it was her – here - now!! Wow!

I said “You are here! You are here!”. It was a wonderful thing.

She replied doubtfully saying that she wasn’t sure. She may have then said something like “… only if we can go to Canada.” She was saying that as a joke knowing I never want to go back there again, and in fact if we go anywhere, it would be south to a warmer place. She was okay with that.

I put my hands on each side of her arms, gently with love and wonder, and I think I was able to gently hug her.

I woke up, grabbed some clean underclothes, went downstairs and took the shower that I had been planning to take. Got dressed, checked the computer for new emails, got my coffee, grabbed my pad and pen and went outside to the table on the lawn and wrote this.

Normally to write about a dream on waking up, I have to write it down right away, which is why I used to keep a pad and pen on the table next to my bed. I did not forget this dream; it stayed fresh in my mind through the shower and all. I know I did not forget even the slightest thing. And there is no table next to my side of the bed anyhow; it is on Eileen’s side. I am going to change that.

She was wearing a short sleeve orange blouse with lapels that I had seen on her before. I went through her part of the closet and her bureau drawers but could not find it.

She did not look like herself, even though I knew it was her. She was much younger, like maybe a mature 8 year old child, shorter, with short brown straight hair to below her ears. She was a little confused, but at peace, and quietly pleased to see me, though perhaps slightly distracted. We loved just being together in that moment, as we always do.

We were standing near the dining room entry to the hallway on the driveway side, with my back to the window.

This morning I did something that I knew she would not approve of. I had clipped the beige persian-type runner to the carpet below with two spring-loaded clamps to stop it from imperceptibly sliding away from the wall every time I walk on it to my office. She may have been saying something in disapproval of that when I turned around and saw her. We were standing on it.

I had also taken a bunch of her antique copper kettles and such out to the shop to see if I could sell them this weekend when I reopen. All sales are deposited to her account anyhow. If they don’t sell in her shop, then they will end up being auctioned off at the estate sale instead. I do think that she would approve of this plan.