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Prehistoric lizard climbing boulder

Owl resting in a palm tree

California Thrasher birds digging

A Rosy Boa is drinking from our pond

A Pig Visits Eileen On Our Patio

Seatbelt cut by dog Cooper

A squirrel stealing from our Olive tree

Pond lilys seen from a zoomed Axis cam
South Boston Summer street bridge

View Of Laguna From The Hotel Laguna

Weird VW Art Car In Laguna
Replaced 15 amp breaker with 20 amp

Logitech 200 adapter & TPlink TLpoe 150

Opening new Olympus Tough TG5 camera

Logitech Alert 750e webcam bottom rear

Me Not Fixing Olympus TG5 Camera
Topping off the battery bank

Bad battery cell reading

Reinforcing a ramp with metal straps

Removed fifteen old solar batteries

Removed all fifteen old solar batteries

New Batteries From Solar-Biz.com

48 volt solar 16 GC-2 battery bank

New Crosley freezer to be a fridge
  Hot Water:
Rheem Tankless RTG64XLP stops again

Rheem Tankless RTG64XLP Burner Assembly

Sweating Brass Hose Adapters To Pipe

Rheem Performance WH thermostat

Rheem Performance WH thermostat

Retiring Rheem Tankless RTG64XLP
New TotalPond 330 GPH pump and hose

Hose Through Pipe To Avoid Crimping

Control Center For Three Pond Pumps

Control Center For Three Pond Pumps

Capped end of pond pump hose

Connectors Softened to fit over valves

Tried barley straw - a definite yes

Two barley straw bails in our pond

Extending gutter to hang over pond

Our grey water pond patio

New TotalPond 330 GPH pump

Safety cable should hold the canopy

Heavy Duty Bracket For 3rd Canopy Corner

These Heavy Duty Brackets work!

The Coolaroo Canopy Has Collapsed

Straps And Solid Bolt to Anchor Carport

Straps And A Bolt Anchor Carport
Pole that all-weather blanket wraps

Fitting Reflective Blankets Around Pole

Pole fits into Formufit table screw cap

Joining blankets with Velcro

Making sand weights to hold down blankets

Hooks hold Grabber All-Weather Blanket

Replacing PVC poles with aluminium

Mystery shatter of stained glass table

Moving book collection to the shed

Chris & Roberta Hanley house

This carport frame is not anchored

1930S Chevy truck yard art by Bob Malin

Mysterious Registered Letter

Lifting half ton tank with screw jack

A milk cooling tank on my land in 1968

The milk cooling tank's interior

this milk cooling tank is yard art

New Leesa.com mattress arrives

106 degrees inside and climbing

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