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A Joshua Tree Photo Index 2015
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House Finch

Wilson's Warbler

Hummingbird - Axis 214

Chuckwalla lizard and Hedgehog cactus

Beavertail Prickly Pear cactus

Apricot Mallow
Our pond patio, Olive tree and Rosemary

Jojoba leaves and nuts up close

Full moon
Hillside stairway to Eileen's deck

AAA to start our Prius

Meeting new neighbor Gabe

Dodge ramvan starcraft ebay page

Dodge van tire, desert dry and flat

Dodge van engine with rats nest

Gabe & Lino's new van is leaving

Bri Blakemans marrying Andrew Hall

Van Blakeman at daughter's wedding

A Laguna Beach full moon at Christmas

Molly's flying cage

Child, man and dogs
Thanksgiving at Lulu's in Palm Springs


Mountain South of Seattle

Waiting for our flight out of PSP

Jensen and Ellie Kerr

Eileen selecting photos
Rack with electric, water & gas

Rheem RTG-64 XLP heating element

Our Champion 71330 generator

Wall needs fiberglass tape and paint

Wide new step for Molly and people

Former wheelwell makes room for bed

Corner, wall and ceiling need work

Emptying Sun-Mar compost toilet

New runner is end-taped and layed
Our winter home is too small

Photoshoping piers & wall for addition

Floor level one of four

Four levels to raise the SE corner

Addition Model version 1.0

Initial 1st floor interior

House sized panel before cutting

SketchUp modeling two story addition

Preparing to fit downloaded doors

Modeling two story addition

Cutting downloaded iron railing

... ditto ...

... ditto ...

... ditto ...

Somebody actually made that rock

Addition Model version 2.0

Remade after getting true elevations

Raised the SE corner by 3 feet

overhead- roof & floors are hidden

SketchUp two story addition model

Initial rough outline of an addition

Getting foundation's dimensions

Positioning laser level

Modeling addition version one

Our homesite terrain measurements

South side view of SE corner to valley

Satellite composite with survey markers

Assessors map, book 589-19

Survey map Wagon Wheel 1982

Blakeman's plot plan in Joshua Tree

Blakeman's SketchUp model addition

... ditto ...

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