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Joshua Tree Photo Index 2008

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 Joshua Tree 2008

A Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS at night

Snow on The Painted Cliffs, Lupton, AZ

Entering Joshua Tree in a snow storm

Tanith, Tiffany, Jensen Kerr & Eileen

Molly, a happy dog

Bob Malin, spouse of Neena Meador
A Fremont's Pin Cushion

Desert Dandelions in a Wishbone bush

The Wooly Desert Marigold
Honey bees sip from the dog water dish

Desert Chuckwalla lizard

Western Fence lizards copulating

A red House Finch pair

Desert Tortoise eating dandelions

A bonzai cedar splitting rock
  Home Improvement:
A 'No Trucks' sign for our driveway

A new mirror for the bedroom door

Weaving a repair into the screen door

The kitchen table in its new position

Chest refrigerator gutter guard catch

Tethered Blackberry 8820 as a modem
  Water & Rock Walls:
Old steel tank & Rubbermaid tub system

The 11' pad is ready for the 8' tank

Dragging a water tank up hill

Animation: Building a rock wall

A sediment diverter to eject 1st crud

A polyetheline tank & it's rock wall

Rock steps overlay filled trench & pipe

Exposed pipes camouflaged with burlap

Shims that can make a loose wall solid
  Hot Shower:
Veranda composite decking

Flexible resin moulding holds cedar wall

A shower stall with partition & gates

Series: Rheem tankless lp gas water heater

Sealing leak with Rectorseal repair kit
A wall, water tank & prospective patio

The view from the water tank pad

Four rock walls

Overlooking a Joshua Tree valley

Trailer, carport, solar, stone walls

Overhead, two roads and our driveway

Sunset through a mountain pass

Moon over the Joshua Tree National Park

Satellite of our 10 acre parcel, 02/07
A bus to the Ensenada boat

A Los Angeles Adventurer Hotel suite

Foggy morning leaving Los Angeles

A final early morning overlook

The car and the dog are ready to go

Driving through a Utah mountain range

The stormy moon through a moving window

The US map and the 3 primary routes
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