This page was created in 2001, using MS Word, as one of my first web pages, to help wedding guests find our church.

In 2008 I removed most of the bloated and useless MS-specific HTML coding (invisible to the viewer, but distasteful to the budding 'expert' webmaster.

However, I have tried to leave the page basically as it was, if just for the sake of posterity.

To print this map:

Using MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or later:

       Select File/Print

       Select Properties

       Whatever printer you have, select the highest quality and color


About quality and color:

       This is a low resolution image (low quality).

       Low res images don't look so great but they display faster (this one is slow enough).

       If you print it in greyscale or at lower quality then it already is, then it may be difficult to read.