Upgrading A Preformed Pond
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Van's reply in on-line form:

Purchased March 30, 2017
Check-out indicated a few weeks (way too long).

Automated call from delivery service that evening said it would be delivered the next day.

Great! Dropped all other plans and spent the next day removing patio rocks and digging hole for new pond.

It did not arrive.

Called delivery 800 #. He said it was not there when he arrived at Lowes to pick it up.
Called Lowes. Manager did not know how it got screwed up. Reiterated a few weeks.

When it did arrive on April 11, 2017, the bottom had a few deep scratches.
I sprayed them and strips of fiberglass wallboard tape with 3M adhesive, to make sure they don't split and leak after installation.

Suggestions on form:

Have this pond available for next day delivery.

$115 delivery was a shocker. Perhaps manufacturer could ship by UPS to customer, rather then Lowes.

I considered renting my local Home Depot's $19 truck to go down there and get it.
But did not; dropped it; got on with preparing site.

Rocks rolled here in 2003 defined the deck
and what would become the pond area

Initially buckets caught the sink drainage to
water our first tree

Our first preformed pond, 133 gallon capacity,
installed November, 2010

A natural rock sculpture found nearby in 2010

The pond waters the trees twice a week. It is too small to maintain a symbiotic synergy.

Measuring old pond-patio, still just considering.

Made the decision. Ordered from Lowes. Preparing to switch old with new

Digging out rocks and caliche soil

Tree irrigation must keep working

Area dug to 18" depth

Lowe's $115 delivery of 275 gal MacCourt pond

This was the biggest preformed pond available online

Glued and taped slits that could open under

Saving old pond nutrients

Trying to fit the pond below a projecting

Weighting it down with a little water

The saved pond water has been added to the

Building a waterfall. These level stones

The long waterfall rock was too heavy

This composite decking board does carry the weight

An iron-heavy rock and a steel rebar hold it down

Half of an old copper-steel grounding rod holds it back

Fitting flat patio rocks around the pond

The burlap hides the black plastic

Automatic pond filler made in 2010 is still

Old pond filler screen screws broke; should have glued them on also

Hiding the 6" PVC pond filler pipe with burlap

Washing dirt down between the flat rocks

This old circulating pump's 170 GPH is way too weak

Home Depot's TotalPond 1200 GPH pump instructions

This water pump hose will be cut
to length later on

This pump rocks, but the jet was too much in one spot

Dividing the water jet in two

Numerous sources of water feed this pond

A boulder was removed ...

to extend the patio in this direction


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