Just For A Hot Shower

Water from the new 2600 gallon tank comes to this valve, then out through the new copper pipe.
The old tank line to the cold water faucet is cut off and the new is brought in.
But not tight enough - slight leak. Tried this out: RectorSeal® Pipe Repair Kit. It worked!

The water pressure is much better. Nice!
Plumbing in a long anticipated shower line.

Framing in a new shower stall deck.
Using a template of scrap wood to shape the new decking to fit against the rock wall.
Veranda wood-plastic composite decking from Home Depot will not rot, crack or splinter.

The cold side works - good pressure!

The final leveling. I used to drop the trailer tongue while away to shed rain. Added a carport last year.
Plumbed in a Tankless Water Heater.
This opens a page showing how it came together.
We have HOT water! Nice!

Insulated only the hot water pipe so far. Also seen
here: the cold water pipe & the solar electric conduit.

Preparing to build a wall of farmed redwood and cedar.
Notched the rock to hold the frame - and get a little more width for the gate.

Using a flexible resin moulding for horizontal straps to hang the cedar boards and bow the wall out.

Used a Contour Duplication Gauge to transfer the shape of the rock to the board

We have enjoyed our first hot shower. Real Nice!

Routed this board to fit over the resin straps locking them in place. The center wall will be attached here.
Framing the partition wall.

The cardboard dividers from 30-pack beer cartons are great for making templates.

Gaps big enough for ear pins and contacts to fall through are siliconed.

3 shutoff valves are being used here. The top one turns the water off for soaping down without wasting water or loosing the temperature mix. The bottom 2 serve as inexpensive handles but they are difficult to fine tune.

Warning: the hot & cold must be shut off when done or they will backflow into each other, messing things up elsewhere in the system.
The PVC valve is closed and the system is drained prior to leaving for an extended period of time.
Making sure gale force winds and/or critters can't lift the lid and move on in.

Copyright © 2009, Van Blakeman