Building A Shed
with a dormer and a urinal

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Before After

Disassembling the old 'temporary tent' base

The tent has become a new
roof for the water system
03/05/06: to begin, dig the footings Aluminium feet for the new frame
Four footings

Cutting the rear wall frame

The side walls are roughed in
Cutting the front wall frame

The dormer floor will need to be dropped in before the roof is framed The rear wall turned out to be a bit out of alignment
The top plates are screwed in

and they are extended to support the end rafters Framing a window into the left wall
The wall framing, 3 of the ceiling joists, and the dormer floor are in 03/19/06: two weeks into the job Working out rafter angles and ridge position to allow for head room and window
The holes are puttied; soon to be sanded

Making sure these shingles will withstand the powerful winds This roof will also need to carry some solar panels later on Shaved the edges so they won't cut into the roofing
Breaking off to add spacers between wall studs. This is how I cut short pieces. These blocks keep the ladder away from the roof's edge

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