Negatives 1943 To 1998

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Virginia Davidson Blakeman and
Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman

Kingston, NJ

Shortly after August 21, 1943

Virginia Leal Blakeman, Van Blakeman
and Beatrice Bruce Blakeman

with Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

and Virginia D Blakeman.
And in Bebe's hand to the right ...

"The Children Who Went To New Jersey"
Author might have been VDB

Princeton, NJ
June, 1944

June, 1945

In Stony Brook
July, 1946

Thomas and Van Blakeman


65 Westcott Rd
September, 1946

On a Cape Cod sand dune
July, 1947

Tucker, Virginia, Bebe, Leal, Hannah
Van, Tom and Penny the dog
Birmingham, MI, December 25, 1948

Van and Hannah Hall Blakeman
Bloomfield Hills, MI
December, 1952

Virginia, Hannah and Van Blakeman
dying Easter eggs
April 05, 1953

With Don Dohoney, camp counselor and
MI football pro. Camp Charlevoix, MI
August 12, 1953

Van burnt his face off weeks prior holding a match
over a shellac can to clean the goop out.
Bloomfield Hills, MI, April 18, 1954

Could be about when they bought
the Cape house.
Cataumet, MA, August, 1954

5905 Wing Lake Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI
April, 1955

Van with Art and Pete Rowe
camping probably in Northern MI
Tom Blakeman taking picture. September, 1955

Cissy Sloan
J D Martin Sloan

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Their new home for a year on
West Mountain Rd, West Simsbury, CN
May, 1957

Tucker the Springer Spaniel


Van and his pet parakeets
Cataumet, MA
June, 1957

Janey Douglass on
the Megansett pier

Freddie Douglass and Hobbit II
Cataumet, MA

Janey and Freddie

J D Martin Sloan

Van Blakeman's foot
Don't know why

Christmas with their paternal grandmother
Charlotte Phillips Van Cleve Church
Princeton, NJ, December 25, 1957

Uncle Frederic Birdsey Blakeman and his new
wife, Virginia "Jill" Sherwood Blakeman
cutting the wedding cake. June, 1958

Princeton, NJ

Cleo the Christmas puppy
December 25, 1958

Van's aquarium
March, 1959

Cleo and Hobbit II

Hobbit and Tom Blakeman
March, 1959

Van's bedroom

at 95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

March, 1959

Hannah Hall Blakeman
March 29, 1959

Bebe Blakeman
June, 1959

Leal Blakeman

Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Marty Sloan, Mt Rushmore, SD

Need a name

Virginia Blakeman

Yellowstone National Park, WY

The Sweetgrass Ranch
Melville, MT
July, 1959

Phillis and Tom Blakeman
Mother and son

Virginia and Tom watching a rodeo clown

Marty Sloan

Van Blakeman

The Sweetgrass ranch house
Melville, MT

Janey Douglass on the Megansett pier
in North Falmouth, MA
August, 1959

Beach party, probably on Lawrence Island
Cataumet, MA

Freddie Douglass on the bow of their motorboat

Squeteague harbor

Squeteague harbor beetle cats
Cataumet, MA

On the ferry boat to Marthas Vineyard

Edgartown Harbor

Gay Head

Marty and Van on the ferry boat

Biking MV and staying at a
Marthas Vineyard hostel

Old Silver Beach

in Falmouth, MA

Van took her to her prom
probably near Birmingham, MI

Cannot recall her name

September, 1959

Marty digging a drainage trench

The Sloan's new home

Back at the Wilson Rd house
Princeton, NJ
June, 1960


Tom Blakeman and Prince

Hannah Blakeman

Elli Donald (Hawks) and Ann Donald
Bill Donald III and Bill Donald II
August, 1960

Elli Donald (Hawks) and Ann Donald
Bill Donald III and Bill Donald II
August, 1960

Ranch hand, Sarge Hoem

Ranch hand, Van Blakeman

A roll-over on the way home from the
ranch put his left leg in a full cast
and a dent in his head

Van made this target for Hannah
Princeton, NJ
December 25, 1960

September, 1961

near Princeton

Diana Berrie

His 1939 Packard

Jody Kerssenbrock
December, 1961

Hubert W Giebel and Leal Blakeman

95 Wilson Rd
Princeton, NJ

Carole Farley with George Wood
and Ruthie Seyfarth
December 09, 1961

David Johnson

Need a name

Need names

Bleak winter view from the house
Princeton, NJ
December 09, 1961

Diana Berrie

Nick Long
Need her name


'Beaver' Johnson and brothers, NYC

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
Beatrice Bruce Blakeman

Jody Kerssenbrock
Need his name

On his way to a friend's
farm in Nebraska
March, 1962

Between Lyons and Bancroft, NE
April, 1962

Van on his way to a shower

Larry Kjeldgaard

Dehorning the cattle ...

... before they poke each
other's eyes out

Nona Kjeldgaard
Need daughter's name

Need son's name

Their babysitter

Need her name

December 25, 1962

One year later
December 25, 1963


Boot camp graduation parade

USMC, Parris Island, SC

June 11, 1964

US Marine Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
showing his folks the obstacle course

US Marine Van Blakeman
USMC, San Diego, CA   November, 1964

Marching to Communication-Electronics
Radio Relay classroom

Entering their school

This may be George Morris,
some have said "Van's twin"

Not sure who this is

George Babbage and Tom Collins

Their quonset huts - home

Quonset hut supply depot


Need his name

Radio Relay class-10-night-65

Opens a normal screen size photo

Opens an enormous photo
Use your scroll bars to find an individual

After a "Junk on the Bunk"

November 10, 1964

Marsha Lynn Fink

The Marine Corps birthday
November 10, 1964

December, 1964

Marsha Lynn Fink Blakeman and
Van Blakeman, just married

William and May Fink
with daughter and son-in law

Winter Haven, CA
December 12, 1964

With her sister and brother-in-law

San Diego, CA

Flying east. December 20, 1964

With Virginia Leal Blakeman Giebel
Princeton, NJ.
December 24, 1964

2338 Moore St, San Diego, CA
Their first home


February, 1965

Graduated and transferred
Moving to El Toro

Unpacking in their new home

Keeping some things packed
in case he ships to Vietnam

566 Canyon Acres Dr
Laguna Beach, CA

Marsha Blakeman modeling

Los Angeles, CA

July, 1965

Marine air show, El Toro, CA

Radio relay field exercises
Camp Pendleton, CA

Flying east. June, 1966

Visiting folks at
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ


US Marine Van Blakeman
June, 1966

Flying out of New York

The engine died. He tried to rebuild it. Failed.
And then it got stoned to death

More field exercises
Camp Pendleton

227 1/2 Agate Ave, Balboa Island,
Newport Beach, CA after separation
from Marsha and then from the Marines

Flying east about December 20, 1966

Visiting the folks at Christmas
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

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Van's parting shot as Marines prepare
for Vietnam (that's not him)
>> I do need names <<

Good friend Joan helps Van
celebrate his discharge

New home
227 1/2 Agate Ave, Balboa Island, CA

Gille Flemier of France, visiting a neighbor.
A casual friend Van met on the island.

Good friends, Esther Wellington
David Walden Young

The Mark Davidson Trio
Corona Del Mar, CA

Hobbit the puppy

Van got Hobbit from his
previous landlady in Laguna

Elaine Blakely, classmate, pristine voice
.. Rub your belly and pat your head ..

She went on to sing professionally
with The Doodletown Pipers

Housemate Pierce Shannon

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
and Gille Flemier

Van's Opel Rekord and Shannon's Renault
in back of their home at ...

227 1/2 Agate Ave, Balboa Island, CA
May, 1966

The Huntington Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier

Carmen Del Valle


Don't recall her name

Flying east, July, 1967

Princeton, NJ

Sally Morey, Hannah Blakeman, Bob Carrick
and Hobbit

Sally Morey, Van and Hannah Blakeman,
Hobbit and Hannah's dog Prince

Antique copper cauldron

Downpour in Princeton

Stony Brook
July 1967

Virginia Blakeman's watercolor of
Melville, Montana's Porcupine Butte

A rusted vent under the front stoop
Well, why not?

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman
Trenton, NJ

Holder Hall, Princeton University

Princeton High School 1967

Princeton, NJ graveyard

Sally Morey

Cool jazz, maybe near Princeton

Hannah Blakeman and friend, with Hobbit
August, 1967

The Bourne Bridge

Sky over Cataumet, MA

Lawrence Island in the mist
Cataumet, MA

Squeteague Harbor

August, 1967

10 Squeteague Harbor Rd
Cataumet, MA

Cleo the Beagle

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

Erich and Elizabeth Leal Giebel,
Virginia Leal Blakeman Giebel,
Tom Blakeman in the garage

Erich Martin Giebel

Hobbit the dog

Leal and Elizabeth Giebel

Liz and Erich Giebel

Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Antique ship's navigation sextant

Leal and friend, Tom, Virginia,
Van and Hannah Blakeman

Antique chain lamp

The Grasslands in Cataumet

August 15, 1967


Imitating Grandfarfar

Grandfarfar, Tom Blakeman

The annual Cataumet Camp skit

That may be Liz Giebel on the left


??, and Debbie Laurie

Tappan Zee Bridge. New York.
August, 1967

One reason Van left NJ - (for Southern CA's smog??)
Actually he never really 'left'; he just went 'towards'
the CA sun, warmth, laid back ethos, etc.

The NJ Turnpike. New York - Newark stretch

Ginny and Tom Blakeman
Newark Airport

Flying west
August, 1967

The afterburn

Van's 1958 Plymouth Royal coupe
on Agate Ave. Balboa Island, CA

The pathway from Agate Ave to
Van's home in back

Home-made doors to keep Hobbit in
September, 1967

Van's back patio
Balboa Island, CA

Van's aquarium; an occasional
moment of peace

Robin, a lovely 'young' neighbor in love with
Van. He gently kept her at arms length.

Experimental photograpy
Balboa Island, CA

Van's candle sculpture; another
occasional moment of peace

Man fishing from the pier
August, 1967

Under the Balboa pier

Balboa Peninsula
Newport Beach, CA

Tihuana Hills

Vietnam protest group outside the
El Toro Marine Corps rifle range

An aspiring writer and his dog
Balboa Island, CA
September, 1967

Sending off a manuscript

A hallway inside Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, CA

October, 1967

New housemate
British transplant Carol Ashworth

A Dolphin fountain possibly in
Costa Mesa, CA

Smoke from Paseo Grande fire
hangs over Newport Beach

October 29, 1967

Fire in the Paseo Grande hills
Tustin, CA

Interesting sky somewhere in Orange County, CA
October 30, 1967

Mildred Hodgeman cleaning the place
in exchange for fixing her appliances


Clowning around on top of Mount San Jacinto
above Palm Springs, CA.
November, 1967

Van's Plymouth Royal
in the Laguna hills
Orange County, CA

Possibly near USMC El Toro
Irvine, CA

Possibly the San Juan Creek
along the Ortega Highway

Newport Beach, CA skyline at night

Virginia Blakeman overlooking
Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna seas

Van's favorite daily (come hell or high water)
swimming beach
(where he had almost drowned in rough seas)

Virginia Blakeman
Mission San Juan Capistrano

Loving girlfriend for awhile
Consuelo Wingard

About 25 years after Steinbeck
Cannery Row, CA

At Van's new home

His 'Youve got mail' contraption
240 E. 15th St

Costa Mesa, CA

Flying over Newport Harbor in CA
December 09, 1967

Visiting UCSC Santa Cruz
considering enrollment

Flying out of LAX
about December 20, 1967

The Delaware river between
Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA

The Battle Monument
Princeton, NJ

Diana Berrie and Van Blakeman

Erich Martin Giebel clowning around
Princeton, NJ

Van's uncle John Letchworth Church
Tom Blakeman's half-brother

Leal Giebel
Van's oldest sister

Tom Blakeman and friends. His mother, Charlotte Phillips Van Cleve Church and Jody Kerssenbrock at the piano

Jody Kerssenbrock singing
Pianist's name unknown

Christmas stocking on Van's bureau
December 25, 1967

Virginia and Hannah Blakeman, Jody, Tom Blakeman, Phillis Blakeman Church and Bebe Blakeman

Opening Xmas stockings

Hannah Blakeman
The Christmas tree is off limits until after breakfast

Hannah, Virginia and Bebe Blakeman, Jody Kerssenbrock, Tom Blakeman and his mother Phillis Church

Gifts Van received

Bebe Blakeman, Phillis Church, Tom Blakeman, Jody Kerssenbrock, Van and Hannah Blakeman

Snow in the back yard
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

Flying west
December 29, 1967

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Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
getting a haircut

Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA
March, 1968

Approaching the hill to Joshua Tree, CA
on Highway 62

Van got a loan and bought this place
on March 19, 1968

Hobbit providing some perspective

This $50 Branstrator trailer will
become Van's home away from home

Hobbit and Tibboh

Tibboh was only with us for a few months

Passing through Indio

Back home in Costa Mesa
rebuilding the trailer

Home at 240 E 15th St, Costa Mesa, CA.
June, 1968

Van Blakeman

Van's big doors find another purpose

Dr Charles J Galbo. Newport Beach, CA
Van's respected guide and mentor

Flying east around July 31, 1968

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman was told to smile
Cataumet, MA

Jody Kerssenbrock

John Letchworth Church and Tom Blakeman
August, 1968

Van's bedroom in the garage - full house

Van's folk's driveway at
10 Squeteague Harbor Road

A driftwood garden
Cataumet, MA

A roof

Cars in the front lawn

A wind chime sculpture

A tree

Tom and daughter Virginia Leal Blakeman Giebel

Dancing a boogie woogie
at a weekend bottle party

Ginny and Tom Blakeman

These people could swing!

Their 'stink pot' in Squeteague Harbor
Cataumet, MA

Van about to go spearfishing
in Megansett Harbor

Flying west

Rebuilding his Branstrator trailer
Costa Mesa, CA

September, 1968

His Willys Jeep

Good friends Bill Tinkey and Les Ingledue,
two members of his writing group at OCC

Van's cool jazz chair.
Yes, he was trying to make this pic weird

His bedroom. Note the jerry-rigged mike
and speaker for talking on the phone

An Elephant Ear tree
in his back yard

Experiments in photography

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Float found on the beach was twice this long.
Been adding candles ever since.
Don't know why - peaceful, maybe

Made this lamp sculpture from scrap.
The mural is by a previous tenant

David Walden Young at
Hussong's, Ensenada, MX

The pretty girls ALWAYS zeroed in
on Dave, the attorney

The mens urinal at Hussong's

A loaner from Dave's court clerk

Horse riders on the beach

An Ensenada sunset

The Mexican Navy in Ensenada harbor

A Mexican soldier

Billboard for Congressman Lionel Van Deerlin
San Diego, CA

Newport Beach sunset
October, 1968

Foggy moon in a tree

A boulevard at night

Experiment in photography

A Willys Jeep towbar and headlight at night

An architectural cross on a chimney
Probably Laguna Beach, CA

Photography assignment
November, 1968

Experiments in photography
for his class at OCC

He ripped old fence boards to
make this sculpture

A dry pond on Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Canyon Road from above

His Willys Jeep in a
precarious postion

Willys Jeep tire on his house trailer roof vent

Hired to photograph Ernie's rock band
Orange County, CA

Van's 1st photo job.
Can't remember Ernie's last name

With Barbara
December, 1968

Portrait assignment

Dr Charles J Galbo and names forgotten
Group party in Van's home.

Sheila Goldes, Barbara and Hobbit. Need Names.

Flying east

Trains from NY to Princeton, NJ

Antique TriX camera shots

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman and dad Tom Blakeman
December 25, 1968

Bebe and Hannah Hall Blakeman

Erich and Leal Giebel

Hannah Blakeman

Elizabeth and Leal Giebel

Uncle Robert Bruce Davidson
reading Playboy

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman, Virginia Davidson Blakeman,
Hannah Hall Blakeman

Bebe, Virginia and Hannah Blakeman
opening Christmas gifts

A 95 Wilson Road Christmas
Princeton, NJ

Antique copper cauldron

The Nassau Christian Church
Princeton, NJ

Holder Hall
Princeton University

A neighbor's dog 'Bear' had jumped the fence
in September and impregnated Hobbit

Flying west. December 31, 1968

Hobbit and Bear's litter

Costa Mesa, CA

February, 1969

A girl named Carol modeling for his photo assignment
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA




Newport Beach, CA

Where is this bridge??

March, 1969


Van's new home
April, 1969

Van got a full time job in Laguna and attended
programming classes at night in Santa Ana

389 Loma Terrace
Laguna Beach, CA

He built this gate from an old discarded OCC
fence to keep an obnoxious landlady out

View from his house

A random drive one weekend brought
him through Mammoth Lakes

Do not recall this party
Probably someone else's negative

Do not know these good people

Also probably someone else's negatives


Van's 10 acres and trailer
in Joshua Tree, CA

Then bought 2.5 acres in Mojave, CA
January, 1970

Mohave neighbors

I-5 construction near Palmdale, CA

Lake Palmdale
near Mohave

Bought this hand carved eagle in Baja, Mexico

Inside the Branstrator trailer

February, 1969

Joshua Tree, CA

Just moved the trailer to his land
in Joshua Tree, CA

Found this tank at a renovating laundrymat in
Costa Mesa. They let him take it away, free!

Bought this '49 Willys Jeep to tow the trailer
from Costa Mesa up the hill to Joshua Tree

Bought this Chevy Nova so he could return
east to find a programming job.

Saying goodby to housemate
Doug Perske, fellow ex-Marine

Mesa Automotive agreed to store the Jeep
since they had rebuilt the engine a few times

The Colorado River

He met a girl, Debra J Hildebrand, on his new job at
the Western Electric Engineering Research Center
in Lawrenceville, NJ

She agreed on a weekend's trip to the Cape
July, 1970

Deb Hildebrand, Elizabeth Giebel, Tom and
Virginia Blakeman, Van Blakeman

This woman was also visiting his folks.
Can't recall her name but she had a brilliant mind

Tom Blakeman and Winston Kellogg
sailing the Kittiwake

Megansett Harbor, MA

Martha Douglas and friends quahogging
Squeteague Harbor, MA

Winston, Deb, Ginny and Need-Name in his small steamboat, Woods Hole, MA

Tom Blakeman digging
Cataumet, MA

Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Liz Giebel

Erich Martin Giebel and Hobbit drinking from
a clear natural spring

Above Squeteague Harbor

Erich in a tree

Lizzy Giebel sitting at the natural spring
below her grandparent's home

On the dock in Squeteague Harbor

Erich boating

Hobbit meets a lobster

Liz inside her grandmother's
driftwood sculpture

Deb Hildebrand and her folks are
visiting friends in Enfield, ME

The Desert of Maine in Freeport

The former Lincoln Theater in Maine

Andrew and Josephine Monteleone

Van's stuff in his folk's carport, waiting for a place to go.
95 Wilson Rd, Princeton, NJ

He finds a place in the local paper, buys it,
cleans it and moves in. Needs a little work.

For $100 down, Adele Dexter agrees
to carry the $25K mortgage

On the corner of Highway Route 1 and ...

1 Richard Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ

August 11, 1970

Even his folks helped clean the place and
his dad dug a trench for the new water line

His new home includes a cottage behind the trees

A trap door in the kitchen goes
to a full sized basement

This is exciting

Brother-in-law Kaare Karstad flys him overhead
to get pictures of his 3/4 acre property

At one time, this was a rock crushing plant.
Some of the concrete mounts are still in
place between the house and the cottage.

Van and his girlfriend Deb fly west to visit California
March 31, 1971

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Flowering Prickly Pear cactus

High Desert area, CA

April, 1971

Creosote bush and Ocotillo plant

Desert Dandelion

Mormon Tea

Ocotillo plant and Creosote bush


Stork's Bill Filaree

Teddy Bear Cholla
Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Flowering Ocotillo cactus

Cottonwood Spring Oasis
April, 1971

Inside the oasis

Keys view

Intersection of Hwy 62 and Park Blvd
Joshua Tree, CA

Van's Branstrator trailer
under a sun roof

Mount San Jacinto, CA
April, 1971

Overlooking Palm Springs

Debra J Hildebrand

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman

Cable car

Coffmans Crag

Overlooking Palm Springs

High Desert area

The San Juan creek
along the Ortega highway

Above and beyond Elsinore
on the way to San Juan Capistrano

South Laguna shoreline

Racing fleet of sail boats passing by

Cliff hugging staircase and cave
below 40 N La Senda Drive

Carved ocean pools
Three Arch Bay

Concrete ocean pool and cabana

Kris and Lee Bower, Van, David Walden Young

An old stucco garden home
probably in Laguna

The Surf & Sand Hotel, left of center, is where
Van's sister Hannah spent her wedding
night with John Giles

Laguna's Main Beach cove in the distance

Visiting Marsha and May Fink
San Diego, CA
April 22, 1971

Flying east about April 23, 1971

Hobbit in their new back yard
August, 1971

The yard was installed before their wedding
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Adding a cottage deck with recycled lumber
from a New Brunswick, NJ house wreaking yard

Van and Deb visit the old farmstead of
his late maternal grandparents

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Near the canal bridge in Bourne, MA
September 12, 1971

The Bourne Bridge

Kaare Karstad visiting
10 Squeteague Harbor Rd, Cataumet, MA

This almost looks like Route 6
into Provincetown, MA

Squeteague Harbor

The Blakeman home is in the center

Kaare Karstad sailing his boat with
Debra Blakeman and don't know who else

Megansett Harbor, MA

Spohr Gardens
Falmouth, MA

Nobska Point Lighthouse
Woods Hole, MA

Ferry boat to Nantucket

Early 20th century cottage behind the
ferry landing in Woods Hole

Cobblestone street with fountain
Nantucket, MA

It's their honeymoon, okay?

On the honeymoon boat from Nantucket

Back home in Monmouth Junction, NJ
November, 1971

Cracked Chevy Nova windshield

Fall leaves on their back yard

Installing a driveway

Added a stained glass skylight, found in a
New Brunswick, NJ house wreaking yard

Adding an external closet
to the bedroom cottage

Christmas wreath on the front door
December 25, 1971

Their new kitten
cuddles with Hobbit


The stained glass bathroom skylight (under plate glass)
is covered with snow


Building a chair-wall
July, 1972

Megansett Harbor, MA
August, 1972

Squeteague Harbor and Lawrence Island

Sketching a plan for their NJ home

Van's folk's home

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

Deb Blakeman, Alice Bebout,
Tom Blakeman and John Giles

Painting their home in
Monmouth Junction, NJ

New soil for the corner lot which the town
provided for letting them round off the corner

Spreading it around

Built this stone wall to
surround the septic tank

The house has been painted and
the cottage has new cedar siding

The back yard in the woods

Blue the kitten and Cat the almost cat

On a stone wall in the back yard

Blue attacking the antique trunk

Working on his penny collection
August, 1972

A bronze handle and mail slot on a door
found at the wreaking yard covered in paint

Stripped the paint, stained and polished

Somewhere in the northeast

Maple syrup country

Where is this wooden bridge?

Sanibel Island, FL
September 12, 1972

Disneyworld, Orlando, FL

Key West, FL

Long Key Viaduct, FL

Daytona Beach, FL

St. Petersburg, FL

Castillo de San Marcos Spanish fort

A Bucks County covered bridge in New Jersey
December, 1972

Bowmans Tower

Delaware River from Bowmans Tower

Gravestone of Dale C Hildebrand
Deb Blakeman's brother
"1946 - 1966"

Steps from the kitchen door
to the cottage crosswalk
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Inside their bedroom cottage

Doors to the closet addition

The closet pole hangs from and
rolls along a ceiling channel

Chestnut beveled glass french doors
open to the rear deck and yard

The doors were found in a New Brunswick, NJ
house wreaking yard

December, 1972

Their Christmas
December 25, 1972

A Stover Christmas
Robert, Bobby and Geri Stover
with Barbara Hildebrand

Aaron Stover in the Hildebrand home
Pennington, NJ

Bobby Stover and Stanley Hildebrand

Need_Name with Bobby,
Geri and Aaron Stover

Barbara, Van, Need_Name, Red Hildebrand
and Robert, Geri and Bobby Stover

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A Golden Arborvitae, mailbox and lamp on a
hollow wood post, and a tiered timber wall

1 Richard Rd, Monmouth Junction, NJ
July, 1973

Blue the white cat

Van is rebuilding his box trailer

He found it in a vacant lot near his home
on Balboa Island around 1967

He bought this trailer for $35 worth of labor from a
respected and liked friend Harvey D Pease

Harvey was also the realtor that collected his rent

Squeteague Harbor
Cataumet, MA

Lawrence Island

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman and
Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Hobbit the dog

Van Blakeman driving the motorboat

Debra J Blakeman
has caught a Bluefish

John Letchworth Church, Van and Tom
and Virginia Blakeman with Sy Kano

Serving at tennis on the clay court
Cataumet, MA

Deb sailing Win Kellogg's boat through
Long Island Sound

August, 1973

Winston Kellogg

Win Kellogg sailing the Kittiwake

Where is this?

Coast Guard Lighthouse
Buzzards Bay

Doing the books
Monmouth Junction, NJ

August, 1973

Blue the white cat

"Think Shaklee" on their corner lot. They
were really into selling it at the time.
Truly excellent natural products.

December, 1973

Their bedroom cottage

A Cardinal in the new snow

Left here on a bus heading west. It
was to be a short trip to see the new
investment and collect the back rent.

Under the rear deck of their home
on Santa Rosa Drive
South Laguna, CA

January, 1974


Ocean view from the rear deck

Had bought it 8/16/1973 sight unseen on
David and Cici Young's recommendation

They decided to stay

Some of these pics were actually taken
after Van's return (see below). Oh well.

Adjacent to Bill and
Bernice Bailey's home

His Willy's Jeep had been in storage at Mesa
Automotive, near where they got off the bus

The hills above their new home
in South Laguna

The back neighbor's roof was close enough
to walk across and take pictures

Van flew east to gather their posessions. This
began the overuse of their credit card which would
eventually lead to their having to sell the place

Their Monmouth Junction basement holds the stuff
he couldn't fit into the stationwagon and trailer

Monmouth Junction, NJ
February, 1974

Everything is packed.
Heading west!

Snow and a small stream in the back yard

On the road to California

A Shaklee Basic-H sign is
discovered along the way.

Deb and Hobbit sitting on a bluff

above Thousand Steps Beach
South Laguna, CA

May, 1974

A Need_Name Pier and the Laguna Lido on
Thousand Steps Beach below Mission Hospital

Where was this concrete
pier-wall with deck?

Red flowered Aloe cryptopoda and California
Iceplant succulents protect the bluff

What is this in the hills possibly above South
Laguna? A pink fiberglass helicopter cabin?

A trash dump in the hills above
South Laguna or maybe El Toro

Aliso Canyon
May, 1974

Yellow flowers on a Prickly Pear cactus

A white Hedge Morning Glory

What is this orange-pink flower
on a vine or long stem?

Above Aliso Canyon
May, 1974

A deck of box gardens

A Bird Of Paradise

Next door neighbor, Bernice Bailey

Bill Bailey and Hobbit
at driveway gate under construction

A neighbor's kitten

An old canvased mission door
Van found in a wreaking yard

A roof alcove bench Van rebuilt for Don and
Jane Estep across the street

A shelving unit Van built for Carole (Need Name)
in her new Laguna Niguel? condo

Barbara and Red Hildebrand, Deb's folks,
on the beach at South Laguna

August, 1974

The former Aliso Beach Pier
is in the background


Maybe Wild Animal Kingdom?

(Need Name of woman and location)
with Barbara Hildebrand

Need Name of boy and location

Robinson's at Fashion Island
Newport Beach, CA

Could be the Statue Of David that later
fell in the 1987 Whittier earthquake

Assisting Van's friend Les Lindsey (orange)
and crew in preparing a luau

Hawaiian Poi made from boiled taro roots

Blue the white cat
South Laguna, CA

Bougainvillea overgrowing their deck
September, 1974

"Cat" in the Bougainvillea

Their garden paradise on Santa Rosa Dr

A South Laguna Christmas

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Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman
Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman

in Joshua Tree, CA

Stanley Hildebrand, Deb Blakeman
Barbara Hildebrand, Hobbit

Keys View
Joshua Tree National Park

Perhaps a farmer's wood post fence with rickety
gate. Need location. Maybe February, 1975

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
to Mount San Jacinto, 1975
Red chickened out

Central Valley, CA
February, 1975

Mega flower farms

On the Balboa ferry
crossing Newport Harbor

The Balboa Island canal

Crystal Cove beach

The town of South Laguna, CA
February, 1975

Barbara, Need_Name and Deb
Laguna Beach, CA

... and Van and Red
Below Eye To Eye Optical Boutique

San Juan Capistrano, CA

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Dana Point jetty

Hobbit and Barbara in the
Blakeman's front yard

South Laguna, CA
February, 1975

Looking through a flowery
picture window to the deck

on Santa Rosa Drive
South Laguna, CA

Through the front gate

Aliso Pier at sunset
South Laguna, CA

Miles Standish Staples

In the hills above South Laguna, CA

Aliso and Wood Canyons

Ocean view from the hilltop
February, 1975

Natural hilltop rock formation

Wild flowers in the rugged hills

A Laguna hills windsurfer
loosing altitude fast

Van climbed the hill in his Jeep and took
the guy and his sail to his car

Jim Davis used to work with them at the
Western Electric ERC in Lawrenceville, NJ

February 15, 1975

People climbing the hills above
the town of South Laguna

May, 1975

Aliso Beach Pier as seen from
an ancient hilltop water tank

Aliso Canyon and creek

A Cholla cactus

Classic wooden water tank on the hilltop

1000 Steps Beach, undeveloped,
as seen from the hills

Hilltop destruction

California Sun Cup, maybe

A living beach terrain

Sea anemones
South Laguna, CA

Aliso Canyon from the top of the hill

No jobs. Had to sell and return East.
Taking stuff to Joshua Tree for storage

Keys view
Joshua Tree National Park

May, 1975

Looks like Peters Canyon Reservoir
in Tustin, CA

Rosarito Beach dining in Baja California
June, 1975

Hobbit with Preggy's litter
South Laguna

Mysterious Preggy appeared on their
doorstep, weak, hungry and ready to burst

Van eased them out and cut the cords

Preggy likes to stay in seclusion
July, 1975

A garden probably at the Baileys

Bernice and Bill Bailey with Hobbit

Miles Standish Staples

Need_Name. Tom? hired Van to take pictures
July, 1975

A street in South Laguna

Deb father's nickname, Red Hildebrand,
on somebody's license plate

Their bedroom/office window
August, 1975

Front yard and garden. The cobbled
driveway is under construction

The driveway was cobbled with Santa Ana River
rock gathered when the river was dry

Preggy watches

Neighbor and friend Dan Hosfeldt's eye for design
guided assembly of this found fencing

Matthew the kitten and siblings on top of Deb

Their front yard was created under
the direction of neighbor Miles Staples

A neighbor (NEED NAME) painted this
picture of the front yard

The painting broke in the mail when it was sent to
the Blakeman home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Installing a Sears sprinkler line

Birthday gift of Elephant bathing shorts made by
Van's sister Hannah Blakeman, an artist

Ran out of gas backing the Jeep
into the U-Haul

An ocean view from their rear deck
though not on the day of departure

Heading east August, 1975
Doubled their money, but still a bummer

Van in the shadows, not happy
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Christmas 1975


A light January snowfall on the Arborvitae bushes
January, 1976

A snowfall in the woods

Preggy's son Matthew, not happy

Their cottage bedroom in the snow

Matthew the cat in a basket

Matthew the cat on aunt Hannah's cushion


Blue the white cat under the Asparagus plant
May, 1977

Bleeding Hearts volunteer in the Arborvitae garden

Arborvitaes wrap around the corner lawn
Route #1 and 1 Richard Road

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Tulip Trees

Tulip Tree flowers

Their vegetable garden
June, 1977

Troy the dog.
Van made this sign for his wife's folks

Aaron and Bobby Stover
Pennington, NJ

Bobby, Aaron and Geri Stover
June, 1977

Bobby Stover and Troy the dog

The Hildebrand barn and cherry trees

Clearing space for a cabana
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Expanding Van's store into the adjacent store.
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques
December, 1977

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Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman visiting his folks
Cataumet, MA

February, 1978

Back in Monmouth Junction, NJ, this potbelly
stove warmed their entire home very nicely

His old candle-in-a-beach-found-float and
lots of plants are in this little dining room

Found this big mahogany roll-top desk at an auction.
Not their dog; probably dog sitting

New sprout on the Schefflera umbrella tree plant

Debra Blakeman waiting in their shop near
the Princeton hospital during the '78 blizzard

Darby Dale Blakeman, Age 0

February 07, 1978

At home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby and her paternal great grandmother
Charlotte Phillips Van Cleve Church

Cataumet, MA

Boy (name needed) with Darby

Back in Monmouth Junction, NJ
July, 1978

Deb painted vines on their kitchen cabinets

Adding another
August, 1978

Van's workbench in the basement

Experimenting with a high speed
film needing no flash

Spider webs in the trees

Painting by Van's sister Hannah H Blakeman

Fall trees and a red house on a placid lake
Do not know year or location

Reading the Trenton Times newspaper

Got a new Ulefos wood stove
December, 1978

Much, much nicer then the old potbelly

Winter sky on Richard Road

December 25, 1978

Pepper the cat
February, 1979

Is this Aaron Stover?


Their screened cabana on a redwood platform
in the back yard behind the cottage

Van chopping small firewood
for the wood stove

Darby Blakeman, age 1,
February 07, 1979

Deb and Darby are vacationing in California
April, 1979

This is the South Laguna community park

Visiting old neighbors Bill and Bernice Bailey

Their old home next door

The new owners turned the deck into a dining room

Bill and Bernice taking Deb to check out the trailer

Joshua Tree, CA
April 15, 1979

Bernice Bailey

with Miles Staples and Willa Bailey Gupta

Bill and Bernice's back yard
April 17, 1979

The first 'On Consignment' in their lives. This one in
Laguna Beach. Van opened one in Princeton, NJ

Back home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Maternal grandparents Stanley and Barbara Hildebrand

May, 1979

Van made this sign for Paul Hill's Fine Foods

May, 1979

He made this sign for Crisp N' Clear Printing
Princeton, NJ

He made this sign for his shop, On Consignment
later renamed Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

Connecting to the town's new sewage line

Monmouth Junction, NJ
May, 1979

South Brunswick bringing in a new sewer line

Their Arborvitae corner now includes a stockade
fence discarded by his shop's landlord

Preparing to lay a second driveway
in back of the cottage

Ernie Sturgeon did the heavy lifting in exchange for ...

letting him park his machine until all sewers were in

Red and Barabra's back yard in Pennington, NJ

Bobby Stover with Dar

Darby and dad in Squeteague Harbor
Cataumet, MA

Below his folks home (not visible here)

With paternal grandmother

Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Dar and cousin Erich Martin Giebel

Paternal grandfather Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
sailing the boat

Ed Delaney and Eileen Delaney

Best friend neighbors trick-or-treating

Monmouth Junction, NJ


in his shop: Princeton Furnishings And Antiques

aka: On Consignment

Posing for an article
about the store

Tom Blakeman, Erich Giebel, Virginia Blakeman,
Deb Blakeman, John Randall, Darby Blakeman,
Leal Blakeman Randall. Thanksgiving

Need location. November 22, 1979

Their Christmas tree

Monmouth Junction, NJ

December 25, 1979

Red Hildebrand, Aaron Stover, Bobby Stover
Geri Stover, Darby, Deb, Barbara
don't recall name, Robert Stover

Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman and
Darby Dale Blakeman

Creating a temporary bedroom for Van and Deb
1 Richard Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby's 2nd birthday     February 07, 1980
[ click on a picture to view their names ]

Bebe Karstad, KariAnna Bergitte Karstad,
Kaare Karstad and Virginia Downey Giles

Dar with aunt Hannah Hall Blakeman Giles
and Bobby Stover

Dar, John Giles, Red Hildebrand, Geri and Robert and Aaron Stover

Aaron, John, Red, Hannah, Robert, Geri, Deb, Bobby

Bobby, Aaron, Ginny Giles, Bebe Karstad, KariAnna

Hannah, Robert, Geri, Deb

John, Hannah, Robert, Geri, Deb, Bebe, KariAnna

John Lawrence Tomas Giles, Dar and Kaare

John Giles Jr, John Sr, Geri, Barbara
Bobby, Aaron, Deb, Bebe, Kaare

At Van Blakeman's consignment store
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

His home-made sliding felt jewelry rack
March, 1980

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman taking what will eventually
become know as a 'selfie' (or testing the film)

The Holder Memorial Tower
Princeton University, NJ

Darby Blakeman Easter hunting in their
newly fenced in corner yard

at highway Route #1 and 1 Richard Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ

April 06, 1980

Darby and Deb Blakeman in dad's office
June, 1980

Van subleased his adjacent store to Leo Arons
next to Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

Darby washing dad's van

July, 1980

Halloween window display
Princeton Furnishings & Antiques

October, 1980

The redwood platform without it's cabana in the
corner yard. Also their new Plymouth Horizon

Monmouth Junction, NJ

November, 1980

Barbara Hildebrand and Darby Blakeman and Abby
December 25, 1980

Pennington, NJ

Stanley Hildebrand and Darby

Christmas at Bebe's house
[ click on the picture to view their names ]

Darby and Deb
Princeton, NJ

Deb and Darby Blakeman, Bobby Stover
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby's 3rd birthday
February 07, 1981

[ click on the picture to view their names ]

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Their aquarium
May, 1981

Darby Blakeman in back of the Stover house
Pennington, NJ

Dar eating lunch, as we wait
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Brianny Davidson Blakeman is born
May 12, 1981

Princeton Hospital

Deb and Bri Blakeman

Darby in her bunk bed
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Built by their father to fit over Bri's crib
And dad has lost his office.

Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman and Bri

Brianny Blakeman and Barbara Hildebrand
A newborn and her maternal grandmother

May 14, 1981

Darby and Brianny
May 20, 1981

Monmouth Junction, NJ

June, 1981

Big sister Darby Dale Blakeman, Deb and Bri

Bri Blakeman at grandparents home
Pennington, NJ

Darby and grandmother Barbara

Aaron Stover

Brianny asleep on a Persian rug
August, 1981

At paternal grandparents home in
Cataumet, MA

All vehicles into the rear driveway, out of the way
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Glorstan Builders adding bedrooms

September 17, 1981

Glorstan Builders doing interior work

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman doing interior work

The wood stove chimney was removed before construction
October, 1981

Dar asleep in dad's found-at-auction
and reupholstered morris chair
November, 1981

At a school play

With Santa Claus

Christmas eve
Monmouth Junction, NJ

December 24, 1981

Geri Stover and Bri

Christmas at Bebe's
[ click on the picture to view their names ]

Tommy 'Ledge' Blakeman
Princeton, NJ

Tom and daughter Hannah Blakeman Giles
December 25, 1981

KariAnna Bergitte Karstad, Debra, Leal Randall,
Ginny Giles, Bebe and Katrine Karstad

Deb, Liz Giebel, Ginny Blakeman
Darby, Erich Giebel, KariAnna

Virginia Giles, Deb, Darby, Bri

KariAnna, Deb, Bri, Darby, Erich

Liz, Virginia Blakeman, Darby, Erich, KariAnna

Darby Dale Blakeman
Brianny Davidson Blakeman


A Tulip tree wood pile in the snow

January, 1982
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby Dale Blakeman, Aaron and Geri Stover
Darby's birthday

Darby, Katrine Karstad, Geri Stover, Hannah Giles

Darby opening a birthday gift
February 07, 1982

Debra, Robert Stover, Kaare Karstad and Aaron Stover

Virginia Downey Giles, Red Hildebrand, Hannah

Hannah, Deb, John Giles, Robert, Kaare, Aaron

Kaare, Deb, John Lawrence Tomas Giles

KariAnna Bergitte Karstad

Red, Hannah, Ginny and John Giles, Robert Stover

Aaron, Bebe and Katrine, Bobby and Geri, KariAnna, Barbara Hildebrand

Bri's first birthday
May 12, 1982

Deb, Bri, Barbara, Dar, Geri
John Giles Jr, Bobby Stover

Deb, Virginia Downey Giles, Barbara, Dar, Geri

Ginny Giles, Bri

Geri Stover

Darby and dad Van washing dishes

A Hildebrand weekend on the Jersey shore

Bri's got dad's coffee cup on the kitchen floor
August, 1982

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Halloween at school
October 31, 1982

Squeteague Harbor behind
Darby and cousin Erich Martin Giebel

Cataumet, MA
November 25, 1982

Jeanette and J D Martin Sloan
A quick hello and goodby

Van is set up in his mother's studio

He brings his 'portable' Apple ][e with him

Squeteague Harbor. Cataumet, MA

Thanksgiving preparations in his folk's kitchen
November 25, 1982

Thomas Ledyard Blakeman
carving the turkey

Virginia Davidson Blakeman
having her evening Dubonnet

Tom Blakeman and
Hannah Hall Blakeman Giles

Erich, [don't recall his friend's name], Deb, Tom

Hannah, Ginny Blakeman, Dar, Erich and friend

Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall, Dar, Erich

November 25, 1982

Bri trying to sneak up the Cataumet stairs

Bri back home in Monmouth Junction
November 30, 1982

Bri sneaking up the stairs again
She seems to have a thing for this

Hiding in dad's office

Christmas play at the Monmouth Junction school
December, 1982

Christmas tree
December 25, 1983

Darby Blakeman wrapped in a crochet blanket

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Brianny Davidson Blakeman
watching her sister's baseball game

Darby Blakeman running into home plate
May, 1983

Darby and Deb Blakeman in motion
Monmouth Junction, NJ


Darby Dale Blakeman
Brianny Blakeman

Bri's second birthday
May 12, 1983

Bri, Barbara Hildebrand, Dar,
Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman

Dar, Stanley Hildebrand, Ginny Giles, Bri, Hannah Giles, John Lawrence Tomas Giles, Barbara

Ed Delaney, Bri, Red Hildebrand, Ginny Giles, Hannah

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Ed Delaney, Red Hildebrand, Hannah,
Virginia Downey Giles

John Giles


Darby, grandmother Barbara Hildebrand and Bri

Eileen Delaney, Bri, Dar and Ed Delaney
May 12, 1983

Another Hildebrand weekend on a Jersey beach


Don't know who this is

Recycling before they started paying us for it
July, 1983

At the Cataumet tennis courts

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman Karstad
Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall
with (maybe) Chris Thurlby

Leal Randall

Scott and Wendy Burns, Bebe Karstad
Katrine Margaret Karstad, Lizzy Giebel

Cataumet beach

Honey bees moving into their new gabled roof
(but not into the room)

Though sometimes overwhelming, they are harmless

A local bee keeper loaned Van a one way trap.
They went away

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Darby boards the school bus
September 12, 1983

Bri welcomes her home

Closed his store after seven years. Selling off
the dregs. (Back into computer programming)

School halloween parade. Darby with Need_Names
October 30, 1983

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Bri and Catty the kitten

Dar in costume at Thanksgiving

Squeteague Harbor whitecaps
December, 1983

Lawrence Island
Cataumet, MA

Van's mom asked him to design and build
an enclosure for this tub

Van worked up a sketch, but his sisters nixed it

Bri decorating the Christmas tree
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Need_Name and Bri

December 25, 1983

Deb, Barbara Hildebrand, Darby and Bri

Stanley, Bri, Barbara

Red and Darby

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Christmas at Bebe's
[ click on the picture to view their names]

Tom Blakeman, Katrine, Darby, KariAnna, Bri,
Bebe, Virginia Blakeman

Princeton, NJ
December 25, 1983

Beatrice Bruce Blakeman Karstad,
Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Darby's birthday
February 07, 1984

Barbara Hildebrand, John Giles Jr, Darby, Virginia Giles
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Bri, KariAnna and Katrine and Bebe Karstad

Ginny Giles, Darby, John Giles and
John Lawrence Tomas Giles, Red Hildebrand

Ginny, Debra and Darby, John Giles Jr, Red

Ginny, Deb and Dar, Red

Ginny, Deb, John Giles, Darby, John Giles Jr, Red

KariAnna, John, Barbara, Darby and Debra, Ginny

Red, John Giles, Debra, John Giles Jr, Bebe, Darby
February 07, 1984

Red, KariAnna, Bri, Katrine and Bebe

Balloons on the mailbox
May 12, 1984

Bri's 3rd birthday party
May 12, 1984

Brianny Davidson Blakeman

Tulips and a figurine

Darby, John Giles Jr and Hannah Giles, Bri and Barbara

Darby and Bri, Barbara and Deb

Virginia and Hannah Giles, Darby and Bri and Barbara

[ click on the picture to view their names]

John Giles, Bebe, Katrine and KariAnna Karstad,
Ginny and John Jr and Hannah Giles, Darby

Stanley Hildebrand

Bebe, Katrine and KariAnna, Ginny,
Darby and Bri, Barbara, Deb and Red

Ginny and Hannah Giles, Bri and Barbara Hildebrand

KariAnna, Ginny, Darby and Bri, Barbara

KariAnna, Ginny, Darby, Bri, Barbara

KariAnna and Debra

Katrine and Bri eating the birthday cake
May 12, 1984

June, 1984

Catty the doll

Bri not asleep on the couch

Van and Catty
This was a comfortable couch

Bobby Stover, Darby and Aaron Stover at the Stover house
Pennington, NJ   July, 1984

On the beach in Cataumet, MA
August, 1984

A freighter and boats passing by Mashnee Island
August 23, 1984

Van's first view of the canal from the bottom
of his street on Mashnee

The canal-side beach and Hog Island
on the causeway

The canal-side beach on Mashnee Island

From Hog Island, the canal beach on the
causeway to Mashnee

The Cape Cod Canal as seen from
Hog Island on the Mashnee dyke

Their new home at 47 Wianno Rd
as seen from the tennis courts

In back of their new home at
47 Wianno Rd, Mashnee Island, MA

The front yard

Not their stuff

Bri back home in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Their last Halloween in Monmouth Junction

Have begun moving some stuff to Mashnee
November, 1984

Moved in around 12/01/84. This is Christmas.
Mashnee Island, MA

Bri and Darby at their Christmas tree
December 25, 1984

Brianny enjoying Christmas
in her sunny new home

Erich Martin Giebel, Virginia Blakeman, Debra
and Leal's friend Ed Wells

Erich, Need_Name (Hannah's date), Virginia,
Deb, Hannah, Dar, Ed in Cataumet, MA

Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall, Hannah,
Tom Blakeman and Elizabeth Giebel

Virginia, Deb and Bri, Ed and Leal Randall

Ginny Blakeman, Deb, Hannah Giles,
Dar, Ed, Liz, Leal, Tom

Tom Blakeman, Liz Giebel,
Hannah and her mother Virginia

Elizabeth Leal Giebel, Hannah Giles,
Virginia and Erich



Van made this outdoor butcher block table of
mahogany garden stakes for his mother
April, 1985

Brianny Davidson Blakeman

Building a shower stall in back of their new home
at 47 Wianno Rd, Mashnee Island, MA

Plumbing a clothes washer into the hallway

May, 1985

Van was hired by Ed Wells
to make this bookcase


Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall
Darby Dale Blakeman, Ed Wells, Bri Blakeman

Leal Randall, Ed Wells
Virginia Davidson Blakeman and Bri

Bri's 4th birthday
May 12, 1985

Name unknown

Bri and granfather Thomas Ledyard Blakeman

June, 1985

Pepper the kitten and Catty the cat

August, 1985

Darby and need other names
Cataumet Camp end of summer skit

Pippin the puppy
March 17, 1987

December 25, 1985

Pippin the puppy, Van, Darby and Bri

Barbara and Red Hildebrand at Christmas

Bri, Leal, Darby, Virginia
Cataumet, MA

Christmas dinner
Mashnee Island, MA

Bri and Debra, Barbara, Dar
Monopoly at the Hildebrands

Well, I think it's a Christmas tree


Hildebrand plants in their natural solarium

Mashnee Island, MA

January, 1986

Darby Blakeman and Brianny Davidson Blakeman
and mom Debra J Hildebrand Blakeman

Darby's birthday
February 07, 1986

Darby and Brianny Blakeman
with Abby the dog

March, 1986

Bri, Dar and paternal grandmother
Virginia Davidson Blakeman

Brianny's birthday
May 12, 1986

Bri and cousin Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Aunt Virginia Leal Blakeman Randall and Liz Giebel

Friends Dave Toppin's son and self with the girl's
maternal grandfather Stanley Hildebrand

Need_Names with Bri
Bourne school, MA

December, 1986

Brianny Blakeman and classmates
dancing on a Christmas stage

Their home at 47 Wianno Road
December 25, 1986

A Hildebrand wreath over the mantle

Mashnee Island, MA

Stanley Hildebrand, Debra Hildebrand Blakeman
Barbara Hildebrand, Darby and Bri

Bri, Deb, Red Hildebrand, Barbara, Darby

Dad Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman and Bri

Pippin the dog, Van and Bri

Barbara and Red with Darby

Christmas cards and stockings over
the wood stoved fireplace

Snowed in on Wianno Road
Photos by Barbara Hildebrand

January, 1987


Darby, Pippin and Van shoveling


Van and Pippin

Deb wiping her folk's car

Red and Barbara playing cards

St Augustine, FL

February, 1987

Authentic Old Drug Store Museum

St. Augustine's horse carriages

Where was this building?

The Ponce de Leon hotel

Darbydale Ave
Woodbridge, VA

Eileen Delaney in front of Ed and Eileen's
new Virginia home. Need location

Darby Dale Blakeman's birthday
February 07, 1987

Leal Randall, Brianny and Darby, Red
Mashnee Island, MA

Barbara, Name unknown, Deb, unknown, Bri

April, 1987

Pippin the dog

Need_Name and Bri
Easter bunny girls

Barbara and Abby the dog

Barbara's photo film wheel packages
that are probably on these pages

Bri and Need_Names

Bri's birthday. May 12, 1987

Bri, Barbara Hildebrand,
Virginia Blakeman and Pippin

Pippin, Deb, Dar, Bri and Ed Wells

Need Names and location
June, 1987

Photos by Barbara Hildebrand

Andy Monteleone at the Stover house
Pennington, NJ

Abby the dog, I think

Need locations:

An ocean beach and eelgrass

A long ocean road

Hildebrand's gardens
Mashnee Island, MA

July, 1987

Blue Hydrangeas

Darby cracked her arm on a
Cataumet Club tennis court iron post

Bri in costume
July 04, 1987

Mashnee Island, MA

Darby and Brianny and Need_Name
July 4 parade

Darby at the YMCA Camp Rotary
July, 1987

Boxford, MA

Hillside staircase built by Van
for Shirley Delisle

Van and Darby and Brianny
Falmouth, MA

August, 1987

On a dock at the bottom of the staircase
with retractable steps

With landings

Red Hildebrand

Neighbor Mrs Cruise, Deb, Dar, Bri

Brianny boarding the school bus
September 14, 1987

Mashnee Island, MA

Bri and Need_Names. Prior to the Halloween
parade at the Bourne Middle School

October 31, 1987

Inspired Halloween costumes

Catty, dead
November, 1987

Names unknown, Darby and Bri

Location and date unknown

Guessing Thanksgiving
November 26, 1987

Angelic Bri on skates. Bourne, MA
December, 1987

A Bourne Skating Club Christmas show on ice

Bourne Skating Club, MA


Hildebrand plants
January, 1988

Mashnee Island, MA


Names unknown with Darby

Closet cabinets and shelving built
for Arnett Peccini

Mattapoisett, MA

March - May, 1988

Installing drainage at the Murphy home
on Mashnee Island, MA

Then attaching the frame for a deck to the house

May, 1988

Catty lives across the street.
Van has moved to his own place nearby.

Rebuilt the front entryway of the Murphy home
June, 1988

Bri's birthday
May 12, 1988

Brianny, Deb and Darby biking around
Bar Harbor, ME

Acadia National Park
near Bar Harbor, ME

June, 1988

Otter Cove Stone Bridge, Loop Road
Acadia National Park

Bri in Cataumet Club sweatshirt
Mashnee Island, MA
July, 1988

Bri with a professionally painted face

August, 1988

The girls and dad collected this trash from the shores of
Mashnee Island, MA
September, 1988

Installed a shelving unit
for the Pappas family

September, 1988

Preparing to install a shower stall
for the Pappas family

Mashnee Island, MA

Van did much carpentry for his folks through the '80s
November, 1988

Rebuilt their corner porch
Cataumet, MA

Outdoor shower stall behind the garage

Installed a storm door unit

Reassembled a trellis around his
mother's delicate wisteria vines

A corner shelf for an antique 3-part mirror

A retractable TV shelf within a cabinet
previously built by carpenter Reg Swift

A sofa end shelf

Need location
Looks like December, 1988

Cat in the bird feeder
Need location

Girlfriend Patty Dancer in my rental on
Leeward Rd, Mashnee Island, MA

Katrine and Bri making music and dancing
Cataumet, MA

Katrine and Darby making music

Bri's Christmas school show costume
Mashnee Island, MA

Bourne, MA
December, 1988

Someone forgot to hit inside shut-off
valve on Van's folks' outdoor faucet

Cataumet, MA

December 25, 1988

Mashnee Island, MA

Cataumet, MA

Bri, Dar and paternal grandfather Tom Blakeman

Dar, Bri, Virginia and Tom

December 25, 1988

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Pippin the dog and Brianny Davidson Blakeman
Mashnee Island, MA

June, 1989

Reinforcing the Lucas shower wall
with insulating spray foam

Uncovered a Lucas drain pipe
July, 1989

The drainage system under the Lucas rear deck

Phillips Van Cleve Blakeman's summer cottage,
same property as winter house rental

Brianny Blakeman visiting dad
August, 1989

Biggs the puppy
with his sisters and brothers

Debbe Sharpe with her sister
Karen Madden and daughter

Jim Madden


Need_Names. D' Sharpe's extended family

Van's neice Elizabeth Leal Giebel

Name, place and time unknown

Biggs playing with neighbor's brown lab
Mashnee Island, MA
August, 1989

Biggs outside their summer home
September, 1989

Before extending the wall above the Cataumet
Club's tennis backboard. (No after pic yet)
October, 1989

Bri and Need_Name kitten
October 23, 1989

Brianny and Darby Blakeman

Bri and Pippin the dog
November, 1989

Dar and Catty

Bri's room

Nina Stokes
June, 1990

Party near Falmouth, MA


Stanley Hildebrand
Mashnee Island, MA
November, 1990

Darby's dad is residing
Bernie Rotberg's house
May, 1991


June, 1991

Bernie Rotberg's house on the left
being shingled by Van Blakeman

Attaching the Pecks new deck to their house
July, 1991

Piping a shower stall for the deck

Framing the deck and shower stall

With benches

The hinges and latch of the shower
stall were a hand made experiment

Van added a small deck to his winter
home rental for the owners

His winter home on Mashnee Road
August, 1991

Writing software for The Emotion Mining Company

Inside his one room summer cottage

Shallow rooted Locust trees about to
topple during Hurricane Bob

August 19, 1991

Mashnee road on the causeway is under water

The clubhouse parking lot is flooded


The clubhouse lawn is under water

Some Mashnee properties and the causeway
are under water

A significant chunk of the Mashnee
causeway was washed away

Buzzards Bay surf laps the Pappas trees

The Mashnee end of the Cape Cod canal

Darby Blakeman should not be here.
Buzzards Bay surf is still rolling in

A Mashnee road and mailboxes

The very high Buzzards Bay surf almost
reached this Mashnee anchor

Hog Island and the Mashnee causeway

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Replaced the rotted foundation and floor of this
shed with pressure treated lumber

September, 1991

Rebuilt the rotted sill under
the Lucas side door

June, 1992


Mo the dog in Van's office
East Sandwich, MA

May, 1997

Van's girlfriend Eileen Kerr managing
Gladstone Furniture

East Falmouth, MA

Mo, Bri and Dar
East Sandwich, MA

Pretty girls, Eileen, Brianny and Darby

... and Missy the cat

Darby in the basement

Mo, Bri and Dar by the pool

Cottage tenant Al Rosa and landlady Eileen
June, 1997

Rebuilding a rotted floor and sagging wall in a
200+/- year old additon to the even older house

Grant Parsons and Need_Names,
Ann Parsons and sister Eileen

Thornbury, Canada

Mo in back of their East Sandwich home
October, 1997

Laying a new walkway with old dug-up brick
found under the back yard


Eileen and Van dancing at the Heritage
Plantation's rock 'n' roll show in Sandwich, MA
June, 1998

Photography compliments of
Jane M Robin

Van recreated the Heritage Plantation's
membership database system,
software and such being his true profession

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