Prospective Layers




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Side View


The first rough sketch.


The birdseye to the left was my 2nd attempt to develop a workable plan from which I can then make a list of materials.


The clips to the right and below are my 3rd, drawn from and improving upon the birdseye view, as they also provide an alternative viewpoint for late night thought.




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1. The Prospective Side View, 2002.



2. Behind the sheathing

Modular construction allows for eventual move to higher arroyo.


Addition on the left; porch on the right; trailer in the middle,23' X 21' +/-.

3' foundation area for storage; wire meshed area under deck for cat.

Wide roofsoffit for shade. Open area over trailer blows heat away.

Insulated framed addition (forgot to add 45° bracing).

7 deck posts on steel brackets in concrete footings; more bolt to deck joists. 3 attach to center found. sill. All hold roof in occasional high winds.



3. My office; my space, & crawlspace



4. Peeling inward, layer by layer



Inner office wall, 4 ft in (with picture).

Crawlspace has poly, framing & ply floor. (Forgot to add central block column). Rear gate is for deck screen, etc., storage when away in summer.

Previous image:floor & wall vents allow air circulation up & out (installed in all rooms).


Here:inner office wall framing with hall behind.

Trap doors (not visible) lift to hall & bedroom.



5. The foyer



6. Peeling to the bath (shower really)



Hall, left to right:

exterior door to steps,

trap door to crawlspace,

center door to segregate office area (I smoke),

door to bath,

shelving unit,

entry to trailer.

Hall framing with plumbing vent to roof - shower stall behind.


Next image:plumbing fixtures & shelving in bath, sink in trailer kitchen.



7. Plumbing system & Bath



8. Bath/Bedroom Framing



Two pipes from water tank filled by truck – 1 below grade to fixtures inside; other to black tank heated by sun, then to sinks & shower. Drain runs out rear to distant septic hole.

Bath framing & shelving unit open to bedroom



9. The Bedroom



10. Peeling to the exterior.



Exterior door opens to steps.

Trap door & vents in floor.

No wall to right extends bedroom to include original of trailer with its wall cut out.

Insulated framed exterior wall (forgot 45° bracing).


Ultimately will add solar panels on roof to charge battery bank to provide clean power. Current estimate about $10K, so must wait.


11. Rear exterior sheathing


12. Rain water collection



Exterior sheathing over sill over rear foundation wall.


Rear deck screens over deck over joists over rear framed wire mesh.

Mesh covered roof gutters drain to filtered sediment barrels which overflow to larger barrels sitting on rear steps & deck. Taps permit filling coffee pot, etc.;also for flushing.


13. Addition, phase 1


14. Upon arrival, 11/01



Previous image: if successful, will add (wind powered?) pump to move water uphill to primary water tank.


This image: stage 1 of addition.

Clear a building site; move empty water tank from present location to uphill of site;call for water delivery; move cleaned & painted trailer into new position.