Prospective Layers





A Birdseye View


The 1st rough sketch.


Click on these small images to view their galleries of detail and full-screen rendition.

The birdseye to the left was my 2nd attempt to develop a workable plan from which I can then make a list of materials.


The clips to the right are my 3rd, each drawn from, and an improvement upon, the previous, one way or another, as each also provides an alternative viewpoint.








The images below do not have a larger view available.






1. The Original. Photo taken in 1969.



2. Prospective Foundation, 2001



A best guess layout as it was from '68 to '01.


(I'm in MA and it's in CA as I draw these plans).


Estimated 7' X 21'.Awning windows, sliding picture window added in '68, door, partition with hinged drop table added in '68, closets, icebox, bed, rear storage trunk.


(Forgot the tongue.)

A 3' high block foundation/storage area to support the trailer & an 8' addition - with vents, bolted door & subfloor joists.


Posts, bracketed below-grade to concrete footings 3' deep, to carry a deck and later support a roof.



3. Plumbing



4. Floor Joists & a Remodeled Trailer



The 500 gal (?) tank gets filled for about $50. PVC pipe drops below grade to the addition & overhead to the black tank, to absorb the sun's heat & home as 'hot' water, then to 2 sinks, toilet, shower(see below).

A PVC drain runs over a fiber-board subfloor and out to the septic.

A sill bolts to the foundation. Floor joists attach to that.

A trailer partition is moved for a larger kitchen.


Below grade 2x4s wrap additional deck posts. Wire mesh frames (not visible; see side view below) above them keep critters out. Deck joists sit atop them.



5. A Floor & a Deck



6. Walls, Screens & a Side View



The plywood floor includes 2 trap doors, shower stall & sill plate.


The decking will probably be red cedar and has its own sill plate.


A slider will open to the deck.

Windows, doors, studs & plywood sheathing wrap the addition. Dry-wall partitions & doors create the office, hall, bath & extended bedroom.


8 screen panels & a door wrap 3 sides of the deck, the bottom half of each protected by a steel grate to keep the cat in & coyotes out.



7. Furniture & Top Plate



8. A Ceiling & The Trailer Roof



The queen bed gives some perspective.


A shelving unit opens to the hall, the bath & the bedroom.

A desk, bookcase, a bureau, sofa, chairs, rugs, lamps & heaters will be added.


A fridge, counter & cabinets create a kitchen.

(Initially, power will come through rechargeable batteries from a 5000W generator (not visible) 100' from the house, baffled.


Propane will also provide light & heat.


Eventually, solar panels will power a battery bank.)



9. Rafters, Gutters & Water Collection



10. Sheathing



Rain flows from the gutter to a filtered sediment barrel & then a water barrel, tapped for good drinking/cooking.


This structure will be built as modules, including the roof, so that one day it can be unbolted & moved to an arroyo up in the hill, after a stone ramp/bridge is completed.

¾” plywood or fiber-board, depending on financial situation.



11. Roofing