The Water System





Last year we went from filling water jugs at our neighbors or in town to our very own spigot.


You can read about all that here .

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Burrowed under the boulder next to the water tank.

Out the other side and down a trench.

To the driveway.


Same trench, opposite view.


Laying pipe ahead to guide the dig.


Under the driveway.


Same trench, opposite view.


One section of the trench under the driveway.


And onward.


Around the rain puddle rock.


And under the trailer.


The trailer is plumbed.


Verticles to 2 faucets & the sink. Also the sink drain.


The horizontal connection which leads to the sink.


Same as the image above & part of the image on the left.


Weaving beneath the rocks under the driveway.

Tight fit going in. (The camera can see what I can't.)

And out the other side.


Scraps of wood protect the pipe from being slowly


worn down by the rocks they wrap around.



Gluing 2 lengths of pipe together with a coupler.


These are the pipes I used last year as legs for the rain


catcher that flew .


The specs, in case I ever need to know >>



The old screw holes are filled with glue.


This trench is an offshoot of the main trench.


It will carry a system drain to lower ground.


The trench in the foreground is the same offshoot,


but with the entire water system in place.



























The tank-tub line still runs to the original spigot.

Now it connects to the new system.

The tank valve & the tub valve are both off.


The tub valve is on and water flows into the system.


Out the drain (for only a moment).


Out the new faucet on the south side of the trailer.


Into the trailer's new sink.


Overflowing the valve on the north side.


A skin of glue is probably inside of every glued joint.


A faucet hangs over a basin and then the line runs to


the filter & fills Mo's water dish. (Same place; new deck.)


Filling the driveway trench before somebody trips.


The drain is surrounded by small stones


carefully laid to protect it from random tires or whatever,


and then out of sight but easily accessible.


Silicone allows some flexibility and keeps out the bugs.


The sink drain runs to a “grey water” bucket.


The water system is in. Now onto a rack & a deck.


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