Virginia Blakeman's Home Page

Welcome to my Website!
I was born on April 13th 1972, (yes, it may have been a Friday) and I am an Aries in every sense.
I have started my own business called Office Solutions by Virginia and I am currently taking an
online course at Northeastern University
, to learn how to take a command like this <a href=""></a> and make it a clickable link to Blakeman.Net

So you can get to know me better I've made a list of some of the things I enjoy.

Of course after class is over I will keep this site, so feel free to visit and see any changes I have made.

Things I Like

  1. My Family & Friends
  2. Dancing & Music
  3. Georgia O'Keeffe
  4. 4Corners/Southwest
  5. Meditation
  6. Foreign Languages
  7. Laughing


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