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Kerri Haack(NY)says...
Hi - Just a few updates to my specific line (Kerri Davidson Haack, daughter to CPD IV)
Michael Haack born 1977 is a SR,
Michael Haack born 2010 is a JR.

I've also added another child,
Avery Rose Haack, born 2012.

Going up a bit, Carol Tessman's son, Aaron Tessman, married this year (2014) to Megen Gifford born 1981.

CPD III's wife, Virginia Gunther Davidson passed away this year (2014).

Finally, could you pass along any details you have on Robert Davidson coming over to America?
I'd love to do more research and continue the family tree in Scotland.
Hi Kerri, Thank you for this information. I have updated the web site accordingly.

The only info I had on Robert of Kelso when I did the research is provided in 3 links at and to the right of his name.
If you do uncover any more, please send me a link.

Was your mother born in 1946?
When was your aunt JoAnn Mariko born?
When did she and Stephen marry?
When was their son Charles born and did he marry?
Kerri Haacksays...
Hi Van, Thank you so much for doing this. It's really great.

My mom was born in 1945.

Crap - forgot to ask JoAnn when she was born, but she and Steve married June 18, 1993.

Charlie's Birthday is 11-23-83. Charlie is the son of Steve and his previous wife, Marcia King. I don't have Steve and Marcia's married/divorce dates. I might be able to get them (or I'm sure you'll hear from JoAnn once I give her the website address :) ).

JoAnn also has three children from her previous marriage - Evan, Alex and Alayna Daniel - not sure if you wanted to include them.

Charlie married in May 2012 to Laura Watkins.

When we went to my grandmother's burial, we took a number of pictures of older Davidson gravestones at the cemetery in Clarks Summit. I'm not a skilled gravestone photographer, but I got all the Davidsons buried there from Peter Davidson through to CPD III. If those have any value to you, let me know. I'll clean them up and send them along.

Thanks, Kerri
Thanks, Kerri. It is done.

Now, in addition to JoAnn, it would be good to know Marcia King's dates if possible, and when Laura Watkins was born.

Feel free to forward this to Charlie and let him handle that.

It would be great having the gravestone pics added to the web site. Don't worry about cleaning them up; I prefer working with the originals. To minimize the drag on bandwidth, you could email them one at a time. Or if you have them in a Dropbox folder, you can Share that folder with Van Blakeman ( I would then copy them down into my machine and work on those, leaving your originals as is. Van
Kerri Haacksays...
All sent via Dropbox, and apologize for the quality.
Thanks Kerri, I have copied them into another folder, so you can close the Share if you like.

What are you apologizing for? They are excellent pictures.

Now I need to sit back and think about how I want to incorporate them.
That may take awhile. I'll let you know when it is done.
Carol Davidson Tessman(Wakefield RI)says...
Virginia Gunther Davidson was born 2/23/1921
Michael Joseph Roger Tessman born 7/01/1947
Carol and Michael Tessman's children were born:
Dorothy Clare Tessman 4/25/1979 &
Aaron Young Kyu Oh Tessman 10/14/1985
Thank you Carol. I have made the corrections.
susan dennen(mexico city)says...
just another ´davidson´checking in. I am the daughter of Charlotte, daughter of CPD jr.

There are a couple of confusions I can sort out
Hi Susan, I would highly appreciate any information that your can provide, including:

1. When was your husband, Fernando De Rodriguez, born?
2. When were the two of you married?
susan dennen(mexico city)says...
did you know that Harriet Davison, CPD jr and Olive Sheldon´s eldest daughter´s husband was a Nobel Laureate?
Thank you ma'me for that.
Rose Wattssays...
Belle Campbell:
b. 4-9-1873 d. 5-3-1903
Thank you, Rose, for catching that.

I had her birth & death equal to that of her mother-in-law.

Do you know anything about her sister-in-law: Sarah Graham? [1840- ], wife of William Maurice Davidson [1858-1922], including when they married?
Rose Wattssays...
According to the information I received from the Lackawanna Historical Society, William Maurice Davidson never married.
Van Blakeman(East Sandwich)says...
Note: Rose and I have had many informative conversations over an extended period of time. I have concatenated them here into one message. Feel free to comment on anything said. Just select and copy the statement that you are referring to, and then Paste that into the beginning of your new message.

Van: I don’t know where I got that from, and I usually keep notes on my sources.
Since I added the question mark back then, it suggests that I was suspicious.
I included it just in case someone else might be able to add some clarification.
You have done so, and I have removed her name.

April 09, 2011 6:54 AM
Rose: I have been collecting Davidson family information for a long time and am very interested in this family,
especially the early Davidsons who were prominent in Scranton in the 1800's to early 1900's.
Frank & Belle Campbell Davidson moved to Mississippi which is where my family is from.
Belle was my grandfather's sister and from what my mom has told me she was quiet the character.
At one time my grandfather's sister Claire was engaged to Frank Peck but she died before they could marry.
I am searching for the burial place for her daughter Beatrice who Frank adopted.
Thanks for any help on this family.

April 10, 2011, 5:12 AM
Van: I have Frank & Belle Campbell Davidson marrying in 1901, and she died 2 years later?
Since I don’t have a question mark after the 1901, I did substantiate it from another source.

According to the information that I accumulated on the “One Davidson Family” web site (not the genealogy site),
J.D. Peck, F.L. Peck, C.P. Davidson (all of Scranton) & F.R. Davidson were involved in a number of enterprises.
That page is about my grandfather, Charles Parker Davidson, and grandmother, Anna Elliott Broadwell Davidson,
and their 10 children, including my mother, Virginia Downey Davidson (Blakeman).

As you will see on that page, the 1905 edition of “Poor's directory of railway officials” shows that they directed the
affairs of the Mississippi Central RR. So F.R. Davidson was V-P of that company 2 years after his wife died.

That page lists a chronology of articles and such that I have found online from various sources, including the fact that
shortly before my grandfather died in 1919, F.R. Davidson was put in charge of my grandfather’s financial matters, against my grandfather’s wishes.

The story I grew up hearing from my mother and relatives, was that Frank Davidson was a consistent failure at just about everything he attempted, because he was a habitual drunk. Apparently my grandfather was constantly bailing Frank out, and then setting him up in business so that he could “mend his ways”. That of course set a precedent that in the end would be my grandfather’s downfall.

He was bedridden and unable to attend the court proceedings that Frank initiated. The judge, a friend of Frank’s, put him in charge. My grandmother was well educated and accomplished in her own right, but in 1919 I guess that did not count for much. Frank was to make sure that she was taken care of, as he ran the business. That did not happen. Instead he managed to wipe out much of the fortune, leaving my grandmother destitute. Her sons supported her and helped put the younger children through college, including my mother through MIT. That is where she met and married my father. They still had to hold down jobs to cover their living expenses.

When Frank died, everything reverted to my grandmother, at which time her sons were able to turn the business around, creating a family partnership that was able to turn a profit from what remained of the estate.

Anyhow, perhaps that web page can help in your research. The “Back” link on the genealogy page will also get you there.

April 10, 2011 7:19 PM
Rose: I received Frank Davidson's will a few days ago and he signed and left what he had to Beatrice, his adopted daughter.
It could be that your grandmother had to deal with Beatrice where Franks estate was concerned. From what my mother told me about Belle & Beatrice I have no doubt Belle married him for his position and money. Belle was much younger than him.

She died from a tubal pregnancy, it was called "false conception" back then. She had Beatrice and was not married.
I don't know who her biological father was. Frank spoiled Beatrice also.

She married twice. Also, Frank married a Pauline Lackey after Belle died but they divorced.

I have been interested in the Davidson family for a long time wanting to find out more about their life and family. It is really sad that Frank lived his life the way he did and that part of family research is difficult to learn about. I know the Davidson's were very prominent in the Scranton area but there is not much information on them that I have found. You are the first person that has given something useful to me.

I have a copy of a title search my dad had from 1957 and it lists Frank as owning just about every inch of Sumrall, VA, where the J. J. Newman Lumber Company mill operated until around 1933. My grandfather, Belle's brother, was the bookkeeper for the lumber company.

I would like to find where Beatrice is buried and if there was a will. She had a son, Frank Ruddy, can't find any information on him. If you find any more information on Frank, Belle, or Beatrice please pass it along to me.
I will be glad to send you copies of what I have if you would like.

April 11, 2011, 3:24 AM
Van: I would appreciate that, preferably as email attachments but if you are not comfortable with that, then mail would be fine.

When I get a chance, I could add it to the web site so that it would be available to everybody, if that is okay with you.
The site does get a surprising number of visitors. It also gets covered by the search engines, so if a descendant types in
Frank Ruddy or Beatrice Davidson, they will come across your request for information.

I would also like to append the essence of our conversations to that site’s message board because you have provided some good info that others could use, again with your permission.

April 11, 2011 6:41 AM
Rose: Whatever you want to post to your website is fine with me.

I will scan in the wills & other info and send it to you via email attachment. It will take me a few days but promise to do so.

I do recall reading something about a court hearing with Frank & C.P. I will try to find it again via the internet and download it.

Beatrice was married to a Thomas Ruddy, apparently he was associated with the Davidson family and he operated an insurance company in Scranton.
Then she married a Viola. My aunt said he was an opera singer but that was probably "hearsay" from Beatrice herself.

If you recall any other stories about the family, please pass it along to me. Love the history of this family!

April 11, 2011 6:56 AM
Van: Thank you, Rose. Take your time.

The court case is the 3rd from the bottom link inside the “Charles P & Anna B Davidson” box on the “One Davidson Family” web site.

April 11, 2011 10:57 AM
Rose: From the Lackawanna Historical Society. [Attached: Davidsonfamily0001.pdf renamed DavidsonFamilyArticles_1908-1919.pdf ]

April 11, 2011 5:42 PM
Van: Thank you very much. I did not have these articles.

April 13, 2011 11:38 AM
Rose: Attached is a picture of J. J. Newman from a book I have titled "Steam Whistles in the Piney Woods".
It has lots of info about the lumber business in Mississippi in the early 1900's.

Do you have copies of Frank Davidson & Charlotte P. Davidson wills?
If you do I won't need to send them to you, but if you don't I'll be glad to put copies of them in the mail.

I searched last night for a picture of C. P. Davidson but did not find one. The local university library has a big file on the Newman Lumber Co.
If I can get the time one day, I may see if they could tell me if there is one. Would love to find a picture of Frank, Belle, and the rest of the Davidson family. Did your grandmother have any pictures? I did find a picture of C.P. Davidson IV.

I don't think Beatrice’s son ever married or if he did I can find no information on him or his father Thomas Ruddy.
The family may have ended with her son Frank.

April 13, 2011 5:15 PM
Van: I assume you have checked out the lawyer/ambassador Frank Ruddy and found no relationship.

I do not have copies of any family wills and would certainly appreciate having them. You would have had to pay for those so I would expect to pay you for them. Also for postage. I can mail an ING check immediately or transfer the money if you have an ING account.
I like to do that. For instance, I donated $50 to the woman that created just because she had gone to a heck of a lot of trouble, regardless of the fact that it was obviously a labor of love.

I too have been looking for a picture of CP Davidson, and one of each of the other nine children. Attached is photo of his bride-to-be.

Hickory Grove Cemetery, Waverly, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania:
Davidson, Peter b. 03/08/1831, d. 11/28/1908
Davidson, Charlotte Ophelia Parker b. 10/27/1833, d. 05/27/1913 w/o Peter Davidson
Davidson, Frank Robert b. 10/03/1856, d. 01/01/1933
Davidson, Belle Campbell b. 04/09/1873, d. 05/03/1903 w/o Frank Davidson
Davidson, William Morice b. 08/17/1858, d. 09/27/1922
Davidson, George Bruce b. 04/05/1860, d. 04/29/1939
Davidson, Mary Emily b. 01/30/1872, d. 12/17/1958

Davidson, Charles Parker Jr b. 1889, d. 1979 son of CP Davidson Sr
Davidson, Olive Sheldon b. 1895, d. 1970 w/o CP Davidson Jr
Davidson, Charles Parker III b. 1920, d. 1996 son of CP Davidson Jr
Davidson, Robert Bruce b. 02/10/1897, d. 02/05/1983 son of CP Davidson Sr

April 14, 2011 6:17 AM
Rose: My research is a labor of love also and the fact that I love finding out about the lives of our families. It is great to finally learn something about Frank Davidson and the info you sent to me from what your grandmother related to you was exciting even though not what I expected.

I have a home office so copies are no problem and there will be no charge for anything I send you. In turn, please send me anything you can remember your grandmother telling you about your Davidson family and whatever you find during your family searches.

We have such a good repository of old newspapers on film, books, and a whole floor at the local university library dedicated to family research. My problem is that I don't have the time to go and look thru them.

My mom has told me so much about what their lives were like when she was a little girl and teen. By the way, my mom is 98 and the last of David Russell Campbell’s children living.

I decided to scan, as time permits, the copies of wills. I will send them to you all along. Attached is Charlotte's. [CharlottesWill0001.pdf renamed DavidsonCharlottesWill.pdf ]

April 14, 2011 4:27 PM
Van: Thank you, that Will is fascinating.

I never met my Davidson grandmother; she died before I was born. I only heard things about them here and there over the years and my memory never has been good at remembering anything correctly. That is one reason I love MS Outlook and computers in general; they remember and organize all that stuff for me.

Very little historical family stuff was given to me and much of what I do have was obtained from family members who have graciously passed it on to me. For instance, my uncle Fred Blakeman (77) was obviously thrilled that somebody was finally interested. His first wife had done a lot of genealogical work before she died. I believe he gave me everything he had – the originals.

Other direct family members are simply too disinterested to bother even though I know that some of those boxes of old photos are buried away in their attics. However, if you have read the Davidson message board that you first typed into, you can see that the information is coming my way from totally unexpected places and I am slowly adding it to the web site.

And then there was suddenly you with a wealth of very pertinent information that I did not even know existed. Also it is fun to discover in my searches that one Mary R Watts has been contributing here and there online way back before most people even had PCs. Directly, and especially indirectly, you have contributed to databases all over the place.

Thanks to people like you (and I), a whole heck of a lot of historical and accurate information is being gathered and restored to central locations where it will always be available to the generations that follow. That includes such places as,, the others, and this new one that I still need to check out, Then there is Google specifically endeavoring to gather everything from every library that will cooperate, bringing those nearly hidden sources out into the light where their information is readily available to everybody. Also all of this is serving to correct the biased misinformation that we learned in our history classes when we were young.

My big concern is to find a way to make sure that my web site continues to exist after I am gone. I have been assured by at least one daughter, Darby, that it will. Also a niece, Virginia Blakeman, is very interested in this stuff. She even took a trip to Scotland just to get a feel for where the Davidsons came from. Either one of them could take over this endeavor and carry it forward, though I plan to keep working on it for another good 60 years or so. :)

April 14, 2011 6:33 PM
Rose: This is part of what the Lackawanna Historical Society sent to me several years ago. [LackawannaHSInfo.0001.pdf renamed DavidsonFamilyHistory_LackawannaHistSoc.pdf]

I have two more pages of typed info but it is mostly about Frank but will scan in and send to you later. I too wish more info was online for genealogy purposes.

April 16, 2011, 2:03 PM
Van: Thank you again. Do you have a copy of CP Davidson’s will? CP Sr. I plan to order it - or make it a day trip if necessary.

You mentioned “the local university library dedicated to family research”. What is the name of that University?

April 16, 2011 9:33 AM
Rose: No copy of C.P. Davidson's will, but would love to have one.

The McCain Library at University of Southern Mississippi has a floor dedicated to preserving family and local histories. I think it is on the second floor. I haven't been in a long, long time but would love to spend hours there if I could. They have a collection for the J. J. Newman Lumber Company in a special room. I think you have to get permission to use it.

April 17, 2011, 12:19 AM
Van: When I get it, you will have it.

I have sent them an email asking for “the wills of Charles Parker Davidson, Sr and Anna Elliott Broadwell Davidson, my grandparents. Also a photograph and/or a portrait of him. Also just about anything else you might have of their family.”

I’m in CA right now, but will be returning east in May. If they require that I do the work, then I will go there sometime this summer.

How did you obtain the documents that you have sent me?

Do you know approximately when the “Davidson Family History” was written? My guess is about 1975. Any idea who put it together?

Are the hand written notes yours or did they come with it?

April 17, 2011 3:21 PM
Rose: I got the wills from the Register of Wills in PA. The other Davidson info I got from the Lackawanna Historical Society.

The "fancy" written notes are from someone other than me. The note about West Point was mine. I have other pages to send just haven't had the time to scan. Will do so in a few days.

April 18, 2011, 12:18 AM AM
Van: Online, by phone, or in person?

One reason I asked about the written notes is that I believe that the wife of Peter Davidson Dennen is Cathy S Eaves; not Carol McGuire Masterson, as was inked in. In fact, I originally thought that myself which is why in my notes I put “NO: Carol McGuire Masterson”. Do you have any thoughts on that?

I also like to know the source of all info, which is a lesson I learned the hard way. I am now having trouble finding this information on Peter Davidson Dennen (again) because I did not note my source(s). I am adding links to this document on both web pages and I would like to add the names of whoever created it to begin with, and who added the notes.

April 17, 2011 5:41 PM
Rose: There is a form on the Lackawanna Genealogy Site that you fill out and mail in for copies of wills. The cost is $25.

I can't tell you about the notations made by others on the family sheets. I assumed that it was the same person who donated the info to the Lackawanna Historical Society. The notes I have are mostly about Frank & Belle. When I received the sheets I was just beginning the Davidson research and the LHS was my starting point.

It has taken me since around 1996 to even find anyone else who had information on this family. My aunt, who died in 1982, started the family research back in the 60's. After my father died in 1989 I started plundering around in my parents "stuff" and found it tucked away. It was typed on onion skin paper, of all things, and I began to try to add to what my aunt started. She had really useful information but it was gathered "word of mouth" from my grandparents and great aunts who have long since been deceased.

My grandfather Campbell was from Cross Fork, PA. He started with the lumber mill there, moved to Alamogordo, NM with the mill, and then to Sumrall MS where he worked and lived out the remainder of his life. He only went back to PA to visit when his father died.

The early 1900's and my mother's tales of her family and how they lived back then fascinate me. I would love to have a family history on each and every member but I think that is asking more than I have time to give.

I know how important these lumbermen were to the PA area and the MS area. I would think there would be much more information on them. Even the LHS sent me very little. When I get the time, I'm going to see about getting in to view the Newman Lumber Company files they have at the local university.

April 26, 2011 10:30 AM PM
Rose: Attached is more information on Frank Davidson, the notes on the pages are mine. [Davidsons0001.pdf renamed DavidsonFamily_Notes_FrankDavidson.pdf]

April 26, 2011 8:09 PM
Van: Thanks, Rose. The information is fascinating.

June 15, 2011 3:13 PM
Rose: Attached is Frank Davidson's will & papers associated with the will. This is the last of my Davidson papers other than just notes made by myself. There is a magazine "American Lumberman" dated May 16, 1925 that has an article about J.J. Newman. If you happen to locate a copy in your area it may have some information about your Davidson's, even a photograph.
I am trying to find location of Beatrice's death...some information says Buffalo NY others Scranton PA. I would like to have a copy of her will. [FRDavidsonWill0001.pdf renamed DavidsonFrank_Will_1932-10-31.pdf]

June 17, 2011 11:27 PM
Van: Thanks, I’ll add it to the web site.

Re Newman, this is an extract from the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society Newsletter, HAHS Vol_11 No_1.pdf:
“... What arrived in the mail was a treasure titled NEWMAN! Names, dates, descriptions, and photographs filled the pages of this reprint from the May 16, 1925 American Lumberman article, and they filled gaps in our information. The Newman Lumber Company … one of the largest lumber companies in the country ... But by now you should get the picture. If you want to know more, come on in (to the HAHS Museum), and see what develops.”

Back in your court …

June 18, 2011 12:34 PM
Rose: Yes, I saw this on the web page for the HAHS. They are only open on Thursday 2:00 to 4:30 pm. It is on the other side of the city and is in old downtown Hattiesburg. I actually have a postit note next to my computer with the magazine article name and the open time for the HAHS but have not been able to make it over there. I will keep trying!

When I was growing up downtown, Hattiesburg was the center of business & shopping. When the mall opened in 1975 everything left downtown & it became a ghost town for many years. Then in the 90's some residents of what we call "The Oaks District" next to the downtown area began a project to revitalize the area. They ran out all the street people, cleaned up the area, renovated the buildings, demolished the unrepairables, and it is now clean, safe and quaint. It will never again be as it was but the trip to old downtown to eat & look around is an enjoyable experience for me and there is always something going art walk twice a year, several festivals and live music in the town square during the cooler months.

My husband and I try to recall all the buildings that were once there, Sears, Woolworth, the banks, dress shops, etc. I still have the pictures I took inside one of those photo booths that was inside Woolworth where my mom and I would stop in for something to eat at the soda fountain counter & I would buy some records. I think I was 14. The houses people lived in back in the 50's & 60's have been renovated and the bungalows, that I like so much, are really pretty. All the streets in the living area are lined with live oaks that are many many years old. I would love to live there but I'll never get my hubby away from country living.

So, yes I will try to make it to the HAHS one day and look thru the magazine. I may be able to uncover some treasures for us both.