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COURSE IV     [One page of many in Architecture. Some, like Thomas Ledyard Blakeman, would soon transfer to a new course called "City Planning".]

P. W . Norton, Asst. Prof         J. L. Reid, Asst. Prof.         H. L. Seaver, Professor         E. F. Watts, Asst. Prof.

JOHN P. ALLEN Newtonville, Mass. "Johnny"; Born May 2, 1913; Prepared at Bellevue High School; Masque (4, 5); Dramashop (4, 5); T.E.N. (4, 5); Tech Show (3, 4, 5); Voo Doo (2, 3); Entered Sophomore Year.

CHARLES L. AUSTIN, JR., New York, N.Y., "Chuck"; Born December 6, 1914; Prepared at Theodore Roosevelt High School; Masque (5), President (4); I.F.C. (3, 4); Dramashop (4, 5); Tech Show (2, 3, 4, 5); Entered Freshman Year.

WALTER GELVIN BAIN, JR., Springfield, Ill. Graduate B.A. '32, University of Colorado; Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Nu.

THOMAS L. BLAKEMAN, Gloucester, Va. Born December 24, 1909; Prepared at St. George's School; Freshman Boxing Team; Dramashop (1, 2); Entered Freshman Year.

HANG TSUNG CHANG, Shanghai, China, Course IV, Born February 28, 1913; Prepared at St. John Senior High School; Entered Junior Year.

THOMAS JOKON CHANG, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Graduate B.A. '34, B. Arch. '34, University of Pennsylvania.

CLARENCE FREDERICK FUNK, Brookline, Mass. "Clank"; Born December 30, 1913; Prepared at Brookline High School; Entered Freshman Year.