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Topic: Van’s Journal
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Tom (EMC, US) says...
Love your web site collection of ways people may wish to interact with you. Your personality comes through loud and (almost) clear. My suggestion: contour it to be more clear. Talk soon.
13th September 2001 8:26am
Hannah Blakeman (Somerset NJ, US) says...
I still don't like that picture of you. Now you look like you have a hole in your forehead. The desert gallery is nice. Sometimes I think you present too much information. I don't think it's necessary to see the original pictures for instance. love Hannah
20th August 2001 12:00am
Hannah Blakeman (home, US) says...
How come you still only have 4 wedding pictures? And nothing else has changed either.
26th July 2001 12:00am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
"Well, that's what Eileen keeps asking. After I've got everything that exists behaving as it should, then I'll begin to add more wedding shots and other new items. Everything has changed, just about. You don't see it because you have a powerful MS compatable system. Now the Netscape users can see much of what couldn't be seen by them in the past, such as your web site at and Marly's at That was a shameless plug for you ... Read More
26th July 2001 12:01am
Hannah Blakeman (US) says...
Your wedding pictures are missing a few shots.The big versions take way too long to load.The sweetgrass ranch used to belong to the Brennens. I guess Paul bought it or stole it somehow.
14th July 2001 12:00am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
"The empty wedding rectangles are placeholders for future images I'll add when I can - they're not missing! The lighting for most of the shots was terrible, so it takes some time to get a shot to where it is acceptable.
Now you put your foot in it - when Buckshot (aka: Shelly, I think) reads that comment, you're in trouble."
14th July 2001 12:01am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
Oh yes, The big versions take way too long to load because they're way too big, byte-wise. I'm going through all old images and reducing them considerably, one at a time. But now the emphasis is on making everything Netscape compatable in a Microsoft world (thank God for MS: they bring us the technological advances - Netscape dropped the ball years ago, then tried to blame it on MS in court, which just made NS look bad, and then they sold out to AOL, the worst of the worst.) Why do I ... Read More
14th July 2001 12:02am
Hannah Blakeman (NJ, US) says...
Just wanted to say hi.
25th May 2001 12:00am
unknown (whois: = San Jose, US) says...
17th April 2001 11:14am
Hannah Blakeman (US) says...
The W in Web design looks bad
19th March 2001 12:00am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
Fixed the W. ;)
19th March 2001 12:01am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
Hi, this is Van testing...
12th March 2001 12:00am
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